Turkey and Benghazi

Isis strikes again. This time in Turkey. The administration reaction is the same. They won’t call it what it is and very defensive.

Example: Secretary of State John Kerry said “we have it get it right 24/7, they need to get it right only for an hour”. Interesting I guess if you want to be defensive. Imagine Mr Secretary if we took the offensive and went after them? Ever think of that?

The President of course is being cautious and thinks those who call the terrorists for what they are inflame them. Really? I wonder if you’re calling them “the JV” drove them in any way.

Here’s the opening lines of Hillary’s tweet on the attack. “Terrorists have struck again in the heart of one of our NATO allies—and all Americans stand united with the people of Turkey against this campaign of hatred and violence. Already, stories of heroism on the part of Turkish police are emerging, as their quick actions to confront the suspects may have prevented an even worse tragedy.”

Very tough stuff from the administration, That should scare them.

The Benghazi report came out yesterday and it was powerful. But the MSM was so concerned they would find that smoking gun on Hillary that they focused solely on that. Example, the NY Times headline: “House Benghazi Report Finds No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton”. Interesting, but that was not the story. And by the way “no new evidence” is not an award. How about this old stuff:

There were over 600 requests for more security that were never acted upon by the administration. Americans died because of it.

Every other country took their people out of Benghazi, but us. Worse on September 11 we sent them into the city and building. Americans died because of it.

We never made a decision in the 13 hours to send help. We had a force ready in Spain, but argued over what they should wear (uniforms or regular clothes). In fact they changed five times into and out of uniform. We did not want to make the Libyans mad with uniforms! Americans died because of that attitude.

Did the press forget it was Hillary’s idea to over throw the Libyan government that led to this? Americans died because of it.

And absolutely the despicable act of blaming a video was proven a lie. Susan Rice went on five Sunday shows and lied so baldly the internal state department memo’s show how stunned. The video was not part of the talking points. She flat out lied. Americans died.

Then Hillary wrote the night of the attacks to her daughter and the Egyptian government it was a terrorist attack. For days after she and the President (nine days later on The View) kept blaming the video. Why? An election, their election, and don’t forget Candy Crowley of CNN providing Obama cover during the debate when Romney attacked on this. Incredible and Americans died.

And imagine four brave Americans are slaughtered and others wounded. When their bodies are being brought back to the US at Andrews Air Force and their families are there, Hillary looks them in the eye and says we are going to get the guy who did this video and caused their deaths. That lie alone disqualifies her to be the leader of this country. She looked the grieving relatives in the eye and lied with the bodies in front of her.

Now, Hillary denies saying that, and the four families, every member in fact swears she did. Who do you believe?

Rather than clearing her, this report should bury her. The MSM will not do that. Do you think the press would treat a conservative person the same in this case?

Last where was Obama that night? He refused to testify or allow his staff too. We do not know where he was during the attack. Did he really leave to go to Vegas for a fund raiser in the midst of it? Hillary testified she didn’t remember where Obama was.

Americans died.

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