The ISIS Crisis

We have them on the run. They are advancing. They are no threat to the homeland. We arrested three ISIS members in Brooklyn last night. They are the JV. This is a real army and a real threat. So what is the truth? Why does the administration say one thing and others another? How do we confront this?

It all comes down to this. The Obama Administration is so anti conflict and they so badly want to be known as the ones who ended wars, that they took and continue to take a view of ISIS that is not good for us. On the other hand for those who want to rush our troops in I have a question. After you defeat them then what? I hoped you learned from Iraq, and realize you need a plan for after you win. Who governs? How? Will the people accept them? The military?

So my assessment on the ISIS Crisis is this. We are facing a group of people that want to kill you. They want your spouse dead, your kids heads cut off, your parents burned, and America in total destroyed. That is not going to change or go away. These people are committed to this cause and will be until they die. Our mission is to arrange their death. At some point in the future we have to face this. Like Hitler killing innocents you cannot appease them. They are not interested, They want you dead.

What should we be doing? It’s a little thing called leadership. That’s our role in the world today. Lead. Stand for what is right and just.  The problem is Obama is so anti military he is failing in his role as the world leader. He should be leading the world to fight ISIS. He should be organizing a united worldwide front. From France and Britain to the middle eastern countries to Africa and the Pacific. ISIS is the enemy of all and wants them dead. They all know it. Obama needs to be the leader in getting the world to stand as one and go together to help ISIS meet it’s maker.

Think Gulf War 1 and how Bush Sr. organized the world to get Iraq out of Kuwait. We went as the world against Saddam Hussein and his invasion. We defined the mission as getting Iraq out of Kuwait. We pushed them back to the border in days and restored the Kuwait government and the mission was done. Obama needs to organize a ready and willing world to get ISIS. There is no enemy in this mission outside ISIS. The world is threatented and we the world must go as one to solve this. Not the U.S. alone and not us telling ourselves we are winning while it is easy to see we aren’t and people are dying. We need to lead in bringing the world together as one to accomplish this mission. The longer we fail to lead the bigger the danger and the more people are slaughtered. We will have to do it, so sooner is better.

The world is ready. The American people are ready. All we need is a leader, Mr President are you up to this or do we have to see more innocent heads cut off, people burned in cages and slaughtered for their religion? Do we have to wait until we are attacked too? Mr President, America at its best leads the world in just causes. It’s time, we’re ready for our best.

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