Month: June 2016

This and That

Remember last Friday and Monday when the news was all about the dumb racist voters in the UK and those who who supported them? Remember when every story started off on the stock market collapse, the losses in your 401K and how Trump thought it was great? What have you heard the last three days about the recovery? Silence of course. Here’s the Dow since the day of the vote when everyone thought it was going to be a stay until the close last night. (June 23 to June 29). Up 230. Down 610. Down 261. Up 269. Up 285. If you add and subtract you have a Dow down 87 over five trading days. Not exactly the doomsday and 401k crash they told you it was. In fact the media probably hurt more people than the vote. I bet a good number bailed out scared of generating large losses.

While we’re bashing the media this week, how many of you heard that the Supreme Court unanimously overturned the corruption conviction of former Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia? I bet none of you. They sure covered this “Republican Governor’s” troubles for a year through the trial. Just had no time to report this news.

How many of you heard or saw this on the MSM? Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch “had a trove of child and bondage pornography” uncovered by police officers who raided the estate. “The documents exposed Jackson as a manipulative, drug-and-sex-crazed predator who used blood, gore, sexually explicit images of animal sacrifice and perverse adult sex acts to bend children to his will,” a source said. “He also had disgusting and downright shocking images of child torture, adult and child nudity, female bondage and sadomasochism.” The same Michael Jackson who the courts found innocent and the MSM loved. Just didn’t have time to report this story this week. Here’s a link if you want to read it.

Did you hear this story on the MSM about Obama releasing from Guantanamo Bin Laden’s body guard? Yes, released him. “A Yemeni man who had been held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo for 14 years has been transferred to Montenegro, the Pentagon said on Wednesday, as President Barack Obama pushes to close the facility before leaving office in January.
The transfer of Abdel Malik Ahmed Abdel Wahab al-Rahabi leaves 79 detainees remaining at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo, Cuba, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Al-Rahabi, 37, who was brought to Guantanamo in January 2002, had been accused of being a bodyguard for the late al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, according to Pentagon documents”

Here’s the link to a story that Americans should know and hear about but the MSM decided not to cover.

Earlier this week I wrote about the uproar at CNN about the hiring of Trump’s ex campagin manager. I forgot to mention one other CNN hiring last year that had no negatives from their staff. Jay Carney the former spokesperson for the Obama Administration. Everyday he was on TV defending Obama administration policy, including lying outright about the video being the reason for Benghazi well after if was disproven. He went straight from the job to CNN where by the way he was so bad he left within a year to work for Amazon. But there was no protest was there? Oh yea, he is married to Claire Shipman the ABC reporter.

One more story on the MSM bias. You know how they’ve covered the need to raise the minimum wage. Some of us support that, but all of us know that Bernie wanted a $15 wage and Democrats were for it, while mean others simply didn’t care. Well Seattle did raise its minimum with a staged growth to $15 in 2017. Fair enough. But how many people heard that a number of Seattle workers asked for less hours so they could maintain their subsided housing? Yes, they asked for less hours of work with the higher wage. Shouldn’t that be reported by the MSM? Shouldn’t we understand all aspects of this and not just what they decide we should hear? It may not be a large number but how do we know if no one reports accurately?

Turkey and Benghazi

Isis strikes again. This time in Turkey. The administration reaction is the same. They won’t call it what it is and very defensive.

Example: Secretary of State John Kerry said “we have it get it right 24/7, they need to get it right only for an hour”. Interesting I guess if you want to be defensive. Imagine Mr Secretary if we took the offensive and went after them? Ever think of that?

The President of course is being cautious and thinks those who call the terrorists for what they are inflame them. Really? I wonder if you’re calling them “the JV” drove them in any way.

Here’s the opening lines of Hillary’s tweet on the attack. “Terrorists have struck again in the heart of one of our NATO allies—and all Americans stand united with the people of Turkey against this campaign of hatred and violence. Already, stories of heroism on the part of Turkish police are emerging, as their quick actions to confront the suspects may have prevented an even worse tragedy.”

Very tough stuff from the administration, That should scare them.

The Benghazi report came out yesterday and it was powerful. But the MSM was so concerned they would find that smoking gun on Hillary that they focused solely on that. Example, the NY Times headline: “House Benghazi Report Finds No New Evidence of Wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton”. Interesting, but that was not the story. And by the way “no new evidence” is not an award. How about this old stuff:

There were over 600 requests for more security that were never acted upon by the administration. Americans died because of it.

Every other country took their people out of Benghazi, but us. Worse on September 11 we sent them into the city and building. Americans died because of it.

We never made a decision in the 13 hours to send help. We had a force ready in Spain, but argued over what they should wear (uniforms or regular clothes). In fact they changed five times into and out of uniform. We did not want to make the Libyans mad with uniforms! Americans died because of that attitude.

Did the press forget it was Hillary’s idea to over throw the Libyan government that led to this? Americans died because of it.

And absolutely the despicable act of blaming a video was proven a lie. Susan Rice went on five Sunday shows and lied so baldly the internal state department memo’s show how stunned. The video was not part of the talking points. She flat out lied. Americans died.

Then Hillary wrote the night of the attacks to her daughter and the Egyptian government it was a terrorist attack. For days after she and the President (nine days later on The View) kept blaming the video. Why? An election, their election, and don’t forget Candy Crowley of CNN providing Obama cover during the debate when Romney attacked on this. Incredible and Americans died.

And imagine four brave Americans are slaughtered and others wounded. When their bodies are being brought back to the US at Andrews Air Force and their families are there, Hillary looks them in the eye and says we are going to get the guy who did this video and caused their deaths. That lie alone disqualifies her to be the leader of this country. She looked the grieving relatives in the eye and lied with the bodies in front of her.

Now, Hillary denies saying that, and the four families, every member in fact swears she did. Who do you believe?

Rather than clearing her, this report should bury her. The MSM will not do that. Do you think the press would treat a conservative person the same in this case?

Last where was Obama that night? He refused to testify or allow his staff too. We do not know where he was during the attack. Did he really leave to go to Vegas for a fund raiser in the midst of it? Hillary testified she didn’t remember where Obama was.

Americans died.

The Press … Again

More on the press and their impact on the election. If you watched the MSM media the past two weeks you come away from two major events with this:

– Orlando was about guns and not terrorism. Hillary is right on guns, Trump is part of the problem

– Brexit was a vote by the dumb racists. Hillary took the the right stand, first in favor of staying, and then calling for a reasoned approach. Trump? He was for leaving, a lowered 401K for you and happy about the declining Pound because it was good for his business.

Trump had great coverage when he was in a Republican Primary. Now against Hillary and the Democratic Liberals, they are burying him. I don’t think Trump voters saw this coming. Hard to feel sorry for Donald, but the MSM are trying to make us.

Have you see the uproar over CNN hiring former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski? Here’s an example:

CNN’s “facing a near internal revolt” over Jeff Zucker’s hiring of Lewandowski as an exclusive correspondent for the news network days after he was fired as Donald Trump’s campaign manager. “ A TV insider, who described many in the newsroom as “livid.” They are organizing and considering publicly demanding” that Lewandowski be let go.

A different source said, “Everyone at CNN — and even people who used to work there — are pissed about Trump’s former campaign manager being hired on salary.”

Think about and this. Why is it okay for David Axelrod to be on staff in a more prominent role? Axelrod was Obama’s manager and served in the White House. Why is okay for Chris Cuomo to host the morning interview show for CNN? His Father was NY Democratic Governor and his brother is the current one! Do you think he leans left?

Does anyone revolt against former Clinton spokesperson and strategy leader George Stephanopoulos leading GMA coverage on the election? Why not?

What about former Cuomo aide Chris Matthews is he fair on his MSnbc show? How about his colleague Al Sharton and his show on the same channel. Is he fair?

The MSM media is ripe with ex Democratic voices having shows, leading discussions and serving as expert commentators. They hire one right leaning person with the same background the place threatens to go out on strike.

Yea the Main Stream Media is fair, sure they are. Ask them.

Brexit Plus…..

You saw all the coverage yesterday in the MSM about how bad this move was by the people of the United Kingdom. Imagine the voice of the people ridiculed by the superior U.S. media. Here’s one thing I saw. The stock market drop was followed by how much your 401k lost. The next word and story began “Donald Trump called the vote Great”. Check ABC news for example. The implication, Donald was happy you lost. Of course no mention about President Obama being in Europe two months ago and preaching to England on how to vote (stay in EU for global world), and warning them they will be less important to him. Here’s a comment in a story: “In fact, some British polls even showed that voter sentiment moved decidedly in favor of Brexit after Obama traveled to Britain and urged a “no” vote.” Here’s the full story:

Some other issues on my mind with the media:

Did you see how they glorified the Democratic sit in the house this week? They covered the sit in as heroes coming to save America. The media has allowed the Democrats to turn the Orlando attack away from Terrorism to one about guns. As if you take away AR 15’s and terrorism goes away as opposed to take away terrorists and we are safer. The sit in was front page and first story coverage on the news. They brought the house business to a stop. Contrast that coverage with past Republican filibusters on spending and Obamacare. How did they cover that? Add that with this sit in they wanted a vote on a bill the Senate had already rejected this week, thus it had no viability. Did they tell you that?

Now add this to that sit in. The words from the participants.

We will not leave the floor of this House until this Congress takes action!
Rep. Kathy Castor, D-Fla., quoted by The New York Times

“We will continue to shed a bright light on the urgency of stopping this carnage,” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, said Thursday morning.”We will not stop until we pass that legislation.”

Pelosi, also addressed the protesting representatives. “The press and others are saying, ‘How long will they stay?’”The assembled lawmakers erupted in a chant of “no bill, no break”.

They even had a banner for their highly covered press conference with the title:                                        #nobillnobreak

When the cameras  left they did on day two. So much for we will not stop. Paul Ryan and others called it a publicity stunt. What do you think? Did the press support it?

The issue is this. Judy Chu, a representative from California, told MSNBC: “When 49 people were murdered in Orlando and nothing done about it and the only responses were moments of silence, well, so many of us said, enough is enough, we have to do something about this.”

I agree with Judy. How about focusing on that JV terrorist organization that wants to kill us?


Brexit? What is that? It stands for British Exit from the European union. But why? Let’s review and discuss.

Yesterday, British citizens voted on this question, “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

The financial markets following the polls had moved up in anticipation of a “stay” vote. In fact the polls were sure of a stay vote and there was a hefty market increase on Thursday. Thus the surprise “leave” vote impacted markets worldwide on the downside.

Why the global nervousness?

Important British trading partners — including India and China — indicated they were worried that an exit would create regulatory and political volatility that could harm the economies of everyone involved.

The U.K.’s Treasury Department reported that its analysis showed the nation “would be permanently poorer” if they left the EU. Productivity and GDP per person would be lower in their opinion. Costs would substantially outweigh any potential benefit of leaving the EU, they said. Then as the overall economy weakened, the British government would see weaker tax receipts and losses would vastly outweigh the benefits of reduced contributions to the EU.

The Bank of England, the International Monetary Fund, and others agreed and  warned of the long-term negative effects of a British exit.

Why does it impact us?

Profits for global corporations. The general thinking is that many international corporations, notably those based in the U.S. and China, invest in U.K. operations partly because they can get access to the free-trade corridors the U.K. enjoys with the rest of the European Union. So since the leave camp won, many of those companies could see drastically reduced profits. Free EU trading is over.

Timeframe to reset: The sudden need to reset tons of global investment channels — against the background of the ambiguous and extended period of the U.K.’s exit negotiations — could have a freezing effect on the whole region. It could two years to exit. It has never been done before.

Size Impact: Depending on how you measure it, the EU as a whole ranges from the first to the third largest economy in the world. And in terms of trade, the bloc easily topped the U.S. and China in both imports and exports. So a slowdown there would mean a global slowdown that could last months — if not years.

Why is global? 

In the U.S., billions, if not trillions, of dollars could be called into question by a British exit: In 2014, American direct investment into the EU totaled about 1.81 trillion euros, and about 1.99 trillion euros flowed in the opposite direction.  If even a small percentage of that is disrupted, it could impact across the globe.Similar concerns apply for Chinese, Indian, Japanese and other international companies and investors.

Impact now:

With all of that uncertainty rushing around, a British exit will likely result in a massive rebalancing of currencies. Look at the deflated pound today and into areas  perceived as safe — the Swiss franc, the Japanese yen, the U.S. dollar. The euro could also see some weakening if investors are worried about the fate of the EU. Already France, Italy and others have voices raised about leaving the EU.

Now, being a safe haven could be a boon for the U.S. economy. More money and investment. However, such a large and sudden currency swing could have significant negative implications for American multinational corporations. That would drive shareholder value down.

So with all that why did they vote to leave?

First and foremost, the average person simply didn’t care about the multinational corporations or big time investors who would likely bear the immediate losses. Plus the fact that “expert” predictions are increasingly unpersuasive to voters. People are angry at the elite, the direction of their country and its future. Sound familiar?

And for many, concerns about the costs of continued EU membership far outweighed any worries about leaving.They felt they were losing their identity and country. Sound familiar?

And this: One of the major sticking points in the conversation has been immigration concerns, as some citizens worry that the country’s employment market and social services will drown under the weight of too many new residents. There’s also the worry that upper-crust elites and Brussels bureaucrats are pushing for a continental identity that diminishes the U.K.’s own sense of self. Sound familiar again?

Plus the pro exit people argue a different economic outlook. They argued that the EU’s strong regulatory regime and its required contributions actually depress the U.K.’s growth potential.

There you have it. Much like the U.S. election. Change with Trump, or stay the path with Clinton? Close the borders or open them wider? We get our chance to speak in November.

Press Ramblings

Some thoughts this Thursday that show the state of our union:

The third police officer tried (the driver of the van this time) in the Baltimore case  was found not guilty today. Think about that and the coverage and riots that took place when this incident occurred. Think about the Mayor and Prosecutor and the words they used to inflame the situation. They buried this officer for his erratic driving that injured the handcuffed defendant. Except for two things. The video gathered from around Baltimore of the van driving showed a safe and careful drive. Then the other person in the back of the van testified that Freddie Grey stood up as the van moved.

Is the press now going to go after the Mayor? Are they going to help the police officers regain reputation? They did an awful lot to bury them at the time of the incident.

How about this story in the NY Times today. Read it carefully. Pay attention to its tone. Notice how an “unbiased” newspaper “of record” attacks the Republican Governor and blames him for everything. Forget the NJ legislature (house and senate) is Democratic. This is all the Republican Governor’s fault for not wanting to raise taxes. Then ask yourself these two questions:

How come the Republican legislature is blamed for all of Obama’s issues, while here it is reversed?

Where is all the money from raised tolls the past few years? Is it possible the state is spending too much?

Oh yea, also in New Jersey there’s this: “Whatever happens with the gas tax, many New Jerseyans soon will be paying more to get to work. New Jersey Transit has proposed raising fares by about 9 percent for its 915,000 daily riders, and an increase of some amount is all but certain.”

Remember when California raised it’s taxes? The golden land and state is what we hear. How many know this?

“Over the past 10 years, approximately 5 million people have moved away from the state of California, and as you will see in this article this mass exodus appears to be accelerating. So why exactly is this happening? Once upon a time, it seemed like almost everyone wanted to live in California. The nearly endless sunshine, the incredible weather, the pristine beaches and a booming economy motivated millions of young Americans to move out there to pursue “the California Dream.” In fact, in the early 90s, I actually explored the idea of moving out there myself. But now the California Dream has become a nightmare. Californians are being taxed to death, traffic in the major cities is absolutely horrific, violent crime and gang activity are on the rise, millions of illegal immigrants are putting an incredible strain on social support systems, and the ultra-liberal government in Sacramento seems to have gone completely insane.

The No. 1 destination for people leaving the state of California in recent years has been the state of Texas.

Who would have guessed people would leave a high tax and crime state for Texas? Did you read that in the press?

In my opinion the press was always biased, but in this election year has reached new heights.

Update on Soda Tax

As predicted yesterday “coming to a city and state near you” here’s a story in today’s newspapers:

After successfully funding a campaign to pass a soda tax in Philadelphia, billionaire Michael Bloomberg is preparing to fund similar efforts in several other cities, giving new momentum to measures seeking to limit soft drink consumption.

The former New York City mayor contributed the bulk of the money for the pro-soda-tax side in Philadelphia, providing around $1.6 million. Now the prominent public health crusader will support measures in San Francisco and Oakland, Calif., this year, Michael Wolfson, a senior adviser to Bloomberg, said Friday.

Bloomberg may also support soda tax drives in Seattle and Oregon in 2017.

The billionaire’s planned backing raises the stakes for the powerful beverage industry, which has lobbied hard to defeat many of the 43 municipal and state-level attempts to implement a soda tax that have failed since 2008. Before this week, Berkeley, Calif., was the only US city with a soda tax.

As New York’s mayor, Bloomberg led efforts to pass a state-level soda tax, prevent residents from buying sodas with food stamps, and limit the size of sugary beverages.

Get ready.

Happy Father’s Day to all.

Coming to a city and state near you

Get ready, the city of Philadelphia has begun it and it is coming to a state and city near you. What is it? The latest liberal “health” idea for you and “revenue” enhancer for them. It passed the legislature and now will likely undergo a court challenge but the movement is underway. It’s a soda tax.

You see the government doesn’t want you to drink that soda, it’s bad for you. Big Brother can decide what is good. So. to stop you they have decided to add a tax. You see the tax will generate for them in Philadelphia $96 million dollars they say. It will help start new educational programs they say. Sort of like the lotto dollars were going to do years back. You remember they promised every lotto dollar would go to education, which it did. But they didn’t tell you they would reduce other funding and use the money elsewhere.

Anyway here’s the new tax heading your way. Let’s use the 64oz. 2 liter bottle as the example. You know the one you love to buy for .99cents. Well the tax on that bottle will be .96 cents. Yes you read that right, .96 cents. Add the, .05 cents deposit and your .99 cents 2 Liter will now be $2.00. Oh yea your 12 pack cans for the summer will have a $2.16 tax. But remember it’s good for you.

So what will happen? The government will add the expected revenue (like $96 million) into their budget projections. The consumer will react negatively and sales will decline. Revenue projections will fall short and the government will have to find new revenue enhancers. Plus stores and resturants will lose sales and a high profit item hurting their business. But don’t worry the government knows what’s best for you.

The 2016 Election

With all that is going on I thought maybe sharing some clear thoughts through this blog again might be worthwhile. So here goes.

First the post primary is shaping up exactly as some of us thought.  The press which loved covering Trump in a Republican Primary has turned loose on him. His days of good reporting are over and the drumbeat of how bad he is has began. It won’t end. To me the only question is how bad the outcome is. Congratulations Republican voters you nominated one of the few people that could not beat Hillary. The press helped you do it and I wonder if you realize that yet. What can Trump do now? Here’s some unsolicited advice:

First, shut up. Literally think before your mouth moves. You are Hillary’s best friend so far.

Cease, as in stop attacking popular Republicans like Governor Martinez in New Mexico. Are you serious attacking her? A popular woman, who is latino and the head of the Republican Governor’s association? What serious candidate would do that with the latino issues you already have? I know you are too arrogant to fix the issue, but you better find humility. Your enemy is Hillary, the liberals and the press. Not Governor Martinez.

Next a Muslim ban might be popular in the Republican Primary with it’s narrow voting bloc. You are going to be buried with it in the general election. Your “wall” is okay, but you went too far. Back up.

Want a way out? Here’s your way:

Change it to a call for a “Security Hold” on immigration “until” we can set a vetting process that we can live with. You see Donald words matter. Then say you have a team headed by someone like Tom Ridge ready to evaluate and provide recommendations following the election and you expect to have the new rules in place by inauguration day. You want a hold to assure America is safe.

Next, announce your immigration plan. Deporting twelve million people may be popular in a restricted primary. You are about to get buried on this with ads showing kids born here who will be separated from parents and grandparents that will bury you. Your new plan should be this. We have a legal immigration process that has people’s names on it who have applied. Those of you here illegally, you have six months to add your names if not already on it. You then will be allowed to stay as you await citizenship. But, you must register, not break any laws, pay taxes and be part of society. This approach should satisfy hard liners because we are not granting citizenship to those who entered illegally, and keep liberals quiet because we are not deporting and separating families. Let Hillary defend why this is harsh. You will win that battle. You can’t win defending your current position.

Realize the press and MSM are going to be one hundred per cent for Hillary. Want examples from today? Here are three things that unless you looked you didn’t hear on the MSM:

One day after the President said that ISIS was losing, the head of the CIA spoke to congress. Know what he said? That we have made no progress. Here’s the WSJ story:

President Obama emerged from a meeting with his national-security team on Tuesday to lecture Republicans for their moral failures. He also found time to mention that his antiterror strategy is “making significant progress” despite the attack in Orlando and that the Islamic State “is under more pressure than ever before.” So it fell to CIA Director John Brennan on Thursday to backfill the bad news that Mr. Obama didn’t mention.

Mr. Brennan told the Senate Intelligence Committee in his prepared remarks that ISIS remains “a formidable, resilient and largely cohesive enemy.” He observed that “our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach.”

So mull that over. After nearly two years of the U.S.-led campaign, Islamic State poses the same risk to civilians world-wide as it did before. “The group would have to suffer even heavier losses of territory, manpower and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly,” Mr. Brennan said.  Check out the full story here if you wish:

Mr Trump this is an issue you can attack if you can keep your ego intact and focus.

A second is that state department officials have signed a dissent on the President’s Syria policy. Did you hear that on the MSM? Here’s the opening line of that story: “At least 51 “mid-to-high-level State Department officials” have signed a dissent channel cable breaking with President Barack Obama’s policy on Syria and calling for US airstrikes on the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

Here’s the link on it for your review:

Mr. Trump a real issue for you to talk about.

One more. The DNC was hacked and the hacker released details of their plans to attack Trump. Did you hear about this one line in the DNC papers — they “will utilize reporters to drive a message” but do so “with no fingerprints” on the process so that the public believes the messages are coming from the reporters and not the campaign. Get that? Utilize their friendly reporters to attack and spread their negative message. Did you hear that on the MSM?

That’s enough for one day. You get the idea. The issues are there, the press will not report it and the candidate the Republicans have chosen is too busy with his ego. Bad days are ahead.