Coming to a city and state near you

Get ready, the city of Philadelphia has begun it and it is coming to a state and city near you. What is it? The latest liberal “health” idea for you and “revenue” enhancer for them. It passed the legislature and now will likely undergo a court challenge but the movement is underway. It’s a soda tax.

You see the government doesn’t want you to drink that soda, it’s bad for you. Big Brother can decide what is good. So. to stop you they have decided to add a tax. You see the tax will generate for them in Philadelphia $96 million dollars they say. It will help start new educational programs they say. Sort of like the lotto dollars were going to do years back. You remember they promised every lotto dollar would go to education, which it did. But they didn’t tell you they would reduce other funding and use the money elsewhere.

Anyway here’s the new tax heading your way. Let’s use the 64oz. 2 liter bottle as the example. You know the one you love to buy for .99cents. Well the tax on that bottle will be .96 cents. Yes you read that right, .96 cents. Add the, .05 cents deposit and your .99 cents 2 Liter will now be $2.00. Oh yea your 12 pack cans for the summer will have a $2.16 tax. But remember it’s good for you.

So what will happen? The government will add the expected revenue (like $96 million) into their budget projections. The consumer will react negatively and sales will decline. Revenue projections will fall short and the government will have to find new revenue enhancers. Plus stores and resturants will lose sales and a high profit item hurting their business. But don’t worry the government knows what’s best for you.

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