Catching Up Post Holiday

I refrained from commenting last week on the Bill and Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac. Why? Simply because the move was so dumb it didn’t need a comment. End of story, except….

Hillary then called it a “chance” meeting. It’s not a chance meeting when you wait 30 minutes on the tarmac to meet. However, your supporters will believe it, so you say it.
Hillary also said she learned about the meeting from the “news reports”. Oh, like Obama learned about the IRS going after conservatives? How many times did we hear that line from the administration? This administration is either the least informed, least communicative one we have ever had, or right up there with the biggest liars ever. Take your choice.
Clinton and Lynch said they talked about Grandchildren and golf games. Let’s take the leap and say Bill was too smart to bring up Benghazi or emails. What does that leave? It leaves a disbarred lawyer (Clinton) talking to the attorney general who must decide if the government should bring charges against his wife and possibly his foundation.
An attorney general that he (Bill Clinton) gave her first break to when he appointed her the U.S. Attorney in New York. An Attorney General whose FBI has a meeting with his wife in two days that she, he and the wife knew about. Don’t you think even “talking about grandchildren” sends a message then?

But don’t worry the MSM has the Clinton’s back. They NY Times headline story the next day was titled:
“Bill Clinton’s Fondness for Tarmac Talk Gets Him Into Trouble”
Here’s the link if you want to read about innocent and naive Bill:

On the email meeting with the FBI Hillary said it was “voluntary”. The MSM ran with that word. Really “voluntary”? Only because if you did not come in they would subpoena you. Why didn’t you talk to the Inspector General “Voluntarily”? Oh they had no subpoena power.

One more coverup by the MSM Sunday and Monday was to focus on a Trump tweet and the shape of a star he used more than the FBI meeting. I found CNN and ABC spent more time on the tweet than Hillary and the FBI. Here’s a story that found the same:

Like with Benghazi Hillary will skate free. This time because the FBI had to prove intent to expose confidential and secret information. That was not the reason for the private server. It was to protect her. So they will say there was no criminal act they can charge her with but the use of a private server is wrong. Hillary and her band of defenders will then say “see we told you there was nothing there, they have been after her for twenty years”. The problem is because they focus on the extreme (she be charged with murder on Benghazi and treason with the emails), we lose focus on the acts she did commit. Lying to the families, failing to secure the embassy and a failed policy in Libya. The use of a private server and deleting 30,000 emails in the second. The Clintons walk up to the line then have people focus on the most outlandish charges possible and when it falls short of that they walk free. Amazing.

It will interesting watching the next five months as both candidates call each other liars. They’ve both earned the title.

An idea for Trump. The Republican convention is just weeks away. He is having trouble filling speaker slots because so many established and future potential leaders have refused to speak or are not attending the convention. Amid his other issues he has a very divided party, in large part because he attacked so personally and viciously in the primary. To gain any traction he needs a good convention. My suggestion is he needs to be unconventional. No not Mike Tyson speaking, that is crazy. A convicted rapist speaking on his behalf is the last thing he needs. He should instead announce that this convention will be different and set a new standard and pace. The speakers will be those he intends to be part of my administration to fix America.

So Newt Gingrich, who he will nominate for Chief of Staff will speak on the agenda for the first 100 days and year. Dr Ben Carson, who will lead Health and Human Services will speak on plans there. Chris Christie who will be Attorney General will speak on that. Carl Icahn will speak on correcting trade imbalance. You get the idea. Nominate a well rounded team, let them present an outline and change the game. Raise the bar and have these people out across the country in areas they can do the most good speaking for you.


Elie Wiesel died over the weekend and what a voice for humanity he was. A Holocaust survivor, author and Nobel Peace Prize winner who documented life inside concentration camps. He spoke so eloquently to assure man never forgets. His parents and a sibling died in the camps and he wrote in his book “Night”, “To forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time”. We will miss his voice. One ironic thing about his life. He came to America and his voice was increasingly heard. He accumulated some wealth and then lost it all in the Bernie Madoff scam. Incredible. RIP.

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