The Dem Turn


The Democratic Convention kicks off today and as suggested yesterday the DNC scandal was (and remains) worth watching. There are better ways to start your conclave than your chairperson resigning. Tonight watch the reaction to her opening the convention, her only role now. The Sanders people will be vocal. Beyond that it should be a good night. Bernie Sanders and Michele Obama will excite the room and get them moving.

Hillary said she knew nothing about the DNC bias. Of course not, she never knows when something is amiss. Not sure that is the quality we want in a  President.

Two post Republican Convention polls out. CBS has the race dead even at 42 each. CNN showed a big Trump bump. From down 5 to up three (48-45). It’s hard for me to see either candidate getting to 50% in this election, so that 48 seems a little suspect. In either case pay no attention to polls for a few weeks., with one exception. What are Hillary’s honesty and trustworthy numbers. They fell in the CNN poll to 63% negative. For Trump to win those numbers need to hold while  he raises the number who can see him as President. That should be easier to do, but he has to be disciplined. What are odds of that?

Just want to share, if you have time, below a column in yesterdays papers concerning the NBA moving the All-Star game because of North Carolina’s bathroom law (you must use the bathroom of your born sex). It really mocks political correctness. 

The NBA isn’t fooling around. It means business.

Monday morning it will announce the 2016-17 season will not begin until all 30 of its arenas are renovated to include bathroom facilities to exclusively accommodate transgender employees, guests and customers.

And it doesn’t end there.

Prepaid season and partial season ticket holders will have their money placed in interest-paying escrow accounts, pending the completion of at least one transgender-only restroom in all 30 the arenas. Full, interest-added refunds will be paid immediately as per the cancellations of games, including must-buy preseason games.

The mandate includes team owners’ non-NBA businesses. As of Monday, NBA team owners will be fined $50,000 per week until they provide indisputable proof their business offices and suites have begun to install transgender-exclusive toilet facilities.

The NBA also will announce no preseason games will be played in non-NBA arenas that don’t include transgender bathrooms.

As of tomorrow, all NBA Store outlets, including the ones in Manhattan and London, will be closed for business pending the installation of transgender bathrooms.

Additionally, all internet retailers of NBA merchandise will be prohibited from selling NBA-licensed goods until they can prove the points of both purchase and shipping provide transgender bathrooms for employees and visitors.

Also, the NBA will cease accepting payment from its partner national TV networks, Disney’s ESPN and Turner TV’s TNT, until transgender restroom facilities are constructed within all of the companies’ facilities and on its grounds — including Disneyland, Disneyworld and Turner Broadcasting owned networks CNN, TBS, Headline News, Turner Classic Movies, TruTV and the Cartoon Network.

All contracts with game-day suppliers to NBA teams — beer, liquor, soda, food, bagged snacks to be heavily marked up — will be terminated pending proof those vendors provide its employees with transgender toilet facilities.

All contracts for sellable printed matter — NBA team yearbooks, game programs, tickets, magazines — will be cancelled until those companies install transgender bathrooms.

Finally, plumbing and construction contractors who install transgender bathrooms on the sites demanded by the NBA must provide at least one transgender Port-A-John per work site.

Regardless of whether you agree with its decision to eliminate Charlotte, N.C., as the site of this season’s All-Star Game, the NBA, as of Monday, will prove the courage of its deep, lead-by-example, the-buck-stops-here social convictions.

As they now say at NBA headquarters, “Where you do your business is our business.”

League selectively offended

As for the NBA, it had no problem showcasing Drake, the popular vulgar rapper who sexually denigrates women and calls black men “n—-s” for a living, as this past All-Star Game’s VIP co-host.

If the city of Charlotte is to be “punished” by the NBA because North Carolina passed a law deemed insensitive to transgenders as not reflective of the NBA’s values, how does Drake reflect those values?

If Charlotte had to go, how could NBA star Rajon Rondo publicly curse out a gay NBA ref with homophobic slurs and still qualify to play in the NBA All-Star Game?

The NBA Store, after all, still is loaded with Rondo jerseys, T-shirts and hoodies from all the teams he played for — the Celtics, Mavericks and Kings. Despite North Carolina’s insensitivity to homosexuals and transgenders, the NBA remains eager to sell everything Rondo. Go figure.

Facts can’t get in way of opinion

Mike Francesa repeatedly claimed Barry Bonds was intentionally walked “regularly” with the bases loaded until finally admitting it happened only once. But then he hollered at callers and listeners for taking him literally. Yep, it was their fault he again didn’t know what he was hollering about.

And now it’s Daniel Murphy — whom Francesa years ago dismissed as unable to hit big league pitching, though now is leading the NL in hitting. Francesa last week repeated his claim Murphy “never” made an All-Star team until this season. Murphy was a 2014 All-Star.

And if the day comes when Francesa acknowledges that fact, it’ll be the caller’s fault for taking his “facts” literally.


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