Hey Governor Malloy

Governor I just had lunch with some others and a thought hit me.

The luncheon bill was $75.00

I used my Cash Back Mastercard (you know the one that pays 1% at purchase and another 1% at payment)

So I earned a .15 cents rebate.

That’s the same rebate you are offering on $100.00 by “lowering” the sales tax (that you raised from 6%) to 6.2% from 6.35%.

Imagine that. (And Mastercard didn’t raise my rate to lower it)

It got me to thinking again. Maybe if you gave everyone in government a Mastercard Cash Rebate Card for free and cancelled the American Express that you pay a fee for — well we could raise money easily.

Then if we could change our people support programs to pay with the Mastercard instead of vouchers or checks — well who knows how much we could raise. After all .15 cents is a big cut — Right?

Just trying to help Governor. I know this deficit came out of no where after the November election and creative thought is needed.

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