Early Thoughts Debate 3

Here are some early thoughts on the debate last night. President Obama did not get the knockout he needed. Foreign Policy was his major advantage and he needed to regain the ground lost from debate one here. He tried, but Romney came to play it safe and appear presidential. He played defense and concentrated on reassuring woman he was safe and not a threat. Why women? They are the place he is still closing the gap and more women were watching then men. There was Monday night football and a game seven of the national league championship on at the same time.

So Obama does well. Romney does not make a mistake and appears like a man that can be president. They both win.

Only two things can change this tomorrow. One is the fact checking. Did someone make a big mistake? Who was right on the bankruptcy? That one they argued and said the other was wrong. The second thing is the media. What does the main stream media do today? They are biased and sometimes don’t even realize how much. They are scared Obama could lose. What do they do today? Pay close attention.


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