Finally the convention had a night free of controversy. Trump hit it hard, stayed under control and delivered. Ivanka topped off the family performance. She made the case for woman to consider Trump. He was passionate and made his case. Hillary supporters were rattled.

How do you answer her foreign policy failures? You can’t spin that. Foreign policy has been a failure the past eight years: unless you call apologizing for America a success. He made a case to African Americans and Latinos with jobs and opportunity. He defended the police and cited the crime numbers. (Watch for the push back on these numbers).

Here’s how you know he did well. After the speech his supporters were ecstatic. The liberals on MSNBC and CNN were off the wall crazy. On both stations some called it the “worst” speech ever. They were jumping out of their seats in anger. CNN kept a running notice of an upcoming poll they had underway. The results later: 57% said the speech was very positive, 18% said somewhat positive. Only 24% were negative! It shows you how out of touch the experts on those stations are.

In these famous words “what difference does it make” now? Well Hillary will rush out today and announce her VP to try and turn the spotlight. If he had failed she would have waited. The post polls should show some Trump movement, but don’t get too excited. Walter Mondale was running 8 points ahead of Reagan after his convention. He lost 49 states.

The Democrats will chop up Trump and Pence next week and get plenty of cover for it from the MSM. They will revert back to the Bush economy and how bad things were. They will tout healthcare for so many more citizens. They will play the Trump statements from earlier about Mexicans, rapists, killers and the banning of entire religions. Their speakers will be the opposite of what he said to make him look radical. So wait a week to see the polls, and then two more for it to settle in.

At least it got interesting.

some reactions to bring some humor this AM:

The NYTimes headline this morning: His Tone Dark, Donald Trump Takes G.O.P. Mantle

‘He sounded like a two-bit dictator’: Elizabeth Warren

Jon Stewart on “GOP hypocrites” who overlook Trump’s flaws: ‘I see you — and I see your bullsh*t’

Here’s three from the Huffington Post:

Donald Trump Promises Not To Lie, Right Before Lying A Bunch Of Times.

Donald Trump’s Speech Was Not Very American

White Supremacist David Duke Gives Trump’s Speech Rave Review

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