Baton Rouge

Not much we can say for the tragedy that occurred in Baton Rouge yesterday. Just a few days ago the media was criticizing the police for wearing too much protective gear at the protests in that town. The police explained they were under threat. Now we all mourn the loss of three more lives, a fourth clinging to his, the wounded and our nation. Eight officers in a week murdered, another ambushed and wounded last night in Milwaukee. The rule of and respect for law is challenged. Why?

In my opinion the leadership of the nation and the main stream media have created an atmosphere that is dangerous. They blame the police for being too aggressive, too racial, too biased. They hear or see something and their first impulse is to blame the police. It goes back as we said to the first days of this administration when the President said the police acted “stupidly” in the Cambridge incident. They didn’t, but it showed a thought process that has continued. Then the MSM takes a video and runs it over and over to support a narrative they think, or want to be true. “Hands up don’t shoot” was a lie. Add it all up and you rile people up and they feel justified. Very bad.

Is there an answer? Yes. It lies in supporting law enforcement while assuring training and prosecuting the over zealous ones. It lies in recognizing that the police have a tough job and are the last line in protecting the citizenry. It lies in not thinking every person in prison is innocent and should be released. It lies in getting those who commit crimes over and over are off the street.

The presidential candidates have to set a tone now. When an event happens Trump reacts immediately with a tweet. You hold your breadth to see what he said. Hillary waits hours (over 6 yesterday) to see how the wind is blowing. Leadership is leading all the people with what is right.

Onto to the conventions. Let’s hope.

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