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After a lull I feel I need to get my frustrations out again, so back to my blog. Three issues just bugging me. A federal, a state and a sports one. So let’s go.

Guilani makes a statement and the liberal press goes crazy. Now I don’t know if Obama loves America or not. I do know he came into office wanting to change America as we knew it. I knew his wife said when he was elected it was the first time she was proud of America. I know I have been proud of my country far more often than that. So maybe our values are just different and what we are proud of differs. Maybe he is not proud of the America I love and maybe I am not proud of the America he wants. You know what I wonder? If he were not a Democrat would he be President? The way people vote is my frustration. They don’t know the issues and pull a lever for party and increasingly the fringe elements are controlling the process. Very dangerous.

My frustration with the state government is now beyond healthy. The people in my state reelected their Democrat governor simply because he was a Democrat and ran a dirty anti opponent campaign. In the first term he raised taxes to record levels and in his second campaign talked about how he saved the state. Two months after election he has budget issues. He craftly proposes a budget that he calls a “sales tax cut” and the liberal press goes along. They fool people into thinking it is a cut. Here are the facts:

– The rate today is 6.35%

– It was 6.00% was he was elected. So he raised the rate.

– He proposes cutting it to 6.2% this year.

Can you first believe after raising it he now tells the citizens he is cutting their rate and people think he is?

Now think about this. You buy $100 worth of something today and you pay $106.35. Under the cut you will pay $106.20. You save .15 cents. Let’s forget for  a second it would have been  $105.95 when he took office. As part of this cut he is eliminating the no tax on any clothing for $50.00 or less. Eliminating it. Now does any reasonable thinking sane person think that this will save them money? This is a tax increase he told the press and people was a tax cut and the they ran with it. Are people really that dense? On that $50.00 purchase you just added $3.25.

His argument was that it will save you a lot on the big items. Really? To offset the $50.00 tax free loss? Let’s see I buy something for $4,000 and I save $6. Since most people spend at that level infrequently are you telling me I won’t be buying clothes in that time that I save $3.25 each purchase on? Two items and I am still ahead. How dumb are people and how liberal is the press to go along with this as a tax cut? Oh yea don’t forget Democrats and liberals are for the poor people.

One more aspect. He proposes in the future (2017 maybe) to reduce the sales tax to 5.95%. Like Obamacare where we pay after he leaves office, he is going to lower the rate again as he leaves. Except it will never happen. You see Governor people and businesses are not moving into our state as they did in 80’s and early 90’s when we were a low tax haven. Check the stats Governor, we are leading the people exccesses from the state because personal taxes, estate taxes and business taxes are now so high they need to leave. You are not going to grow revenue to cut a tax, you need to stop spending.

Now my sports peeve. Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees are pressuring him on where to speak, when too, and turned their back on him at every turn. You know what bugs me? They are as guilty as him. When they signed him the first they knew he was on the roids. When they signed him the second time for 10 years (until age 43) they knew he was on the drugs. That’s why they signed him. Now they want to act high and mighty. How are they allowed to get away with this? Why didn’t they sign Cano last year? He wanted ten years and in the non steroid era they know a career is over my the mid 30″s, just the way it used to be. Now they are holier than thou. You knew what Rodriguez was doing, as you knew what Gambi was doing when you signed him, and Clemens, and CC and …….. You know it all, cut the junk now.

More to come.

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