DNC Day One


Well the Democrats started off and stayed rowdy longer than the Republicans did on day one. The DNC documents release really impacted things early and lasted until the speakers later in the night got control. I would say poor Debbie Wasserman Schultz who instead of presiding ended up having to resign and hide; but having seen her arrogance for years I will pass. Just last week she sent Reince a note, as the Republicans shouted early, saying that she was in Cleveland and available to come over and help qet control. Hope she had a good seat in front of a TV for this show. Beginning with Cory Booker the speakers gained control of the convention. Michelle was truly outstanding. I thought Warren was a little flat, and then Bernie played the UnCruz. He became loyal and stood with his party. If he walked out his people would have followed. Cruz would have received an ovation for leaving.

The convention speakers cannot tout Hillary’s foreign policy or trustworthiness. So they will continue attacking Trump as too dangerous to deal with the world issues and have his hand on the codes. They will talk of her work and efforts to help people. She simply does not have the results otherwise.

On the Wikileaks release if you want read some of the messages here is a link.  http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/detailed-list-findings-wikileaks-dnc-document-dump/. Also, remember there are more not yet released. Imagine if some came from Hillary’s home server and were deleted. You never know.

Oh isn’t it interesting that Hillary immediately hired Debbie W. Schultz in her campaign? Wonder why. Her brilliance? Coverup?

The poll news for Trump. Four polls, all post the Republican convention, were released yesterday and three had him ahead by 1, 3 and 4. The fourth (Economist/You Guv) had Clinton ahead by 5. Pay no attention as Hillary will get her bump this week and we will end up where we started.             Some good news for Trump. The Virginia Supreme Court struck down Governor McAulliffe’s order allowing convicted felons to vote. There were about 200,000 individuals eligible and the consensus is the overwhelming would have voted Democrat. The court ruled he did not have the power to change law alone.

Pretty creative. The RNC at the DNC set up shop a mile and a half from the convention center. They are doing the normal rebuttals and press briefings but also handing out swag bags to anti Hillary voters with “Enough of Her” on them. The bags contain goodies including rigged dice, microfiber towels dubbed “secret server wipers,” an official “HRC redaction pen” and a boxing-glove-shaped stress ball that says “fighting for Herself.”

The raising of the minimum wage is always a big issue. One side argues a person working forty hours should make a living wage. The other, how can business afford to pay kids $30K a year ($15 an hr for 40 hrs) and it will cost jobs. I’ve generally supported a higher minimum (current is $7.25) but not such an immediate jump to $15.00. Here’s two stories where raising it to $15.00 were cited by the owners as reasons to close. One is a diner down the street from my boyhood home that was an institution in the neighborhood. http://www.brooklyndaily.com/stories/2016/30/bn-diners-doomed-2016-07-22-bk.html

The second: http://fox40.com/2016/07/18/roseville-book-store-closing-due-to-increase-in-the-minimum-wage/

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