Pence and Post the FBI


Horrible, horrible what happened in Nice France. When is enough enough? We need leadership. It doesn’t end until the wold leaders ban together and take real action. Saying we should ban trucks now is not the answer.

Okay so it looks like Pence as we said a week ago. Again, no impact on the ticket. Pence brings experience, sanity and policy knowledge. He will be fine in the VP debate. He will be bring the conservatives to Trump’s side (remember he backed Cruz), and the liberals who will attack his positions. For Connecticut residents your Governor barred state travel to Indiana because of Pence. So if you love Malloy, Pence’s not your guy, but if you’re part of the large majority that want Malloy out, well he’s your man.

Who is Pence? Here are six things outlined in the attachment below:
Pence went to Congress as an outsider served 12 years and rose to leadership.
Pence is an evangelical Christian with a model family.
Pence has constitutional conservative credentials.
Pence is from the heartland.
Pence is a governor.
Pence would support Trump without competing for media attention.

As promised here’s an analysis on the impact of the FBI report on Hillary.

Before the report she had a clear lead. Anywhere from 4 to 12 points in most. Since then she has paid a price. In an extensive poll of 60,000 voters in all 50 states taken April to July (poll by Morning Consult) released yesterday Clinton dominated. She would collect 320 Electoral College votes to Trump’s 212, far more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House. Probably accurate.

Now in polls taken since the report release.

CBS/NYTimes: Clinton 40 Trump 40. Before report Clinton by 6
Rasmussen Reports Clinton 37 Trump 43 Before report Trump by 2
Economist/You Gov Clinton 43 Trump 41 Before report Clinton by 5
McClatchy/Marist Clinton 42 Trump 39 Before report Clinton by 9

So Clinton has clearly lost ground. It looks like the immediate impact was about 5 points. What Trump must do now is pounce on her with speeches, ads and his team stressing she lied, is untrustworthy and has bad judgement. Relentless they must be. If she is ready to be had this is the issue. By November you want the 65% who today say she is untrustworthy to still believe it.

One new ad or speech tact that he can do right now is this. After Brexit, Hillary attacked him as being on the wrong side of the issue and look at the pain it was costing all Americans. Well, a week later the market is at all time high. Let’s remind America that Hillary was wrong again.

And Hillary attacked Trump yesterday saying in speeches that he was scaring children with his rhetoric. Imagine that. Lucky they can look to her honesty, trustworthness and truth telling as better examples.

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