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Some quick thoughts today:

I think the FBI report has hurt Hillary. On social media the anti Clinton people have been vocal, loud and clear. There have been no defenses. You always see two sides. Not this time. Hard to defend her.

As of this writing she has avoided the press. It’s a long time not answering questions and soon the press will get angry, even at her. She needs them to divert people to Trump issues, which they will, if she cooperates.

She is attacking Trump’s business record. I don’t think that is a good strategy or will work. Yes he had some failures but he had far more successes and achieved great wealth. He owns over 500 businesses. Sure there are failures. Only someone who never started, owned or ran a business would attack him on that.

Now she and Bill became multi millionaires holding only government jobs and running a foundation. Hmm. I guess her foundation never went belly up so she thinks she can criticize a man with 500 businesses. Sorry when he was opening businesses his wife (wives) weren’t senators or secretary of state.

Now there’s lots to attack Trump on. His business success is not the issue. After all Hillary, “he didn’t build that on his own” ask The President or Senator Warren.

New polls post FBI decision should be interesting. Will Hillary close the most untrusted gap?

Did you know that when Hillary ran that Brexit ad of Trump in Scotland and showed him playing golf while things were going south, that Trump actually never played? She used a two year old golf video. She made it up. Did the MSM report this? Of course not. They are busy reporting on Trump. They played Hillary’s ad over and over.

You know that Hillary flew with the The President to Charlotte the morning of the FBI report (on Air Force One). Bet you don’t know that when asked if they discussed the report they were told “no”. They talked about “grandchildren”.  Just like Bill and Loretta Lynch did. imagine that.

Speaking of Lynch, did you know there was a NY Times article on Saturday that said Hillary is seriously considering keeping her as Attorney General? Hmm, one day after Bill and Lynch met to discuss grandchildren, and the day Hillary is meeting with the FBI. Just a coincidence I’m sure.

One last thought. Are you surprised that Bill waited on the Tarmac for Lynch to land for over 30 minutes? I thought with the bad experience Hillary had on the Tarmac in Bosnia (remember she said she was attacked) that Clintons avoided Tarmacs.

Interesting day ahead as Comey goes before Congress.

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