Dems Day Two


Well they call him the “Big Dog” and Bill stepped up to the microphone to present the humanized Hillary. He told stories from the first time he met the “best friend” of his life until now. If we didn’t know all the stories you would have thought it was the world’s perfect marriage. I couldn’t be the only one smiling at the irony of it all. I am sure the liberals loved it and he moved the needle with them.

Now if this were a Republican what would happen today is the MSM would have people on to say “maybe it wasn’t exactly …”. Think of that Secret Service book that came out last month that the MSM won’t interview the author. He wrote it about the wrong person and party.

And the media called the day ¬†“The humanization of Hillary Clinton”. After forty years in public life isn’t that an issue by itself? The NYTimes always willing to assist a Clinton has a headline today: “Hillary Clinton, a Reluctant Star of Her Own Prime-Time Show”.

Otherwise the differences were clear in the two parties. After a day of stories about “where were the American flags on stage” a few showed up. Featured were the Mothers of The Movement, parents of young blacks who died either in police shootings or custody. Last week it was the police featured. After much criticism about not mentioning ISIS it came up a grand total of six times, despite the horrific beheading of a priest in France conducting a morning mass. These are differences. What kind of America will we be?

Give the Democrats credit for their heavyweight speaker list by night. Today they have President Obama, VP Biden and VP nominee Kaine. No doubt they will regain the bounce Trump got.

Watch Jill Stein the Green Party candidate. I know the MSM is trying hard to avoid her and the Bernie people walking but she is all out after them and may be making some progress. She was in the streets with them again last night. If she does make an impact she takes it from Hillary, as opposed to Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party. He seems to be taking votes from both.

One last thought. Stay tuned. There are more Wikileaks memo’s to come. The Dems and their MSM friends are trying to blame Trump and say he is friends with Putin and they orcherstrated¬†this. A lot will believe that too. But you and I know Trump could never keep quiet about such a brilliant plot.

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