Press Ramblings

Some thoughts this Thursday that show the state of our union:

The third police officer tried (the driver of the van this time) in the Baltimore case  was found not guilty today. Think about that and the coverage and riots that took place when this incident occurred. Think about the Mayor and Prosecutor and the words they used to inflame the situation. They buried this officer for his erratic driving that injured the handcuffed defendant. Except for two things. The video gathered from around Baltimore of the van driving showed a safe and careful drive. Then the other person in the back of the van testified that Freddie Grey stood up as the van moved.

Is the press now going to go after the Mayor? Are they going to help the police officers regain reputation? They did an awful lot to bury them at the time of the incident.

How about this story in the NY Times today. Read it carefully. Pay attention to its tone. Notice how an “unbiased” newspaper “of record” attacks the Republican Governor and blames him for everything. Forget the NJ legislature (house and senate) is Democratic. This is all the Republican Governor’s fault for not wanting to raise taxes. Then ask yourself these two questions:

How come the Republican legislature is blamed for all of Obama’s issues, while here it is reversed?

Where is all the money from raised tolls the past few years? Is it possible the state is spending too much?

Oh yea, also in New Jersey there’s this: “Whatever happens with the gas tax, many New Jerseyans soon will be paying more to get to work. New Jersey Transit has proposed raising fares by about 9 percent for its 915,000 daily riders, and an increase of some amount is all but certain.”

Remember when California raised it’s taxes? The golden land and state is what we hear. How many know this?

“Over the past 10 years, approximately 5 million people have moved away from the state of California, and as you will see in this article this mass exodus appears to be accelerating. So why exactly is this happening? Once upon a time, it seemed like almost everyone wanted to live in California. The nearly endless sunshine, the incredible weather, the pristine beaches and a booming economy motivated millions of young Americans to move out there to pursue “the California Dream.” In fact, in the early 90s, I actually explored the idea of moving out there myself. But now the California Dream has become a nightmare. Californians are being taxed to death, traffic in the major cities is absolutely horrific, violent crime and gang activity are on the rise, millions of illegal immigrants are putting an incredible strain on social support systems, and the ultra-liberal government in Sacramento seems to have gone completely insane.

The No. 1 destination for people leaving the state of California in recent years has been the state of Texas.

Who would have guessed people would leave a high tax and crime state for Texas? Did you read that in the press?

In my opinion the press was always biased, but in this election year has reached new heights.

Update on Soda Tax

As predicted yesterday “coming to a city and state near you” here’s a story in today’s newspapers:

After successfully funding a campaign to pass a soda tax in Philadelphia, billionaire Michael Bloomberg is preparing to fund similar efforts in several other cities, giving new momentum to measures seeking to limit soft drink consumption.

The former New York City mayor contributed the bulk of the money for the pro-soda-tax side in Philadelphia, providing around $1.6 million. Now the prominent public health crusader will support measures in San Francisco and Oakland, Calif., this year, Michael Wolfson, a senior adviser to Bloomberg, said Friday.

Bloomberg may also support soda tax drives in Seattle and Oregon in 2017.

The billionaire’s planned backing raises the stakes for the powerful beverage industry, which has lobbied hard to defeat many of the 43 municipal and state-level attempts to implement a soda tax that have failed since 2008. Before this week, Berkeley, Calif., was the only US city with a soda tax.

As New York’s mayor, Bloomberg led efforts to pass a state-level soda tax, prevent residents from buying sodas with food stamps, and limit the size of sugary beverages.

Get ready.

Happy Father’s Day to all.

Coming to a city and state near you

Get ready, the city of Philadelphia has begun it and it is coming to a state and city near you. What is it? The latest liberal “health” idea for you and “revenue” enhancer for them. It passed the legislature and now will likely undergo a court challenge but the movement is underway. It’s a soda tax.

You see the government doesn’t want you to drink that soda, it’s bad for you. Big Brother can decide what is good. So. to stop you they have decided to add a tax. You see the tax will generate for them in Philadelphia $96 million dollars they say. It will help start new educational programs they say. Sort of like the lotto dollars were going to do years back. You remember they promised every lotto dollar would go to education, which it did. But they didn’t tell you they would reduce other funding and use the money elsewhere.

Anyway here’s the new tax heading your way. Let’s use the 64oz. 2 liter bottle as the example. You know the one you love to buy for .99cents. Well the tax on that bottle will be .96 cents. Yes you read that right, .96 cents. Add the, .05 cents deposit and your .99 cents 2 Liter will now be $2.00. Oh yea your 12 pack cans for the summer will have a $2.16 tax. But remember it’s good for you.

So what will happen? The government will add the expected revenue (like $96 million) into their budget projections. The consumer will react negatively and sales will decline. Revenue projections will fall short and the government will have to find new revenue enhancers. Plus stores and resturants will lose sales and a high profit item hurting their business. But don’t worry the government knows what’s best for you.

The 2016 Election

With all that is going on I thought maybe sharing some clear thoughts through this blog again might be worthwhile. So here goes.

First the post primary is shaping up exactly as some of us thought.  The press which loved covering Trump in a Republican Primary has turned loose on him. His days of good reporting are over and the drumbeat of how bad he is has began. It won’t end. To me the only question is how bad the outcome is. Congratulations Republican voters you nominated one of the few people that could not beat Hillary. The press helped you do it and I wonder if you realize that yet. What can Trump do now? Here’s some unsolicited advice:

First, shut up. Literally think before your mouth moves. You are Hillary’s best friend so far.

Cease, as in stop attacking popular Republicans like Governor Martinez in New Mexico. Are you serious attacking her? A popular woman, who is latino and the head of the Republican Governor’s association? What serious candidate would do that with the latino issues you already have? I know you are too arrogant to fix the issue, but you better find humility. Your enemy is Hillary, the liberals and the press. Not Governor Martinez.

Next a Muslim ban might be popular in the Republican Primary with it’s narrow voting bloc. You are going to be buried with it in the general election. Your “wall” is okay, but you went too far. Back up.

Want a way out? Here’s your way:

Change it to a call for a “Security Hold” on immigration “until” we can set a vetting process that we can live with. You see Donald words matter. Then say you have a team headed by someone like Tom Ridge ready to evaluate and provide recommendations following the election and you expect to have the new rules in place by inauguration day. You want a hold to assure America is safe.

Next, announce your immigration plan. Deporting twelve million people may be popular in a restricted primary. You are about to get buried on this with ads showing kids born here who will be separated from parents and grandparents that will bury you. Your new plan should be this. We have a legal immigration process that has people’s names on it who have applied. Those of you here illegally, you have six months to add your names if not already on it. You then will be allowed to stay as you await citizenship. But, you must register, not break any laws, pay taxes and be part of society. This approach should satisfy hard liners because we are not granting citizenship to those who entered illegally, and keep liberals quiet because we are not deporting and separating families. Let Hillary defend why this is harsh. You will win that battle. You can’t win defending your current position.

Realize the press and MSM are going to be one hundred per cent for Hillary. Want examples from today? Here are three things that unless you looked you didn’t hear on the MSM:

One day after the President said that ISIS was losing, the head of the CIA spoke to congress. Know what he said? That we have made no progress. Here’s the WSJ story:

President Obama emerged from a meeting with his national-security team on Tuesday to lecture Republicans for their moral failures. He also found time to mention that his antiterror strategy is “making significant progress” despite the attack in Orlando and that the Islamic State “is under more pressure than ever before.” So it fell to CIA Director John Brennan on Thursday to backfill the bad news that Mr. Obama didn’t mention.

Mr. Brennan told the Senate Intelligence Committee in his prepared remarks that ISIS remains “a formidable, resilient and largely cohesive enemy.” He observed that “our efforts have not reduced the group’s terrorism capability and global reach.”

So mull that over. After nearly two years of the U.S.-led campaign, Islamic State poses the same risk to civilians world-wide as it did before. “The group would have to suffer even heavier losses of territory, manpower and money for its terrorist capacity to decline significantly,” Mr. Brennan said.  Check out the full story here if you wish:

Mr Trump this is an issue you can attack if you can keep your ego intact and focus.

A second is that state department officials have signed a dissent on the President’s Syria policy. Did you hear that on the MSM? Here’s the opening line of that story: “At least 51 “mid-to-high-level State Department officials” have signed a dissent channel cable breaking with President Barack Obama’s policy on Syria and calling for US airstrikes on the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

Here’s the link on it for your review:

Mr. Trump a real issue for you to talk about.

One more. The DNC was hacked and the hacker released details of their plans to attack Trump. Did you hear about this one line in the DNC papers — they “will utilize reporters to drive a message” but do so “with no fingerprints” on the process so that the public believes the messages are coming from the reporters and not the campaign. Get that? Utilize their friendly reporters to attack and spread their negative message. Did you hear that on the MSM?

That’s enough for one day. You get the idea. The issues are there, the press will not report it and the candidate the Republicans have chosen is too busy with his ego. Bad days are ahead.


Watching The Media on Iraq and Wondering

So I am watching the media delight in asking the Republican candidates questions about the Iraq war and wanting them to concede that Bush was wrong. They are delighting in asking these questions, “knowing what we know now what” ….?  Here’s the answer the candidate should pound back.

First of all there would have been no debate on attacking Iraq if we did not have 9-11 and every intelligence agency in the world saying Saddam had nuclear weapons. There would have been no decision and thus your question is not relevant. Would you as a reporter been asking me about attacking Iraq if there were no weapons? You’re asking the wrong question to the wrong candidate. There’s a general consensus today, post script that we went in too soon, and left too early after the surge worked. So examine this:

Which current candidate was wrong on all three of those?

Who voted for the war, against the surge (because to would not work), and then to pull out too soon after it diid?

This candidate would have been wrong on all three according to the rules of the questions today. Right?

That person was Hillary Clinton. So now we should trust her judgement to run the country? On these three major issues according to the MSM she was wrong. If Bush’s brother is tainted by his decision to go in, how does Hillary’s being wrong three times qualify her for anything?

Maybe we need a reset button. That seemed to work with Russia.

Random and Quick Though

Holder and the administration finished their Ferguson review and they lead the MSM in their messaging and everyone falls in line. So they release their findings, which they promised would be justice when they began it and what happened? They cleared Officer Wilson completely. I read the full 86 page report and it one hundred per cent backed the Officer’s version of events. What did you hear about that the past two days? Little if anything because they immediately pivoted and accused the Ferguson Police Department of bias in their traffic stops and arrests. Is that true? I don’t know maybe it is, but we have to review their findings and how they reached their conclusions. What is not in doubt are these facts:

For three months we heard and had street riots about Officer Wilson killing Michael Brown. Who had his hands up. Murdered.

Al Sharpton, Holder and other leaders put forward a false narrative. The administration states in the report there was no “hands up”. Brown was charging Officer Wilson and had beaten on him earlier while Wilson sat in the car.

It was a lie put forth from the young man with Brown who was in the store video. He made it up for the media.

They then ran with it as fact, which if you saw the interview knew it wasn’t. This fallacy that caused untold turmoil is on par with Sharton’s Tawana Brawley hoax. He caused deaths, destruction and untold pain with a narrative he knew was false.

Did the media cover this yesterday? Isn’t this the big news after the summer we had? This is unforgivable.

Officer Wilson told the truth, the witnesses in the report all backed him completely. There were even witnesses who lied then admitted they did. Isn’t that newsworthy? Is Holder going to charge them? If Wilson lied he would have charged him, why not the same standard for everyone?

Where does Officer Wilson, his wife (who was also an officer) and their newborn child go now? Is anyone apologizing to them? Is anyone taking care of them?

I also heard the Brown family attorney (who I thought was reasonable) and his family post the report. They were angry and said they “expected this”. Hey this report was from the Obama administration and Eric Holder who supported you from day one. Time to open your eyes and realize where the blame was here. The Grand Jury and Justice Department have now both spoken.

Great job by the administration putting out a “racist police report” to cover the real facts that “hands up” was a lie and the officer simply did his job.

Last point here. To those congress members, sports athletes, and personalities who used hands up to show your support on TV and elsewhere, what now? Do you feel used by the lie? Do you want to apologize to the officer and his wife for costing them their jobs and futures? Or do you just feel justified because you are superior? What a disgrace, you helped divide the country on a lie.


Have you heard yet about Obama’s veto of the pipeline? 77% of America wants it. Media?

In 2016 we will have a Democrat Senate again and Harry Reid back as the leader, Why?

In 2016 there are 34 seats up for reelection. 24 are Republican. Many in blue states.

2016 is a Presidential year and all those straight Democratic voters will assure we get Reid back. Mark it down. If you want names I will in the future but here are two: Mark Kirk in Illinois and Pat Toomey in Pa. In an off year they can win, not when Hillary is leading the Dem ticket in those states.


The top seeds in the men bracket as I see it (today) : Kentucky, Virginia, Villanova, Duke.

Next four: Wisconsin, Arizona, Gonzaga, Wichita State.

Women: UConn, ND, SC, Maryland. Next four: Tennessee, Baylor, Florida State, and Oregon State

Note to Mets Fans: Love your enthusiasm and spirit. Some things you should think about:

You have the same ownership.

Yes you have pitching but along with that you need defense. Who on your starting infield is above average defensively?

And, you signed a RF in free agency and are moving him to LF. Not easy, plus you know he is deaf in his left ear right?

Ownership matters.

Some Random Thoughts On A Friday

Just some thoughts for a Friday:

Is the media biased? Well try this one on for size. How many of you reading this know that President Obama vetoed the Pipeline? If you didn’t know think about this. Over 77% of the American People are in favor of the pipeline. When else in your lifetime did a President veto something that 77% were in favor of and it got no coverage? If a conservative President had vetoed something like this how much noise would there be? The President and his team caved in to the environmental crowd and  no one called him on it.

A second example. Eric Holder’s office announced they are not bringing any charges in the Trayvon Martin case (George Zimmerman). Did you hear about that on the media? We heard all about the “White Hispanic” and how his racism led to the death of the young man. A jury said not guilty and Holder’s office took over to bring federal charges. The end result is after their review and attempt they announce no charges can be brought. Wait, you mean Zimmerman might have been telling the truth? Where does he and his family go to get their lives back? Why didn’t the media cover this?

Stock up and Stock down analysis on politics and basketball:

On the Republican candiates for president:

Stock Up: Governor Scott Walker, separating himself in the early gatherings. He may be too early. Senator Marco Rubio, has been strong, clear and a leader. Trying to recover his immigration flub from two years ago.  Carly Florina is making a name for herself as a strong woman with clear conservative views. May end being a VP candidate. Dr. Ben Carson, the only minority candidate who is clearly running and out front on the issues. Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisana. Very smart and articulate.

Stock Down: Governor Chris Christie. Fading fast as people no longer trust him. He could have been the leader now. Almost a non entity now.

The others are holding position. Bush has name, money and connections. That also is his problem. Huckabee is strong in Iowa and could use a win in that first gathering to propel himself.  Keep an eye on Rick Perry too. He has a great story from Texas to run and is much more prepared this time.

On basketball:

I see the top four seeds as of today as – Kentucky, Virginia, Villanova and Duke in that order. The closing rivalry games and tournaments can change things, but Kentucky and Virginia look like locks. Nova is very close as long as they advance in the Big East Tourney.

Two seeds are Gonzaga, Wisconsin, Arizona and Norte Dame right now.  Best bets to break in here are Kansas and Maryland pending tournaments.

Enjoy the weekend.

The ISIS Crisis

We have them on the run. They are advancing. They are no threat to the homeland. We arrested three ISIS members in Brooklyn last night. They are the JV. This is a real army and a real threat. So what is the truth? Why does the administration say one thing and others another? How do we confront this?

It all comes down to this. The Obama Administration is so anti conflict and they so badly want to be known as the ones who ended wars, that they took and continue to take a view of ISIS that is not good for us. On the other hand for those who want to rush our troops in I have a question. After you defeat them then what? I hoped you learned from Iraq, and realize you need a plan for after you win. Who governs? How? Will the people accept them? The military?

So my assessment on the ISIS Crisis is this. We are facing a group of people that want to kill you. They want your spouse dead, your kids heads cut off, your parents burned, and America in total destroyed. That is not going to change or go away. These people are committed to this cause and will be until they die. Our mission is to arrange their death. At some point in the future we have to face this. Like Hitler killing innocents you cannot appease them. They are not interested, They want you dead.

What should we be doing? It’s a little thing called leadership. That’s our role in the world today. Lead. Stand for what is right and just.  The problem is Obama is so anti military he is failing in his role as the world leader. He should be leading the world to fight ISIS. He should be organizing a united worldwide front. From France and Britain to the middle eastern countries to Africa and the Pacific. ISIS is the enemy of all and wants them dead. They all know it. Obama needs to be the leader in getting the world to stand as one and go together to help ISIS meet it’s maker.

Think Gulf War 1 and how Bush Sr. organized the world to get Iraq out of Kuwait. We went as the world against Saddam Hussein and his invasion. We defined the mission as getting Iraq out of Kuwait. We pushed them back to the border in days and restored the Kuwait government and the mission was done. Obama needs to organize a ready and willing world to get ISIS. There is no enemy in this mission outside ISIS. The world is threatented and we the world must go as one to solve this. Not the U.S. alone and not us telling ourselves we are winning while it is easy to see we aren’t and people are dying. We need to lead in bringing the world together as one to accomplish this mission. The longer we fail to lead the bigger the danger and the more people are slaughtered. We will have to do it, so sooner is better.

The world is ready. The American people are ready. All we need is a leader, Mr President are you up to this or do we have to see more innocent heads cut off, people burned in cages and slaughtered for their religion? Do we have to wait until we are attacked too? Mr President, America at its best leads the world in just causes. It’s time, we’re ready for our best.

Hey Governor Malloy

Governor I just had lunch with some others and a thought hit me.

The luncheon bill was $75.00

I used my Cash Back Mastercard (you know the one that pays 1% at purchase and another 1% at payment)

So I earned a .15 cents rebate.

That’s the same rebate you are offering on $100.00 by “lowering” the sales tax (that you raised from 6%) to 6.2% from 6.35%.

Imagine that. (And Mastercard didn’t raise my rate to lower it)

It got me to thinking again. Maybe if you gave everyone in government a Mastercard Cash Rebate Card for free and cancelled the American Express that you pay a fee for — well we could raise money easily.

Then if we could change our people support programs to pay with the Mastercard instead of vouchers or checks — well who knows how much we could raise. After all .15 cents is a big cut — Right?

Just trying to help Governor. I know this deficit came out of no where after the November election and creative thought is needed.

For The Met Fan

This one is for the Mets fans out there. They begin spring training with much hope, optimism and dreams of a playoff year. Is it realistic? Let me lay out some sobering thoughts and what might have beens.

First, this is not the year. There is promise with a young pitching staff but they are a year away. Matt Harvey needs time to get back to where he was. He will get there, but it will take half a season. With Jacob DeGrom you caught lightening in a bottle last year. Sophomore seasons have a way of bringing people to reality. Now the guy I expect to shine and star is Matt Wheeler. He has paid his dues, seen greatness and wants it. He has matured and this is his breakout year. Starter four, Johnaton Niese is a pitch away from the disabled list. They couldn’t trade him this off season because teams know he went down the past three years with the shoulder. He won’t make a full season. Bartolo Colon is what he is. At some point age and weight will bring him down. They are hoping he makes it half way and someone wants him n July. Big bet ($11M to be exact). Dillon Gee is a good one to have around and should be there until the summer too. At that point they go to the minors and bring up the next generation and someone will want him. The bullpen is young with hard throwers. They need to fit into the right roles and it will take Terry two months to figure it out. Just watch.

The pitching is good, trending toward great, but they are a year away.

Now where did Sandy go wrong. Here it is.

He knew from day one this was a rebuild and there were no funds. He made two great moves in trading Beltran and getting Wheeler. Then he traded Dickey for Travis D. and Noah. Excellent moves trading veterans to get youth and promise. That’s how you rebuild. Very impressive.

So why did he let Reyes walk and not trade him? He knew it was a rebuild. A very bad decision that cost him a shot at a young hitter that might be MLB ready today. This is unforgivable. You are either rebuilding or not. If you are you don’t lose a star to free agency. You get value for him.

Bad move two has been his free agent signings. Why would you sign a 32 year old Curtis Granderson to a four year contract?  In the non steroid era you don’t sign older players on the downside. Wasted dollars. Why would you sign Michael Cuddyer at age 36? Why do you think he is going to star at an age careers end today? Why would you give a declining David Wright a 7 year contract at 31 if you are cash strapped? Why would you spend on a 40 year old pitcher like Bartolo Colon? If it’s about winning and you have limited money with some top notch young pitchers what kind of strategy is this?

What should he have done? Adjust to the game as it is today. Great moves on the pitching, but you should have spent the dollars you did on three older players in another way. Let’s remove Wright because they wanted him as the face of the Mets, but on Granderson, Cuddyer and Colon they spent $100M. Really? Is that how you you do it? No it isn’t. How? In the free agent international market especially on three Cuban players who were there for the taking. Think Abreu on the White Sox now and last year was a home run machine. Think Tomas who we begged you to pursue last year and is going to be the majors this year. Imagine some young hitters to join the young pitchers all with upside. Imagine spending the limited money you had not on washed up players but stars to be. How good would next year look? By the way these two would have cost far less and you could pursued the Korean SS, or Moncada who signed with the Red Sox today for $31.5.

Sandy your free agent moves have been horrendous from relief pitchers to position players. Your trades of veterans for youth have been great. Stop with the older player signings and seek youth. It’s a young man’s game again with the roids gone. Get with it.

So Met fans you’re a year away from contending. Don’t be fooled. How good next year is depends on what they get for Gee and Colon. How quickly Conotro (#1 draft choice last year) and Nimmo develop. If you can move Murphy for a young player, and let Flores play second and develop while you get a shortstop. You see you have pitching and pitching wins. But you need defense and Sandy right now you have the worst defensive infield in baseball.

Work to do.

Blogging A

After a lull I feel I need to get my frustrations out again, so back to my blog. Three issues just bugging me. A federal, a state and a sports one. So let’s go.

Guilani makes a statement and the liberal press goes crazy. Now I don’t know if Obama loves America or not. I do know he came into office wanting to change America as we knew it. I knew his wife said when he was elected it was the first time she was proud of America. I know I have been proud of my country far more often than that. So maybe our values are just different and what we are proud of differs. Maybe he is not proud of the America I love and maybe I am not proud of the America he wants. You know what I wonder? If he were not a Democrat would he be President? The way people vote is my frustration. They don’t know the issues and pull a lever for party and increasingly the fringe elements are controlling the process. Very dangerous.

My frustration with the state government is now beyond healthy. The people in my state reelected their Democrat governor simply because he was a Democrat and ran a dirty anti opponent campaign. In the first term he raised taxes to record levels and in his second campaign talked about how he saved the state. Two months after election he has budget issues. He craftly proposes a budget that he calls a “sales tax cut” and the liberal press goes along. They fool people into thinking it is a cut. Here are the facts:

– The rate today is 6.35%

– It was 6.00% was he was elected. So he raised the rate.

– He proposes cutting it to 6.2% this year.

Can you first believe after raising it he now tells the citizens he is cutting their rate and people think he is?

Now think about this. You buy $100 worth of something today and you pay $106.35. Under the cut you will pay $106.20. You save .15 cents. Let’s forget for  a second it would have been  $105.95 when he took office. As part of this cut he is eliminating the no tax on any clothing for $50.00 or less. Eliminating it. Now does any reasonable thinking sane person think that this will save them money? This is a tax increase he told the press and people was a tax cut and the they ran with it. Are people really that dense? On that $50.00 purchase you just added $3.25.

His argument was that it will save you a lot on the big items. Really? To offset the $50.00 tax free loss? Let’s see I buy something for $4,000 and I save $6. Since most people spend at that level infrequently are you telling me I won’t be buying clothes in that time that I save $3.25 each purchase on? Two items and I am still ahead. How dumb are people and how liberal is the press to go along with this as a tax cut? Oh yea don’t forget Democrats and liberals are for the poor people.

One more aspect. He proposes in the future (2017 maybe) to reduce the sales tax to 5.95%. Like Obamacare where we pay after he leaves office, he is going to lower the rate again as he leaves. Except it will never happen. You see Governor people and businesses are not moving into our state as they did in 80’s and early 90’s when we were a low tax haven. Check the stats Governor, we are leading the people exccesses from the state because personal taxes, estate taxes and business taxes are now so high they need to leave. You are not going to grow revenue to cut a tax, you need to stop spending.

Now my sports peeve. Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees are pressuring him on where to speak, when too, and turned their back on him at every turn. You know what bugs me? They are as guilty as him. When they signed him the first they knew he was on the roids. When they signed him the second time for 10 years (until age 43) they knew he was on the drugs. That’s why they signed him. Now they want to act high and mighty. How are they allowed to get away with this? Why didn’t they sign Cano last year? He wanted ten years and in the non steroid era they know a career is over my the mid 30″s, just the way it used to be. Now they are holier than thou. You knew what Rodriguez was doing, as you knew what Gambi was doing when you signed him, and Clemens, and CC and …….. You know it all, cut the junk now.

More to come.

The Great Divide

There are some days when simple issues point out the great divide in our country and make you wonder what the future will be. Here are a few short ones from today:

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that a town in New York can begin their meeting with a prayer. The five justices voting yes were Reagan and Bush appointees. The four voting no were Clinton and Obama appointees. There folks is the divide in our nation and how far apart the philosophies are.  The next President will likely appoint two or more justices and what kind of country we become rests on who that person is.

Example two is Condelezza Rice canceling her graduation address at Rutgers. There was a vocal group led by a professor and some activist students that didn’t want her because of her views and role in the Bush administration. Now think about that. Where was the counter up cry to allow a loyal service orientated American citizen the right to speak? Where were the women’s groups protecting her right to speak? Where were the black groups decrying the protest? They didn’t exist and she graciously backed out. Yet liberal feminist “over throw” the government types are welcomed. So I guess being a minority or woman only counts if you are liberal.

Which raises the next question. Would Hillary Clinton be welcome? My guess as I sure yours is that she would. Yet Hillary voted for the same Iraq War that the Rutgers crew based their decision to protest Rice on. It may not be well known but Senator Clinton voted for war based upon the same CIA intelligence that Rice had, which was Iraq had WMD. Why would Hillary be welcome?

One more thing on Hillary, it is becoming more apparent that on September 11, 2012 she was aware there was no spontenous video protest outside the embassy in Benghazi on this anniversary of the World Trade Center bombing and that it was a terrorist plot. Yet days later when she met the bodies and their families she blamed the video again. Is this the leadership we seek, politics over dead loyal public servants? We get what we deserve.

Part 2: Why Republican Leaders Are Dumb

Yesterday I explained how the leadership focused on exactly the wrong areas with the ACA and set themselves up to lose. Today let me offer part two, looking at the broken budgetary process in Washington.

So this week Paul Ryan and the great Republican leadership offered once again a budget for the government. You are all familiar with this, it is the one the Democrats attack viciously (in fact Obama did last night in a speech) and the main stream media uses it to point out the heartless Republicans. Now think about this. The Republicans owe one half (the house) of one third of the government. One half of one third. What budget is out there every year for ridicule? The Republican Ryan budget. Why is that?

The answer is the Senate under Harry Reid just doesn’t do one. In the years of the Obama presidency they have done one. Instead they take the Ryan budget and destroy the Republicans as the party of “no” and, look at how they want to “hurt” people. Thus the President and the Democratic leaders spend months attacking the Ryan budget making the Republicans look bad.

Why does the leadership of the Republican party come back each year for more? I guess they think they are being “fiscally responsible”. Well how has that worked out for you? You own one half of one third of government and you allow the other party to destroy you and paint you into a corner and not do a budget at all. Did you ever hear of market research? Try it. You will find out people know nothing about your budget except you want to take away from them. Then ask if they know Democrats have no budget and haven’t done their job. What you find is that they know you don’t care and nothing about the lack of budgets from others.  It is failed leadership.

Either stop putting budgets out that you end up having to defend charges and look bad; or get aggressive and back the other guys up for their failure and spending. Your 2014 budget calls for $2.8 trillion in spending. Obama’s was $3.9 trillion. The Senate doesn’t have one. If you are going to put budgets out how about less defense and more offense? If you can’t win the PR battle then why are you with one half of one third of the government always on the defensive and losing ground on the issue? Stop playing to lose and try planning to win.

Just plain dumb, plain dumb.

Why Republican Leadership is Dumb

Here’s the perfect example on why Republican leadership is lost and cannot lead the party back. To win at any argument you need facts and you need to frame the argument for those facts. With the Affordable Care Act the Republican Leadership took a winning argument and framed the facts exactly the opposite they should have. Let me explain.

They made every argument about the website and the number of signups the administration promised. Are they really that inept? That out of touch? That clueless?

First of all, they knew that companies and people would be losing coverage because of the act. Well here’s a message for you. People like me are responsible citizens who are concerned about their future. If we lose coverage we are going to find it somewhere else. When you made the argument that seven million wouldn’t sign up what were you thinking? Didn’t you realize working citizens take responsibility? Lucky for you the President cancelled the corporate mandate or even more would have signed up.

Then you walked around talking about the mismanaged website as if in this age of technology it wouldn’t be fixed. What were you thinking? Do you even know what companies do today?

So you focused on the web and signups, the two areas the administration could deliver on. What should you have been talking about? You should have been 100% focused on:

– The ACA was created to insure the 40 Million people who had no coverage. Where are we with the 40 million? You should (and have been) talking 40 million in every conversation and every time the main stream media said 7 million, you say “wait this was designed to insure 40 million not 7″.

– Next ask where the average families $2,500.00 savings are. That was a major promise. Look into the camera ask people “where is your $2,500 savings, have you seen it”? They lied, make them pay.

– Pelosi and her leadership said “you have to pass it to know what’s in it”. Now that they passed it America are you satisfied? They certainly aren’t having made 38 changes on their own without any approval. Ask the people do you think that “maybe next time we should read and understand it”?

– They also said you can keep your doctor, your plan and save. Point that out so they look like the fools they make you look like. “So we were going to insure 40 million more people, most at no charge and save each family $2,500.00″. How did they propose to do this? it can’t be done, they lied.

Yet Republican leadership is so failing they choose to focus not on the 40 million they promised to insure, or the family savings of $2,500, and disruption in doctor, hospitals or services: but instead on a web site and the administration number of 7 million. Simply makes no sense.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and team claim victory today because 7.1 million signed up. The fact that 4 million of them probably lost their insurance because of the ACA and were responsible citizens is lost. The fact that almost no one is saving $2,500 is ignored. The fact they won’t tell us how many signed up for free coverage is not noted. The fact that 40 million may still be uninsured is not talked about is all because opposition leadership has no clue how to frame a winning argument. Ask yourself after all this what progress was made for the uninsured which was what this about?

Next? National Health Insurance is here to stay. Like Social Security and Medicare it will become part of the fabric and in the future any talk of changing it will lead to instant defeat. Will Republican Leadership have the sense to seize the moment and gain credit for fixing it? No, what they’ll do is continue talking about repeal until they get voted out again.

Dumb, just plain dumb.

Fair Share

I had a conversation with my Mom today that got me thinking about all the “fair share” talk and who should pay what that we hear so much out the liberals in Washington and NYC now with the new mayor. You see my 88 year old Mom was telling me about her heat bill and how it was over $200.00 this month. She was concerned about the high costs and it got me to thinking like a liberal Democrat. Let me explain.

My Mom is all of 4 feet 10 inches. She is paying the same heat bill as others, but heat rises and taller people use more heat than her. That is not fair. She is paying more than her fair share in this case. She doesn’t use all the heat that rises to 8 and 10 foot ceilings. Should we have a sliding scale of heat payments? For shorter people like her there should be a reduced rate.  We should scale heat costs up for those 5′ 5″ and then again for those 6″ and then higher for those who are 6’5″ and finally those 7″ feet should pay a higher rate. I mean it’s only fair a 7 foot person is using heat 70% greater than my Mom.

I mean it only seems fair that taller people should pay more since they require and use more. I am finally understanding this whole fair share thing. Let’s get my Mom this break she deserves and needs. Pass this on to your representative and help me spread the fair share word.

Detroit Now What and Why?

The cry to bail out or save Detroit is underway. It will certainly escalate in the days, weeks and months ahead. Follow the discussion for fun. The city is $18+ billion in the hole ($3.5 billion negative in pension obligations). President Obama and VP Biden promised they would never let it go under, so let’s see how the MSM covers this. I want to address a different aspect of the story. How did it get here?

I think the situation in Detroit is a result of how governments run and why we need a new approach. When things are good , the local officials love spending the dollars. The union officials yell for their share. Every program is a good one. They all act as if the good times will roll on forever. No one prepares for the bumps in the road that come evidently. Government doesn’t do the basics that your parents taught you — prepare for a rainy day.

So Detroit spent, and spent, and spent as if it would always be rolling in. When it started slowing down they just drafted rosy scenarios and  budgets. An example,  their current pension funds are based on an 8% expected return. Wouldn’t you like that on your bank accounts?

As its population declined 39% (to 715,000 from 1.850,000 in 1950), crime increased, and the car business went into disarray Detroit spent itself into an $18+ billion dollar debt.

Okay why?

Government spends whatever it collects as if it is going to last like that forever.

Government creates programs but when did you ever hear of government canceling programs?

So in heady times as the money flows you spend and spend, increase programs, add to pensions, create new ones.

When rainy days come they borrow to cover the programs, or utilize rosy projections.

Sooner or later you hit a day of reckoning. Detroit just did. Americas day is coming.

The best way to explain it is this. When government has a surplus in good times there are three choices.

1. Create new programs and spend the money

2. Save the excess in a rainy day fund to prepare for the eventual downturn (and seek savings where you can since jobs are available)

3  Actually return the excess to the tax payer who you over charged because you had more than what you needed to run the government.

Guess which one Detroit chose? Guess which one our state government choses? Guess what the federal government does? Think what you do with your budget. Shouldn’t government do what you do?

Post Trial Verdict

Okay so the President has injected himself in the Martin/Zimmerman case and the media has new life to cover the story as a racial one. From what I see now the narrative is the jury was wrong. The stand your ground law must be repealed. We must stop profiling. America is racist. The President said this “could have been him 35 years ago”. So let’s look at this.

First Mr. President what were you doing 35 years ago? Are those stories of drug use and being stoned out all through college true? If you were walking the streets in a haze, you may have done something to make people wonder as you approached their open doors causing them to lock them.

Next Mr. President, I grew up in Brooklyn. I can recall twice being stopped by police in the schoolyard across from my house. Once was because someone had broken into the school and here I came motoring through the school yard. The second time was a drug crackdown in the yard. I can tell you now in neither case did I consider it wrong, challenge the police, or yell profiling. In fact as funny as this must sound I was actually happy the police were doing their job. I had done nothing wrong and was hoping they would find those who were. I was always for the law abiding citizen and protecting the innocent. I wonder if you understand me.

Now the case in Sanford. It is tragic that a young man died. Tragic that his family has to go through this. It is tragic that the Zimmerman family cannot live their lives. If everyone really wants to solve the issue let’s get to the real cause. It was not Stand Your Ground, the defense wasn’t even used in this case. It is a smoke screen. Go back to the cause. Why was a neighborhood watch necessary? 

Aren’t hard working law abiding citizens entitled to live their years in peace and safety? There was a watch set up because this became an issue. People were afraid to walk their streets, go shopping and stay in their homes. Criminals were taking away their safety and making them feel threatened. The fact that the criminals appeared to be young and hid under hoodies led to this tragedy. How about identifying the root cause and solving that issue, Martin would be alive and the Zimmermans living their formerly productive lives. 

One last thing on the post verdict. Mr President you are President of the whole country and responsible for our laws and system. We had a more than fair trail and a jury spoke. They spoke quickly and unanimously. In fact until you got involved the first time there wasn’t even going to be a trial. Your job is to support our system and advance our nation not raise doubts over it. This outcome of this case was never really in doubt. 

As for the main stream media. What a joke. From NBC changing the tapes to make Zimmerman appear racist to labeling him white and not knowing how to backtrack that is just a travesty. A man who registered himself “hispanic” then became a “white hispanic” because clearly according to the MSM only a white person could be racist. Doesn’t that make them racist?

How many former productive lives have been ruined since you, Mr President, forced the DOJ to get involved? From Sanford police and government workers, to the Zimemrmans themselves, how many good law abiding citizens have been impacted? Why? Because young hoodlums were terrifying a neighborhood and good citizens tried to protect themselves. 

Sequester Straight Talk

So what is all this “Sequester” talk and what does it mean. Here are some simple facts.

The sequester came about because before the election both sides could not agree on how to attack the deficit.

Rather than deal with the issue then (Rep “no tax increases”, Dem “Raise taxes on the rich”) they agreed to automatic cuts if by Jan 1 they did not resolve.

On Jan 1 as you may recall there was no agreement and Republicans gave in to the pressure of rescinding the Bush cuts on those earning $400,000 and above

The cuts were delayed until March 1 so they could agree.

Here we are on March 1 and no agreement. Obama wants another $680 billion tax increase and the Republicans are saying “you got the taxes in Jan this is about the cuts”. With no agreement the automatic cuts kick in.

So that’s how we got here. Now let’s define “cuts”.

Cuts in Washington does not mean spending less than last year. It means a reduction in the increased spending planned.

Let me say that one more time clearly. Government spending is going up, this cut (2.4%) is in the increase, it is not a reduction from last year.

The administration has claimed planes won’t fly, ships won’t sail, jobs will be lost, prisoners will be freed, etc etc etc. All that on on a 2% cut in a $3.55 Trillion Dollar Budget.

Now think about this. Every working American was hit with a 2% tax increase January 1 — every. You figured it out in your personal budget didn’t you? Now don’t you expect your government to figure it out too — especially since your cut was real and this is off a larger increase?

Pretty simple isn’t it? We have a $16.7 trillion budget deficit that we are paying interest on. We are borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend. We need to get the budget under control. Is 2.4% off the increased budget too much to ask?

Nancy Pelosi speaking for the Democrats said we “don’t have a spending problem”. Do you agree?

Do you think the answer is to raise more taxes? On January 1 we raised every working American by 2%. We took the Bush tax cuts away from “the rich” and we added a 3.8% healthcare tax “to the rich”. Do you want to add more taxes or is a 2.4% spending cut okay now?

Your choice, our country and our children’t future. In my opinion we would never borrow money in our personal lives to leave our children to pay later. Yet that is what the government is doing with 40 cents on every dollar they spend. I worry about what we doing to their futures.

Governor Christie

So Governor Christie and the Press take off on the Republicans and congress because they did not pass the hurricane Sandy relief bill. Why did they hold off? How come the media never covers that part? The answer is they want to help the Sandy victims but the bill has Billions added to it for non related things. Does anyone say that or cover it? Does anyone realize we passed a tax increase this week and ADDED to the debt? What you say? Yes we added to it because the bill had MORE SPENDING THAN THE TAX INCREASE THAT WAS IN IT. Does the President, his supporters and the press know we have a 16.5 trillion dollar debt that we are adding a trillion a year to? The federal government borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends and when some try to curb spending they are attacked. That is the road to Greece. It is exactly how Greece got to where it is. They refused to stop anything and added more until their currency was worth nothing. Is that the legacy we want to pass to our children? In the pursuit of giving you everything and not denying ourselves anything we bankrupted your future. Great job.

Here is a partial list what was added to the 62 billion Sandy relief bill. You tell me how this helps those impacted by the storm.


Here are some of the items included in the Hurricane Sandy aid package that critics object to. Supporters say many of the appropriations are necessary to respond to disasters, though some are unrelated to the storm:

 $150 million for fisheries in Alaska.

 $2 million to fix museum roofs in Washington.

 $20 million for watershed restoration in response to wildfires in Colorado.

 $1 million for the Legal Services Corporation.

 $56.8 million for tsunami marine debris remediation.

 $5 million for Corps of Engineers investigations unrelated to the hurricane.

 $499 million in Corps of Engineers construction funds for disasters occurring before the storm.

$578 million for flood-control mitigation projects by the corps unrelated to the storm.

$28 million for watershed protection activities unrelated to the storm.

$4 million to the F.B.I. to replace vehicles, office equipment and furniture.

$1 million for the Drug Enforcement Administration to replace 15 vehicles and equipment.

$230,000 to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to replace three vehicles and furniture.

$15 million for construction at NASA facilities, including restoration of sand berms.

$855,000 to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to replace vehicles.

$300,000 for the Secret Service to replace vehicles and communications equipment.

$50 million for National Park Service historic preservation activities.

$150 million for the Interior Department to create a fund that may be used for restoration at national parks and refuges affected by disasters.

$2 billion in Community Development Block Grant funds reserved exclusively for activities related to the mitigation of future disasters.



The Day After

A resounding night for the Democrats and a clear victory. The electoral count which was always the issue was as wide as anyone predicated. They picked up seats  in the senate and it’s only the house that provides a dissenting voice. We end up where we started, a Democratic President and Senate and Republican House. So now what?

Time for the Republicans to get the message and decide what they stand for. Are they going to stick to the issues that are driving them down or adjust to the knowledge the face of America tomorrow looks different. Here’s my free advice:

John Boehner, Paul Ryan and the house, stop issuing budgets. For three years you have put budgets up for a house vote that the President and Senate took apart as cruel. You lost. The President owes the country a budget. Shut up and let him and Harry Reid define their budget. The President’s budget was voted down 98-0 the last two years, but more people know about your “cruel Budget cuts” than that. You can’t lead from the house and the people have spoken. Let’s see the President’s budget. Let him put it out and you share it with the people and react to it.

On moral issues, we’re done. We now stand for personal morals but we are not passing our beliefs to others. We believe abortion should be rare and we would not do it, but each person makes their own decision. We believe personally that marriage is between a man and a woman but we do not stop others who have different views. If the churches (especially the Catholic Church) has an issue with that — too bad. We stood for your values but as a church you did not stand with us. You do your job and we’ll do ours.

The implications of last night:

Obamacare is here to stay. Watch closely as it unfolds. I think many companies will drop coverage and pay the fine. Companies are about saving money and the fines are less expensive. Watch as millions are added to the system how it effects care. Watch reactions as taxes begin to hit.

The fiscal cliff. Taxes rise in January and I assume the Democrats will want more. How much will they propose? Will they offer any cuts? Where is the budget deficit going to go? If we don’t address this in four years we will be Greece. Mr President this needs leadership now, our future is at stake.

The Supreme Court: My guess is conservative judges will try to hold on. Any openings will turn the court a sharp left.

Chris Christie is toast to me. I was a fan and wanted him to run, but he is forever done with me. He sold out at the convention and didn’t deliver the keynote that he was supposed to. His actions with the President last week were shocking. When 16% of the people say Hurricane Sandy effected their vote (FoxNews Poll), it tells you all you need to know. Christie played the speech and hurricane to show how he was bi-partisan. Well for me at least he played himself out of my support forever. He bet the Democrats would appreciate what he did, well I have news Governor. They are not voting for you in 2014. They will vote you out and you alienated your base. Think about your next career.

Tom Akin in Missouri, you are not only dumb for what you said, but selfish. Your political career is done and your selfishness took away a key seat.

Mitt Romney, thank you. You were gracious and represented us well. I believe you would have been a great President and this country would have benefited from your leadership. I am sorry our system is so unbalanced that people can get away with attacking your successful business career, try to say you caused a women’s death, had no principles and called you more names than a decent God loving man should have to endure. Know that there are many like me who appreciate who you are, what you have accomplished and how well you handled yourself.

The Main Stream Media is a disgrace. In the months ahead as we face fiscal challenges, the Libya review, and entitlement decisions it will be interesting to watch your spin. You should know that Americans like me place no value or credibility in anything you say. Your bias is incredible and I think you know it.

We are now the loyal opposition. Others were chosen to lead. We look forward to seeing you do so and to stop blaming Bush and attacking us. Lead, make our country respected again globally, great at home and bring us together. Do what you promised.