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Some thoughts this Thursday that show the state of our union:

The third police officer tried (the driver of the van this time) in the Baltimore case  was found not guilty today. Think about that and the coverage and riots that took place when this incident occurred. Think about the Mayor and Prosecutor and the words they used to inflame the situation. They buried this officer for his erratic driving that injured the handcuffed defendant. Except for two things. The video gathered from around Baltimore of the van driving showed a safe and careful drive. Then the other person in the back of the van testified that Freddie Grey stood up as the van moved.

Is the press now going to go after the Mayor? Are they going to help the police officers regain reputation? They did an awful lot to bury them at the time of the incident.

How about this story in the NY Times today. Read it carefully. Pay attention to its tone. Notice how an “unbiased” newspaper “of record” attacks the Republican Governor and blames him for everything. Forget the NJ legislature (house and senate) is Democratic. This is all the Republican Governor’s fault for not wanting to raise taxes. Then ask yourself these two questions:

How come the Republican legislature is blamed for all of Obama’s issues, while here it is reversed?

Where is all the money from raised tolls the past few years? Is it possible the state is spending too much?

Oh yea, also in New Jersey there’s this: “Whatever happens with the gas tax, many New Jerseyans soon will be paying more to get to work. New Jersey Transit has proposed raising fares by about 9 percent for its 915,000 daily riders, and an increase of some amount is all but certain.”

Remember when California raised it’s taxes? The golden land and state is what we hear. How many know this?

“Over the past 10 years, approximately 5 million people have moved away from the state of California, and as you will see in this article this mass exodus appears to be accelerating. So why exactly is this happening? Once upon a time, it seemed like almost everyone wanted to live in California. The nearly endless sunshine, the incredible weather, the pristine beaches and a booming economy motivated millions of young Americans to move out there to pursue “the California Dream.” In fact, in the early 90s, I actually explored the idea of moving out there myself. But now the California Dream has become a nightmare. Californians are being taxed to death, traffic in the major cities is absolutely horrific, violent crime and gang activity are on the rise, millions of illegal immigrants are putting an incredible strain on social support systems, and the ultra-liberal government in Sacramento seems to have gone completely insane.

The No. 1 destination for people leaving the state of California in recent years has been the state of Texas.

Who would have guessed people would leave a high tax and crime state for Texas? Did you read that in the press?

In my opinion the press was always biased, but in this election year has reached new heights.

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