Fair Share

I had a conversation with my Mom today that got me thinking about all the “fair share” talk and who should pay what that we hear so much out the liberals in Washington and NYC now with the new mayor. You see my 88 year old Mom was telling me about her heat bill and how it was over $200.00 this month. She was concerned about the high costs and it got me to thinking like a liberal Democrat. Let me explain.

My Mom is all of 4 feet 10 inches. She is paying the same heat bill as others, but heat rises and taller people use more heat than her. That is not fair. She is paying more than her fair share in this case. She doesn’t use all the heat that rises to 8 and 10 foot ceilings. Should we have a sliding scale of heat payments? For shorter people like her there should be a reduced rate. ¬†We should scale heat costs up for those 5′ 5″ and then again for those 6″ and then higher for those who are 6’5″ and finally those 7″ feet should pay a higher rate. I mean it’s only fair a 7 foot person is using heat 70% greater than my Mom.

I mean it only seems fair that taller people should pay more since they require and use more. I am finally understanding this whole fair share thing. Let’s get my Mom this break she deserves and needs. Pass this on to your representative and help me spread the fair share word.

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