The Great Divide

There are some days when simple issues point out the great divide in our country and make you wonder what the future will be. Here are a few short ones from today:

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that a town in New York can begin their meeting with a prayer. The five justices voting yes were Reagan and Bush appointees. The four voting no were Clinton and Obama appointees. There folks is the divide in our nation and how far apart the philosophies are.  The next President will likely appoint two or more justices and what kind of country we become rests on who that person is.

Example two is Condelezza Rice canceling her graduation address at Rutgers. There was a vocal group led by a professor and some activist students that didn’t want her because of her views and role in the Bush administration. Now think about that. Where was the counter up cry to allow a loyal service orientated American citizen the right to speak? Where were the women’s groups protecting her right to speak? Where were the black groups decrying the protest? They didn’t exist and she graciously backed out. Yet liberal feminist “over throw” the government types are welcomed. So I guess being a minority or woman only counts if you are liberal.

Which raises the next question. Would Hillary Clinton be welcome? My guess as I sure yours is that she would. Yet Hillary voted for the same Iraq War that the Rutgers crew based their decision to protest Rice on. It may not be well known but Senator Clinton voted for war based upon the same CIA intelligence that Rice had, which was Iraq had WMD. Why would Hillary be welcome?

One more thing on Hillary, it is becoming more apparent that on September 11, 2012 she was aware there was no spontenous video protest outside the embassy in Benghazi on this anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing and that it was a terrorist plot. Yet days later when she met the bodies and their families she blamed the video again. Is this the leadership we seek, politics over dead loyal public servants? We get what we deserve.

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