Watching The Media on Iraq and Wondering

So I am watching the media delight in asking the Republican candidates questions about the Iraq war and wanting them to concede that Bush was wrong. They are delighting in asking these questions, “knowing what we know now what” ….? ┬áHere’s the answer the candidate should pound back.

First of all there would have been no debate on attacking Iraq if we did not have 9-11 and every intelligence agency in the world saying Saddam had nuclear weapons. There would have been no decision and thus your question is not relevant. Would you as a reporter been asking me about attacking Iraq if there were no weapons? You’re asking the wrong question to the wrong candidate. There’s a general consensus today, post script that we went in too soon, and left too early after the surge worked. So examine this:

Which current candidate was wrong on all three of those?

Who voted for the war, against the surge (because to would not work), and then to pull out too soon after it diid?

This candidate would have been wrong on all three according to the rules of the questions today. Right?

That person was Hillary Clinton. So now we should trust her judgement to run the country? On these three major issues according to the MSM she was wrong. If Bush’s brother is tainted by his decision to go in, how does Hillary’s being wrong three times qualify her for anything?

Maybe we need a reset button. That seemed to work with Russia.

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