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Both Presidents Bush and Obama (as well as every other speaker) stepped up to the task in Dallas yesterday. The only one who may have edged too far was President Obama in the last third of his speech when he got into guns and Black Lives Matter. But to all the speakers a well done.

Not the same for Attorney General Lynch at her congressional hearing. Disgraceful is more like it as she simply refused to answer questions.

Did you ever consider with all the controversy over “Black Lives Matter” versus “All Lives Matter” that everyone would be on board if they just added the word “too” on the back of it? Who would be against that and wouldn’t it capture the issue they have?

Did you see this study by a Harvard professor released that found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings? Prof. Fryer, who is black, told The New York Times that the finding of no racial discrimination in police shootings was “the most surprising result of my career.” He did find though officers were more likely to interact physically with non-whites than whites. This all makes sense with the analysis from yesterday Link: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jul/11/no-racial-bias-police-shootings-study-harvard-prof/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWW1Gak5USmtaVEUyTTJFeCIsInQiOiIyXC93K1lsemJcLzZLajFCYUNkaUxmOG91M0c0VmJZRTVqbTFNcDYzdTUxRnNHUVQycHlYa1EwY244SWFENExpUWluS0hzZHRjZ1pqVkJLNVVtNXBUbUhKVjN4aXdERTg2WENWKzlDUkxvR0NrPSJ9

Hillary got her endorsement from Bernie but he pushed the platform far to the left, and now she has to run on it. Add to the free college (for 85% of citizens), the healthcare position and the $15 minimum wage. “We have produced by far the most progressive platform that this party has seen in multiple generations,” Governor Malloy of Connecticut said. Is it too far left? Your vote, your decision.

Speaking of the Clintons, did you see this story anywhere? The former president demanded unheard-of speaking fees and stuck their hosts — including state universities and small community colleges — with hefty expenses, such as a $1400 phone bill and $700 dinner tab. In addition, Bill Clinton demanded control of the questions asked at his events, and rarely spent time with his hosts — unless they happened to be big donors. Story link: http://Report: ‘Dead Broke’ Clinton Blew Huge Wads of Cash in California

Another free idea for Trump. Focus for a change on the singular message required now. Hillary is a liar. Run the side by said ads of what she told us the public and what Comey said was truth. Then run the Benghazi lie to the families. “looked them in the eye with the bodies in front of us and lied”.  Then run past lies all the way back to the fact she was fired from the Watergate Committee for her actions. Then ask this question. Do you think foreign leaders are going to believe her? They know she looked us all in the eye and lied. They know she has lied for 40 years of public life. Are they going to believe her? Is she the best to represent us? It’s time to pay the price.

Really? We have all seen the names of people promising to leave the country if Trump wins. This one is a shocker. A supreme court judge is supposed to to interpret the law and assure order and fairness. Yet Ruth Bader Ginsburg said this:  “For the country, it could be four years. For the court, it could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that,” she said. “Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.” What? A Supreme Court justice? Oh yea, she’s fair. Imagine if Clarence Thomas said this. Do you think the MSM would cover it BIG?

Free idea for Hillary. Just keep asking if we want Donald Trump’s hand on the nuclear codes and button. That scares people.

I still believe Trump will choose Gov. Pence as his running mate. Positive is that Pence has Washington and state government experience, He has solid conservative credentials. Negative, Trump gains little with the selection and he is another older white male. His uncontrolled mouth cost him his best opportunities. He insulted a popular female latino Gov Martinez long after he had won the nomination. A shame she wouldn’t be considered and likely not attend the convention. Then a popular Gov Kasish refuses to talk to him or attend. He could have helped in Ohio. The undisciplined Trump did it to himself.

Did you see Jeb Bush decided to speak? He went on msnbc of all stations on their very liberal 10:00 show. He is not endorsing Trump (or Clinton) and not going to the convention. What happened to your word Mr. Bush? You pledged to assure Donald Trump would support you. What changed? I guess you got beat and your word is meaningless.

On the MSM did anyone see the media giving Trump any credit for the all time market highs this week? Remember the day of and days after Brexit how they beat upon him for the losses? Just your MSM in action.

Finally, what? The singers of O Canada at the all star game changed the words and added All Lives Matter? We’re off the deep end.

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