Month: July 2016

Assessing the landscape


It’s the week after the conventions let’s take a look at the race.

The Clinton bounce after her convention seems to be settling in where we predicted. The CBS poll this AM has her up 7 after they were tied in the last one. Three polls released over the weekend show her up. Reuters and PPP have her up 5. A third poll has her up 3. Interestingly the four way races (including Johnson and Stein) show a closer race. More post convention polls to come today. She is ahead and the Trump issue with the Muslim family this weekend will not help him. The MSM media has been unrelenting on talking about this. Watch for the gap to widen.

Trump magnified the issue with his “thoughts” that the wife didn’t speak because of Muslin tradition. He just keeps digging deeper. All he needed to say from the outset was “I want a vetting system so good Muslims like this family can come to America and their children serve as this brave young man did. We honor him”. Was that so hard?

The electoral map looks daunting for Trump. He needs Florida in any scenario and it is dead even today. He needs Ohio and it is dead even. He is going all out for blue state Pennsylvania. But some call that “fools gold”. Every four years it is identified as an opportunity and yet for almost 30 years (1988) it has been solid Democrat. RCP has her ahead by 3+ there right now. An electoral landscape today looks more likely than a Trump win.

I know his supporters say “wait until the debates”. But I repeat, she is a master politician and knows the issues. He has trouble with them and needs to stop saying he is going to destroy her. The last thing he needs is to raise expectations. He should be saying “I am not a politician and she is, this is her venue”. He needs to raise the expectations for her and then stand even with her on her stage. He wins that. Raising the bar for himself is another mistake he is making.

Then he added that the NFL sent him a letter about the debates conflicting with games and that is bad for both. The NFL says no letter was ever sent. He seemed to not know Russia was in the Ukraine and was designing policy to keep them out. Hello Donald!

On yea, Mitt Romney spoke this weekend. He said “I think Trump can win”. Really Mitt? Stop embarrassing yourself already.

The last night of the RNC and Trumps speech trounced Hillary’s last night (32.2 to 29.8 Million). If he could only control his mouth.

The MSM is out in full force. James Woods tweeted this yesterday:
“Face it. Without absolutely OWNING the #lapdog #liberal media, #HillaryClinton wouldn’t stand a chance. #VoterFraud and #MSM her only hope”. A lot of truth there. Two examples from yesterday alone:

  1. Hillary lied in her Sunday AM interview with Chris Wallace. She said straight out that the FBI said she didn’t lie to the American people. Not much coverage of this though. Why? In fact the Washington Post this AM gave the statement four Pinocchio’s. Link below.
  2. Second she called Benghazi Mother Pat Smith a liar that she (Hillary) told her it was about a video over the bodies. Any coverage of this Mother? No just the Muslim Father attacking Trump.Why?

It’s too hard to win as a divided minority party and the MSM so biased.…

Conventions End


So after two weeks the conventions end. Now we settle in for the next 101 days until America speaks. The Democrats had a solid week and really dumped on Trump. Their goal to make “unimaginable” that he could be President. While Republicans must make Hillary so untrustworthy you cannot vote for her. Get ready.

I think Hillary will get a good boost from this convention and the numbers turn to show her with a 4-5 point lead next week. Democrats just have a built in a advantage with African Americans, Hispanics, young voters and self defined liberals. Unless some unforeseen event occurs (like condemning emails show up), I give her over an 80% chance of winning. Donald Trump may have lost this election when he came down that elevator to announce and called Mexicans killers and rapists.

The contrast in the parties is clear and was evident in the conventions. There was no hiding them. Plus Nancy Pelosi made it clear when she said “I think that, so many times, white — non-college-educated white males have voted Republican. They voted against their own economic interests because of guns, because of gays, and because of God, the three G’s, God being the woman’s right to choose”. Her buddy Harry Reid went so far as to say the briefings that Donald Trump gets as a Presidential candidate should not be allowed to the full extent. He said “you cannot trust him”.

Trump’s problem is as I have noted earlier is fourfold. 1. He is leading the minority party. 2. That party is not behind him totally. The popular Governor of the must win state of Ohio didn’t even walk inside the convention. In a tied state he (Kasich) is not going to help him. How is he going to win Ohio then? 3.The MSM is against him and for his opponent. 4. He leads with his mouth and that is trouble.

The debates? Remember, she is an experienced political debater and he is not. She knows political double talk around issues, see her congressional testimonies. He knows one way, direct. In the primaries he had multiple candidates on stage and it got personal. These debates are different.

Going into last night the Democratic convention had 25% higher ratings than the Republican one. CNN was dominating the numbers. MSNBC was second. ABC third. Fox trailed this week.

Want some good news? The NY Times lost money as it reported it second quarter earnings. Print and digital sales were down and they lost $211,000.

More good news? Susan Sarandon tweeted ‘I’m out’ after confirming she had ‘the worst time’ at the Democratic National Convention. One liberal Hollywood star down. She was for Bernie.

Sadly another police officer shot dead and a second wounded in San Diego last night. Law enforcement deaths are up about 80% YTD vs. last year. The view on police shows the divide in the parties as much as anything.

Onto the weekend.

Day Three


Well for the Democrats they set out to humanize Hillary and obliterate Trump. They are succeeding with strong speeches, positioning, lots of help from the MSM and their opponent. I can feel the reverse in the Trump bump that will show up in next Monday’s polls.

For the Democrats all is well. The economy is moving in the right direction. Obamacare is terrific. ISIS is on the run, no need to talk about them. The streets are safe and America was never better. A stark contrast from the words last week at the other convention.

With that difference the election is even so who can make the other side appear so wild they can never be President. The anti vote will determine this race. Who do you think is doing that better so far?

Trump managed to get himself in trouble with emails. Think about that. Emails. The Hillary issue. First with the private server. Then the Wikileaks release. Yet today who is in trouble with the MSM on emails? Trump. I watched his press conference yesterday and the media asked about ten times if he was working with Russia to release these emails. First of all, Trump holds press conferences, when did Hillary hold one last? it is months. How does a candidate get away without talking to the press? Be a Democrat liberal is how.

Anyway in the conference Trump kept blasting away at what was in the released emails as the press tried over and over to support the Democratic narrative that he was working with Putin on them. Finally he said “I never even met Putin, I have no businesses in Russia”. They were shocked. Then he said they probably have emails from her server, referring to the DNC batch I thought, and said Russia “release them”. All of a sudden later in the day the Clinton machine and her supportive press are saying he wants Russia to hack her. I heard, they were already hacked and if they had the messages that Hillary said were “personal” to release them. A big difference, but in the MSM today they want to indict Trump for asking a foreign power to hack us.

Trump needs to learn self control to have any chance. I just don’t think he can. He is too much about himself and the Kaine mockery of his “Believe me” is something I have commented about it. This is the big prize you are after, we need more than that.

A few other observations from yesterday and the Democratic convention.          No mention of the horrific priest beheading in France.                                         I understand they don’t allow any uniformed police on the floor. True?          Did you see when Panetta  mentioned ISIS how the place erupted in protest?                                                                                                         Does Kaine speaking Spanish make a difference or is it a negative?

Lastly did you notice that the Baltimore prosecutor dropped the charges against all six police officers? She did so while still attacking their reputations. Who pays for the riots that followed, the business that were destroyed and the lives disrupted? The good news is the police are suing the prosecutors office.


Dems Day Two


Well they call him the “Big Dog” and Bill stepped up to the microphone to present the humanized Hillary. He told stories from the first time he met the “best friend” of his life until now. If we didn’t know all the stories you would have thought it was the world’s perfect marriage. I couldn’t be the only one smiling at the irony of it all. I am sure the liberals loved it and he moved the needle with them.

Now if this were a Republican what would happen today is the MSM would have people on to say “maybe it wasn’t exactly …”. Think of that Secret Service book that came out last month that the MSM won’t interview the author. He wrote it about the wrong person and party.

And the media called the day  “The humanization of Hillary Clinton”. After forty years in public life isn’t that an issue by itself? The NYTimes always willing to assist a Clinton has a headline today: “Hillary Clinton, a Reluctant Star of Her Own Prime-Time Show”.

Otherwise the differences were clear in the two parties. After a day of stories about “where were the American flags on stage” a few showed up. Featured were the Mothers of The Movement, parents of young blacks who died either in police shootings or custody. Last week it was the police featured. After much criticism about not mentioning ISIS it came up a grand total of six times, despite the horrific beheading of a priest in France conducting a morning mass. These are differences. What kind of America will we be?

Give the Democrats credit for their heavyweight speaker list by night. Today they have President Obama, VP Biden and VP nominee Kaine. No doubt they will regain the bounce Trump got.

Watch Jill Stein the Green Party candidate. I know the MSM is trying hard to avoid her and the Bernie people walking but she is all out after them and may be making some progress. She was in the streets with them again last night. If she does make an impact she takes it from Hillary, as opposed to Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party. He seems to be taking votes from both.

One last thought. Stay tuned. There are more Wikileaks memo’s to come. The Dems and their MSM friends are trying to blame Trump and say he is friends with Putin and they orcherstrated this. A lot will believe that too. But you and I know Trump could never keep quiet about such a brilliant plot.

DNC Day One


Well the Democrats started off and stayed rowdy longer than the Republicans did on day one. The DNC documents release really impacted things early and lasted until the speakers later in the night got control. I would say poor Debbie Wasserman Schultz who instead of presiding ended up having to resign and hide; but having seen her arrogance for years I will pass. Just last week she sent Reince a note, as the Republicans shouted early, saying that she was in Cleveland and available to come over and help qet control. Hope she had a good seat in front of a TV for this show. Beginning with Cory Booker the speakers gained control of the convention. Michelle was truly outstanding. I thought Warren was a little flat, and then Bernie played the UnCruz. He became loyal and stood with his party. If he walked out his people would have followed. Cruz would have received an ovation for leaving.

The convention speakers cannot tout Hillary’s foreign policy or trustworthiness. So they will continue attacking Trump as too dangerous to deal with the world issues and have his hand on the codes. They will talk of her work and efforts to help people. She simply does not have the results otherwise.

On the Wikileaks release if you want read some of the messages here is a link. Also, remember there are more not yet released. Imagine if some came from Hillary’s home server and were deleted. You never know.

Oh isn’t it interesting that Hillary immediately hired Debbie W. Schultz in her campaign? Wonder why. Her brilliance? Coverup?

The poll news for Trump. Four polls, all post the Republican convention, were released yesterday and three had him ahead by 1, 3 and 4. The fourth (Economist/You Guv) had Clinton ahead by 5. Pay no attention as Hillary will get her bump this week and we will end up where we started.             Some good news for Trump. The Virginia Supreme Court struck down Governor McAulliffe’s order allowing convicted felons to vote. There were about 200,000 individuals eligible and the consensus is the overwhelming would have voted Democrat. The court ruled he did not have the power to change law alone.

Pretty creative. The RNC at the DNC set up shop a mile and a half from the convention center. They are doing the normal rebuttals and press briefings but also handing out swag bags to anti Hillary voters with “Enough of Her” on them. The bags contain goodies including rigged dice, microfiber towels dubbed “secret server wipers,” an official “HRC redaction pen” and a boxing-glove-shaped stress ball that says “fighting for Herself.”

The raising of the minimum wage is always a big issue. One side argues a person working forty hours should make a living wage. The other, how can business afford to pay kids $30K a year ($15 an hr for 40 hrs) and it will cost jobs. I’ve generally supported a higher minimum (current is $7.25) but not such an immediate jump to $15.00. Here’s two stories where raising it to $15.00 were cited by the owners as reasons to close. One is a diner down the street from my boyhood home that was an institution in the neighborhood.

The second:

The Dem Turn


The Democratic Convention kicks off today and as suggested yesterday the DNC scandal was (and remains) worth watching. There are better ways to start your conclave than your chairperson resigning. Tonight watch the reaction to her opening the convention, her only role now. The Sanders people will be vocal. Beyond that it should be a good night. Bernie Sanders and Michele Obama will excite the room and get them moving.

Hillary said she knew nothing about the DNC bias. Of course not, she never knows when something is amiss. Not sure that is the quality we want in a  President.

Two post Republican Convention polls out. CBS has the race dead even at 42 each. CNN showed a big Trump bump. From down 5 to up three (48-45). It’s hard for me to see either candidate getting to 50% in this election, so that 48 seems a little suspect. In either case pay no attention to polls for a few weeks., with one exception. What are Hillary’s honesty and trustworthy numbers. They fell in the CNN poll to 63% negative. For Trump to win those numbers need to hold while  he raises the number who can see him as President. That should be easier to do, but he has to be disciplined. What are odds of that?

Just want to share, if you have time, below a column in yesterdays papers concerning the NBA moving the All-Star game because of North Carolina’s bathroom law (you must use the bathroom of your born sex). It really mocks political correctness.  …

Weekend Edition- Watch Wikileaks


So Hillary sticks to the script and picks Tim Kaine. Positives are he is a solid political individual with a strong background from a state she wants to win. He was terrific in his introduction yesterday. The negative is he not dynamic and won’t appeal to the Sanders wing of the party. He was the safe choice and not the bold one. Why Kaine? My guess is that Sanders forced her to move so far left in the primary she feels threatened. Kaine a moderate, is to the right of the party. As an example he has supported abortion restrictions. (Which will restrict attacks in this area). I think Hillary hopes he can reassure moderate (in Democratic sense) Democrats and thinks the left will stick with her. Though they tried hard in his introduction to call him “progressive” a good number of times. Not a word generally associated with him.

Will he help carry Virginia? Probably, but the state has swung blue over the past decades. Obama won twice. Plus they have a Democratic Governor and both senators are the same. Though they do have eight Republican Congressman versus three Democratic.  Polls show Clinton up ten in the state. The Trump attack may well be the insiders (Clinton/Kaine vs. the outsiders Trump/Pence). With 70% thinking the country is going in the wrong direction that could be a positive focus.

Just a thought but too bad Trump burned bridges with Marco Rubio in the primary. (Though Marco was far smarter than Cruz in that he video taped an endorsement played at the convention but did not attend). Imagine a young Hispanic on his ticket against Hillary and Kaine. It might have forced Hillary into a different choice.

A bigger issue heading into the convention is the release Wikileaks documents from the DNC. This is big, very big. It shows how they were plotting to stop Bernie Sanders. The DNC, which is supposed to be neutral was working in behalf of Hillary. Bernie Sanders delegates, over 40% of the house, will not be happy. They may boo the DNC Chair (Debbie Wasserman Schultz) at the convention. Add they are not Tim Kaine fans and this could be interesting. Watch how the Sunday AM shows play this.

Oh yea and this AM did you see Obama’s half brother endorsed Donald Trump? You read that right. He’s mad at Hillary and her foreign policy.

The Trump mouth was back in action the morning after his acceptance speech. Instead of letting a self shot and near dead Ted Cruz lay in his own mess he had to go back over the Heidi and Cruz Father comments — for ten minutes. Why, why, why? Stick to the script please.

Tomorrow as the Dem convention begins we will get some early polls on where we are after the Republican convention. I think you will see a Trump jump, but don’t get excited. Remember Mondale led Reagan by 8 after his convention and lost by 18. Wait two weeks. Real Clear Politics has Hillary ahead by 3 today.

Trumps acceptance speech has gotten some good reviews from the American people. Remember I told you that CNN and MSNBC went ballistic on how bad it was? Here’s two links to CNN I found.




Finally the convention had a night free of controversy. Trump hit it hard, stayed under control and delivered. Ivanka topped off the family performance. She made the case for woman to consider Trump. He was passionate and made his case. Hillary supporters were rattled.

How do you answer her foreign policy failures? You can’t spin that. Foreign policy has been a failure the past eight years: unless you call apologizing for America a success. He made a case to African Americans and Latinos with jobs and opportunity. He defended the police and cited the crime numbers. (Watch for the push back on these numbers).

Here’s how you know he did well. After the speech his supporters were ecstatic. The liberals on MSNBC and CNN were off the wall crazy. On both stations some called it the “worst” speech ever. They were jumping out of their seats in anger. CNN kept a running notice of an upcoming poll they had underway. The results later: 57% said the speech was very positive, 18% said somewhat positive. Only 24% were negative! It shows you how out of touch the experts on those stations are.

In these famous words “what difference does it make” now? Well Hillary will rush out today and announce her VP to try and turn the spotlight. If he had failed she would have waited. The post polls should show some Trump movement, but don’t get too excited. Walter Mondale was running 8 points ahead of Reagan after his convention. He lost 49 states.

The Democrats will chop up Trump and Pence next week and get plenty of cover for it from the MSM. They will revert back to the Bush economy and how bad things were. They will tout healthcare for so many more citizens. They will play the Trump statements from earlier about Mexicans, rapists, killers and the banning of entire religions. Their speakers will be the opposite of what he said to make him look radical. So wait a week to see the polls, and then two more for it to settle in.

At least it got interesting.

some reactions to bring some humor this AM:

The NYTimes headline this morning: His Tone Dark, Donald Trump Takes G.O.P. Mantle

‘He sounded like a two-bit dictator’: Elizabeth Warren

Jon Stewart on “GOP hypocrites” who overlook Trump’s flaws: ‘I see you — and I see your bullsh*t’

Here’s three from the Huffington Post:

Donald Trump Promises Not To Lie, Right Before Lying A Bunch Of Times.

Donald Trump’s Speech Was Not Very American

White Supremacist David Duke Gives Trump’s Speech Rave Review

Day Three


No matter how anyone tries to play it here’s what you saw last night. A divided minority party headed into an election disorganized and in deep trouble. Non political operatives running a convention poorly. Pros don’t end up with a plagiarized speech and then allow it to linger as an issue for four days. Pros don’t allow your defeated opponent an open mike to not endorse you and create a MSM narrative on the day.

You witnessed the destroying of a political career. For a guy who is supposed to be so bright Cruz sure miscalculated. As Chris Christie shot himself four years ago, Ted Cruz did it live in prime time. Isn’t it amazing people who are supposed to be so smart like Cruz could be do dumb — as in DONE. He is done in this party.

Add all that up, and now watch how smooth the convention runs next week and how they destroy Trump. By next Friday it will be clear where this is election is headed.

I know some will say the debates will make the difference. Sorry, not true, The debates are now so rehearsed and practiced that there is no “got you” moment. And ask yourself this. If one candidate were to be so undisciplined in the debate is it more likely to be Trump or Clinton who runs off with their mouth?

Kudos to Pence. He is terrific and comes across as a smart, under control, decent and caring human being. Kudos to the Trump kids. Very impressive  everyone of them. Eric had a great argument for his Dad, “vote for the candidate who can’t be bought, sold, purchased, bribed, coerced, imitated or steered from the path that is right and just and true”.

The MSM is a vicious anti Republican, anti conservative and anti Trump wing of the liberal Democratic party. They are living up to that this week, which adds to all the issues. The fact FoxNews is in such upheaval right now only adds to this. ABC NY ended it’s news  broadcast last night with the anchor saying that there was a delegate at the convention who said Hillary should be put before a firing squad. He said police were talking to him. He then said will Donald Trump ever get the hate out of this convention? Fair uh? Hey Mr Anchor, Hillary looked in the eye of the Bengazi families with the dead bodies in a box in front of them and lied. Did you say anything about that? She looked us all in the eye and lied over and over about emails. Did you say anything about that? She stole $200,000 worth of furniture and goods from the White House when she left with Bill. Did you say anything about that? Next week when the Brown family speaks at your convention will you say it is built on a lie?  Over the next four days the MSM will look for stories and any new video to support the narrative the liberals have ready to next week. Be ready.

Let’s see what tonight brings.

Day Two


Okay so Donald Trump is officially the Republican nominee. Day two was a good one. Christie gave the speech he was supposed to four years ago. Donald Jr. was wonderful. What do I see ahead? You may not like nor agree with this, but here goes.

The Republican party is the minority one in the U.S. The demographics of it is a declining one. They have failed in the past 40+ years to recognize the need to expand and reach out. Not even change their philosophy to as much as articulate why they would be a better choice.

More states have turned blue over recent elections and to win the Republicans have no room for error. Think about reliable Republican states of the past like Virginia, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico which have gone blue twice and lean that way again. Think North Carolina which spilt the two Obama elections and is a toss up. The Democrats have such an imposing electoral college advantage that to beat them requires an inside straight. 2012 was close right? Obama had 332 electoral votes and Romney 206. Not very close. Think about this. The Democrats start with lock non competitive states like California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts. That’s 115 of the 270 you need. Add states like Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland and Delaware which are not competitive and you add another 70 electoral votes. In truth they start the election with well over 225 in their camp. The Republican needs to basically run the table to win.

Add a divided party to the demographic and values change. Think about John Kasich the governor of the ultimate swing state (Ohio) who is outside the hall but not going in. He raised his hand to support the winner and is outside. Look at the two living ex Republican Presidents not being there. Nor the last two nominees (Romney and McCain). Look at the former Governor of another must win state, Florida. Look at the house leader and what he said yesterday “Trump is not my kind of conservative”.

So, a party on the wrong side of the demographic change is strike one. Strike two is the minority party is divided. Strike three is the MSM is so anti that they carry the ball for the Democrats. You see it everyday. Yesterday all they did was talk about fifty words they said were plagiarized and nothing about the Mothers, Fathers, soldiers, and hero’s who spoke about how this government has failed them. This AM the network morning shows still talked as much about the “plagiarized” speech as they did about day two in their opening segments. The MSM carries the ball for liberal thought and that is too hard to overcome.

Here’s the really negative news. This is a year where over 70% of the people think the country is headed in the wrong direction. Think about that. Think about what is going on in the streets. Add a failed foreign policy and all the terrorist activity we hear about. Then top that off with the fact the Democratic party is nominating a candidate 66% of the country says is untrustworthy and does not tell the truth. Add this. We all care about the police right? Another officer killed in his squad car last night in Kansas City. Republicans honored the police this week. Do you know who is speaking at Hillary’s convention? Michael Brown’s Mother. The Michael Brown of the false narrative “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”.

And yet we can’t win, and I don’t think be competitive. I dare say it may be the end of the party and time for a new one that is more open on social issues while maintaining the strength of our foreign policy. Let’s see how this unfolds and hope I am wrong. But if with all that the party fails it is game over.

Here’s three links you might want to read. The first is President Bush (43) on his fear he will be the “last Republican President”. The second is a link to Frank Luntz’s study on how the party has lost the millennial generation and why.  (College professors are making them socialists). The third is Ryan’s dig at Trump this week.





Day One


So in the afternoon the convention was contentious and showed the deep divide in the party. Not good. A minority party needs unity. Then in the evening a home-run with the Moms and Dads who spoke of their children lost. Rudy hit it out of the park. Then the charges of plagiarism hit with Melania’s speech. That will dominate the network news in the AM.  A shame, but the MSM will love it. What Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy got in trouble for plagiarism? Who knew?

My analysis on this election is Hillary and the Democrats are in great shape. Think about it. She just took some of the worst press ever with the FBI report. The streets are in turmoil and foreign policy a disaster. The party in power should be reeling. What do the polls show? Hillary up by four or five on average. This election is over barring an event I cannot see. Here’s a look at latest WSJ poll.

As for the malcontents, like Bush, Cruz, Ryan, McConnell and Kasish, I am done with you. Three of you rose your hand and pledged to be loyal. You lied. Newt put it best. “Jeb you lost, get over it”.

A question. If that police officer in Baltimore had been found guilty would it have been all over the news? The MSM did not cover his innocent verdict anywhere. You certainly ruined his name when he was falsely charged. Where does he to go get it back? That’s four trials in Baltimore, three outright innocents and one hung jury. Who pays that price?…

Speaking of the police. Hillary spoke at the NAACP convention yesterday and the MSM only covered her words about the slain officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Here’s what she also said.

If that’s not enough here’s something else you didn’t see on the MSM. Check Obama’s words as he talked to the Prime Minister of Spain.

One more thing you might enjoy seeing. Sheriff Clarke of Milwaukee, who spoke last night was interviewed by Don Lemon of CNN on Sunday night about the Baton Rouge killings. It got a little rough.

Finally another ISIS claimed attack last night in Germany. Did you hear about it? An axe attack on a train by an Afghan refugee shouting “Allahu Akbar”, injured at least 15.  Add the attacks up recently and it’s shocking. Don’t worry though the administration and Hillary say we are winning.


Baton Rouge

Not much we can say for the tragedy that occurred in Baton Rouge yesterday. Just a few days ago the media was criticizing the police for wearing too much protective gear at the protests in that town. The police explained they were under threat. Now we all mourn the loss of three more lives, a fourth clinging to his, the wounded and our nation. Eight officers in a week murdered, another ambushed and wounded last night in Milwaukee. The rule of and respect for law is challenged. Why?

In my opinion the leadership of the nation and the main stream media have created an atmosphere that is dangerous. They blame the police for being too aggressive, too racial, too biased. They hear or see something and their first impulse is to blame the police. It goes back as we said to the first days of this administration when the President said the police acted “stupidly” in the Cambridge incident. They didn’t, but it showed a thought process that has continued. Then the MSM takes a video and runs it over and over to support a narrative they think, or want to be true. “Hands up don’t shoot” was a lie. Add it all up and you rile people up and they feel justified. Very bad.

Is there an answer? Yes. It lies in supporting law enforcement while assuring training and prosecuting the over zealous ones. It lies in recognizing that the police have a tough job and are the last line in protecting the citizenry. It lies in not thinking every person in prison is innocent and should be released. It lies in getting those who commit crimes over and over are off the street.

The presidential candidates have to set a tone now. When an event happens Trump reacts immediately with a tweet. You hold your breadth to see what he said. Hillary waits hours (over 6 yesterday) to see how the wind is blowing. Leadership is leading all the people with what is right.

Onto to the conventions. Let’s hope.

Weekend Edition.


Pence got off to a good start in his introductory press meeting yesterday. He came across as a sincere, honest and decent human being. Trump did well in his introduction, so a nice start. I see the opposition and press opening up on him immediately. Hillary and her team have the videos ready to go. They know the value of early positioning of a person. Get ready for the “bad man Pence” videos and stories. Get ready for the LGBT community to attack. Get ready for citizens in Indianapolis to give testimony how Pence left them behind. Battles for first impression today are key and massive.

Looks like Trump and Pence are changing their logo already. Did you see it? Shortly after introducing it they took a lot of heat.

The Republican convention opens tomorrow. Expect chaos in the street. The ACLU won a court ruling allowing the protesters to be closer to the arena. This will lend to the protesters voice and perception of what is happening. Add that Ohio is an open carry state and many will take advantage of that. The delegates will have to be on alert and careful.

Get ready Monday for the next Baltimore Police Officer decision in the Freddie Grey case. The MSM has not covered this trial much but it involves the lead officer Lt. Rice, who happens to be black. Remember the last two ended in innocent verdicts and the first a hung jury. Don’t be surprised if this one comes back guilty. Lot’s going on right now!

Speaking of police action remember the stats that more white citizens are shot by police than any other? Here’s a graphic video from one such innocent this past week. Watch it and make up your own mind whether the police action was too much. Beyond that consider this, have you seen the MSM and cable stations running this video over and over? Why not?

One last story for today and it’s going to be BIG. You heard and saw the attempted coup in Turkey. There’s a whole story about this, but bottom line Turkey borders Syria and Iraq. They are a key to our middle east strategy, but it appears they are moving ever more to be an Islamic State from a secular one. In the old days we would have funded and supported a coup. I have a feeling this one caught our government by surprise. But, now the Turkish  government is blaming an exiled cleric for organizing it. The cleric lives in Pennsylvania. They want him exported back. They have stopped our flights to attack ISIS from leaving the ground, which we did from Turkey. This could get ugly and have an impact. Watch the Obama administration who have not had many foreign policy successes. Speaking of ISIS here’s a story quoting Syria leader Bashar Al-Assad that takes our leaders to task on for not being serious about defeating them.

Pence and Post the FBI


Horrible, horrible what happened in Nice France. When is enough enough? We need leadership. It doesn’t end until the wold leaders ban together and take real action. Saying we should ban trucks now is not the answer.

Okay so it looks like Pence as we said a week ago. Again, no impact on the ticket. Pence brings experience, sanity and policy knowledge. He will be fine in the VP debate. He will be bring the conservatives to Trump’s side (remember he backed Cruz), and the liberals who will attack his positions. For Connecticut residents your Governor barred state travel to Indiana because of Pence. So if you love Malloy, Pence’s not your guy, but if you’re part of the large majority that want Malloy out, well he’s your man.

Who is Pence? Here are six things outlined in the attachment below:
Pence went to Congress as an outsider served 12 years and rose to leadership.
Pence is an evangelical Christian with a model family.
Pence has constitutional conservative credentials.
Pence is from the heartland.
Pence is a governor.
Pence would support Trump without competing for media attention.

As promised here’s an analysis on the impact of the FBI report on Hillary.

Before the report she had a clear lead. Anywhere from 4 to 12 points in most. Since then she has paid a price. In an extensive poll of 60,000 voters in all 50 states taken April to July (poll by Morning Consult) released yesterday Clinton dominated. She would collect 320 Electoral College votes to Trump’s 212, far more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House. Probably accurate.

Now in polls taken since the report release.

CBS/NYTimes: Clinton 40 Trump 40. Before report Clinton by 6
Rasmussen Reports Clinton 37 Trump 43 Before report Trump by 2
Economist/You Gov Clinton 43 Trump 41 Before report Clinton by 5
McClatchy/Marist Clinton 42 Trump 39 Before report Clinton by 9

So Clinton has clearly lost ground. It looks like the immediate impact was about 5 points. What Trump must do now is pounce on her with speeches, ads and his team stressing she lied, is untrustworthy and has bad judgement. Relentless they must be. If she is ready to be had this is the issue. By November you want the 65% who today say she is untrustworthy to still believe it.

One new ad or speech tact that he can do right now is this. After Brexit, Hillary attacked him as being on the wrong side of the issue and look at the pain it was costing all Americans. Well, a week later the market is at all time high. Let’s remind America that Hillary was wrong again.

And Hillary attacked Trump yesterday saying in speeches that he was scaring children with his rhetoric. Imagine that. Lucky they can look to her honesty, trustworthness and truth telling as better examples.



Why Donald Trump can’t win.
He gets a gift horse from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who as a liberal justice speaks out beyond belief. All Trump needs to do is say how inappropriate that was and let her hang out there. But no. he has to say “her mind is shot”. The man can’t take the high road. What a shame.

Why can’t Hillary win?
She’s a proven liar. A liar over her entire forty-five years in the public eye.

Why can’t America win?
See above.

I have a personal bias, but imagine if Republicans had nominated Marco Rubio. A young articulate conservative Hispanic American with all the racial strife going on. I think they would be well ahead in this election.

Trump makes his choice tomorrow for VP. I still think it’s Pence , but he or Newt don’t really help. There will some good coverage for a few hours then the negatives will hit. Two older white men. Controversial views (see Pence this year with gay/lesbian issues and Newt with woman). To be fair he (Trump) did not have many choices, he already angered them.

Drugs deaths continue to spiral in the U.S.. In New York City as an example drugs were the main or contributing factor in 999 deaths in 2015, a 7 percent increase from 2014. That’s one city, 999. Remember yesterday we mentioned there were 990 police shootings in the country all year? Why does the drug culture escape scrutiny? Don’t drug loss lives count too? Is it because so many in the media and social culture are “recreational users” that this gets little coverage? Isn’t a life a life?

And speaking of life style and taxes here’s an interesting study/article on California. “One-third of Bay Area residents were polled as hoping to leave the area soon.”

Why would that be? “The basket of California state taxes — sales, income and gasoline — rates among the highest in the United States. Yet California roads and K-12 education rank near the bottom.”

How is that possible? “One in three American welfare recipients resides in California. Almost a quarter of the state population lives below or near the poverty line. Yet the state’s gas and electricity prices are among the nation’s highest. One in four state residents was not born in the U.S. Current state-funded pension programs are not sustainable”

What? “California depends on a tiny elite class for about half of its income tax revenue. Yet many of these wealthy taxpayers are fleeing the 40-million-person state, angry over paying 12 percent of their income for lousy public services.”

Really? What a surprise.

Here’s the full article.

Latest polls showing impact on Hillary from FBI report. Analysis tomorrow.

Quick Hits


Both Presidents Bush and Obama (as well as every other speaker) stepped up to the task in Dallas yesterday. The only one who may have edged too far was President Obama in the last third of his speech when he got into guns and Black Lives Matter. But to all the speakers a well done.

Not the same for Attorney General Lynch at her congressional hearing. Disgraceful is more like it as she simply refused to answer questions.

Did you ever consider with all the controversy over “Black Lives Matter” versus “All Lives Matter” that everyone would be on board if they just added the word “too” on the back of it? Who would be against that and wouldn’t it capture the issue they have?

Did you see this study by a Harvard professor released that found no evidence of racial bias in police shootings? Prof. Fryer, who is black, told The New York Times that the finding of no racial discrimination in police shootings was “the most surprising result of my career.” He did find though officers were more likely to interact physically with non-whites than whites. This all makes sense with the analysis from yesterday Link:

Hillary got her endorsement from Bernie but he pushed the platform far to the left, and now she has to run on it. Add to the free college (for 85% of citizens), the healthcare position and the $15 minimum wage. “We have produced by far the most progressive platform that this party has seen in multiple generations,” Governor Malloy of Connecticut said. Is it too far left? Your vote, your decision.

Speaking of the Clintons, did you see this story anywhere? The former president demanded unheard-of speaking fees and stuck their hosts — including state universities and small community colleges — with hefty expenses, such as a $1400 phone bill and $700 dinner tab. In addition, Bill Clinton demanded control of the questions asked at his events, and rarely spent time with his hosts — unless they happened to be big donors. Story link: http://Report: ‘Dead Broke’ Clinton Blew Huge Wads of Cash in California

Another free idea for Trump. Focus for a change on the singular message required now. Hillary is a liar. Run the side by said ads of what she told us the public and what Comey said was truth. Then run the Benghazi lie to the families. “looked them in the eye with the bodies in front of us and lied”.  Then run past lies all the way back to the fact she was fired from the Watergate Committee for her actions. Then ask this question. Do you think foreign leaders are going to believe her? They know she looked us all in the eye and lied. They know she has lied for 40 years of public life. Are they going to believe her? Is she the best to represent us? It’s time to pay the price.

Really? We have all seen the names of people promising to leave the country if Trump wins. This one is a shocker. A supreme court judge is supposed to to interpret the law and assure order and fairness. Yet Ruth Bader Ginsburg said this:  “For the country, it could be four years. For the court, it could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that,” she said. “Now it’s time for us to move to New Zealand.” What? A Supreme Court justice? Oh yea, she’s fair. Imagine if Clarence Thomas said this. Do you think the MSM would cover it BIG?

Free idea for Hillary. Just keep asking if we want Donald Trump’s hand on the nuclear codes and button. That scares people.

I still believe Trump will choose Gov. Pence as his running mate. Positive is that Pence has Washington and state government experience, He has solid conservative credentials. Negative, Trump gains little with the selection and he is another older white male. His uncontrolled mouth cost him his best opportunities. He insulted a popular female latino Gov Martinez long after he had won the nomination. A shame she wouldn’t be considered and likely not attend the convention. Then a popular Gov Kasish refuses to talk to him or attend. He could have helped in Ohio. The undisciplined Trump did it to himself.

Did you see Jeb Bush decided to speak? He went on msnbc of all stations on their very liberal 10:00 show. He is not endorsing Trump (or Clinton) and not going to the convention. What happened to your word Mr. Bush? You pledged to assure Donald Trump would support you. What changed? I guess you got beat and your word is meaningless.

On the MSM did anyone see the media giving Trump any credit for the all time market highs this week? Remember the day of and days after Brexit how they beat upon him for the losses? Just your MSM in action.

Finally, what? The singers of O Canada at the all star game changed the words and added All Lives Matter? We’re off the deep end.

The Divide …..


President Obama will be in Dallas today to speak at a service. His words matter more than often. He ran for office with the inspiring words that there is no White America or Black America. There is just America. Then very early in his Presidency he rushed to judgment in the Cambridge, Mass. incident and it set a tone for some about his feelings about police. It has continued up and through Ferguson. This may be his last chance to take a statesman role and lead everyone on this issue. I expect both he and President Bush to hit home runs today. Let’s hope.

Now I understand that he and many others believe deeply that police treat minorities differently. Add to that we all know and believe there are some over zealous officers who give others a bad name. There is a profound fear in the minority community that their children will be stopped and something could happen. We have to understand that and find a common ground on community policing, trust, and protection.

Let me make one thing clear that I am not sure everyone understands. There is much talk about “the talk” that parents give their kids on police stops. My parents had the talk with me, many times. I bet yours did too. It was common to assure respect and caution in what we did. As a kid we were stopped on the streets many times in the neighborhood. We knew the police would be “active” if they caught us doing anything. We knew too if we went home after that we would face justice there. Different times.

So what is the story now? The bottom line for me is this. The great majority of police officers are on the job to help. They get discouraged over time by all the see and experience. They want to do well, and go home to their families. There is a small minority that over step their bounds. They need to be weeded out, but in no way should all be lumped with them. It is a very tough job they do, for little pay and far from the thanks they deserve.

Now for the stats which are fueling this recent uprising. Are police targeting blacks in particular? Both sides use the same stats to argue their side. One side says blacks are two times more likely to be shot by police than whites. The other side says you are playing with the numbers. Here they are using 2015 as the example:

    There are 1.1 million police officers                                                              There were 990 police shootings                                                                                      50% of those shot were white                                                                    26% of those shot were black

Digest these stats for a second. For a longer term view a link is below.

This is where the argument that black citizens (13%) of the U.S. population are shot twice as often as white citizens.                                                                       The counter is that blacks commit 25% of the violent crime. Thus proportion.

So you can see how people use the same numbers to support their argument.

My view. I think people would be surprised to hear that police shootings are 0.0009 in relation to the number of officers. Hard to paint the police as trigger happy and biased on that.

I think most do not know that half of all shootings are of white citizens. In fact greater than black and hispanic citizens combined. The MSM does not cover this. Yet they play videos over and over that fit a narrative. Why is this? The MSM will not ask itself that question. By the way in the videos they played endlessly last week one of the two officers who fired was hispanic. Not sure too many know that.

We need leadership that provides a calming of the situation and lays out clearly what is. Parents want to know their kids are safe and not fear the police. The police want to know we have their back and understand they want to go home at night. Citizens want criminals off the street and to be safe in their neighborhoods. It seems we have common goals. What we need is stop glorifying the exceptions as if they are the norm, while we punish the wrong doers on both sides. Is that so hard?

Let me leave you with this question. What per cent of Americans because of the coverage it got do you think still believe the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” narrative really happened? The MSM covered that lie really deeply so 100% of us saw the story and narrative. How many know it wasn’t true? How many have seen coverage since then about the business owners who had their stores and outlets looted and destroyed over the lie? How many have seen stories about the wounded and hurt over the lie?

Most American citizens are honest and decent. The problem is what the MSM cover and the leadership we have gotten from the top that is creating a situation that must be corrected.

For additional stats:

Post Weekend – Quick Hits

Tomorrow I’ll provide a full opinion on all the events and some facts that may be interesting on Dallas, Minnesota and Baton Rogue. In the interim here’s a weekend catch up.

Police and communities have been under siege since the videos came out. Over the weekend the San Antonio police HQ was fired upon. Twenty-one (21) St.Paul, Minn.  police officers were injured in protests. Officers were targeted in Georgia, Missouri and Tennessee. We’re in a dangerous place and leadership is badly needed. Here’s a link to some stories on the position police are in.

Remember when we talked about Hillary attacking Trump’s business record in Atlantic City? Here’s a fact check from her network (CNN)
A CNN Reality Check says Hillary Clinton’s criticism of Donald Trump’s business record this week contained a mix of true and false statements. Clinton’s charges about Trump filing for bankruptcy four times and making products using foreign workers were true, but her claim that Trump was sued every three days was misleading and her statement that Trump’s Atlantic City casinos “were failing long before the rest of the town was struggling” was untrue, CNN found.

The polls post the FBI report and conference show that the American people believe Hilary should have been charged. The latest this AM the Washing Post/ABC poll said 56% disapproved while only 33% approved with the decision to not move forward with charges. Rasmussen showed the same. Yet we haven’t seen any negatives in the overall election results. That shows Trump’s weakness outside his core and people are uneasy with him. He needs to show Presidential demeanor and control from now on and he must get and stay on message about who Hilary is.

Did you hear this story on the MSM as our President readies to release 20 more Gitmo prisoners?  “Former Guantánamo Detainee Arrested for Ties to Istanbul Airport Attack” Here’s the link if you want to read it:

This didn’t take long. “Marine to Cite Hillary Clinton Standard in His Defense in Classified Info Case”.  The story says, “A decorated U.S. Marine who is being discharged for sending classified information on his personal e-mail account plans to cite the Hillary Clinton precedent set by FBI director James Comey in his upcoming defense.” Link:

Did you hear about this? “Osama bin Laden’s son vows revenge against US for killing his father in audio message posted online.” Link:

Interesting times.

The News Was Bad And Then Got Worse …


The stories on the news all day was about the two shootings of citizens under questionable circumstances. For stations like CNN it dominated the day beyond the Comey hearing. From what I have seen the Baton Rogue case looked like an execution. We need to hear all sides, but I don’t what they can say to change what we saw. The Minnesota case is heart breaking and appears out of line too. We don’t know what happened when they were stopped but from what we see it looks bad. If in those cases the police were quick to shoot they need to be held accountable without question. We need all the facts.

And then as the day wore down the news from Dallas came. The grim reports got worse as the night unfolded into morning. What a horror and absolute disaster for the officers, their families and our nation. As you watched you saw what we hear so little of today. The bravery of the police officers who serve us. They ran toward rifle fire to protect. For five of them it cost their lives. For six others they are wounded, some critically as of this writing.

Now we must understand why this happened. It seems too coordinated to be a spur of the moment act. We’ll have to wait for the facts here too but it appears to me to be a group who were planning something and took advantage of the situation. Let’s see. My gut is these four have bigger ties. The President and liberals will probably use this to say gun control again, as if that would prevent them from getting guns. Maybe we should start by appreciating our police officers and the incredible job they have to do.

Most importantly, let’s get the facts on all sides. We don’t need a rush to judgement. as Ferguson certainly proved. That officer and his wife ended up losing their jobs and lifestyle, yet when the dust cleared, it showed he did nothing wrong. So let the guilty pay in all cases and then let’s not judge all by some. Let the guilty pay.

Yesterday on the election:

Yesterday was the hearing with Comey and it was very interesting. No doubt you heard all you want on it. I leave it with a question I would have like clarified. Hillary said to the public she “never” ….. Did she give you a different answer under oath? She had to give different answers under oath than she was telling us to avoid prosecution. The public should know if she looked us in the eye and lied and then under oath said something else.

The other thing is both Republicans and Democrats agreed that we need to clarify and set standards for classified information. Imagine that after 240 years it took actions by the Clintons for there to be questions on this.

There was plenty that came out of the hearing to attack Hillary on. The problem is Donald Trump is so undisciplined that he will go to the extreme. Like, this was a wide spread “conspiracy” from the White House and FBI ….. He goes so far out he takes the focus off the issue and away from what she clearly did and ends up losing the edge.

The first poll since the FBI declined to prosecute Hillary came out. It was the Rasmussen poll, the only one that had Trump ahead (+4) last week. In the new poll  — after the FBI report, Trump is up 2. He lost two points! (he dropped by 1 and Hillary was up 1)

You may have missed this. Hillary took a giant step toward getting Bernie Sanders endorsement. She promised free college tuition for more than 80% of American families. Next she’s likely to move his way on health care. Both moves would be costly for the taxpayer.

President Obama decided again to slow the pace of the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, ensuring that the conflict he was determined to end would consider to his successor. The President has been back tracking since his way too early withdrawal. Same in Iraq, where Bush went too soon, and Obama left too early. Foreign policy is a mess.

Are you aware that the MSM has blacklisted and refuses to interview or put on the author of the NY Times best seller book? Gary Byrne the former secret service person for the Clintons wrote “Crisis of Character”. A very negative book on his time with the Clintons and what he said he saw.  Outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN refuse to interview him. Here’s a link if you want to read the story.

Thinking Through ……


Some quick thoughts today:

I think the FBI report has hurt Hillary. On social media the anti Clinton people have been vocal, loud and clear. There have been no defenses. You always see two sides. Not this time. Hard to defend her.

As of this writing she has avoided the press. It’s a long time not answering questions and soon the press will get angry, even at her. She needs them to divert people to Trump issues, which they will, if she cooperates.

She is attacking Trump’s business record. I don’t think that is a good strategy or will work. Yes he had some failures but he had far more successes and achieved great wealth. He owns over 500 businesses. Sure there are failures. Only someone who never started, owned or ran a business would attack him on that.

Now she and Bill became multi millionaires holding only government jobs and running a foundation. Hmm. I guess her foundation never went belly up so she thinks she can criticize a man with 500 businesses. Sorry when he was opening businesses his wife (wives) weren’t senators or secretary of state.

Now there’s lots to attack Trump on. His business success is not the issue. After all Hillary, “he didn’t build that on his own” ask The President or Senator Warren.

New polls post FBI decision should be interesting. Will Hillary close the most untrusted gap?

Did you know that when Hillary ran that Brexit ad of Trump in Scotland and showed him playing golf while things were going south, that Trump actually never played? She used a two year old golf video. She made it up. Did the MSM report this? Of course not. They are busy reporting on Trump. They played Hillary’s ad over and over.

You know that Hillary flew with the The President to Charlotte the morning of the FBI report (on Air Force One). Bet you don’t know that when asked if they discussed the report they were told “no”. They talked about “grandchildren”.  Just like Bill and Loretta Lynch did. imagine that.

Speaking of Lynch, did you know there was a NY Times article on Saturday that said Hillary is seriously considering keeping her as Attorney General? Hmm, one day after Bill and Lynch met to discuss grandchildren, and the day Hillary is meeting with the FBI. Just a coincidence I’m sure.

One last thought. Are you surprised that Bill waited on the Tarmac for Lynch to land for over 30 minutes? I thought with the bad experience Hillary had on the Tarmac in Bosnia (remember she said she was attacked) that Clintons avoided Tarmacs.

Interesting day ahead as Comey goes before Congress.