Taking A Break…

We promised a nice long spring break for our readers and we’ve kept that promise, but the Trump trial in New York and the rhetoric around it just got us fired up.

We keep hearing the prosecutor and liberal media say the charges are real because it was done to impact the election.
Oh, I see.
So, does that mean we will soon see charges against the media and people like NPR who covered up the laptop story because it would have hurt Biden? How about the networks, NYT, and Washington Post who did the same? Aren’t they guilty of a cover up and election interference?
Why is only Donald Trump charged?

Why is Hillary Clinton not charged for election interference? Didn’t she fund the false Steele Dossier? That was the whole cause of the Russian Collusion false story for three years.

What’s the difference, except one is Trump?

Back To Spring Break.

Just One Thought…

Talk About Biased Media

Just one thought today. We have railed for years about a biased media. Well, nothing made the point better than NBC firing Ronna McDaniel, two days after signing her to a two year contract.
Why did they fire her? The hosts on NBC and MSNBC could not take her. A person with a view their left wing radical view did not agree with? How could they put her on the air?

So, if you are a devotee of MSNBC and the gospel they spout, here’s some news for you. You are getting one view and one view only. You walk around smugly thinking you have the facts, are so open minded and fair.
When the truth is, you are being manipulated and managed.
Think about that.

And, if you think, well, Ronna was head of the RNC, she shouldn’t be on the air, then how do explain all the ex Democrats on the MSM, daily spouting their left wing ideology? Jen Paski, John Brennan, George Stephanopoulos et all, are okay, but one dissenting voice not?

If you believe that, don’t try telling me again how American you are because of free speech. You’re for speech you agree with.

Allow me one more thought on this. A question for Mitt Romney. You are so proud that that MSM supports you over the former President. You glow in their praise. Now that they have fired your niece because she is a Republican, let’s hear from you.

The Media Is The Issue.

Moving On…

EDITORS NOTE: With Spring Break Upon Us For Many and Congress On Break, We’ll Lessen Our Blogs To Free Time.
As we write this, the news of the bridge accident in Baltimore is unfolding and our thoughts and prayers for the safety of all is paramount.


We started yesterday with the hysteria that it was “the day for Donald Trump to pay up.” Before lunch we got the news that the appeals court had reduced the N.Y. bond from $445 to $175 million. Then we learned he had an additional ten days to come up with it.
My first thought was this is still $175 million more than it should be for a non crime with no victim.
Then I thought, well the NY AG can stop her daily tweets of + $$$ for interest.
Wait until a non NY court throws the whole case out. Poor AG.
Maybe then she can start to figure out how to lock up real criminals in NY, committing real crimes. A novel idea.
As for the cable and MSM media, they sure had their day ruined and could not contain their disappointment.

Then there was the news of yet another Republican Congressman resigning early, reducing their majority to a single vote. When did you ever hear of resignations like this? In term? With such a slim majority?
There’s more to the story. Ken Buck leaving early is one thing. Rep. Gallagher of Wisconsin leaving early is another. He was, just months ago, the person they wanted to be their candidate for the state’s senate seat.
Then he chooses a day to resign which is just past the special election deadline, leaving a safe Republican seat open until January? Why?

There was more. Tammy Murphy, the NJ Governor’s spouse, once the clear favorite for the Democratic nomination to replace the indicted Senator Menendez, dropped out.
Rep. Andy Kim made a race out of it in NJ, and was beginning to pick endorsements.
There was a real rumbling throughout the state that Gov. Murphy isn’t the most popular of Governors, and the electorate might not want his wife in the senate.
Gone she is, and we can tell you, she wanted this position and thought it was a lock election six months ago.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed her motion to vacate the speakership as she promised. However, she has not moved to bring it to the floor for a vote. So, it was a ploy. Something to send a message, I guess.
Well, not very smart. You are down to a one vote majority and your party is divided. If you’re trying to foster more division, well go ahead then, otherwise smarten up.
You want things your way? Try getting candidates who think like you elected.
You can’t do it, they lose, as proven in 2018, 20 and 22.
Some people never learn to work with what they have, it’s what they want it to be.

I saw the Mexican President fielding questions yesterday on the border. You know what he said? “Mexico First.”
How come he can go on the air and say “Mexico First,” but Donald Trump is unable to say the same about America?
I ask again, shouldn’t every leader of every nation be acting on behalf of their nation and alliances? 
Where’s the press reacting in horror as they do when Donald Trump says it?
Is it only racist, a horror and wrong when a Republican candidate in the United States says it?

While on the press, did you see the reaction from NBC commentators and hosts reacting with disdain and promises not to talk to Ronna McDaniel, who the brass hired as a political analyst? 
Chuck Todd, Morning Joe, the whole bunch were angry and demanding she be fired. 
I guess it’s okay to hire Democrats like Jen Psaki, give them prime shows and all kinds of air time, but get the other side? No way. 
Can you believe that? They want one side, and one side only.
And, the citizens who watch that view only, just don’t understand the other side. You need to hear why others think as they do.

Here’s another example of press bias. David Rubinstein just wrote a new book, “The Highest Calling.” 
The book is an “enlightening overview of arguably the single most important position in the world,” and presidents “who have defined America as it exists now, what they envision for its future, and their legacy on the world stage.”
He interviewed four of the six living Presidents. Jimmy Carter is in hospice and was unavailable. 
The other President he didn’t talk to was, of course, former President Trump.
Oh, but he did talk to Hillary Clinton too!
Interesting, right?
Oh yea, President Biden’s family regularly stays at Rubenstein’s Nantucket house for Thanksgiving.
How fair minded do you think this book is?

Here’s something they will like. In politics, money is often the deciding advantage. Well, here’s cash on hand:
Biden election campaign: $71. million
Trump: $33.5 Million

The DNC has $26.5 Million
The RNC has $11.3 Million

The DCCC has $31.9 (Congressional committee)
The RCCC has $45.2

DSCC has $31.9 (Senate Committee)
NRCC has $24.8

Last month:
Biden’s campaign raised $21.3 million
Trump’s campaign raised $10.9 million.

You get the idea. If money matters, don’t believe the early polls.

One more thing today. Independent Candidate Robert Kennedy is set to announce his VP selection. 
He is also scheduled to launch a version of his Uncle’s (President John F. Kennedy) historic “Viva Kennedy!” program. This was a model that gave birth to the modern Latino vote. (It is estimated 36.2 Latinos can vote this year.)  
The difference between now and 1960 is that hispanics are more diverse and politically independent.  
The campaign is registering voters under the “We The People Party,” though he appears to be in continued talks with the Libertarian Party for their line.
Kennedy could be a difference maker in this election. 

Let’s Pray For Those Involved With This Bridge Collapse.

Sometimes I Just Wonder…

These News Stories Make Me Wonder

So, there is an open hearing today and Hunter Biden, after saying he wanted to talk in public, doesn’t show up. Then one of his business partners, Devon Archer, cancels at the last minute, saying he didn’t have time to prepare. Wait, you already testified behind closed doors and presented some evidence. What happened?
The Republicans bring the now famous Tony Bobulinski, who is clear this was a Biden family enterprise.
Their second witness, a former Hunter partner, is currently incarcerated for financial crimes.
The Democrats countered with a former Rudy Giuliani aide who said Trump was more crooked than Biden.

There it is again. He is worse than our guy. Guess what, if they’re both guilty, that doesn’t make one innocent.
There’s no such thing as innocent because he is more guilty.
What was the Biden business, product or offering for the millions?

In the meantime, a dedicated public servant, Peter Navarro, is in prison today for the next four months. Why?
He’s serving a sentence for contempt of Congress. He didn’t testify before Congress when called, claiming executive privilege. Get that?
Now see the above story for who didn’t show up today and was subpoenaed.
Do you think there will be charges? Is there a double standard?

Speaking of double standards, is there any fair minded person who doesn’t think what NY and the administration is doing to Donald Trump and his wealth is wrong? Who was the victim? Who lost money? Who said they were taken? No one.
The ego of the former President saw him overstate his wealth. That warrants a half billion dollar fine and possible loss of assets? In what banana republic would that be all right?
The glee the left and MSM have for this is sickening.
Let me ask this question.
If this tactic were used against the Clintons or Bidens, would they be so silent and approving? Of course not. Life has to work both ways, and silence for your enemy just sets it up to happen to you.

The President says he wants a secure border. Five seconds after the Supreme Court rules that Texas can crack down on illegals, the administration is at the Appeals Court to stop the order.
They want to close the border? Oh yea, but you can fool some of the people all the time, can’t you?

The same border, by the way, where a Lebanese migrant, who was caught sneaking across, admitted he was a member of Hezbollah, was headed to New York and “hoped to make a bomb.” 
It’s only a matter of time.

While we are on foreign policy, where was the coverage that Biden lied last night? Remember when he said over and over that no one, no General, told him that withdrawing from Afghanistan on that timeframe was bad? 
Well, two retired Generals, one, his top military aide in the White House and the other, the General in charge of Afghanistan certainly called him a liar yesterday. They then laid the blame clearly on the timetable and the failure of the State Department. 
Gen. Milley, as an example, said, “The fundamental mistake, the fundamental flaw, was the timing of the State Department. It was too slow and too late.” 
If you watched their testimony, you know that 13 of our brave soldiers did not need to die that day. 
13 families, by the way, who said the President has never said their child’s name, and they are angry. 

One last shot at the administration today. They keep telling us things are better, crime is down, the world is good. Here’s a survey on NYC, published today by The Committee To Unleash Prosperity. It says it all.

Going To Take A Few Days. Be Back Next Week.

And We’re Off…

Last week as both major party candidates clinched their parties’ nominations we said this is an election of who loses, versus who wins.
We asked, will Biden’s bumbling or Trump’s mouth hurt them more? We urged our readers to remember that the MSM will choose a side and make Trump look radical. 

Well, it didn’t take long. Just look at the weekend:
In a rally speech the former President used the words “a bloodbath,” implying it would ensue if he were not elected. He used it talking about the auto industry and the potential for economic losses as China is about to flood the U.S. with less expensive E.V. cars and cost Americans their jobs. The cars are produced in Mexico and will be imported. Thus, a good point for his Michigan campaign and union workers. 
Except, he couldn’t point that out and move on. He had to add there would be a “bloodbath,” again referring to the autos and other things. Inserting those words gave the Biden team and their MSM friends to pounce that Trump is saying there will be another Jan. 6th if he loses. 
Why would you give them that opening? Why wouldn’t you take a solid argument and present it to the people to win votes in Michigan? 
Score one for the mouth, helping the opposition.
Score one for media bias; they knew better, but you can fool some of the people all the time.

It wasn’t the only comment from the former President that his opponents and media jumped on.
His remarks about “cutting” Social Security gave a major opening to Biden, while underscoring how the program has become a third rail in politics. In a CNBC interview he said there was “a lot you can do in terms of entitlements, in terms of cutting.” 

Then there was his call for the Republican Party to take another shot at repealing the Affordable Care Act if they regain control of the White House and Senate next year. Really? With what? From day one we said you can’t give people free coverage and reduce costs for those paying. The lie was, the affordable care act would reduce your costs by 25%. It was not possible. The MSM won’t report that, but will report his failed attempts to find any replacement. Any call for a repeal is tone deaf and a loser.
What Trump should be saying is:
They lied to you. Did you save 25%, or are you paying almost 50% more? But, why present a winning argument?

Let’s see who makes the next move to lose. The President will be out this week, no doubt he will help Trump.

As for the media, they ran full steam with this story. Elon Musk actually answered back on twitter to some who posted the false story there. In fact, some like Morning Joe pulled their tweet after that, but the MSM, when it comes to Trump, is report first, check later (or never).

Remember, Russian Collusion was a lie that they reported for three years. The laptop was real, not Russian disinformation. The Biden family getting money from China, Russia and Ukraine was real, not a lie.
The border was not an issue for three years until the buses started arriving in blue states and cities.
But, you can fool some of the people all the time, right?

Trump had more issues over the weekend. More of his old team and staff said they could not vote for him again.
It’s one thing when Senators like Romney and Murkowski say it; but it’s another when his VP says it. That’s a WOW.

Other News:

Really, Chuck Schumer, you are involving yourself in Israeli politics? In the midst of a war? Are you serious? 
What would you say of Netanyahu, or another foreign leader, endorsing Donald Trump over Biden? Aren’t you the guy who is decrying Russian involvement? On what grounds do you get to tell them they need a new government? 
You want peace in the area? 
There was peace on the morning of October 7th. It wasn’t Israel who broke it. 
Prime Minister Netanyahu did not take kindly to your words. 
“I think it’s ridiculous to talk about it,” he said yesterday, likening it to calling for new elections in the U.S. after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
He was also clear on the red line of our President. Asked about the Rafah “red line,” he said: 
“We’ll go there. We’re not going to leave. You know, I have a red line. You know what the red line is, that Oct. 7 doesn’t happen again. Never happens again.” 

Vladimir Putin won reelection yesterday with 88% of the vote. Of course, we all believe that was a fair election.
This will be his sixth term and will see him pass Stalin for the longest serving leader in Russia for over 200 years.
Yesterday, he actually told the people he was ready to release Alexei Navalny in a prisoner exchange, as long as Navalny agreed to never return to Russia.
I see, and he just happened to die days before, I guess.
Hey, Chuck Schumer, I see an election and regime change you can speak out about.

And We’re Off For Another Week.

The comments Sunday confirmed that talks on swapping Navalny, the opposition politician who died in February in an Arctic penal colony, had reached an advanced stage, report Thomas Grove, Ann M. Simmons and Drew Hinshaw. Putin said he had agreed to the idea on one condition: that Navalny never return to Russia. For months, members of Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation had been advocating for a deal that would have seen Russia release Navalny, who was serving sentences amounting to 30 years on charges he said were politically motivated.

This & That

Wait now, I thought Hunter wanted to appear in a public session before congress. Wasn’t it the closed door one that he said would be unfair because of what would leak? Now he won’t appear at the March 20 public hearing?
I thought he would “welcome the opportunity” to talk before the nation live and tell his story? 
Hmm, I wonder what gives? 
You think maybe it’s the other three, his former partners, who were to appear with him?

Do you remember when Trump took over as President and lowered the corporate tax to 21% (He wanted to go as low as 15%.)? He said we needed to be competitive so businesses would come home, open and invest here. 
Remember the outcome?
Jobs boomed, moving them overseas lessened. The economy took off. 
So why does the new administration budget want to raise the tax to 28%? What is the rationale for a 33% increase?
There are people in the administration who want to go back to the 35% rate that existed in 2016. 
Don’t they know what the outcome of that will be?
Less companies investing here in the USA. Less jobs for our people. Higher prices for every consumer. 
I don’t think this administration understands capitalism. Corporations are in business to make a profit. You raise their cost of doing business, the cost of products go up or you get shrinkage to keep prices down. 
The President and team seem to think the corporations will just absorb higher costs. How? 

How come the MSM is so willing to be lied to by this President? They believed his story that Special Prosecutor Hur brought up his son’s death in questioning him. Remember the indignation the President showed in his press conference on the nerve of the prosecutor?
Well, it turns out it was the President who brought it up. Biden lied, again. The press ran with his lie. Why aren’t they reporting that? 
And, the President didn’t know the year, he had to ask others; just as he didn’t quite know the timeframe when he was Vice President and Trump took over. 

Here’s a story from Axios that will surprise no one with common sense, and most of you will say – what were they thinking?
From coast to coast, American cities known for liberal policies are taking more aggressive, conservative approaches to fighting crime. Why it matters: 
It’s a surprising and stark reversal for Democrats who pushed for significant criminal justice reforms four years ago. 
The big picture: 
The rightward shift comes after many liberal cities and states limited police powers and cut law enforcement budgetsfollowing George Floyd’s killing. The changes expose intense pressure on Democrats to adopt tougher anti-crime laws and policies they once ridiculed — and reflect rising fears about violent crime among voters on both ends of the political spectrum.
State of play: 
San Francisco voters approved two ballot measures to expand police surveillance and impose drug screenings for those receiving welfare benefits. 
In New York City, Gov. Kathy Hochul recently ordered hundredsof National Guard troops to cut crime in the subways. 
Oregon is recriminalizing possession of drugs — including heroin, cocaine and fentanyl — three years after becoming the first state to decriminalize possession and personal use of all drugs. 
D.C. just passed a sweeping new crime bill that raises penaltiesfor thefts and gun crimes. 
New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D), in a state with one of the highest rates for killings by police, is threatening to call a special legislative session for more anti-crime measures.

Amazing how they have to experiment with the lives of law abiding hard working citizens. 
By the way, the perception of crime is high. This from Gallup:
63% of Americans say crime in the U.S. is very or extremely serious. No kidding.  

We’ll get into this tax issue in a bigger way in the future, but the President’s continued harangue to law abiding tax paying citizens to “pay their fair share” continues.
Mr. President, define fair share. Does anyone know what fair share is? What’s fair to take from your paycheck, that you worked for? What’s fair to take from the money you save from working and invest to try and build a nest egg? (Remember, you already paid taxes when you earned the funds, now you’re being taxed again because you saved some and didn’t spend it.) 
The top 1% pay 42% of all income taxes. (They earned 22% of all income.) 
The top 10% of earners pay 76% of all taxes. 
The top 25% pay 89% of all the taxes paid. 
The top 50% pay 98% of all taxes paid.
The bottom 50% pay 2% of all taxes. 

So, what is fair share? Will someone please ask and let me know.

Lastly, congress passed legislation requiring ByteDance to divest its stake in TikTok within 180 days. If that doesn’t happen, TikTok would be banned in the United States. The senate votes next. If it passes there, the President announced he will sign it. 
So, Tik Tok is seen as bad, right? How come that same President just opened an account on it?

Tik Tok The Clock Is Ticking.

The Hearing…

It was an interesting hearing to watch as Republicans tried to understand how President Biden was not being held accountable. They wanted to know how he could be unable to stand trial but be President of the United States.
The Democrats were only interested in Donald Trump and contrasting anything he did with what the President did.
Hur, for his part, was only going to comment on what he wrote and that was it.

I left the hearing with this viewpoint:
The last three Presidents and candidates, going back to 2016, have all taken unauthorized classified documents with them, illegally and wrongfully.
Two of the three have not and will not get charges brought against them.
One will.
The one that will, Donald Trump, is also charged with trying to cover up he took the documents and the Democrats harped on that.
So, my thoughts are these:
All three broke the law by taking and possessing documents. Why do we have laws if we are not going to enforce them?
If one, in this case Donald Trump, did something more, then add a second charge.
How does breaking the law get measured on a scale? All three broke the law.
And, by the way, they all have differences:
President Biden had documents going back to when he was a senator. The only way he could have gotten them was to hide them from the viewing room in his clothes.
He had documents from his VP days. He read from the documents to his co-author. He shared information!

Hillary Clinton bleach bit and destroyed devices that were requested to be preserved and turned over. How does she get away with that?

Trump, for his part, did not turn over the documents and mislead the investigators, they say.

Bottom line, all three broke the law, having what they shouldn’t.
All three have individual particulars for their cases.
In my opinion, we can’t charge just one. The law is the law and justice is supposed to be blind.

It Was An Interesting Watch.

Let’s Keep This Simple…

A Big News Day

By the time you read, this the special prosecutor, Robert Hur, will be testifying before congress. This will be the news story of the day and an interesting one to watch. What will Democrats do to discredit his report? What will Republicans do to portray the President as incapable of doing his job? How will Hur walk the line between not bringing charges against the President because of his age and memory versus not giving the impression that the Presidency is above him now?
A fascinating watch today.

Then this question will emerge.
How do we explain that since 2016 we have had three candidates for President. Biden, Trump and Clinton. All three have had classified documents outside of where they were supposed to be. How come only one of them is facing charges?

Then tonight we have primaries that will officially put both President Biden and former President Trump over the top in delegate count for their party nominations. Simply amazing to me, in a nation where 70% of the people want someone else.

I thought this statement from Snickers should have gotten some coverage after they were smeared in a video and the State of The Union on their package shrinkage.
“We have not reduced the size of Snickers singles or share size in the U.S.”
They did go on to talk about increased costs they have suffered, but stressed they had no shrinkage.
Don’t you think the MSM should have told you this? Would they have if we had a different President who slammed a major company unfairly?

There’s a real rift developing between President Biden and Israel’s leader Netanyahu.
In an interview on MSNBC, Biden warned against an Isreal invasion of Rafah, the Gaza border town where more than a million displaced Palestinians are massed, calling it “a red line.”
For his part, Netanyahu has effectively said his red line is that Israel must go into Rafah.
Now that’s a difference.

The President, under pressure from the left for a ceasefire and peace, is pressuring Israel now. Netanyahu, for his part, knows that Israel must finish the job or Hamas will claim victory and we will be back to awaiting the next attack from them.
My opinion:
We had peace on the morning of October 7th. Hamas broke it. Appeasing them now will solve nothing but set us for more bloodshed later.
Keep a watch on this, the issue is boiling.

It’s Going To Be A Big News Day.

It’s Not Who Will Win

It’s Who Will Not Lose It

On Friday we wrote how, because of lowered expectations, the State of The Union would boost President Biden and his polls.  
A day later the President illustrated what we have been saying for months. 
It’s not who is going to win this election, it’s who’s not going to lose it. 
As an example, it took less than a day for the President to put a pin in the balloon of his ascent from the speech. 
Imagine going on the air and saying you “regret” calling the killer an “illegal.” Mr President, he is an illegal, an illegal with a criminal record, who murdered an American citizen. You are President of the United States of America. You should have apologized to the family for not protecting our border, not planning to mention her name and then getting it wrong. 

I have seen and heard you mention many names involved in criminal activity that police were involved in. I have seen senior leaders of your party kneel for them. I have seen you condemn loyal border guards on horses and accuse them of “whipping” people, when you were 100% incorrect. 
Are you seriously apologizing for calling an illegal person in our nation, who murdered a young woman, illegal? 

Here’s why you are lucky. The MSM is on your side. If this were a Republican it would be a lead story and covered over and over. Instead, the networks never mentioned it. They would be feigning outrage and chasing the family down. Instead it was not covered. 
Unfortunately for you, we live in the social media era and it may take a while, but people will hear it and you will take a hit. 

This incident is just another example of the left’s “woke” mentality. If you think the murder of your child, wife or anyone by an illegal border crosser should not be called “illegal” but “undocumented” or “newcomer,” then go ahead and vote them in again. For me, it’s time to get back to values.

Let’s See Who’s Up Next In How To Lose In 2024.

A State Of The Union View…

Let me start by saying the President of the United States did himself well last night and no doubt moved his poll numbers upward with his State of The Union speech. He hit the buttons that will move the voters right from the outset. He was on Ukraine before the speaker even had a chance to announce him and moved right to abortion. Political winners for him and I have no doubt, because he delivered an hour plus speech, he moved the needle.
Add his attack, about a dozen times, on his “predecessor” and he provided the red meat necessary.

Now, was it a great speech? Let me answer that by asking you a question.
If that speech, cadence, tone and manner were given by Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama would you think it was a great speech?
For most of us, myself included, the answer is no. So, why will President Biden be so elevated today?
The answer is like everything in life. It is about expectations.
The right had painted a picture of a President who could not stand and speak, even read from a prompter for five minutes, much less an hour. They set the bar low, and cadence, pronunciation, or partly garbled tone would not matter.
Second, is this.
If I had the best speech writers who wrote, tested and refined my words to maximize public impact, and they had a month to prepare, don’t you think they could write it right? Then, if they gave it to you and you practiced it for a week, over and over, don’t you think you could deliver it? Of course. My young grandchild could do that.
Well that’s what a State of The Union has become.
From a personal standpoint I will state that it is a shame the speech has moved from one on the state of our union to a campaign speech. This speech may well have been better for the Democratic convention in August than last night, but the nation has moved.

Meanwhile, the Republicans failed again.
They failed in the room to maintain decorum. They looked foolish in their shoutouts. They lost the interactions with the President. Just more of the party’s poor strategy of ready, shoot, aim. The old axiom is never argue with the person who has the microphone, but it seems many of them don’t have the discipline to learn and follow that.
They failed when the Senate leadership got itself into a border deal that most of their members would not support and took their lead issue and handed it to the incumbent.
They failed in their response to the speech. Senator Britt may have a bright future, but it didn’t come across last night in that response. She seemed nervous, her voice shrill, the message mixed. There may be some who thought she connected; I just don’t know who they are.
Now the post response is very difficult. Here’s what I would have recommended:
A short, hard hitting review, beginning with this line:
You just heard the President and I guess he thinks you’re not very smart and he can just fool you.
Then quick examples:
He said our streets are safer than before he took office. Do you think they are? We read today that NYC is putting the national guard on their subways to protect people.
He said he inherited a broken border? Do you think he did? Of course not, it was the safest border…he broke it.
He said Bidenomics is working and he is building from the middle out and bottom up. Do you think that’s true? Of course not, you know the cost of groceries, oil and mortgages today.
He said we are better off in the world today than before he came into office. Do you believe that? No wars were begun in the four years before he came in, look at the world today. Do you think world leaders respect and fear him?
He said companies are ripping you off by shrinkage packages. Do you think he knows that prices have gone up 18% under his watch and the packages are shrinking because of that or pay 18% more? I don’t think he knows, you do.
You get the idea, just keep listing about 15 facts and end it. That would have been far more effective than whatever Senator Britt attempted.

Politics Ahead

You saw a little of what Democrats plan ahead to attack the former President. You saw examples of taking his words and presenting them to an audience. Things like saying that he would tell “Putin to do what he wants.”
Just watch what happens with the war chest they have built to do this.

For Republicans, here’s a suggestion. Ease off saying the President can’t put two sentences together. The President raised expectations now. Focus on the issues and the upcoming debates. See if the President can do that in a setting without script. He raised expectations, let him live up to it now.

Bring Back The State of The Union.

Let’s Keep The Obvious Short…

Eight Months

There’s no need to even begin analyzing what the next eight months will bring. In politics that’s a lifetime and the candidates will offer some wonderful entertainment.
The way I see it now is, who causes themselves more damage? Almost more, who will lose this election versus win it.

Will the clearly declining President be able to move through the months and convince the public he can do four more years? Can he convince them that they want four more years of his policies? Can the MSM convince the public that Kamala Harris is ready and can take over?
Will the ego driven, chaos creating former President run a disciplined eight month campaign? Can he control what comes out of his mouth to convince people he is different? Can he hold court on all his charges and avoid any convictions against determined opposition?
Then the X factors:
Will there be debates? Can the President stand and debate clearly for 90 minutes? Can the former President shut up long enough so the current one can talk himself into an issue? The debates, if they occur, will be fascinating to watch, even if only to see who doesn’t shoot himself. 
Can the current administration convince the public that Bidenomics is working? That “shrinkage” is corporate greed? That Republicans are to blame for the border? That the world is a safer and more secure place?
Can the former President get the public to focus on the state of the economy, real income and the world four years ago versus today?
Then the Media Campaigns and MSM:
When the Democrats begin a vicious media campaign highlighting that the former President lost in civil court a case that he was charged with a sexual attack, how does he answer?
When they begin to focus on the cases he has lost and the money he has been fined, what impact does that have when they ask: “Is this the man you want in the White House?”
On the other side:
How does the current President answer the question that he lied about his family and they never got any money from China, Russia or the Ukraine? How does he answer that he knew the laptop was real and the letter from the former government officials a lie?
And, how does the MSM play all this out?

Buckle Up For The Next Eight Months. It’s Going To Be Flying.

Common Sense, Not Nonsense…

The Supreme Court ruled, unanimously, no matter what some of liberal MSM are trying to portray, a state cannot keep a candidate off a national election ballot. Does that surprise anyone?
Maybe the appointed Maine Secretary of State, but not the rest of us.
How dare single individuals with a bias try to do that and cause the nation time and effort.
In an educated and enlightened citizenry, they would lose their positions in the next election. Here’s hoping.

The Georgia Legislature passed a bill that lets police arrest anyone suspected of entering the country illegally following the slaying of college student Laken Riley.
Why should that be news? Shouldn’t it just be the norm?
And by the way, Secretary Mayorkas, when asked why they didn’t pick up the murderer in NY when he was arrested said, “They never called us.”
They never called because they are a sanctuary city and do not work with you!
Don’t you know that, or are you lying?

Now two Democrats had this to say on crime and immigrants:
“Immigrants actually commit fewer crimes than native-born people here in this country. This immigrant crime narrative is racist. It’s not true.” —Congressman Robert Garcia (D-CA)
“This ‘invasion’ rhetoric is just absolutely disgusting. It’s xenophobic. It’s racist.” —Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT)
Allow me to point out a few things:
First, any additional crime is not necessary. We don’t need more crime, no matter the number.
Second, if Laken Riley was your daughter, would you say that? Life matters.
Third, remember that a small number commit a large number of the crimes. In the blue cities with Soros D.A.’s and no bail we have an awful lot of repeat and repeat again offenders.

Let’s stay on crime for another story.
Did you see Oregon is on the cusp of ending their three year experiment of allowing people to freely use drugs (from cocaine, heroin or fentanyl) on the streets at any time? They now think decriminalizing the possession of all drugs may have been a bad idea.
Isn’t that a shock – to no sane person?

The economy is better, the administration is continuing to tell us. What they mean is pricing isn’t going up as fast, because here’s a fact:
The official rise in the consumer price index for the President’s first three years in office is 18%. That’s the worst three-year performance since the Jimmy Carter years. 
Enough said.

Brian Mulroney, the former Prime Minister of Canada passed away.
He, along with Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Helmut Kohl, and Pope John Paul were the heroes of the 80’s and the fall of the Iron Curtain.
A strong conservative in the mold of Reagan and Thatcher, he privatized some of Canada’s largest companies, including Air Canada and Petro-Canada. He was an ardent free trader and a leader in promoting a trade deal across the Western Hemisphere, resulting in the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement of 1987. The trade deal helped integrate the two North American economies, and it set the stage for the Nafta deal with Mexico in 1993.
Brian Mulroney was a hero of the 80’s and a true partner with those who changed the world.

Here’s an interesting story out in the Atlantic by David Frum:  “The Man Who Now Controls the U.S. Border,” 
Who is it? President Biden? Homeland Director Mayorkas? Border Patrol?
No, he says, “Mexico’s president gets to determine whether an immigration crisis dominates headlines in a U.S. election year.”
And therein is the problem. We should own our border.

While on the border, did you see the story on 60 Minutes Sunday?
Raul Ortiz, who led the federal Border Patrol organization from June 2021 to June 2023, (Leading over 20,000 members), said that the top White House officials never contacted him to learn about the extent of or solutions to the massive border problem. “I’ve never had one conversation with the President or Vice President.”
Wait now, the man who wants the border fixed, nor his border czar, ever spoke to you?
Don’t worry, they’re telling everyone it’s the Republicans’ fault – and a good number will believe them!

Oh yea, the administration is taking Texas to court again to overthrow SB 4.
What’s SB 4?
The law that would authorize local and state law enforcement to arrest migrants they suspect crossed into the state illegally. It would also give judges the power to order migrants to be transported to a port of entry and returned to Mexico regardless of their country of origin.

Tell me again how this administration wants to fix the border?
They only want more agents to process people quicker.
Yet, they will fool the Democratic voter, telling them they want a solution.

We rail against the deficit often. Here’s another story worth knowing.
People love their cars, driving and the freedom it gives them, not to mention safety.
Well, among the many wasteful and inefficient programs that the administration is throwing billions more of taxpayer dollars at are public transit subsidies in large metro areas.
Now, despite all the hype about high speed and all that is coming, the percentage of Americans who use transit has dwindled down from 12% in 1960 to 3% today. Over that time period the workforce has roughly doubled.
With all that data, what is the plan? Spend billions more. On safety? No. Just more bad dollars on top of wasted dollars.  

With the Republican House in disarray here comes Senator McConnell to announce after the term he is out as Republican leader in the senate. 
So who takes his place? In most parties and times the number two person would step up. In this case, that is Senator John Thune of South Dakota. 
Except Thune was late to the party in backing Donald Trump. If Trump wins do you think he is going to support Thune for the role, or will he want a more “loyal” leader?
I think the latter. 

On that same topic,  Kentucky Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear, declined to commit to selecting a Republican to fill a potential opening. And, as you know the Governor’s get to pick any senate replacement.
Well, a “Kentucky Republican legislator (Steven Rudy) filed a bill … that would strip the governor’s authority to appoint a replacement US senator should a vacancy in that office occur.”
The bill would repeal the current law and fill a vacancy with a special election.
This one is worth watching.

Just Common Sense.

Just On My Mind – To Clear The Record…

Let’s Start With Ukraine

Why is no one mentioning the weakness and appeasement that got the world into this situation with Russia and the Ukraine?
What do I mean? 
Well, three decades ago the newly independent country of Ukraine was the third-largest nuclear power in the world. This was a result of the Iron Curtain falling. As the old Soviet Union departed, thousands of nuclear arms had been left on Ukrainian soil. 
Ukraine was convinced in 1994 by the U.S. (President Clinton) and the U.K. to give up the weapons for “a guarantee of security” from us. The agreement is known as the Budapest Memorandum.

Well, in 2014 the Russians marched into Ukraine and took territory (see Crimea). Did we keep our word? Did we protect them? No, President Obama negotiated a settlement and Putin and Russia took a part of Ukraine. 

So, here we are today. Another attack to take more land. Now the questions:
If we didn’t force Ukraine to give up weapons on Russia’s border would the world be in this place now? 
Is the U.S. word worth anything when we appease and go for peace at any price?
Do you wonder why North Korea won’t give up weapons for peace in the world based upon our guarantee? 

This whole (recent) history remains undiscussed today. Why? 
Is it because the two Presidents involved are Clinton and Obama?

The Border

I watched the dueling border visits yesterday and the coverage later. 
I don’t think either candidate gave a strong speech. Trump missed a golden opportunity. Watching President Biden walk was disturbing.
It’s amazing, though, how the administration and their friends in the MSM are trying to blame this on Republicans now. 

They act as if the past 3 plus years didn’t happen and it’s all about a bill the Republicans won’t pass.
One that would allow 5,000 illegals to cross a day (1,825,000 in total), and oh yea, the President can waive that number each day to allow more. 
The President actually said the Republicans should “show a little spine.” 
Show a little spine? How about you showing some leadership and stop the lies?
You broke the border. 
For three years you paid no attention to it.
Only the fact it is issue one for November are you talking about it now.
If you want a closed border, why are you in court to stop Texas from doing what it has to close the border? 
What Texas is doing is working. 
Why don’t you implement the policies you took down via executive order? They worked.
And stop with the lies that you want more border patrol agents to control the border.
You want the agents to process illegals faster. We want a closed border and legal immigration.
Are people ill-informed enough to believe the President and the MSM propaganda? 
Just watch and you’ll get your answer.
Some will believe anything a Democrat says and the MSM supports.

Hunter Testfies

The man who said he must testify in public and not behind closed doors showed up this week. How come?
The testimony was released as it always is. So what was the problem before? Was he lying about why he wouldn’t testify? If you supported his position, do you realize now you were played?

I’m not going to pass judgment here on what, when or if the President knew what his son and family were doing.
But, Hunter admitted he worked with the Chinese, Russians and Ukrainians.
He admitted his Dad got on calls with his business partners. He admitted his Dad came by dinners. He couldn’t recall if his Dad was sitting next to him when he demanded the funds from his Chinese partners (that arrived after that call). He admitted to getting diamonds from Russian partners but thought they were useless and threw them away. He never explained what his business was (nor did his Uncle the week before). He never explained why the President’s grandchildren got paid. He gave his Uncle money for no reason other than a gift. Was that the money he was supposed to pay the IRS with? He even admitted his Dad was “The Big Guy.”

Anyway, think back to this.
The President denied his family did any business with China, Russia or Ukraine.
Then he later denied knowing anything about who and what they did business with.
Now we know both those were lies.
The last piece is this. Did he profit from his son’s and family ties?
He says “no.”.
After the first lies, let’s see.

Just More Frustrations With The MSM.


First Came The Story

In an article in The Atlantic, a former NYT opinion editor Adam Rubenstein said Times Staffers “were clearly worried that lending credence” to the story surrounding Hunter Biden’s scandalous laptop would hurt Joe Biden and Democrats ahead of the 2020 election. He said they “essentially failed to fulfill the goal of being journalistic, rather than activist. This, I learned in my two years at the Times, was not a goal that everyone shared,” he wrote, noting that the Hunter Biden laptop story is a key example. 
“Was it truly ‘unsubstantiated,’ as the paper kept saying? Many of my colleagues were clearly worried that lending credence to the laptop story could hurt the electoral prospects of Joe Biden and the Democrats. 
But starting from a place of party politics and assessing how a particular story could affect an election isn’t journalism,” Rubenstein wrote.

Exactly what so many of us have been writing and saying about the NYT for years.

Then A group of Former Senior Officials

Filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission for refusing to charge President Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee over the 2020 election.
Their complaint accuses the campaign and the DNC of failing to disclose their involvement with a now-discredited letter by 51 former federal intelligence officials about Hunter Biden’s laptop.
The group says that because the Biden campaign used its resources to generate and disseminate the public statement, and because the public statement was disseminated in the media at the request of the Biden campaign, federal law requires the public reporting of the costs and beneficiaries of such coordinated communications.
“The facts speak for themselves: 79 percent of Americans believe that had there been accurate coverage of the Hunter Biden laptop, Trump would have won the election,” they claimed.

So, first the NYT covers up, then the campaign and DNC lie. Yet the coverage is non existent.

Then We Hear – “Nothing To See”

Yet, yesterday we had new testimony from a former Biden family business associate detailing at least two calls between Hunter Biden and his father, then the vice president, about lucrative business deals with China and Russia.
One of the calls puts Mr. Biden in contact with a Russian oligarch and former mayor of Moscow.
Jason Galanis, sentenced to more than 11 years for securities fraud, is the fourth former business associate to put President Biden in the center of Hunter Biden’s profitable business deals as lawmakers investigate him on charges that he helped his family carry out an influence-peddling scheme.
He testified that the then VP ended the call with, “Ok then, you be good to my boy.” Hunter responded, “Everything is good, and we are moving ahead,” Galanis testified.
A few days later, Ms. Baturina agreed to pump $20 million into one of Hunter Biden’s business projects, Galanis said.
Galanis said Hunter Biden took a call from his father while at the Peninsula Bar in New York. He said he overheard Hunter Biden updating his father on progress in landing a business partnership with Harvest Fund Management, a $300 billion Chinese financial services company closely connected to the Chinese Communist Party.

Yet, the MSM tells us nothing to see here.

The Republicans Have Their Problems

Over the past few months Rep. Ken Buck has gone against his party on major issues and been a hero on CNN.
Well, after what he said yesterday, what are they saying now?
He said that he’s “seen enough and wants President Biden removed from office under the 25th Amendment.”   He introduced a resolution asking Vice President Harris and the Cabinet to invoke the amendment because Mr. Biden cannot perform as president.
“The Hur report officially addressed what many Americans have long witnessed with their own eyes – that President Biden is no longer fit to successfully discharge the critical duties of his office. Numerous instances were articulated in the report, and have played out in full public view,” Buck said

Let’s see what play he gets tonight on CNN.

Meanwhile, Our Friend Rosendale

Who entered and left the Montana Senate race in a week had a former Democratic Senator announce that she knew why he dropped out.
She claimed on a podcast that he withdrew because he impregnated a young 20 year old staffer.
Rosendale reacted immediately and said:
“This is 100% false and defamatory and former Senator Heitkamp will be hearing from our lawyers soon.”

We look forward to hearing more.

And Then One Of The House Eight

Rep. Scott Perry suggested that House Republicans shouldn’t let President Biden give a State of the Union address next week over the lack of border security measures. “We need to use every single point of leverage. He comes at the invitation of Congress, and Republicans are in control of the House. There’s no reason that we need to invite him to get more propaganda.”
He added: President Biden will use the speech to “blame the American people for the crisis he’s caused.”

Oh, that’s another great idea that should get the Republicans more votes, right?

Is This True?

The story is that deceased Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, was close to being freed in a prisoner swap at the time of his death. This is from an ally of his, Maria Pevchikh.
Bloomberg News reported that prisoner exchange talks had begun before Navalny’s death, according to a Western official. Under the proposal, Russia was to have released Navalny, as well as two jailed Americans — Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich and businessman Paul Whelan — the official said. 
Is it possible this is true? Why then would Putin have him killed? Certainly he wouldn’t have wanted Navalny free, but why were there even talks? Did he kill him so he would never be free, but talks on others could continue?

It Should Be Interesting

Both President Biden and former President Trump are going to the border on the same day.
The President will take a look at a relatively calm part of the border in Brownsville, Texas, meet with Border Patrol agents and local officials and press Congress to pass legislation giving him more flexibility to control the flow of migrants.
Former President Trump will be about 300 miles away in Eagle Pass, where the border is far more chaotic and where the federal government and Texas are enmeshed in a brewing constitutional crisis over the state’s efforts to combat illegal immigration on its own.

It may be the closest we get to a debate this year, so pay attention.

Just News

Another Monday…

Donald Trump wins the South Carolina primary and his supporters celebrate, as they should.
However, they should look at the numbers closely.
He (Trump) won the party supporters, but lost Independents. Plus, half of the Haley voters said they would not vote for Trump in the general election.
Republican primary voters need to look at the big picture; do they want to win a battle or the war?
We repeat, only Trump can make Biden President again. (And yes, only Biden can make Trump President.)

One thing the Republicans finally realize is that Ronna McDaniel is not the RNC leader they need in order to go forward. She announced today that she will step down in March.
Now, Trump supported her for the position and reelection only months ago, but recently turned on her.
Who’s the choice? As we have written for weeks, it’s a NC leader who supported the “Stop The Steal” movement. Add this, he wants his daughter-in-law to be the vice-chair.
Is that what the party needs to win in November?
One thing of note.
Come November, as Mitt Romney is not running and his niece is out as RNC head, the party will be Romney free.

If you watched the Sunday shows, like Meet The Press, then you saw bias in action. How Rep. Byron Donald was interrupted and treated versus Gov. Newsom illustrated it clearly.
The MSM is going to open up on former President Trump unmercifully, and that is going to sway the public.

In fact, The Media Research Center released this information over the weekend:
“TV keeps bashing Trump: Just as we saw last year, the media’s spin is relentlessly anti-Trump. In just four weeks, these newscasts aired 158 negative statements (excluding partisan comments) about the former president, compared to just 19 positive comments.”
Translated, that means that the major news coverage about Mr. Trump was 89% negative.
Now this was while he was running against Nikki Haley.
Wait until it’s a two person race against a candidate they want!!

When you see the polls that say Trump is ahead of Biden by 2%, I say to you, just watch when the MSM unleashes.

Look as the MSM is covering any possible Joe Biden involvement in the funds he claimed never came to his family from China or the Ukraine. They are back on the disproven Russian Collusion with Trump!
And, if you think the arrest of Alexander Smirnov, the “trusted FBI informer” this week is not planned, you are being naive.
It is news now, because the President’s brother was before the House committee last week and Hunter is there this week.
The indictment allows the MSM to call the whole investigation “a sham and more Russia Collusion.”
Here’s a question:
How come Christopher Steele was not charged? He caused a three year false investigation. In fact, who got indicted for that at all? Let me know, because I don’t know anyone.
And the biggest liar of all, Adam Schiff, is about to be promoted and elected Senator.

Democrats need not worry though. The Republicans in the House are doing all they can to assure they lose the PR battle and allow the MSM to paint them as lost.
Almost the entire population wants to support Ukraine against the Russian attack.
Yet, the House has allowed themselves to be painted into the corner and appear to be on Russia’s side.
They started out with a great position:
We want to provide Ukraine all the arms they need, but pay the bill for it and not increase the debt. They even provided a means to pay… some of the funds Biden has to hire 87,000 IRS agents.
From there to where they are now took no leadership and no skill.

The MSM Is The Problem. They Don’t Need Help.

Just News…

Another student loan forgiveness by the President. An additional 153,000 loans will be forgiven, totaling $1.2 billion. 
Why? They took out the loan. They chose the college and major, and now you and I need to pay their bill? 
Their classmates who sacrificed and paid off their loan get what? Nothing of course, except the right to pay their less responsible classmates bill. 
Their same age citizens who went into business and bought tools, trucks and goods get what? Nothing, of course, but the right to pay other college bills. 
If you like paying other people’s bills, especially those who weren’t as responsible as you, well consider yourself lucky to take on and pass this additional billion dollars on to your kids. 

Meanwhile, the President is in California raising funds for his reelection. Here’s a quote from one at a San Francisco fundraiser, as reported by Bloomberg News:
Biden called Putin a crazy SOB, said climate change is the true existential threat, and blasted Trump’s response to ALEXEI NAVALNY’s death. He also said current Republican members of Congress are worse than STROM THURMOND. These guys do not believe in basic democratic principles.”

Yeah, right, Mr President. Some of us think your Woke Policies are a disaster. We don’t want to pay other’s loans and bills. We think you messed up the economy and own that “shrinkage” you just found out about. And, you broke the border that you are blaming others for too. How about that?

In fact, here’s a headline from a story in the WSJ today:
Read our lips: The last time Americans spent this much of their money on food George H.W. Bush was in office.
Here’s more from the Journal:
Prices at restaurants and other eateries were up 5.1% last month compared with January 2023, while grocery costs increased 1.2% during the same period, Labor Department data show. U.S. consumers spent 11.4% of their disposable personal income on food, according to data from the U.S. Agriculture Department. At the time, households were still dealing with steep food-price increases following an inflationary period during the 1970s. More than three decades later, food spending has reattained that level, USDA data shows. In 2022, consumers spent 11.3% of their disposable income on food, according to the most recent USDA data available.
You own that Mr. President.

Mr. President, I know you think that you’re slick and fooling us by beginning to address the border now, in an election year, but we’re not all dumb. 
Here’s the story on your plans from Axios:
President Biden is considering executive action that would restrict the ability of migrants to claim asylum at the southern border. 
You and your friends in the MSM, who didn’t discover the issue until recently, are now blaming Republicans. 
It’s not going to work. You supported open borders in the 2020 campaign. You broke a fixed border and now want to blame the other side. 
Remember, you can fool some of the people all the time, not all. Some in this case is about 33%. 

And please stop with the “pay your fair share” jargon. 
The nation knows now that your son didn’t pay. I think you know that too.
Well, the MSM buried this story, but your daughter didn’t pay either!!! 
Here’s the story – quietly – out of Pennsylvania. 
President Biden’s daughter paid off nearly $5,000 in taxes after a tax lien was filed in December.  The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue in Philadelphia County notified the younger Biden that the “amount of such unpaid tax, interest, additions or penalties is a lien in favor of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania upon the taxpayer’s property — real, personal, or both — as the case may be,” according to a recent tax lien.

Speaking of Russia, Mr. President, they took another American hostage yesterday. Between the hostages in Russia and the ones the Hamas continue to hold, that’s a big haul under your watch.
The story:
Russia announced Tuesday it arrested dual Russian American citizen, Ksenia Karelina, 33, a ballerina who is accused of donating $51 to a nonprofit supporting Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich , 32, imprisoned by Russia since last March, will remain in prison until at least March 30, after his latest appeal was denied Tuesday.
Where’s the MSM counting the days, showing the families and raising the issue?

A word on Donald Trump. His attorneys requested a 30 day extension to pay a $355 million business fraud penalty announced by a New York judge last week.
Doesn’t he deserve that and more? Do we really need to hear Tish James saying she is going to take his business? 
If you don’t see anything wrong in this, then you are setting yourself up for a Putin-like future leader. Think what he (Putin) does to his opposition. Isn’t Trump the opposition, and James is going to take his building(s) for a crime with no victim, no losses and no co-complainant? 

Much More To Rant On, But Let’s Leave It There, For Now.

Interesting, Disturbing News…

On top of the killing of Alexei Navalny in a Russian prison comes this story:
A man’s corpse, found riddled with bullets and run over by a vehicle in Spain, was identified as that of Russian military pilot Maksim Kuzminov, who flew his Mi-8 helicopter to Ukraine in a dramatic defection in August.
Putin is killing foes inside and outside of Russia.
Where is the world leadership to rein him in now?

Did it bother anyone else to watch New York AG Tish James on TV saying that if Trump can’t pay the $354 million business fraud penalty levied against him, she’ll seize his assets, beginning with his 40 Wall Street skyscraper? Take his building? He built the business and in a ridiculous ruling, where no one was hurt in any manner, she is going to take 40 Wall Street?
That has to bother people, even those anti Trump.

The media and the MSM. Here’s another example.
John Avlon, a former CNN anchor, is officially jumping into the race for New York’s 1st Congressional District. “Our democracy’s in danger, and Democrats need to win back the House from MAGA minions, who don’t even seem interested in solving problems anymore,” he said.
The seat is held by a Republican (Nick Lakota).
How do you think his coverage on CNN was as an “anchor.”
By the way, his wife is Margaret Hoover, who hosts the PBS show “Firing Line”.

How many reputations went down the drain with that false 2020 election narrative Trump’s ego started?
The Supreme Court yesterday declined to undo sanctions against several lawyers allied with Trump for filing a meritless lawsuit challenging Michigan’s 2020 presidential election results. Lawyers Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and others brought the lawsuit against Michigan state officials and Detroit in November 2020, one of dozens of suits filed in an attempt to prove election results were illegitimate in states where Trump had lost. The efforts failed across the board and no evidence of widespread fraud was uncovered.
A shame on how many careers went down the drain.

On the other side of the coin, the 2024 battle for the House and Senate appears to be heading in opposite directions. The House, because of poor leadership and self destruction, appears to be going Democratic.
They never learn. Yesterday Rep. Greene (Ga) was the latest to threaten a recall vote on the new speaker.
The Republicans in the House are truly a circular firing squad.
On the Senate, though, it is well for Republicans. Former Gov. Hogan in Maryland is competitive in the state.
Montana is in play with Rosendale out. W. Va. is a real pickup opportunity.
If I were betting now, I would bet both houses switch leadership.

So, how did the administration finally hitting back at the Houthis impact things in the area?
Not well. They didn’t change anything. Want proof?
The MSM is not covering it. If the action impacted things the media would be touting how great the action was.
Yesterday, in the latest action, a cargo ship was sinking in the Gulf of Aden after being hit by the Houthis.
The actions by the administration were a failure. The Houthis will continue their terrorism, just be careful about American soldiers, but feel embolden.

Meanwhile, the administration is touting the reduced crossers at the border. Yes, it’s true. Crossers are down in the Texas area because the Governor and state paid no attention to your demands and worked to close the border. It has nothing to do with anything this administration did.
Yet, they are telling people to look at the numbers, knowing they can fool some of the people all the time.
Don’t be fooled.

Really? The DNC put out a post for President’s Day recognizing and honoring their living Democratic presidents. It featured an image of former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and President Biden with the caption “Happy Presidents Day.”
I guess they, like us who lived through the era, want to forget the Carter Presidency too, but President Jimmy Carter is still alive.

Let’s close with this story. The MSM is touting a connection between President Abe Lincoln and Joe Biden. Here’s the story:
On March 21, 1864, a fight broke out in the Army of the Potomac’s winter camp along the Rappahannock River near Beverly Ford, Va., between Union Army civilian employees Moses J. Robinette and John J. Alexander.  With Alexander bleeding from knife wounds, Robinette — Biden’s great-great-grandfather — was charged with attempted murder and incarcerated on a remote island near what is now Florida. Three army officers who knew him petitioned to overturn his conviction, and the letter eventually made it all the way to the president’s desk, where Lincoln signed the pardon in September of the same year.  
I guess the, “I would like to take him behind the school” comments come naturally to the President.

Have A Great Day.

Clearing Up Misconceptions…

What Is Fair Share Again?

Here are a few graphs just released that put some liberal myths to rest.
You know the one, where the high earners need to pay their fair share?
(Let’s leave Hunter earning millions and not paying out today.)
The latest release is for the full year 2021.
Read these slowly to absorb, because all you hear is those earning are not paying their fair share.
Then define fair share for me.
The richest 1% paid 46% of the total income tax.
The top 5% in income paid 67% of the tax.
The top 3 out of 100 tax filers pay a larger share than the other 97 out of 100.
So, how much is fair share?

Government revenue is up after the tax cut because investment and spending increase.
Do you think that maybe, just maybe, we spend too much?
Do you think that maybe, too, that more of us should be paying and not taking?

Here’s a graph for your review:

Myth Two – Tax Cuts Means The Rich Win And You Lose

The other thing that both the administration and MSM like to say is tax cuts only benefit the rich and the average taxpayer picks up a bigger burden.
Here’s a second graph post the Trump tax cuts.
Take a look at the percent of taxes paid by the top 1%.
Did it decline or increase?
Go back to 1980 and see if the Reagan tax cuts resulted in the top 1% paying more or less?

The administration and media try to tell you otherwise, but the top is paying a higher percent of the bill.
Why do they say it?
Well, as our loyal readers know, you can fool some of the people all the time.

Knowledge Is Power.

Friday to Monday…

Let’s Start With The NY Verdict

Let’s see, there was no victim, no complainant, no one lost any money and no one in the 70 years of the law’s existence had ever been charged under this statute. 
Then the Governor when asked about concerns of businesses leaving the state because of the verdict said:
There is “nothing to worry about,” she assured everyone. 
Oh? Why is that?
“I think that this is really an extraordinarily unusual circumstance that the law-abiding and rule-following New Yorkers who are business people have nothing to worry about because they’re very different than Donald Trump and his behavior,” she said.
I see, this Is a Trump only law, or maybe an opposition party one only if you dare go against the majority party. 

The A.G. targeted him solely in her campaign, the judge decided the case before the time and the Governor said it is about one person. 
This whole process, decision, and the governor’s response should scare every freedom of speech loving person. 

Combined with the other penalties that have thus far been delivered, the former President now owes $443.1 million in judgments. 
With the interest the NY Judge (Engoron) ordered him to pay, the total tab in the civil fraud case alone could amount to more than $450 million. (Don’t forget the NY decision of an $83.3 million damage on top of $5 million payment for a sexual attack in a department store dressing room that no one heard, reported or knew the date or year it happened. A dressing room, do you believe that?)
How does the former President get access to that much cash to pay and put in reserve (as required)?

Donald Trump was guilty, as we’ve long written here, of trying to inflate his net worth.
Credited with $6 billion, he fought with Forbes because he wanted a $7 billion designation.
You can criticize that and talk about his ego, but it is not a crime.
The banks that loaned the money said they never lost a penny; in fact they said they were so delighted they wanted to do more.
If there’s no victim, no loss, no gain, no anything, how could the AG bring the charges and the judge rule as he did?
We should all be concerned about this trial. If you had a highly successful business and are conservative in your views, would you even think of moving it to New York?

Meanwhile, nothing seems to hurt the former President with primary voters.
A new South Carolina poll shows the former President cruising  by 36 points over Nikki Haley in her home state of South Carolina.

Let’s Talk Crime

I was wondering if the parents of the juvenile shooters in Kansas City are going to be charged as were the parents in Michigan? If not, why not?

Where was the coverage yesterday of the two Minnesota police officers and a paramedic killed while responding to a domestic violence in Minnesota?
Three young innocent, dedicated public servants killed. Two were 27 and one was 40. 
We sure had a lot of coverage out of Minnesota a few years ago when a police officer misbehaved apprehending a criminal.


The No Labels Party lost three potential candidates when Senators Manchin, Romney and Gov. Hogan of Maryland announced plans otherwise. They may well end up pulling the plug on the idea, which would be a boost to the Biden campaign.
Mitt Romney, when answering questions, made sure he didn’t miss an opportunity to hit his party and their lead candidate. “I will not be voting for former President Trump,” he made sure to say.
Well Senator, I know you’re not running for reelection in Utah because they weren’t going to vote for you.

We took a backseat to no one criticizing Rep. Matt Rosendale’s entry into the Montana Republican primary.
We take equal delight at the announcement a few days later that he is dropping out of the race.
What happened?
He found his leadership of the gang of 8 in the House had angered his party and even his friend Donald Trump endorsed his opponent (Tim Sheehy).

Mark the date. Special counsel Robert Hur is set to testify before Congress on March 12th.

The good news for the administration was that Special counsel David Weiss charged former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov “with lying about the President and his son Hunter’s involvement in business dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings. This is a major aspect of the current impeachment inquiry. 
Now, let’s remember David Weiss was the special counsel who gave Hunter that get out of past, current and future crimes free card; the one the judge rejected!
He was also the prosecutor who waited until the statute of limitations had passed on the tax years with the Burisma income to even go to court on taxes.

Just One Weekend.

Tragedy In KC…

It is with sadness we think of the shooting yesterday post the Kansas City Chief victory celebration. What a horrific ending to a wonderful afternoon.
Now we wait to see who and why. The lack of information as of this writing is surprising. I know the initial outcry will be over guns, but I am as anxious to learn about the past history of the shooter(s).
Let’s get the facts before we pass judgement.

Meanwhile, did you see the story about the arrest for another crime of one of the NYC police attackers in Times Square? One of those released without bail.
He’s 19-years old and shoplifting in a Macy’s. When confronted by a loss prevention employee, he and others attacked authority again. 
I guess no bail doesn’t work or teach anyone anything. Let’s see if they keep him in jail this time, though the NY DA is busy with a Donald Trump case today. He thinks Trump is a bigger threat for any funds he paid Stormy Daniels. 

The administration was proud yesterday to put out a sheet on all the student loans they cancelled. Deficit and bill for our children since we, and they, will pay the bill? Not mentioned. Why? Don’t worry about that when you can buy potential votes.
Here’s the list added to your bill:
$46 billion for 930,500 borrowers through administrative adjustments to income-driven repayment counts.
$57 billion for 793,400 borrowers through Public Service Loan Forgiveness.
$12 billion for almost 513,000 borrowers with disabilities.
$22 billion for more than 1.3 million borrowers under the Borrower Defense program.
That’s a B as in billions of dollars for each. $137 billion in total.

If he can find these “unbudgeted” funds, how come he can’t find some for the border problem?

More on the EV fiasco with this administration:
In a Connecticut town (Milford), their Board of Aldermen voted 14-1 to ban electric vehicle charging stations from underground garages in future developments because of concerns that they are a significant fire hazard. The Fire Chief described the stations as potentially explosive devices because of thermal runaway.

Everyday we get more news on the folly of rushing the future.

Remember when Donald Trump touted his NATO position and the plan to tell Russia “to go ahead and do what they want?” It generated a world leader reaction. 
Here’s some for your reading pleasure: 
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his government was preparing for the “uncertainty” Trump’s return would bring. “We made it through four years of Trump,” he said.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (who truly risked Trump’s wrath by openly endorsing Biden last year) is concerned over the “division” he said Trump represents and will bring back.
The European Central Bank Chief (Christine Lagarde) said Trump’s “penchant for imposing tariffs on allies, his shaky commitment to NATO and his opposition to climate action” is a “threat” to Europe.
The French President Macron (not Mitterrand) took a diplomatic stance, “I take the leaders that people give me.” 
He couldn’t possibly comment, but what would Ukrainian President Zelensky really want to say? 

Let’s See What Today Brings.