Day One


So in the afternoon the convention was contentious and showed the deep divide in the party. Not good. A minority party needs unity. Then in the evening a home-run with the Moms and Dads who spoke of their children lost. Rudy hit it out of the park. Then the charges of plagiarism hit with Melania’s speech. That will dominate the network news in the AM.  A shame, but the MSM will love it. What Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy got in trouble for plagiarism? Who knew?

My analysis on this election is Hillary and the Democrats are in great shape. Think about it. She just took some of the worst press ever with the FBI report. The streets are in turmoil and foreign policy a disaster. The party in power should be reeling. What do the polls show? Hillary up by four or five on average. This election is over barring an event I cannot see. Here’s a look at latest WSJ poll.

As for the malcontents, like Bush, Cruz, Ryan, McConnell and Kasish, I am done with you. Three of you rose your hand and pledged to be loyal. You lied. Newt put it best. “Jeb you lost, get over it”.

A question. If that police officer in Baltimore had been found guilty would it have been all over the news? The MSM did not cover his innocent verdict anywhere. You certainly ruined his name when he was falsely charged. Where does he to go get it back? That’s four trials in Baltimore, three outright innocents and one hung jury. Who pays that price?…

Speaking of the police. Hillary spoke at the NAACP convention yesterday and the MSM only covered her words about the slain officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Here’s what she also said.

If that’s not enough here’s something else you didn’t see on the MSM. Check Obama’s words as he talked to the Prime Minister of Spain.

One more thing you might enjoy seeing. Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee, who spoke last night was interviewed by Don Lemon of CNN on Sunday night about the Baton Rouge killings. It got a little rough.

Finally another ISIS claimed attack last night in Germany. Did you hear about it? An axe attack on a train by an Afghan refugee shouting “Allahu Akbar”, injured at least 15.  Add the attacks up recently and it’s shocking. Don’t worry though the administration and Hillary say we are winning.


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