Post Trial Verdict

Okay so the President has injected himself in the Martin/Zimmerman case and the media has new life to cover the story as a racial one. From what I see now the narrative is the jury was wrong. The stand your ground law must be repealed. We must stop profiling. America is racist. The President said this “could have been him 35 years ago”. So let’s look at this.

First Mr. President what were you doing 35 years ago? Are those stories of drug use and being stoned out all through college true? If you were walking the streets in a haze, you may have done something to make people wonder as you approached their open doors causing them to lock them.

Next Mr. President, I grew up in Brooklyn. I can recall twice being stopped by police in the schoolyard across from my house. Once was because someone had broken into the school and here I came motoring through the school yard. The second time was a drug crackdown in the yard. I can tell you now in neither case did I consider it wrong, challenge the police, or yell profiling. In fact as funny as this must sound I was actually happy the police were doing their job. I had done nothing wrong and was hoping they would find those who were. I was always for the law abiding citizen and protecting the innocent. I wonder if you understand me.

Now the case in Sanford. It is tragic that a young man died. Tragic that his family has to go through this. It is tragic that the Zimmerman family cannot live their lives. If everyone really wants to solve the issue let’s get to the real cause. It was not Stand Your Ground, the defense wasn’t even used in this case. It is a smoke screen. Go back to the cause. Why was a neighborhood watch necessary? 

Aren’t hard working law abiding citizens entitled to live their years in peace and safety? There was a watch set up because this became an issue. People were afraid to walk their streets, go shopping and stay in their homes. Criminals were taking away their safety and making them feel threatened. The fact that the criminals appeared to be young and hid under hoodies led to this tragedy. How about identifying the root cause and solving that issue, Martin would be alive and the Zimmermans living their formerly productive lives. 

One last thing on the post verdict. Mr President you are President of the whole country and responsible for our laws and system. We had a more than fair trail and a jury spoke. They spoke quickly and unanimously. In fact until you got involved the first time there wasn’t even going to be a trial. Your job is to support our system and advance our nation not raise doubts over it. This outcome of this case was never really in doubt. 

As for the main stream media. What a joke. From NBC changing the tapes to make Zimmerman appear racist to labeling him white and not knowing how to backtrack that is just a travesty. A man who registered himself “hispanic” then became a “white hispanic” because clearly according to the MSM only a white person could be racist. Doesn’t that make them racist?

How many former productive lives have been ruined since you, Mr President, forced the DOJ to get involved? From Sanford police and government workers, to the Zimemrmans themselves, how many good law abiding citizens have been impacted? Why? Because young hoodlums were terrifying a neighborhood and good citizens tried to protect themselves. 

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