Weekend Edition- Watch Wikileaks


So Hillary sticks to the script and picks Tim Kaine. Positives are he is a solid political individual with a strong background from a state she wants to win. He was terrific in his introduction yesterday. The negative is he not dynamic and won’t appeal to the Sanders wing of the party. He was the safe choice and not the bold one. Why Kaine? My guess is that Sanders forced her to move so far left in the primary she feels threatened. Kaine a moderate, is to the right of the party. As an example he has supported abortion restrictions. (Which will restrict attacks in this area). I think Hillary hopes he can reassure moderate (in Democratic sense) Democrats and thinks the left will stick with her. Though they tried hard in his introduction to call him “progressive” a good number of times. Not a word generally associated with him.

Will he help carry Virginia? Probably, but the state has swung blue over the past decades. Obama won twice. Plus they have a Democratic Governor and both senators are the same. Though they do have eight Republican Congressman versus three Democratic.  Polls show Clinton up ten in the state. The Trump attack may well be the insiders (Clinton/Kaine vs. the outsiders Trump/Pence). With 70% thinking the country is going in the wrong direction that could be a positive focus.

Just a thought but too bad Trump burned bridges with Marco Rubio in the primary. (Though Marco was far smarter than Cruz in that he video taped an endorsement played at the convention but did not attend). Imagine a young Hispanic on his ticket against Hillary and Kaine. It might have forced Hillary into a different choice.

A bigger issue heading into the convention is the release Wikileaks documents from the DNC. This is big, very big. It shows how they were plotting to stop Bernie Sanders. The DNC, which is supposed to be neutral was working in behalf of Hillary. Bernie Sanders delegates, over 40% of the house, will not be happy. They may boo the DNC Chair (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) at the convention. Add they are not Tim Kaine fans and this could be interesting. Watch how the Sunday AM shows play this.

Oh yea and this AM did you see Obama’s half brother endorsed Donald Trump? You read that right. He’s mad at Hillary and her foreign policy.

The Trump mouth was back in action the morning after his acceptance speech. Instead of letting a self shot and near dead Ted Cruz lay in his own mess he had to go back over the Heidi and Cruz Father comments — for ten minutes. Why, why, why? Stick to the script please.

Tomorrow as the Dem convention begins we will get some early polls on where we are after the Republican convention. I think you will see a Trump jump, but don’t get excited. Remember Mondale led Reagan by 8 after his convention and lost by 18. Wait two weeks. Real Clear Politics has Hillary ahead by 3 today.

Trumps acceptance speech has gotten some good reviews from the American people. Remember I told you that CNN and MSNBC went ballistic on how bad it was? Here’s two links to CNN I found.




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