Some Random Thoughts On A Friday

Just some thoughts for a Friday:

Is the media biased? Well try this one on for size. How many of you reading this know that President Obama vetoed the Pipeline? If you didn’t know think about this. Over 77% of the American People are in favor of the pipeline. When else in your lifetime did a President veto something that 77% were in favor of and it got no coverage? If a conservative President had vetoed something like this how much noise would there be? The President and his team caved in to the environmental crowd and  no one called him on it.

A second example. Eric Holder’s office announced they are not bringing any charges in the Trayvon Martin case (George Zimmerman). Did you hear about that on the media? We heard all about the “White Hispanic” and how his racism led to the death of the young man. A jury said not guilty and Holder’s office took over to bring federal charges. The end result is after their review and attempt they announce no charges can be brought. Wait, you mean Zimmerman might have been telling the truth? Where does he and his family go to get their lives back? Why didn’t the media cover this?

Stock up and Stock down analysis on politics and basketball:

On the Republican candiates for president:

Stock Up: Governor Scott Walker, separating himself in the early gatherings. He may be too early. Senator Marco Rubio, has been strong, clear and a leader. Trying to recover his immigration flub from two years ago.  Carly Florina is making a name for herself as a strong woman with clear conservative views. May end being a VP candidate. Dr. Ben Carson, the only minority candidate who is clearly running and out front on the issues. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisana. Very smart and articulate.

Stock Down: Governor Chris Christie. Fading fast as people no longer trust him. He could have been the leader now. Almost a non entity now.

The others are holding position. Bush has name, money and connections. That also is his problem. Huckabee is strong in Iowa and could use a win in that first gathering to propel himself.  Keep an eye on Rick Perry too. He has a great story from Texas to run and is much more prepared this time.

On basketball:

I see the top four seeds as of today as – Kentucky, Virginia, Villanova and Duke in that order. The closing rivalry games and tournaments can change things, but Kentucky and Virginia look like locks. Nova is very close as long as they advance in the Big East Tourney.

Two seeds are Gonzaga, Wisconsin, Arizona and Norte Dame right now.  Best bets to break in here are Kansas and Maryland pending tournaments.

Enjoy the weekend.

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