Weekend Edition.


Pence got off to a good start in his introductory press meeting yesterday. He came across as a sincere, honest and decent human being. Trump did well in his introduction, so a nice start. I see the opposition and press opening up on him immediately. Hillary and her team have the videos ready to go. They know the value of early positioning of a person. Get ready for the “bad man Pence” videos and stories. Get ready for the LGBT community to attack. Get ready for citizens in Indianapolis to give testimony how Pence left them behind. Battles for first impression today are key and massive.

Looks like Trump and Pence are changing their logo already. Did you see it? Shortly after introducing it they took a lot of heat. http://www.rawstory.com/2016/07/logofail-trumppence-campaign-scrubs-screw-you-branding-after-one-day-of-massive-ridicule/

The Republican convention opens tomorrow. Expect chaos in the street. The ACLU won a court ruling allowing the protesters to be closer to the arena. This will lend to the protesters voice and perception of what is happening. Add that Ohio is an open carry state and many will take advantage of that. The delegates will have to be on alert and careful.

Get ready Monday for the next Baltimore Police Officer decision in the Freddie Grey case. The MSM has not covered this trial much but it involves the lead officer Lt. Rice, who happens to be black. Remember the last two ended in innocent verdicts and the first a hung jury. Don’t be surprised if this one comes back guilty. Lot’s going on right now!

Speaking of police action remember the stats that more white citizens are shot by police than any other? Here’s a graphic video from one such innocent this past week. Watch it and make up your own mind whether the police action was too much. Beyond that consider this, have you seen the MSM and cable stations running this video over and over? Why not?  http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-fresno-police-shooting-video-20160713-snap-story.html

One last story for today and it’s going to be BIG. You heard and saw the attempted coup in Turkey. There’s a whole story about this, but bottom line Turkey borders Syria and Iraq. They are a key to our middle east strategy, but it appears they are moving ever more to be an Islamic State from a secular one. In the old days we would have funded and supported a coup. I have a feeling this one caught our government by surprise. But, now the Turkish  government is blaming an exiled cleric for organizing it. The cleric lives in Pennsylvania. They want him exported back. They have stopped our flights to attack ISIS from leaving the ground, which we did from Turkey. This could get ugly and have an impact. Watch the Obama administration who have not had many foreign policy successes. Speaking of ISIS here’s a story quoting Syria leader Bashar Al-Assad that takes our leaders to task on for not being serious about defeating them.  http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/assad-US-serious-ISIS/2016/07/14/id/738555/

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