The 2016 Election

With all that is going on I thought maybe sharing some clear thoughts through this blog again might be worthwhile. So here goes.

First the post primary is shaping up exactly as some of us thought.  The press which loved covering Trump in a Republican Primary has turned loose on him. His days of good reporting are over and the drumbeat of how bad he is has began. It won’t end. To me the only question is how bad the outcome is. Congratulations Republican voters you nominated one of the few people that could not beat Hillary. The press helped you do it and I wonder if you realize that yet. What can Trump do now? Here’s some unsolicited advice:

First, shut up. Literally think before your mouth moves. You are Hillary’s best friend so far.

Cease, as in stop attacking popular Republicans like Governor Martinez in New Mexico. Are you serious attacking her? A popular woman, who is latino and the head of the Republican Governor’s association? What serious candidate would do that with the latino issues you already have? I know you are too arrogant to fix the issue, but you better find humility. Your enemy is Hillary, the liberals and the press. Not Governor Martinez.

Next a Muslim ban might be popular in the Republican Primary with it’s narrow voting bloc. You are going to be buried with it in the general election. Your “wall” is okay, but you went too far. Back up.

Want a way out? Here’s your way:

Change it to a call for a “Security Hold” on immigration “until” we can set a vetting process that we can live with. You see Donald words matter. Then say you have a team headed by someone like Tom Ridge ready to evaluate and provide recommendations following the election and you expect to have the new rules in place by inauguration day. You want a hold to assure America is safe.

Next, announce your immigration plan. Deporting twelve million people may be popular in a restricted primary. You are about to get buried on this with ads showing kids born here who will be separated from parents and grandparents that will bury you. Your new plan should be this. We have a legal immigration process that has people’s names on it who have applied. Those of you here illegally, you have six months to add your names if not already on it. You then will be allowed to stay as you await citizenship. But, you must register, not break any laws, pay taxes and be part of society. This approach should satisfy hard liners because we are not granting citizenship to those who entered illegally, and keep liberals quiet because we are not deporting and separating families. Let Hillary defend why this is harsh. You will win that battle. You can’t win defending your current position.

Realize the press and MSM are going to be one hundred per cent for Hillary. Want examples from today? Here are three things that unless you looked you didn’t hear on the MSM:

One day after the President said that ISIS was losing, the head of the CIA spoke to congress. Know what he said? That we have made no progress. Here’s the WSJ story:

President Obama emerged from a meeting with his national-security team on Tuesday to lecture Republicans for their moral failures. He also found time to mention that his antiterror strategy is “making significant progress” despite the attack in Orlando and that the Islamic State “is under more pressure than ever before.” So it fell to CIA Director John Brennan on Thursday to backfill the bad news that Mr. Obama didn’t mention.

Mr. Brennan told the Senate Intelligence Committee in his prepared remarks that ISIS remains “a formidable, resilient and largely cohesive enemy.” He observed that “our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach.”

So mull that over. After nearly two years of the U.S.-led campaign, Islamic State poses the same risk to civilians world-wide as it did before. “The group would have to suffer even heavier losses of territory, manpower and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly,” Mr. Brennan said.  Check out the full story here if you wish:

Mr Trump this is an issue you can attack if you can keep your ego intact and focus.

A second is that state department officials have signed a dissent on the President’s Syria policy. Did you hear that on the MSM? Here’s the opening line of that story: “At least 51 “mid-to-high-level State Department officials” have signed a dissent channel cable breaking with President Barack Obama’s policy on Syria and calling for US airstrikes on the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

Here’s the link on it for your review:

Mr. Trump a real issue for you to talk about.

One more. The DNC was hacked and the hacker released details of their plans to attack Trump. Did you hear about this one line in the DNC papers — they “will utilize reporters to drive a message” but do so “with no fingerprints” on the process so that the public believes the messages are coming from the reporters and not the campaign. Get that? Utilize their friendly reporters to attack and spread their negative message. Did you hear that on the MSM?

That’s enough for one day. You get the idea. The issues are there, the press will not report it and the candidate the Republicans have chosen is too busy with his ego. Bad days are ahead.


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