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You saw all the coverage yesterday in the MSM about how bad this move was by the people of the United Kingdom. Imagine the voice of the people ridiculed by the superior U.S. media. Here’s one thing I saw. The stock market drop was followed by how much your 401k lost. The next word and story began “Donald Trump called the vote Great”. Check ABC news for example. The implication, Donald was happy you lost. Of course no mention about President Obama being in Europe two months ago and preaching to England on how to vote (stay in EU for global world), and warning them they will be less important to him. Here’s a comment in a story: “In fact, some British polls even showed that voter sentiment moved decidedly in favor of Brexit after Obama traveled to Britain and urged a “no” vote.” Here’s the full story:

Some other issues on my mind with the media:

Did you see how they glorified the Democratic sit in the house this week? They covered the sit in as heroes coming to save America. The media has allowed the Democrats to turn the Orlando attack away from Terrorism to one about guns. As if you take away AR 15’s and terrorism goes away as opposed to take away terrorists and we are safer. The sit in was front page and first story coverage on the news. They brought the house business to a stop. Contrast that coverage with past Republican filibusters on spending and Obamacare. How did they cover that? Add that with this sit in they wanted a vote on a bill the Senate had already rejected this week, thus it had no viability. Did they tell you that?

Now add this to that sit in. The words from the participants.

We will not leave the floor of this House until this Congress takes action!
Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., quoted by The New York Times

“We will continue to shed a bright light on the urgency of stopping this carnage,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, said Thursday morning.”We will not stop until we pass that legislation.”

Pelosi, also addressed the protesting representatives. “The press and others are saying, ‘How long will they stay?’”The assembled lawmakers erupted in a chant of “no bill, no break”.

They even had a banner for their highly covered press conference with the title:                                        #nobillnobreak

When the cameras  left they did on day two. So much for we will not stop. Paul Ryan and others called it a publicity stunt. What do you think? Did the press support it?

The issue is this. Judy Chu, a representative from California, told MSNBC: “When 49 people were murdered in Orlando and nothing done about it and the only responses were moments of silence, well, so many of us said, enough is enough, we have to do something about this.”

I agree with Judy. How about focusing on that JV terrorist organization that wants to kill us?

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