The Final Debate…

the final debate

The third debate was what the first two should have been. The shame is it wasn’t, and we will never have the discussion on the economy, taxes and foreign policy we should have. The loser in that is the American People and in this election, the President.

Having dug himself a huge hole after debate one and then instinctively (incorrectly in my opinion) cancelling debate two, the President needed a big night. He had a good night, but I don’t think it was big enough to make up debate one.

Now here’s one more thought.
I don’t think the President was accurately prepared again. With all he had riding on the night, he should have taken the time to get his facts lined up. VP Biden took five days, the President did rallies to try and show a difference.
Here are some examples that would have been top of mind if he had prepared:
On healthcare, why didn’t the President look into the camera and ask if people believe Joe Biden on the issue? Isn’t he the person who promised you that costs for your family would drop $2,500 a family? They rose double that. Now he has the answer?
He said no one lost their healthcare — America fact check that.
On China, why wasn’t the President prepared to point out all the jobs that left the U.S. under Biden’s watch and that came back in the last three years?
Ask the American people if the person that created the problem is now the solution?
There was so many chances the President missed on simple examples like this.

What now?
As we have said before it takes a day or two for the debate results to catch up to what actually happened. If I were managing the President’s campaign I would be focused on fact checks today. Biden presented many, and they need to be out there first with their list. Examples:
Fracking. Show the video. He said more than once he would stop it.
Calling people “Predators.” It’s there for the seeing.
Biden said illegal border crossers show up for their hearing. 90% don’t.
He said he had a Republican Congress, that’s why he couldn’t fix the crime bill.
Not true. In years one and two they had a veto proof Democratic congress. (Remember the push to get Obamacare through?)

So go on the attack. They are behind and need to make up ground. If this makes headway, expand it. It’s part of Biden’s style to misspeak. Remember his stories on his college ranking? His arrest supporting Mandela? The black college he said he attended? The minority church he said he was a member of?

Go on the attack with the oil industry. The Biden team is already playing defense trying to walk back the statement. Now they are saying he was referring to ending oil subsidies. This is a major issue.

Add it all up, and now we should take his word that the computer, the emails, the texts and former CEO’s words are all lies and planted? Let’s prove once and for all, is the computer and contents real or Russian intelligence?
And the failure of the MSM to cover this is a threat to our freedom. It is beyond explanation and the excuse of unsubstantiated is a joke. They covered the Russian Collusion for three years and it was a total lie.

I am going to write a book about this election and title it:
The Election The MSM Stole.

Okay, let’s see what the polls say.

have a great day.

All About The Debate…

today is all about the debate

We’ll have limited comments today as tonight’s debate is what the day is about.
We promise tomorrow AM to have our clear analysis.
In debate one we told you the President blew the night and likely the election by his demeanor.
In the VP debate we told you that VP Pence stopped the bleeding and clearly defeated Senator Harris.
The stakes tonight are big.
The President needs a dominant performance. VP Biden needs to hold his own.

One thing on the current scandal

I will say, again, we are at a dangerous moment in our history. When the old media like the NYT and ABC as well as the new Social Media leaders like Facebook and Twitter deny coverage of a story, our freedom is at risk.

There is far more evidence of truth to this Biden computer story than there was to the Russian Collusion. Far more to this than the President over the graves story.
Yet, two weeks in and they continue to not cover it. How is that possible, and how do the American people allow that?

Well there are two things in this morning’s NY Post that I am attaching a link to that I urge you to read.

The column is by Michael Goodwin who reports on a statement and comments from Tony Bobulinski who was a partner with Hunter Biden and a participant of the email with the designation “Big Guy.” He knows who that is.
Bobulinski, a military veteran from a military family, is the CEO of partnership company for China and the Biden family.
Here is the links to Goodwin’s story with Bobulinski’s statement at the bottom. I would urge you to read it. Then ask yourself is this at least worth reporting?

amy coney barrett today

Really, the Democrats are boycotting the hearing today to vote on her?

Really, Chuck Schumer spoke to Dianne Feinstein to reprimand her for being friendly to Lindsey Graham after the session?
The same Diane Feinstein who started the whole “dogma” thing?

have a great day and enjoy the debate tonight!

Giving Up Days…

man standing on stage

why would you give up a week

Watching the President hold his rallies, often twice a day, it still shocks that VP Biden would have only one event in six days.
I think the polls are going to show additional tightening because of it, as Biden’s lead continues to narrow.

36 million have voted and now the debate

The President has blown the first two debates. He derailed his campaign with his demeanor in the first one.
He cancelled the second, because of the virtual nature, when he needed it.
This third one is his last chance.
He better be preparing and going over every detail, because his opponent has certainly done that. Biden knows, a strong performance and he can think about the color scheme he wants in the oval office. He will be ready. The President has to be prepared to counter and articulate facts. Is he preparing? Who knows.

this campaign has been so void of issues

This campaign has been so void of the issues. It has been noisy and full of charges of all types, but how many can relate to the issues?
Yesterday at his Erie, PA rally the President did the job of the media. He had giant screens and played VP Biden and Senator Harris saying over and over they were going to stop fracking (in fact Harris said on “day one.”)
Of course now in the general election, they are not going to stop it and Biden said the President was lying about his position.
I ask you, are Biden and Harris for or against fracking?

Let’s talk taxes. This impacts us all. Do you know the candidates plans? You know the President wants to lower taxes and Biden raise them. What does raising them mean? Here’s some information:

  1. Raising the top marginal individual income tax rate to 39.6 percent.
  2. Creating a payroll tax “donut hole” where the Social Security tax (13.4% increase, 6.2 % each for employer and employee), currently imposed on the first $137,700 of wage income will be restored above $400,000 of income. How long do you think that will last before it is narrowed more?
  3. Restoring the so-called Pease Limitation which reduces the value of itemized deductions by 3 percent of every dollar of taxable income above a certain threshold.
  4. The estate tax exemption would drop by about 50%.
  5. The corporate rate would rise from 21% to 28%.
  6. The maximum Child and Dependent Tax Credit would rise from $3,000 to $8,000 ($16,000 for more than one dependent.)
  7. Tax relief would be offered for student debt forgiveness and the first-time homebuyers credit would be restored.
  8. The unclear element is how high taxes will be on capital gains and dividends. There were reports that these limits would be equal to your income levels. In a real issue campaign this would be discussed and we would know.

    I think the best comment on taxes came from rapper 50 Cent when he saw taxes in NY would be 62% under this plan. He said he was out and moving elsewhere, and then endorsed Donald Trump by saying:
    “I Don’t Want To Be 20 Cent.”

the fbi and doj say no

The FBI and DOJ backed the words of DNI head John Ratcliff that there is no Russian involvement in the Hunter Biden computer issue.
Think about that. The MSM is running with the Adam Schiff lie that this is Russian led, thus they refuse to cover it; while social media denies allowing any story on their platforms.
Despite these statements nothing changed and ABC, with zero coverage to date, continues down that path. Twitter and Facebook continue to lock out the story.

In my opinion the press and social media press need to go back to school and retake the courses on free speech, open press and their obligations.

the supreme court

Tomorrow we are back to the Amy Coney Barrett hearings. Meanwhile the Supreme Court voted 4-4 this week to allow (a tie vote upholds the lower court ruling) mailed in ballots to be counted up to three days after the election.
Now in the past when I voted absentee I knew my ballot needed to be in their hands on election day. Now we allow three days, while other states like Michigan wanted fourteen days (for Pony Express delivery I guess).
Now you can argue about the three days, but the other provision in the PA decision bothered me.
The court said you can count the ballot even if there is no clear postmark! Now doesn’t that leave some room for fraud?
The 4-4 vote saw Chief Justice Roberts join the three liberal judges again.
So when you hear this new court will be 6-3, don’t believe it. John Roberts has proven over and over he is not one of the six.

have a great day

Let’s See…

flag of america

On My Mind with two weeks to go:

The Post Office

I was out yesterday driving to drop my off my ballot, and the thought of the 31 million who have already voted crossed my mind.
Then a thought hit me.

Remember all that noise the Democrats made about the post office and their inability to handle anything this election year? What happened? I haven’t heard a word about it since, and didn’t they say the Post Office needed $25 Billion more dollars or they couldn’t function? It was all over the news for weeks.
Now, the Postmaster General said they were fine and this was a nothing issue. Who was right?
Does anyone now hold those in congress who made all that noise for weeks responsible? Does the MSM take back all their charges?

How many times can the American people be treated as fools before they awaken?

The biden schedule and the president

In what universe does a candidate take off 5 of 6 days with two weeks and three days to go? Beginning this past Saturday until the debate Thursday that is the Biden plan. How is that possible?

As remarkable as that is how can the MSM not be making an issue of this?
Now why would VP Biden be off the trail?
I can only think of three reasons:

1. He needs the time to prep for the debate.
If that’s true he’s not fit to be President after 47 years in D.C.
2. He needs the rest.
If that’s true he’s not fit to be President.
3. He wants to avoid questions about Hunter’s laptop and his involvement.
If that’s true he’s in big trouble.

Now there is another thought that goes like this.
Let the President go out there all day and night and talk. He will talk people out of voting for him, like attacking Dr. Fauci yesterday. You see, the President will say something, the media will run with it, and no one will know Joe is home all day.

Can you think if any other reason for the stay at home startegy?

the hunter computer, the media and schiff

Unreal that the MSM print and television are not running this story. They run with the Schiff lie that it’s Russian planted information, despite the Director of Intelligence calling him out.

There is something very wrong in our nation when the MSM and Social Media take something with far greater validity than the Russian Collusion story and put it aside.
The very fact that, I would bet, more people still believe the collusion story than have the details of the computer is a damnation of our “free press.”

Every American should be concerned. Especially since you don’t hear the ex VP, his son or the campaign calling it fake. Add that Biden’s attorney, according to the store owner, called the day the story broke to ask for the computer back!
Not newsworthy?

One more thing on this issue. We keep hearing there is so much more on it to come. Do you think the Republicans are waiting for Thursday AM to break the stories in preparation for the debate and force a discussion?
On the other side, is VP Biden preparing to answer?
Things like I heard the stories and they refer to 2017. Let me remind you, in 2017 I was a private citizen and able to conduct business as such. Even if their outrageous charges were true there was no crime.
The President, if he actually prepares, has to be ready to quote 2015 events and do it clearly and succinctly.

one issue on my mind. the corporate tax

Keeping and bringing jobs back to America should be front and center in this campaign, but gets no coverage.
The President, in his tax plan, made it a point to lower the corporate tax to make us competitive and try and bring jobs back. I think he was more successful in doing so than any President in recent times.
Now VP Biden says he is going to raise the corporate tax. Not back to where it was when he was VP (35%), but to 28%. (It is 21% now. So half of it back.)
His rationale is this.
Do you know how many corporations like Amazon pay zero?
Well here’s a thought Mr. VP.
Raising the rate to 28% is not going to solve that issue. Raising the rate is going to drive more manufacturing jobs out and stop the return; and guess what? Companies are still going to pay zero. Instead of raising the rate, why don’t you take away the deductions.
It’s the deductions allowed over your 47 years in office that allows zero payment and not the 21% rate. Let’s keep our jobs and bring more back, stop the media hysteria.

have a great day.

Let’s Clear Up…

let’s clear up some things- First the Court

We continue to hear that Democrats plan to pack the court in retaliation to what Republicans have done. We all know about the Merrick Gerland situation, but let’s go a step further so you can judge.
In the Trump era:
Justice Scalia, appointed by President Reagan, died. Neil Gorsuch replaced him.
Justice Anthony Kennedy, appointed by President Reagan, a Republican, retired.
President Obama, a Democrat, nominated Garland. He was not acted upon.
President Trump, a Republican, nominated Brett Kavanaugh.
So that appointment, no matter how controversial, did not change the face or balance of the court.
There are no Republican or Democratic seats, but it maintained appointment by party.
Now we have the death of Justice Ginsburg and that is a change.
So no matter what you hear, there is only one seat that has changed.
One, not two or three.
Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush all had two appointments.
President Trump got to appoint three justices because two died and one retired.

I don’t think any of this justifies packing of the court, no matter who wins.

Really MSM – Schiff can say that?

So Adam Schiff, who lied to them on “collusion in plain sight” and led us through three years of turmoil and $50 million wasted dollars, goes on TV and says the Hunter Biden Computer is “Russian misinformation.”
Worse, they believe him, let him get away with it and run with the story!

I saw the Director of National Intelligence say today that Schiff is lying. How does he know? Well, he said, we the national intelligence department supply him the intelligence information, and that is nowhere.
Thus, the question where does Schiff get his information? He better start relying on official sources.

Will you hear that anywhere on the MSM today?

off the trail, really?

On Saturday morning I was stunned to hear that VP Biden had called a lid on the day at 9 AM.
What, I said, two weeks to election and no campaigning on Saturday?

That shock lasted until Sunday when after one event he announced he will be off the trail Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until the debate that night.

There has never been a major campaign with that schedule. Something is wrong.

Just really’s

Really Nancy Pelosi, now that the polls show you are being blamed for the hold up of the stimulus you are telling the President and Senate they have 48 hours to agree?

Really, the moderator (and her family) for this next debate is so tied to the Democratic party? How can that be after what we just learned about the last one?
To the commission:
When you chose her did you see/hear the video I did of her talking to Hillary’s campaign manager and telling her what questions she planned for the next debate? Did you know her connection to the Democratic party?

Why don’t we just add Donna Brazille, and they can go practice with VP Biden before Thursday since he’s at home?

Do you wonder if anything is planned before the Thursday vote to pass Judge Barrett to the full Senate on Friday? Remember, this is when the Kavanaugh hearing blew up.

the election

The polls continue to say Biden and a Democratic Sweep, though the fourteen point lead in some is now single digit.
The betting odds began a narrowing over the weekend from a high of 66% for Biden to 58% this AM. The lowest it has been since the President blew debate number one.
On the House the Democrats remain in the high 90% area to control.
On the Senate the Democrats are 84% to win control.

Have a great day.

Debate and Town Hall

one town hall and one debate

What was set up as competing Town Halls turned out to be one Town Hall and one debate. The media was at it again.

Let’s see, on NBC the Moderator/debater asked 43 questions and the “Town Hall” participants 10.
Then add her tone, anger and constant interruption and you realized this was a debate.
You know what made it worse for NBC?
The women behind the President shaking their heads in agreement with him all night. Someone at NBC will pay the price for that!
For his part, the President was on his best behavior and did an excellent job. Sharp, clear and under control. He was everything he should have been in debate one.

On ABC George lived up to expectations. Did you notice the difference in this Town Hall versus when he hosted the President? Then it was hard ball, last night soft ball.
For his part, VP Biden answered the questions. He went a little long on a few of them, but he answered them.
Now, how is it possible that no questions were raised about the discovered information on Hunter Biden’s computer? Ask yourself if that were a Trump child, a Bush or a any other Republican, would it have come up? Why are there different standards if it isn’t personal bias?

So at the end of the night, both candidates held up. I think the President might have reassured his base more.

One note to George. You asked the former VP about his position on packing the court. He said he will tell people before the election. George, you report every morning on GMA how early voting is exploding, and today we hear 20 million have already voted. Didn’t you think about pointing that out?

and just for fun

All this happened on the day the moderator for the second debate, who we told you was a former Biden intern, Ted Kennedy aide and supporter of a “Never Trump” group, had to admit he lied and was suspended. He lied about a tweet on President Trump and said his twitter account was hacked.

If you don’t think the media is biased you are missing the real story and danger to our nation.

have a great day.

Barrett and Biden…

barrett day two

Clearly Amy Barrett shone in her two days, and no matter what was tried she was able to parry the inquiry. Highly qualified, it is only political anger that will drag this out. I have no idea what they will introduce today. Remember, it was after the hearing that the Kavanaugh charges arose. Stay tuned.

the biden releases

Yesterday we raised the issue if the MSM would even cover the story. Well it was worse than we thought.
The MSM did not cover one second last night on their nightly news.
The NYT headlines today avoided the story. Check its front page.
Then FaceBook and Twitter took a stand and denied sharing it.
This morning the AM shows on the MSM avoided it again.

You only heard this story if you watched FoxNews, FoxBusiness, OAN or Newsmax. You only read it if you saw one of the few conservative papers like the NY Post.
That is a shame.

There is not much more to add. We had the leading candidate for President say he never talked to, much less met with, his son about his business in the countries that he, as VP, was in charge of. When evidence from the son’s own computer emerges that this was a lie, the media doesn’t cover it. They have chosen a side, and that is not only wrong but dangerous.

The examples of Twitter and FaceBook are starkly clear.
They ban this story.
They cut off the NY Post account.
They cut off the President’s Press Secretary’s account.
Why did they ban it? Unproven and “hacked” they said.
“Hacked,” what was hacked?
Now think about this:
Did they ban anything on the Russian Hoax? That was a lie.
Do they still allow things about the Steele Dossier? It’s a lie.
Did they stop the distribution of the President’s hacked taxes?
Did they allow the story that the President said negative things on the graves of soldiers?
Did they ban any lie on the administration over the past three + years?

No, not a single one. The N.Y. Post, a reputable newspaper dating back to Alexander Hamilton gets banned.

The media is the problem in this country, and they are influencing this election outcome in my opinion. This story is all the proof you need.

a few quick hits

How often did you hear about the U.S. numbers being so much worse than Europe because our leadership has failed us? The media runs with that.
Well, did you know this?
Europe has overtaken the U.S. in new Covid-19 cases. In a key metric that tracks the virus’s spread, the number of cases per million people, the 27 European Union nations plus the U.K. recorded 152 cases for every million residents over a seven-day period ending on Oct. 12. In the U.S. over that same timespan there were about 150 cases per million residents.
I bet you didn’t.

While on the Coronavirus, I want to address something the hero that the media created on handling the virus, Andrew Cuomo, said today.
First, a little history. Remember when:
Cuomo asked which 25,000 people he should tell to die because he didn’t have ventilators? He was blaming Washington for his failure to have any. Well, we the taxpayers funded them for him. He never needed 5,000.
Remember when he was accused of sending seniors to nursing homes, spreading the disease and so many died? Remember when he blamed everyone else for that?
Remember when we, the taxpayers, converted the Javits Center into a hospital?
Remember when we built a hospital in Central Park?
Remember when we sent a military hospital ship to the city?
They barely used the last three, but sent 6,300 patients back to nursing homes.
He owns the result of that decision.

Okay, so yesterday here is what Andrew said in a CNN interview.
New York’s hospitals “were never overwhelmed” at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed Wednesday, continuing his apparent rewrite of history in defense of a state Health Department mandate that barred nursing homes from turning away sickly seniors.

He was on there promoting his new book about his leadership in a crisis.
Yet the press has convinced most citizens the President failed and Gov Cuomo was a hero. Ask the families of those he sent back to the nursing homes, because the MSM won’t.

election update

The WSJ/NBC poll released today is Biden by 11.
Decision Desk says Biden has a 85.3% of winning and estimates the electoral college as 315-223.
Senate Polls released say that the Democrats are about to control the chamber.
Example: In North Carolina, Cal Cunningham admitted to an extra-marital affair. In that time, Cunningham’s poll numbers have increased.
The House is 99% to go Democratic and keep Nancy Pelosi as leader.
The betting odds are 65-35 for Biden

Let’s see the dueling Town Halls tonight. I think the President is making a bet he will outdraw Biden. I have my doubts. I think people see enough of the President and knows all about him. They want to see Biden.
I want to see if the ABC questions for Biden are as tough as they were for the Trump Town Hall there. They were tough! Tonight?

have a great day

Score one for Barrett…

Day one

Let’s keep this simple, Amy Coney Barrett won day one going away. One more day of enduring the senate and she can sit back and await the vote.
Who lost? Besides us who had to watch that ridiculousness I think the biggest loser was Senator Mazie Keiko Hirono. Really Senator?

Now if day two goes as well for her here’s a question. Is any Democrat going to vote “yes?” Are Senators Collins and Murkowski still going to vote “no?”
What would be the reasoning to vote no? Qualifications are off the chart. Integrity unquestioned. What is it? Trump picked her? The Republicans should not have nominated someone?
So let me understand this.
A highly qualified person by every standard, a woman, who we are all trying to elevate in society, should be denied for no fault of her own? She did nothing but earn the right to be nominated. You find her flawless, and then you want to punish her? Explain that to me, and do it before you tell me Merrick Garland was treated unfairly. I agree Garland should have been acted upon, but now you want to make your own wrong? This is why you were elected? I thought elected officials were there to do the right thing. When is the right thing the wrong thing?
Maybe they got religion listening to Barrett and now believe an eye for an eye is the right path in life.

Is this for real?

Two stories today that the MSM should have covered and didn’t, because they are biased are these?

1. The NY Post reported and printed emails off a computer that Hunter Biden introduced and had a meeting with his Dad (when he was VP) and a Ukrainin Executive from Burisma. Emails!
Now, VP Biden has said over and over he never met with anyone his son worked with.
News worthy? Not to the MSM. Now if it were a child of someone else would we hear it?

2. The whole, now proven Russian Hoax, was based upon the Steele Dossier. That you know now. But, we learned yesterday that the FBI leads on the case (you know them) relied upon news stories to boost their case. Okay. Except for one thing. They were the ones planting the false stories in Mother Jones and elsewhere!
Read that again.
They planted the stories, which turned out to be false, and used the planted stories to support their reasoning for the FISA court. Wow!

More not reported? The supreme Court

Two stories on the Supreme Court I bet you heard a lot of before, but not today, in the MSM.

  1. Remember all the coverage of the Democratic charge in court that the President was profiting by him being in office? Lots of coverage of the congressional case, led by Stolen Valor Senator Blumenthal.
    We have long reported here that the President and his family have lost money in his time in office.
    Well yesterday the Supreme Court dropped the case and it is over.
    Did you hear that on the MSM? You heard about it when it was introduced, why not now?
  2. The Supreme Court also ruled in favor of the Trump administration yesterday saying the census ends this Friday and is not extended as Democratic lawmakers want.
    Folks you had six months to find three minutes to do the census. Enough is enough.

have a great day

Three Weeks…

amy coney barrett

Today we are about to sit through about eleven hours of hearings and questioning. I watched yesterday and walked away completely disgusted with what appointments to the court have become.
I heard one MSM station say the Democrats launched an “offensive” against the nominee. Well I agree with the word “offensive,” but not as they used it. It is “offensive” how elected senators act and treat individuals who in their lifetime have risen to the point they are nominated for this lifetime role.

I have news for them. They concentrated on the Affordable Care Act. The Act that they told us we had to pass to know what was in it. The Act they told us would reduce healthcare costs for every family by $2,500; yet they went up by that much. The Act they said wasn’t a tax, but the Justice of the Supreme Court had to call it one to make it stand in a 5-4 vote.
Now the claim is Amy Barrett will make it 5-4 to overturn it, therefore she cannot be seated. Now follow this. The case before the court was one where the lower court ruled the ACA was illegal. So, if all their claims are real a 4-4 vote means the lower court ruling stands. Got that?
Its just another lie the MSM won’t call them on.

What a shame Barrett, her family and all of us have to go through this. She is replacing a justice who was approved 96-3. You decide why.

Finally, because its personal to me, Stolen Valor Senator Blumenthal lecturing Amy Barrett is just deplorable. I know that’s true for almost every veteran I know.

speaking of deciding

Here are a few issues in the news that can help you decide. Most the MSM won’t report on:

Yesterday former VP Biden released a statement celebrating Indigenous people Day. “Our nation has never lived up to our full promise …..”
Donald Trump wished people a Happy Columbus Day.

The MSM reported today how the President was out without a mask again. How many in the audience in Florida were too. They were all negative on the President. They showed VP Biden at his rally with a mask and people in cars to socially distance.
You know what they never mentioned?
There may have been more Trump protesters at that rally than people in cars.
They never mentioned the three concerning gaffes Biden made yesterday:
He said to the crowd he was running for the “senate.”
He forgot the name of that “Mormon Governor.” (Mitt Romney)
Announced the wrong state he was in.
Okay, simple mistakes right?
Maybe, or maybe not. He’s not out that often and there are questions. Don’t you think it’s something they should mention?

Speaking of the MSM, why didn’t they cover the story of VP Biden claiming he was “raised” in a black church. When the congregants and longtime assistant were asked not a single one knew of nor ever heard that. Now on top of his saying he attended a predominately black college, Delaware State, that was proven untrue, and the lie about being arrested in South Africa, shouldn’t this be news?

Now I am not dismissing anything the President says, and he provides much amber; but the coverage of his words are extensive, and we always know where he stands.

election thoughts

The polls which ballooned to double digits after the first debate continue to show a wide Biden lead. The betting odds continue to widen and say Biden. Last week after the VP debate I said those polls would cease widening and begin narrowing. That is about to happen.
This race will narrow in the coming days, but VP Biden and the Democrats today are headed for a sweep of the Presidency, Senate and House as of this writing.

The one thing that must be considered is the enthusiasm gap. The President’s supporters are certainly turning out for rallies and will vote. The question I have is how many additional votes are Democrats going to generate with their mail in push. That could well be the difference.

have a great day

Just crazy…

you couldn’t write this

We are a little over three weeks to electing a President, a leader of the free world. Has it ever been a crazier time?

We have a President whose ego, mouth, tweeting and actions are destroying all he has done.
We have a challenger that shows no energy and has questions arise about him.
Combine that with a biased media that is so bad we should all be concerned.

it’s just crazy

So we have a challenger who says I will tell you the day after the election if I will pack the court – and the media doesn’t call him on it?
WAIT, we don’t have a right to know if you plan to fundamentally change one of three branches of our government? In what universe of a free and open society is that possible?
Only in one where the media is so much on his side they don’t raise the issue.

We come off a debate where VP Pence clearly outclassed his challenger (and the media is catching up to that today), yet the news gets diverted because the commission changes the debate rules?
How do you do that at 7:30 AM the morning after the debate? You’re all political and you know that will take away from coverage and discussion of it.

Then the President, obviously  desperate realizing he is losing this election, goes on the airwaves all day. Right then you know he will be saying things that have you shaking your head and the media will run with all day.
He intimates he caught the Covid virus from a meeting with Gold Star Parents who wanted to get close to him? What? First of all you are commander in chief. Second, none of them tested positive so how can you say that?

Follow that with Nancy Pelosi announcing she wants a commission to look at if the 25th Admentment should be applied because the President is ill.
A new way to try and impeach him? Really? We want her as speaker four more years?

It’s crazy, just completely crazy.
You don’t hear that though, because the media has a mission. Beat Donald Trump and that is the only side they want to cover.

While we’re at it, can someone please explain why the MSM has not covered one second of the reports that it was the Clinton campaign that began the whole Russian hoax? For three years you were wall to wall that the Trump campaign did it, and that turned out to be a lie. Why the silence now?
The media is a problem.

Want more?

How can this debate commission justity their actions beyond what they did yesterday. Like how could the moderator chosen for the now cancelled debate be an ex Joe Biden intern? One who worked closely with Ted Kennedy? One who tweeted “never Trump”?
The moderator of the VP debate this week is finishing her glowing auto biography of Nancy Pelosi and her stellar leadership.
No need to discuss Chris Wallace who was moderator of debate one.

How can the Michigan Governor blame President Trump and get major media coverage and support for saying it was his fault for the planned attack on her?
It was the DOJ under his administration that broke it up.

Finally, I heard the President again asked today if he would encourage his supporters to cast mail in votes. He said no. He said absentee yes, but the mailed ballots no.
The states are doing it. The courts are saying count them. Are you serious? You better encourage every vote you can.

have a great weekend

Let’s Talk Joe Biden

how to shoot yourself

Yesterday we talked about the President’s words upon returning to the White House and how damaging they were. Coming off that disastrous debate fiasco it was self inflicted shot number two.
You can now add number three.
Why did he announce he cut talks with Nancy Pelosi? For once he had her on the defense. She went from $3.4 trillion to $2.4 to $2.2 for a stimulus. All he had to do was say I am trying. I want relief for the people, a stimulus check today. I want extended unemployment approved – today. I want funds for the airline industry to keep them afloat. You (Nancy) say you want this too, I challenge you to agree and provide Americans this relief today. I promise we will stay at the table and discuss the areas we don’t agree on.
Instead he goes off the rail, tweets he is walking away and who looks bad?

For a deeper read into what Pelosi has in the bill I have included a link to a column today by Betsy McCaughey on the details at the bottom of this blog.

I would like to know where Joe Biden stands on funds for what both sides agree on. While on VP Biden I have some questions the press seems to avoid:

before the vp debate let’s talk biden

We’ve attacked the President for many of the things he has said, but let’s take a moment now to talk about former VP Biden, and what he hasn’t said.
How is it he has gotten within 26 days of the election, is the clear favorite and hasn’t answered the questions we (or at least I) want to know?

He had a debate where the President and the moderator let him off the hook on a question like “Will you stack the court?”
He said he would not answer the question in the debate right before the President cut him off and the moderator never followed up.
Why don’t we deserve to know that answer? Why has no reporter pursued asking it? Why is it in his power puff Town Halls has no one asked?
Are we ready to make him President if he supports Schumer and team to stack the court?

Where does he stand on fracking? I love low gas prices and plentiful supply. I have heard him say more than once he was going to stop it. I have heard him say he wasn’t going to stop it. I have heard him say he was going to allow what there is, but allow no more new sites.
Don’t we deserve to know where he stands?

On taxes I heard him say he was going to raise taxes on those making $400,000 and above. I have also heard him say he is going to rescind the Trump tax cuts. Well those cuts were a larger percent in the lower income brackets.
Which is it? Am I the only one who wants to know?

I heard him say, and read on his position paper, he is for the new Green Deal. Then I heard him say he is not for it but for the Biden Green Deal. Well what is it? And what is the Biden Green Deal? How is it different from the far left Green Deal?
I’d like to know, wouldn’t you?

I heard him say he wants to raise the corporate tax rate to 28%. (The President reduced it to 21%, to bring back jobs.) Does he think the 39% it was before the President lowered it was too high? Why did he allow that when he was in office? How does he know 28% will not reverse job growth? Most competitive countries are below that.

I heard him say he gave the President a booming economy and jobs returning. But I heard President Obama say he needed a magic wand to bring jobs back. Well the record says that in 8 years the Obama/Biden administration produced 192,000 manufacturing jobs. The first three years of the Trump administration produced 475,000. What am I missing? Can someone ask him please.

By the way, it was the same with construction jobs. 280,000 in eight years versus 746,000 in the past three.

Can someone please ask why he was against the Bin Laden raid and the actions against Solemani and Al Bagdahi? Does he think the actions were right now? I think if they were still around they would killing more Americans. Does he?

While on that, then Secretary Gates, among others, has said you were on the wrong side of every foreign policy issues for the past 40 years. Did that surprise you? Why was he wrong?

You thought NAFTA was good and canceling it would be wrong. Now you say the USMCA is better. If you were President we would still have NAFTA, be in the TPP and funding NATO at the record levels we were. Would that have been better for us?

Many in your party talk of allowing abortion even after birth. Most up to the moment the baby is born. You talk of your catholicism, where do you stand?

You said as late as March of this year that China is no competitor to us, “c’mon man.” Now you said we must deal with China. When did you change your mind?

Do you think Iran is more of a threat today than the day you gave them $1.5 billion in cash, because the middle-east countries don’t think so. You really want to put the Iran agreement back in place?

The St.Louis couple that defended their home were indicted yesterday by a Grand Jury. The same jury that dropped all charges against those who came on their property. Do you see this as justice? Would this couple have come out of their house with guns if their property was not invaded?

While senator you passed the toughest law to lock up minorities. Were you wrong then? When did you change your mind?
In a debate over desegregation you said you didn’t want your kids growing up “in a racial jungle.” What did you mean and when did you change your mind on that?
While answering those, do you still feel someone who is black and not voting for you isn’t really black?

I have many more, but the VP has skated by to within 26 days of the election. How is that possible?

finally the debate tonight

The pressure is on VP Pence to stop the Biden/Harris momentum. A CNN/SSRS poll released today shows that 56% of registered voters said they were planning to support Mr. Biden while only 41% said they backed Mr. Trump.
The 15-point lead is the largest advantage yet for the former vice president for this survey.
Biden is pulling away and taking the senate and house with him.

The betting odds are up to 65% for Biden.

By the way, the moderator tonight is Susan Page, She is the USA Today’s Washington Bureau chief. You should know she is currently at work on a book titled “Madam Speaker: Nancy Pelosi / Lessons of Power,” a 432-page biography set to be published in a few months.

have a great day

Link to column by Betsy McCaughey:

Even Good is Bad…

When Good is bad

The President gets released from the hospital and then he and his media adversaries manage to mangle a positive moment. Oh what we’ve come too!

First the President.
He wanted to portray strength and leadership. No doubt he was thinking back to President Reagan and how he handled being shot and subsequent hospitalizations.
He wanted to portray that we can beat this virus. That recovery rates are high and medicines being utilized now are increasing that number.
All good.
By doing that he wanted to convey it was necessary for him as President to be out and be an example for the people. To be locked in would send the wrong signal. A subtle comparison of leadership to VP Biden.
Okay, I get that too.
Now his words and actions brought that “oh no” look to my face.
You can’t say “don’t be scared of the virus.”
The right words were the progress we were making with therapeutics and a vaccine. He could have said “I am an example. Six months ago this virus was an unknown, today we have learned much on how to treat it.”
Then he could have explained how the elderly and those with pre existing conditions must continue taking extra precaution as we move toward a release of the vaccine.
Leadership in words and actions, not telling me you are the leader.

That said, the media was ridiculous.
They attacked. Called him every name possible from Mussolini to a despot dictator. They took such joy in attacking you wondered if they were happy he was alive and released. They didn’t celebrate the progress we made as much as the President is the cause.

Let me say this one more time. China is one hundred percent responsible for every death from this virus. They could have prevented it from spreading. They lied. To see a poll today that Americans blame America for the spread is appalling.

Let’s just do a few fact checks here:
Who closed the China border, and who called that racist?
Who closed travel to Europe, and who called that wrong?
What Governor on the calls with the VP and task force ever said the President and team did not give them what they wanted and needed?
What did Dr. Fauci say except that the administration did everything they wanted?

The media has misled Americans.

have a great day

Under A Month…

As The President Recovers

As the reports appear positive on his fight against the Coronavirus we are all (well most of us) grateful for that. We keep in mind all those also inflicted last week and hope they too are recovering well. Governor Christie in the hospital with both asthma and high BMI is of the most concern.
Let’s continue to pray that they, and all inflicted, recover and we make progress as a nation and world to find therapeutics and a vaccine.

The President’s Campaign is not recovering

What appears to not be recovering is the President’s campaign. As predicted here last week, no matter what spin they were putting on it, the President’s outrageous debate performance was going to show up in the polls. Over the weekend it has. He is down 14 points in the NBC/WSJ poll.

It has gotten so bad that the betting odds after reaching 61-39 for VP Biden have gone off the board.

Whoever advised the President to be so aggressive in the debate is up there with those who advised leaders that we should appease Hitler and he will be happy. The strategy should not have been interrupt Biden, but let him talk. The President needed the debates to turn the election, and all he did was the opposite.

Can he recover?

The days are dwindling and the mail in votes are being cast. The strategy to knock mail in voting was another ill advised move. It took too long to separate absentee requests from unsolicited mailed ballots. Depending on one day, with weather, the virus expansion and all that goes with it was another mistake.

If you would have told me that the Joe Biden we saw in the early Democratic debates would be elected President I would have thought you lost judgement. It appears now we are on the verge of that happening.

The questions the Republicans better raise are these.
Do you want to wake up on November 4th and have Joe Biden as President, Chuck Schumer as Senate Leader and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker?
Do you think the answer for the economy now is to rescind the Trump tax cuts?
Do you think the way to get jobs back is raise corporate taxes again? (Trump reduced it to 21% to bring jobs back, Biden promises to raise them to 28%.)
Is Joe Biden, who as late as March of this year said, “China is going to eat our lunch. C’mon man,” the answer to solve the issue now?
Don’t we deserve to know if he (Biden) agrees with his party leaders to stack the Supreme Court? To change the rules again in the Senate and eliminate the filibuster?
Don’t we deserve to know if the report that the Clinton campaign began the Russian collusion story is fact? After all we have spent 4 years on a false story.

You get the idea. They have to stop the noise and get to facts. The longer they don’t, the less sand is left in the glass on the days to election.

have a great day


today we simply pray

With the news of the President and First Lady coming down with the Coronavirus we simply pause and join with millions of our fellow national and world citizens in praying for their quick and full recovery.

We pray for them as we do all the Hope Hicks of the world who learned and continue to receive the news of their contraction of this virus. As we also remember those impacted by it and the souls we lost in the past nine months.

A vaccine cannot come quickly enough to lift the world from the clutches of this unnecessarily spread deadly virus.

The Aftermath…

the spin

Both sides were out spinning they won. Biden called the President’s debate antics a “national disgrace.” The Trump team said he won and were emphatic that he attacked Biden on the issues.
I made clear my thoughts yesterday. All I will say today is this. I don’t think VP Biden lost any votes from watching the debate. I think the President did.
We’ll see what the polls say.

In any case the commission is going to change the rules going forward. One more outcome of the Trump era!

Now the media must review

The media should be out more with fact checking on the parts we could hear.
We heard them say the Portland chief did not endorse the President as claimed.

We saw the NYT call Joe Biden on his claims of the economy turned over to the Trump administration. They actually said Biden was wrong on his claims.
They also called him on blaming the President for the recession. They know what I do and you do, the recession was because of the Coronavirus.

Further there were claims on whether Biden was truthful on the Green Deal. He said he did not support it. His website has this:
“Biden believes the new Green Deal is a crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face.”

Then there was the question if Hunter Biden received $3.5 million from the wife of Moscow’s mayor at the time. VP Biden was empathic that was a lie. This from the Washington Times today:
Hunter Biden received a single wire transfer of $3.5 million from Elena Baturina. The Senate report said she became a billionaire through illegal construction contracts awarded by her husband, since deceased. This is based on Treasury Department reports.
The Senate report says, “On Feb. 14, 2014, Baturina wired $3.5 million to a Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC (Rosemont Seneca Thornton) bank account for a ‘Consultancy Agreement.’ Rosemont Seneca Thornton is an investment firm co-founded by Hunter Bidenthat was incorporated on May 28, 2013 in Wilmington, Del.”

We want to know the truth. The press needs to do their job (fair and balanced for once) as they have in the past. BTW, Russia invaded Crimea in Ukraine the month Ms. Baturina sent the money.

Chris Wallace

A good number of people are blaming Chris Wallace for the debate getting out of control. I wouldn’t put myself in that camp, though I think he left some things on the table.

He never got back to asking VP Biden to answer the question about court stacking and getting rid of the filibuster. Why not?
I am even more concerned about this today after hearing Chuck Schumer clearly say he was in this camp and wanting to add Washington DC and Puerto Rico as states.
Those three moves could foster a Democratic Government far into the foreseeable future. If that’s a possible outcome of this election I want to know.

He didn’t press the explosive charges of the President on Ukraine and Moscow dollars to the Biden family, why not?

Now he did press the President on white supremacy. I went back to see the transcript and found it interesting. Take a look. If you were the President do you think you might have answered the question here, and who said the words “stand down” first?


Now Wallace in introducing this mentioned Charlottesville Va. He used that to paint the President in a corner. Here’s the Washington Post talking about what he said back then in Charlottesville. (And remember the Washington Post is no friend of the President.)
While he condemned right-wing hate groups — “those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans” — he appeared to believe there were peaceful protesters there as well.
“You had people — and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists — because they should be condemned totally,” Trump said on Aug. 15, several days after the rally. “But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists.”
He added: “There were people in that rally — and I looked the night before — if you look, there were people protesting very quietly the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee. I’m sure in that group there were some bad ones.”

I’ll let you decide if that is the racist statement the media is portraying.

Jim Comey Yesterday

So Jim Comey testified yesterday, and under Republican questions said he didn’t know a lot or couldn’t recall. He was able to answer all the Democratic questions. He also recalls enough that he is now writing book number two.
Anyway, not knowing there was a report the Clinton campaign was accused of in his department in July 2016 with plotting the Russian Conspiracy story, and not knowing the Steele Dossier was a fake, was incredible.
Senator Mike Lee said this to him:
“With all due respect, you don’t seem to know anything about an investigation that you ran, so how can you now as a private citizen and former FBI director show up and then speculate freely regarding any alleged ties between President Putin and President Trump?” he asked.
Commitee Chair Sen. Lindsey Graham, asked Mr. Comey what he would make of a situation involving a candidate who had a family member who “was receiving millions of dollars from a corrupt company in the Ukraine” and “was getting a million and a half dollar investment portfolio from the China bank.”
“I’d be concerned about any effort to exert leverage over a government official, potential government official or someone close to them in an effort to influence them,” Mr. Comey replied.

But he didn’t know anything. I have to tell you I had more respect, all my life, for the FBI than this.

news of the day

The President signed the continuing resolution to keep the government open until Dec.11. Both sides saw too much to lose not to agree.

A stimulus agreement? The Democrats moved from a $3.4 stimulus to $2.4 and now to $2.2. Republicans have not moved yet. It just points out that Nancy Pelosi over played her hand early asking for all that, and today there’s hope we can reach an agreement.

Early voting is clearly favoring the Democrats. Now Republican leaders are concerned that the President’s early knocking of mail in voting is hurting their efforts to get out the vote. Another mistake made early on giving his supporters the thought all mail in voting was wrong. Just like debate expectations.
This from the Washington Post:
“Democratic voters who have requested mail ballots — and returned them — greatly outnumber Republicans so far in key battleground states, causing alarm among GOP party leaders and strategists that President Trump’s attacks on mail voting could be hurting the party’s prospects to retain the White House and the Senate this year.
Of the more than 9 million voters who requested mail ballots through Monday in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine and Iowa, the five battleground states where such data is publicly available, 52 percent were Democrats. Twenty-eight percent were Republicans, and 20 percent were unaffiliated.
Additional internal Democratic and Republican Party data obtained by The Washington Post shows a similar trend in Ohio, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Even more alarming to some Republicans, Democrats are also returning their ballots at higher rates than GOP voters in two of those states where that information is available: Florida and North Carolina.”

some quick notes you won’t hear on the msm

One was the Comey story above. Neither ABC, CBS or NBC thought it worthy for a second of coverage last night.

Lots of “Russian involvement” in the election, but yesterday Chinese hackers attempted to break into the private email account members of President Trump’s family and also tried to steal emails from campaign and administration officials, said White House National Security Adviser Robert C. O’Brien. Mr. O’Brien said Microsoft disclosed the hacking attempts. The company posted a report on election hacking by Chinese, Russian and Iranian by cyberactors earlier this month.
Not newsworthy for the MSM either.

have a great day.

Trump saves Biden…


Having witnessed every televised presidential debate, I can say this was the most outrageous, out of control and saddest display I have seen.

The President came in trailing and he left trailing by at least as much, if not more. His demeanor cost him a golden opportunity. It was disturbing and disgusting how he interrupted and stopped every answer and dialogue. In the end he saved Joe Biden from himself by not allowing him to talk.

Why did he do that?
Well all week when he said he didn’t need to prepare, I didn’t believe him. I do now.
If he had conducted one prep debate session and done what he did last night they would have stopped it and lambasted him (as best as any aide can do that to him). It was the absolute wrong strategy and may have cost him reelection.

Here’s an example. Biden was asked about stacking the court and getting rid of the filibuster. The former VP was burying himself by refusing to answer. Rather than letting Biden finish and then saying: “So, Mr Biden, you are not going to tell the American people if you support stacking the court? You can’t say if you favor changing a history that has lasted 150 years, in the third pillar of our government — all because you lost an election?
Is that what you are telling America?”

But no, he had to interrupt the answer, allow it to delve into noise and the issue go away. Not very genius from the self proclaimed genius.

Think of that and ask yourself this. What was memorable of Joe Biden’s performance? What policy issues did he say that stood out? What lines do you remember? Clown? Shut Up? What else? Joe Biden didn’t impress as much as Trump unimpressed.

Now Trump for his part, besides his demeanor, missed the chance to answer the far right, white extremists question. All he had to say was “Yes I do condemn actions from the right and the left. I condemn anyone and anything disrupting life, people and destroying the values of our nation.” Now ask him if he condemns Antifa.

By being unprepared and disruptive instead of debating, the President missed so many opportunities.
First of all if I were advising the President it would have been let Biden talk. The more he talks, the more he seems to wander, let him go on. That’s our best asset. Instead, one sentence in the President was all over interrupting. The exact opposite strategy.
So many missed opportunities to listen and then reply. Examples:
They were arguing the Green Deal and Biden was talking about the money he would invest and jobs they would create.
All Trump had to say was: “Oh yea Joe, like Solyndra, where you wasted $535 million tax payer dollars when you ran it in the Obama administration?”
That’s called being prepared, which the President was not.

Other areas the President’s shouting and disruptions missed opportunties:
– Do people really want to shut down the country again?
– Do people not want school open?
– Was closing the border something that saved lives or not?
– Biden’s policies on minorities for crime, jail and busing.
– Trump’s accomplishments in 47 months vs. Biden’s 47 years.
– Antifa is “an idea”?
– The stats on unemployment for each group before the virus.
– Real income growth last year vs. the Obama years.
– Allowing Biden to answer about Hunter’s income from Moscow.
– The loss of jobs under Biden to China.
– Biden’s support of NAFTA, TPP, and the China deal.
– Joe, you still want to stop the wall being built and have open borders?

In the end I don’t think Biden said or did anything to win. In fact he looked a little like we should be concerned. Yet he wins the night, because the President fell into every stereotype portrayed about him.

How does he recover now?
Well Presidential elections have a way of turning issues every which way the last month. We’ll see about that, and the next debate is a Town Hall forum which limit interruptions. But if I were on the Trump campaign today I would be asking one question on every airwave today:
“You saw both candidates on stage last night, ask yourself this. Which one do you want negotiating with China? Which one do you want staring down Iran eye to eye? Which one will stand for America and fight for what we need? ,

Other than that I have no idea.

have a great day.

No Blog Needed…

today is all about the debate

Nothing needs to be said today, the debate tonight will be all the news.
Some pre thoughts from me:
For three months I have been writing the President was wrong to diminish VP Biden’s mental capacity to the point he can’t put sentences together.

You have read me saying, that life is about expectations and all Biden needs to do tonight is stand on the stage, answer questions and not lose any train of thought. He does that, he wins.

If he does that people walk away saying Biden was fine, not like they said he was, and he wins the night.

If he wins the night with the lead he has today he is on the inside track to win in November.

How does Trump win?

He has to be simple in explaining to people what he has done in 3 1/2 years versus what his opponent did in 47 years.

He has to tie that to all demographic groups and where we were before the Coronavirus. He has to place the blame squarely on China and that he is best to fix it.

He has to convince people that his opponent was part of creating the trade and job loss problem, that he now says he can solve.

On taxes he needs to tie the tax breaks to the laws Joe Biden passed allowing them. He has to explain he has been audited X amount of times and every time the IRS found no wrong doing.
Just as the NYT found out this time. But, isn’t it funny they do this story now?
And isn’t it convenient that his opponent had a campaign ad ready to run one hour after the story broke?
Of course the NYT last endorsed a Republican in 1956, maybe that explains things.

In the end he has to stick to the issues. The issues are on his side. When Biden attacks, go back to the record. Where were you when the events happened? Not what you would have done today with the history, what did you say then?

Bottom line is this:

Biden needs to stand, answer and be coherent. The MSM will call the winner, and because of expectations many will side with that.

The President must be fact based and present the record of what was, placing the current issues on the Coronavirus, that China is responsible for, and outlining how he is best to recreate what we had.


enjoy the debate.

One day to debate one…

with one day to the DEBATE the nyt STRIKES

The President’s taxes dominated the MSM news today as the NYT reports that he paid little and is facing staggering losses.
I know there is an obsession on the left with the President’s taxes, but I didn’t care four years ago and do so even less now. Why?
That’s the IRS job to review taxes and get what is due. If anyone reading this is concerned, here’s a question. Do you take advantage of deductions? Why is it all right for you and not others?

Now if it comes up tomorrow here’s what I tell Chris Wallace or Joe Biden:
First, for the past four years I have donated my total salary as President to charities. Am I not allowed to deduct that, or should I pay taxes on that too?

Second, in business I took advantage of every deduction Joe Biden allowed in his 47 years in office. If you think the deduction is wrong look at who allowed it, not who used it.

Third, I paid high NY state and local taxes. Every dollar of that was allowed as a deduction. That was legal, but I thought wrong. I was the one who put a limit. A limit you want to undo.

Fourth, isn’t it interesting that for four years they said “Trump is profiting from his time in office,” and now the NYT is saying I am going to be in trouble paying bills in a few years. And Forbes magazine says I am worth less today than the day I took office. How can both the charges and facts be true?

Fifth, this is from the NYT and not accurate. The same people who won a pulitzer for the Russian Collusion that turned out to be a lie. The same paper that said I disparaged the military a month ago, with no witnesses. The paper that said I had four mini strokes and a hundred other false stories.

the amy barrett nomination

How come we have to go through this every time a Republican President nominates someone?
It all started with Robert Bork and Ted Kennedy’s deplorable attack on “Robert Bork’s America.”
Then we had the Clarence Thomas fiasco under George Bush 41.
Think of every court hearing you remember as nasty and in the gutter. They were all from a Republican President.
Want proof?
After Bork and Thomas, how come Ginsburg was approved 96-3?
Sonia Sotomayor (nominated by Obama) was 68-31. Elena Kagan nominated by Obama was 63-37.
Why is it we had the nastiness of Bork and Thomas (a 51-49 vote) and then Democratic nominations slide through? Is it because they are such superior candidates or one side seems fairer in respecting the law and process?

After that comes the Brett Kavanaugh charges with even the witness the accuser named saying she had no idea about it. It didn’t matter did it?

Why do Democrats insist on doing this? Now we start with Amy Barrett.

The charges going that she will put women back in chains is just laughable. A woman we should celebrate is demonized. For real?
As is the charge she adopted two children from Haiti in that trying time down there, to prove she is a not a racist. What? Here’s a piece of an old story on her:
When the Barretts were preparing for their marriage, their priest encouraged them to interview another married couple. This couple had decided to adopt a special needs child. After the Barretts spoke to them, they began to consider adoption as a way to form their family and help children. Amy Coney and Jesse Barrett eventually adopted two of their children from Haiti—Vivian and John Peter.
That was a racist plan by some on the left. I cannot relate to that.

She’s going to destroy the Affordable Care Act is another charge.
I think the President should say this in the debate. “If the court strikes down the ACA, we will keep it 100% in place until a replacement that guarantees pre existing conditions, does not drive up individual costs, and is agreed upon as a replacement. There is no way we will allow 100 million (their number) to go with no coverage. It’s about time both sides sat down and ended phony promises— remember when the ACA was going to save each family $2,500 a year? Well its time to do the right thing for our citizens.”

The ACA charges remind me of the Harry Reid charges that Mitt Romney paid no taxes for ten years and after the election when challenged about the lie said: “He didn’t win right?”

If I were running, I would be saying my opponent would vote against Amy no matter what. It’s nothing to do with the timing, it’s her judicial philosophy to follow the law and not make law. Ask my opponent if he would vote for Amy in another year.

As for the outrageous charges of catholic dogma, how disgusting. Do you know 5 of the 8 current justices are catholic? Now we have “dogma.”

No more lies about Amy Barrett. Judge her on her true character and stop the deplorable charges on every Republican nomination.

here’s a nyt opinion piece

How to Debate Someone Who Lies 

Truth sandwiches, ridicule and other tactics for Joe Biden when he faces President Trump

Wait, only Donald Trump has said things you think are lies?
Just last week I read a story about Joe Biden on his academic claims:
“Joseph R. Biden declared on the campaign trail that he began his academic career at Delaware State University, a historically Black college, a claim that the school refutes.”
The school claims that is a lie.
As was his claim that he graduated from law school at the top of his class. Top if you were reading from the bottom up.
I saw him say no fracking, and yet I heard him say Donald Trump is lying that he is against fracking.
I heard him say he will not raise taxes on all the people, only the rich. Yet I heard him say he was going to repeal the Trump tax cuts. Well they went to all the people.
There are so many more, including personal stories about tragedies that had to be changed, that if Donald Trump had done would be front page coverage.

Once again the NYT, the paper of record, has taken a side. What a sad demise for this newspaper.

have a great day

Closing out the week…

on the court

The reaction to the filling of this court seat has brought threats like “packing the court” that we addressed yesterday. Well here’s another one:
Democrats plan to introduce a bill next week that would abolish life tenure for Supreme Court justices.
The bill would give each president the right to pick two justices per 4-year term and limit those choices to 18 years on the high court.

I guess if you don’t win, after 50 years of control, just change the rules is their motto.

Did you see a number of Democrat senators have said they will not meet with the candidate, no matter who she is? Oh that’s a solution. Is that Senatorial or kid stuff?

One was stolen valor himself, Senator Blumenthal, who said, “I refuse to legitimize this broken, weaponized process by meeting with any nominee put forward before the inauguration.”  

Well senator, there is no law being broken here. This person is going on the court. How about you doing your duty? Speaking of duty, the constant moralizing coming from you is sickening. You, who ran for office telling people you served in Vietnam, when you never left the shores of the U.S.

stimulus possibility?

As it’s become clear that the economy (and people) can use a new stimulus injection and the blame is beginning to fall on the house leader, we get movement.
The House Democrats are readying a new, scaled-down package of coronavirus aid. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is aiming for a price tag of around $2.4 trillion, which is still larger than what Republicans said they will support, but begins to narrow the gap. Will they get there? Let’s hope so.

trump stories to close out the week

Two months after she claimed in a tell-all book that her family cheated her out of her inheritance, Mary Trump is suing the family for millions in a civil suit in Manhattan. I guess her book didn’t produce the money she wanted!
The NYT headline was: Mary Trump sues President and family.

Another NYT story had this sub headline:
“Close races in Georgia, Iowa and Texas show President Trump’s vulnerability and suggest that Joseph Biden has assembled a formidable coalition, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll.”
Now I ask you, do you think they are flocking to Biden or voting against Trump?

a thought on ENTHUSIASM and ballots

When you look at enthusiasm for the candidates in this race you see one side has an overwhelming advantage.
I think that’s why the Democrats are pushing hard for mailing out ballots. Get ballots in people’s hands and then work to get them in.
If this were a show up at the polling place to vote I think Trump would likely prevail. The mail ballots change that to a Biden advantage.
I think that’s why there is the mailing push.

Speaking of mail in ballots, how concerning (and discouraging to Democrats) was that find of nine ballots discarded in Pa.? When they found them in the garbage they opened seven, and all were for Trump.

Texas investigated a fraudulent mail in ballot scheme this week and found a county official harvested ballots and votes were illegal.

Just remember the media told you nothing to worry about or see here with mail in ballots.

Here’s a california Guarantee for 2035

I see where Governor Newsom in California announced he will ban all new gas cars beginning in 2035. Every car sold in the state from Jan. 1, 2035 must be a non gasoline one. You can keep the gas car you have until it breaks down, but not buy a new one.
The goal is to cut greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

I don’t know if he will be able to reach that goal but I do know this. California has the highest state gas tax at 61 cents per gallon. (Add the federal tax and you get just about .80 cents per gallon.) Anyway, as they go electric, the state will say they are losing revenue from the gas tax and raise other taxes.
It’s inevitable that as they plan for electric cars they will not plan for the reduced revenue and thus end up with a deficit, necessitating a tax rise.

on the virus

Rather than take pride on how our government and private sector companies came together to produce possible virus vaccines in record time, we are disparaging it. The actions of those doing so are a disgrace. They are doing it to create the impression that the President is doing this, as if he is brewing up the solution in the White House basement. We should hope the Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Moderna and others are successful as soon as possible.
For people who claim to care about the lives impacted, they sure are destroying confidence in the only solution there is.
The latest was the Governor of New York who won’t answer questions about nursing homes or provide data. But he can criticize those working to bring the solution. Here’s what he said yesterday:
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that the state would not automatically accept the federal government’s recommendations on vaccines. “Frankly, I’m not going to trust the federal government’s opinion.”

Okay Governor, let me paraphrase you, how many have to die before you do?

the census

Like everything else in the Trump era the fight over the census (remember the citizen questions court fights) goes on and on. The census was to end next week. Now a California judge ruled a federal judge has ordered it to continue for another month through the end of October, saying a shortened schedule likely would produce inaccurate results.
Really, people didn’t have three minutes to answer the questions the past six months?

health care

Health care has emerged as an issue over the past few weeks as it will be an issue before the court in November. Remember John Roberts in a 5-4 vote called Obama Care a tax and thus legal because people had to buy the insurance.

When the buy mandate was dropped states went to court and said now Obama Care is illegal.

Now the Republicans, despite promises, have not come up with a plan to replace it. I will repeat here what we have said for years. You simply cannot provide free coverage to 30-40 million people, cover pre existing conditions for those who didn’t buy and reduce costs for those that pay. It cannot be done.
So yesterday President Trump signed an executive order that says it is the “policy of the United States” that health insurers cannot deny coverage to people with preexisting conditions, even if the Supreme Court strikes down the same protections in Obamacare.
That takes away one line of attack that said he wants to do away with coverage for pre existing conditions. It was the right thing to do.
Now if his favored nation treaty clause actually works we may see some drug price drops.
Add this, he announced a $200 drug discount card would be sent to 33 million seniors.

have a great weekend.

Understanding the news…

making sense of the news

Let’s start with Louisville and the A.G. report yesterday.
I watched his review in full and he provided new details as well as changes in the public reports.

First of all he said the police did knock, and a witness above the apartment verified that. We were told it was a no knock entry. So make sure we get this right. They had a no knock warrant, but did knock and identify themselves.

Now the boyfriend in the house said he did not hear the knock nor identity and thought it was a house intrusion.

Right there we have a setting for what was about to happen.

The police, in accordance with their warrant knocked the door in. The boyfriend, using a legal gun he had, shot at them and hit an officer. The two officers at the door hearing this shot and having one hit opened fire back. The end result was Taylor standing, not in bed as first reported, was hit six times and died.

Here’s the question. What would you have done differently on either side?
If you had a legal gun and thought you were being attacked would you have fired?
If you were the police with a warrant and after knocking were being shot at and one of you hit, would you have fired back?
If you answer yes to both those then you agree that neither the boyfriend or two officers at the door were guilty of anything.
That is the ruling.

The other question is were police at the wrong house?
We were told they were. It turns out they were not. This apartment was related to the house they were watching. Both were under surveillance for drug trafficking. It turns out that apparently Breonna Taylor’s old boyfriend was using the apartment to get packages (suspected to be drugs) delivered to it. Thus it was under observation tied to the suspected drug house.

So, from an outside view, what went wrong here was a warrant to be executed at midnight. That led to the situation we had.
If you don’t hold the boyfriend responsible for shooting at the police, how can you hold the police responsible for firing back after getting shot at and one wounded?
Now the third officer who, according to the A.G., fired at a back window with no clear line of sight and even fired into a second apartment is charged with reckless use and endangerment, who can argue with that?

The media coverage of this was as biased as ever. They should answer the question of what they would do if fired upon.

One final thought here. What do all the cases we have seen recently have in common? The answer is drugs. They all involve drugs in one manner or another, and that is the bane of our crime today. If people stopped using illegal drugs think about what kind of state the nation would be in.

the hunter biden report

You didn’t hear on the MSM about the report the senate released. Why?

Basically the report said it wasn’t clear whether Hunter Biden’s lucrative gig on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings affected U.S. policy, but that the issue nevertheless percolated in the background when his father led Obama administration efforts in that graft-riddled country.
So, no smoking gun, but if Joe Biden wasn’t VP would Hunter be on the board with no experience?
The document said:
“The Obama administration knew that Hunter Biden’s position on Burisma’s board was problematic and did interfere in the efficient execution of policy with respect to Ukraine.”
The Biden campaign called the report a desperate political stunt and part of foreign interference efforts by Russia and others to aid Mr. Trump.

The other new news and question was why the wife of Moscow’s Mayor gave Hunter $3.5 million. It wasn’t answered here.
We’ll leave all the questioned money transfers tied to prostitution alone.

Just think if it were Eric, Ivanka or Donald, would it be covered?

one final report today

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad F. Wolf said Wednesday that attempts to influence the U.S. election run well beyond Russia, with China and Iran also deeply involved — though, unlike Russia, they are working against President Trump.
Testifying to the Senate for his nomination to become the fully confirmed secretary, Mr. Wolf was peppered with questions from Democrats about Russian attempts through disinformation to hurt the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden.
Mr. Wolf confirmed the threat but said it goes beyond Russia and beyond attacks on Mr. Biden.
“I know that there continues to be a lot of focus on Russia, as there should be. You cannot do that at the exclusion of making sure that we continue to address the threats that are from both China and Iran,” he said.
He acknowledged that Russia is looking to attack Mr. Biden but said China “prefers” Mr. Biden, as does Iran.
Mr. Wolf, though, said “all three are a threat” and operate in different ways.

How come the MSM only talks Russia?

have a great day.