The News Was Bad And Then Got Worse …


The stories on the news all day was about the two shootings of citizens under questionable circumstances. For stations like CNN it dominated the day beyond the Comey hearing. From what I have seen the Baton Rogue case looked like an execution. We need to hear all sides, but I don’t what they can say to change what we saw. The Minnesota case is heart breaking and appears out of line too. We don’t know what happened when they were stopped but from what we see it looks bad. If in those cases the police were quick to shoot they need to be held accountable without question. We need all the facts.

And then as the day wore down the news from Dallas came. The grim reports got worse as the night unfolded into morning. What a horror and absolute disaster for the officers, their families and our nation. As you watched you saw what we hear so little of today. The bravery of the police officers who serve us. They ran toward rifle fire to protect. For five of them it cost their lives. For six others they are wounded, some critically as of this writing.

Now we must understand why this happened. It seems too coordinated to be a spur of the moment act. We’ll have to wait for the facts here too but it appears to me to be a group who were planning something and took advantage of the situation. Let’s see. My gut is these four have bigger ties. The President and liberals will probably use this to say gun control again, as if that would prevent them from getting guns. Maybe we should start by appreciating our police officers and the incredible job they have to do.

Most importantly, let’s get the facts on all sides. We don’t need a rush to judgement. as Ferguson certainly proved. That officer and his wife ended up losing their jobs and lifestyle, yet when the dust cleared, it showed he did nothing wrong. So let the guilty pay in all cases and then let’s not judge all by some. Let the guilty pay.

Yesterday on the election:

Yesterday was the hearing with Comey and it was very interesting. No doubt you heard all you want on it. I leave it with a question I would have like clarified. Hillary said to the public she “never” ….. Did she give you a different answer under oath? She had to give different answers under oath than she was telling us to avoid prosecution. The public should know if she looked us in the eye and lied and then under oath said something else.

The other thing is both Republicans and Democrats agreed that we need to clarify and set standards for classified information. Imagine that after 240 years it took actions by the Clintons for there to be questions on this.

There was plenty that came out of the hearing to attack Hillary on. The problem is Donald Trump is so undisciplined that he will go to the extreme. Like, this was a wide spread “conspiracy” from the White House and FBI ….. He goes so far out he takes the focus off the issue and away from what she clearly did and ends up losing the edge.

The first poll since the FBI declined to prosecute Hillary came out. It was the Rasmussen poll, the only one that had Trump ahead (+4) last week. In the new poll  — after the FBI report, Trump is up 2. He lost two points! (he dropped by 1 and Hillary was up 1)

You may have missed this. Hillary took a giant step toward getting Bernie Sanders endorsement. She promised free college tuition for more than 80% of American families. Next she’s likely to move his way on health care. Both moves would be costly for the taxpayer.

President Obama decided again to slow the pace of the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, ensuring that the conflict he was determined to end would consider to his successor. The President has been back tracking since his way too early withdrawal. Same in Iraq, where Bush went too soon, and Obama left too early. Foreign policy is a mess.

Are you aware that the MSM has blacklisted and refuses to interview or put on the author of the NY Times best seller book? Gary Byrne the former secret service person for the Clintons wrote “Crisis of Character”. A very negative book on his time with the Clintons and what he said he saw.  Outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN refuse to interview him. Here’s a link if you want to read the story.

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