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Holder and the administration finished their Ferguson review and they lead the MSM in their messaging and everyone falls in line. So they release their findings, which they promised would be justice when they began it and what happened? They cleared Officer Wilson completely. I read the full 86 page report and it one hundred per cent backed the Officer’s version of events. What did you hear about that the past two days? Little if anything because they immediately pivoted and accused the Ferguson Police Department of bias in their traffic stops and arrests. Is that true? I don’t know maybe it is, but we have to review their findings and how they reached their conclusions. What is not in doubt are these facts:

For three months we heard and had street riots about Officer Wilson killing Michael Brown. Who had his hands up. Murdered.

Al Sharpton, Holder and other leaders put forward a false narrative. The administration states in the report there was no “hands up”. Brown was charging Officer Wilson and had beaten on him earlier while Wilson sat in the car.

It was a lie put forth from the young man with Brown who was in the store video. He made it up for the media.

They then ran with it as fact, which if you saw the interview knew it wasn’t. This fallacy that caused untold turmoil is on par with Sharton’s Tawana Brawley hoax. He caused deaths, destruction and untold pain with a narrative he knew was false.

Did the media cover this yesterday? Isn’t this the big news after the summer we had? This is unforgivable.

Officer Wilson told the truth, the witnesses in the report all backed him completely. There were even witnesses who lied then admitted they did. Isn’t that newsworthy? Is Holder going to charge them? If Wilson lied he would have charged him, why not the same standard for everyone?

Where does Officer Wilson, his wife (who was also an officer) and their newborn child go now? Is anyone apologizing to them? Is anyone taking care of them?

I also heard the Brown family attorney (who I thought was reasonable) and his family post the report. They were angry and said they “expected this”. Hey this report was from the Obama administration and Eric Holder who supported you from day one. Time to open your eyes and realize where the blame was here. The Grand Jury and Justice Department have now both spoken.

Great job by the administration putting out a “racist police report” to cover the real facts that “hands up” was a lie and the officer simply did his job.

Last point here. To those congress members, sports athletes, and personalities who used hands up to show your support on TV and elsewhere, what now? Do you feel used by the lie? Do you want to apologize to the officer and his wife for costing them their jobs and futures? Or do you just feel justified because you are superior? What a disgrace, you helped divide the country on a lie.


Have you heard yet about Obama’s veto of the pipeline? 77% of America wants it. Media?

In 2016 we will have a Democrat Senate again and Harry Reid back as the leader, Why?

In 2016 there are 34 seats up for reelection. 24 are Republican. Many in blue states.

2016 is a Presidential year and all those straight Democratic voters will assure we get Reid back. Mark it down. If you want names I will in the future but here are two: Mark Kirk in Illinois and Pat Toomey in Pa. In an off year they can win, not when Hillary is leading the Dem ticket in those states.


The top seeds in the men bracket as I see it (today) : Kentucky, Virginia, Villanova, Duke.

Next four: Wisconsin, Arizona, Gonzaga, Wichita State.

Women: UConn, ND, SC, Maryland. Next four: Tennessee, Baylor, Florida State, and Oregon State

Note to Mets Fans: Love your enthusiasm and spirit. Some things you should think about:

You have the same ownership.

Yes you have pitching but along with that you need defense. Who on your starting infield is above average defensively?

And, you signed a RF in free agency and are moving him to LF. Not easy, plus you know he is deaf in his left ear right?

Ownership matters.

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