The Day After

A resounding night for the Democrats and a clear victory. The electoral count which was always the issue was as wide as anyone predicated. They picked up seats  in the senate and it’s only the house that provides a dissenting voice. We end up where we started, a Democratic President and Senate and Republican House. So now what?

Time for the Republicans to get the message and decide what they stand for. Are they going to stick to the issues that are driving them down or adjust to the knowledge the face of America tomorrow looks different. Here’s my free advice:

John Boehner, Paul Ryan and the house, stop issuing budgets. For three years you have put budgets up for a house vote that the President and Senate took apart as cruel. You lost. The President owes the country a budget. Shut up and let him and Harry Reid define their budget. The President’s budget was voted down 98-0 the last two years, but more people know about your “cruel Budget cuts” than that. You can’t lead from the house and the people have spoken. Let’s see the President’s budget. Let him put it out and you share it with the people and react to it.

On moral issues, we’re done. We now stand for personal morals but we are not passing our beliefs to others. We believe abortion should be rare and we would not do it, but each person makes their own decision. We believe personally that marriage is between a man and a woman but we do not stop others who have different views. If the churches (especially the Catholic Church) has an issue with that — too bad. We stood for your values but as a church you did not stand with us. You do your job and we’ll do ours.

The implications of last night:

Obamacare is here to stay. Watch closely as it unfolds. I think many companies will drop coverage and pay the fine. Companies are about saving money and the fines are less expensive. Watch as millions are added to the system how it effects care. Watch reactions as taxes begin to hit.

The fiscal cliff. Taxes rise in January and I assume the Democrats will want more. How much will they propose? Will they offer any cuts? Where is the budget deficit going to go? If we don’t address this in four years we will be Greece. Mr President this needs leadership now, our future is at stake.

The Supreme Court: My guess is conservative judges will try to hold on. Any openings will turn the court a sharp left.

Chris Christie is toast to me. I was a fan and wanted him to run, but he is forever done with me. He sold out at the convention and didn’t deliver the keynote that he was supposed to. His actions with the President last week were shocking. When 16% of the people say Hurricane Sandy effected their vote (FoxNews Poll), it tells you all you need to know. Christie played the speech and hurricane to show how he was bi-partisan. Well for me at least he played himself out of my support forever. He bet the Democrats would appreciate what he did, well I have news Governor. They are not voting for you in 2014. They will vote you out and you alienated your base. Think about your next career.

Tom Akin in Missouri, you are not only dumb for what you said, but selfish. Your political career is done and your selfishness took away a key seat.

Mitt Romney, thank you. You were gracious and represented us well. I believe you would have been a great President and this country would have benefited from your leadership. I am sorry our system is so unbalanced that people can get away with attacking your successful business career, try to say you caused a women’s death, had no principles and called you more names than a decent God loving man should have to endure. Know that there are many like me who appreciate who you are, what you have accomplished and how well you handled yourself.

The Main Stream Media is a disgrace. In the months ahead as we face fiscal challenges, the Libya review, and entitlement decisions it will be interesting to watch your spin. You should know that Americans like me place no value or credibility in anything you say. Your bias is incredible and I think you know it.

We are now the loyal opposition. Others were chosen to lead. We look forward to seeing you do so and to stop blaming Bush and attacking us. Lead, make our country respected again globally, great at home and bring us together. Do what you promised.

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