A Negative Period …

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, the 30 hour access the President gave George Stephanopoulos is still biting him. The MSM is still:
– Replaying his comments on accepting data from foreign governments.
– Showed him embarrassing his chief of staff for coughing!
– Announced he fired three pollsters for showing him trailing.

Wow, what this shows clearly is his ego is truly dangerous to running the country. A key staffer coughs and you berate him because you must look pristine in your interview? The pollster data gets out and you fire them because the data shows you are behind? Really?

This President has policies we agree with and taken some positions that this country has long needed. We applaud that.

But the danger of his ego that needs constant fulfillment and stroking is incredible. He must be told he is “the best”, “the greatest” or “the smartest” constantly. If he thinks you disagree and don’t idolize him he goes off the deep end.

He allowed ABC in thinking he could handle George. He forgot two things.
First, George and his friends are “never Trumpers”. Remember when George’s wife said her kids couldn’t sleep because they were so scared that Trump won. Where did the young kids get that from?
Don’t forget too that his wife Ali had announced they were buying property and moving to Australia if Trump won.

Second, ABC had the power of the edit and time release. The President may well have given as much as he got with George, but the station controlled what people saw, when and how much. His ego may tell him he can control “them”, but he can’t when it’s not live. He got destroyed this past week.

Why give this man and station the access he did? Because he was sure he could handle it. If one of Trump’s advisors had done this, he would fire them and call them “stupid”.

The bigger shame of it was this. He was coming off his Mexico victory. He was riding a high. In the daily Rasmussen poll he was at highs for approval versus disapproval. For one of the few times in his Presidency he was positive and for the first time I remember that positive was four points.
Well in their poll to be released today he is back under the number with disapproval at 50%.
He has no one to blame but himself and as he heads to 2020 has to overcome the economy, world events, and himself to win. He should be hoping beyond anything that the Democrats go far left and people see that candidate a bigger threat than him.

Here’s a quote from today that illustrates his ego.
“If you can believe it, Abraham Lincoln was treated supposedly very badly. But nobody’s been treated badly like me.”

Well, Mr President, I don’t disagree you have had some negative coverage, but believe it or not, your ego has contributed to it.

Some other news

We clearly have a world crisis with Iran and the actions they are taking. You agree right? Now think about this.
Allies like Germany and France are not sure that Iran is acting up or even hit those tankers last week. The Japanese Premier was in Iran for a meeting, and one of his tankers was hit, yet he did not criticize, act or leave.
What does that tell you? Either the U.S. is lying or the world still refuses to stand up for what is right. It means they want and need the oil and are hoping, almost begging Iran to cease the activity. Now think about this too.
The U.S. used to be dependent on middle east oil too. We have made the U.S. energy independent, fighting the left every step of the way to do so.
Any coverage of this on the MSM?

Now there’s another element to this. Congress in both chambers was moving to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
The attacks on the oil tankers have supplied a new sense of urgency to debate.
The President is for the sales. He has argued that the enemy of our enemy is our friend as Saudi Arabia is squaring off against Iran. He also argues that if he cancels the sales, Saudi Arabia will simply turn to Russia and buy from them.
Congress still seething over the Khashoggi murder wants to cut Saudi off.

Let’s see if the events this week makes congress change its stance.

Here’s who made the first Democratic debate:
Michael Bennet, Joe Biden, Bill de Blasio, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, John Hickenlooper, Jay Inslee, Amy Klobuchar, Beto O’Rourke, Tim Ryan, Bernie Sanders, Eric Swalwell, Elizabeth Warren, Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang.
One who didn’t make the debate, and President Trump should be happy he didn’t, is Montana Governor Steve Bullock. He is the middle of the road kind of Democrat who could beat the President.

A question: Why is it that more Americans favor impeachment proceedings today than the day Mueller’s report was released? If it was about collusion and there was none, why have the numbers gone up? From the WSJ this AM:

Really …..

Really, after all the Democrats and MSM have hit him over the head with Russian collusion, did President Trump really respond like that to George Stephanopoulos?

He said he would accept a foreign government’s assistance in an election. “It’s not an interference, they have information — I think I’d take it. If I thought there was something wrong, I’d go maybe to the FBI — if I thought there was something wrong. But when somebody comes up with oppo research, right, they come up with oppo research, oh let’s call the FBI.”
How, how could he answer like that and give them so much ammunition?

This just proves no matter how great the economy is or how much progress he makes in foreign affairs, this election will be close because of his mouth.

And Mr. President, no complaining about the fake news today. You gave George, a “Never Trumper”, full access for two days. Did you expect good coverage from him and ABC?

Did you see a House panel backed contempt charges for AG Barr and Commerce Secretary Ross? 
This move proves how much tougher the Democratic congress members are than the Republicans were. Remember when the Republican Congress held AG Eric Holder in contempt for not providing information? Did they go the next step like the Dems are? No. This congress is changing the game.

The Democrats are so intent on not giving the President any victory that they are now stopping his plan to paint the new Air Force One red, white and blue. Think about that. Red, White and Blue is not good for them.
Democratic Rep. Joe Courtney on Wednesday threw a big wrench into President Donald Trump’s plans to paint the iconic Air Force One jets red, white and blue. During a marathon hearing of the House Armed Services Committee on a bill that will authorize Pentagon spending for 2020, Courtney introduced an amendment that restricts spending on any changes made to the white and sky-blue Boeing airplane.

“Courtney’s amendment, adopted by committee members on a 31-26 party line vote, would require congressional approval for excessive spending on ‘interior, paint and fixtures.'”

You know all the charges against the President from the left and MSM that he is running the government to profit his businesses? They ignore he donates his salary, and ignore that those business were worth less since the 2016 election. It was a straight out lie that they were allowed to get away with. Here’s an update from yesterday from Bloomberg that says last year the business reversed two years of declines. Look at how they presented it:

“Trump’s Net Worth Rises to $3 Billion Despite Business Setbacks. President Donald Trump’s net worth rose to $3 billion, a 5% gain over the past year, thanks to a jump in the value of an office-building deal he once sued to prevent”. 

“The increase in Trump’s wealth reverses two years of declines and brings his net worth back to 2016 levels, according to figures compiled by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index from lenders, property records, securities filings, market data and a May 16 financial disclosure. It comes despite setbacks at his family company, including the cancellation of two new hotel chains and reduced business at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and seven golf courses.”

Now considering the business and market growth shouldn’t his businesses be well beyond 2016 levels? Being President has cost him growth. It’s not him using the Presidency to grow his business.

Remember when Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame was the darling of the media and going to run for President? Today’s story about him:

 “Starbucks billionaire Howard Schultz told campaign staff that he is making significant cuts to his team, as he suspends his political plans for the summer.” Schultz came into the office Wednesday for the first time in months and met with the staff, according to a person in the room. He announced that he was letting everyone go except those in senior leadership positions, adding he would not make a decision about running for president until after Labor Day. 

A big story tonight will be about Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter. His wife, Margaret, who is facing a number of federal criminal charges (along with him) over allegations of diverting more than $250,000 in campaign funds to personal use, is set to plead guilty.

John Dean – Really?

What a fiasco

John Dean really? Except for going to jail for Watergate what has he done? Why was he called? Did he have facts and information on this case?
No. In fact the first thing he said was he was not a “fact witness”.
So, if you are not a fact witness what are you?
A TV show is what, and guess what, the helicopter crash occurred at exactly when he was to be covered.
Coverage – zero.

Now John Dean to be sure, yesterday called the current investigation akin to Watergate. Really?
Where was the break in? Cover up? Money payments?
Oh wait, it may be worse said John Dean.

Well John, the only convicted person testifying was you. The only disbarred person testifying was you. The only one testifying who said when Reagan was President that Iran Contra was worse than Watergate was you. The only one who said the War in Iraq coverup was worse than Watergate was you. The only one testifying who had sent close to one thousand tweets about President Trump, with all of them negative was you.
What about Democratic Presidents like Clinton, anything there? Not that you saw.
I think you may be a little prejudice and biased and your role on CNN as an anti Trump is clear.
Why that makes you witness one for Jerry Nadler just illustrates what a joke this is.

Speaking of Nadler after weeks news coverage about subpoena and impeachment threats did you see that he is backing off “for now” as the AG is providing documents?
The WSJ today:
House, DOJ reach deal on Mueller probe evidence. The House Judiciary Committee has reached an agreement to gain access to evidence special counsel Robert Mueller collected on whether the president acted improperly, backing off a plan to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for blocking the release.

It was all noise as usual.

Some News Headlines

Can you believe this in the WSJ today about Kim Jong Un’s brother?:
Kim’s slain half brother was a CIA informant. Kim Jong Nam, the slain half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was an informant for the CIA who met on several occasions with agency operatives. Mr. Kim was killed at an airport in Malaysia in February 2017, when two women smeared his face with nerve agent VX.

Did you see that Iran is releasing a U.S. citizen?
With tensions heightened and all the threats they are making does it surprise you too that they would release someone now? Makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes doesn’t it?

What Joe? So Joe Biden skipped the Iowa forum where all the other Democratic candidates spoke. As the front runner he made a strategic decision and of course was attacked by the others. He provided a reason, his granddaughters graduation. Good enough, but then he added this:
“‘One of my competitors criticized me for not going to Iowa to talk for 5 minutes. … My granddaughter was graduating. It was my daughter’s birthday. I would skip inauguration for that.'”
You would skip the inauguration for that? Ah Joe, the country might come first if you are running for the office and win.

Buckle up for a new book release:
General James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense, on his brand new book, Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead (Publish Date: July 16, 2019). 
What is he going to say?

The NYT Today

Congratulations on Fixing the Border, Mr. President!
Should we pretend that Donald Trump made a real deal with Mexico?

Pelosi and Schumer Are Playing Too Nice
Maybe they are right to be cautious, but keeping the base at a distance
could make it easier for Trump to win again.

Holding Up Trump …

As I watched the news reporting over the weekend, the Sunday shows and coverage of the Mexico tariff situation it dawned on me. Without FoxNews the President’s ratings would be in the lowest range possible. There was not one positive presentation of his actions or week.

Did any show or station praise his speech and results in Europe this week?
Not that I saw. In fact they ripped him for giving an interview at the cemetery and attacking Nancy Pelosi.
They knocked him for fighting back against the London Mayor and once again brought up the charge he called Megan Markle “nasty”.
There was not one positive about a successful trip to Europe and best speech of his presidency.

Then we had the whole Mexico deal being ripped as a ploy.
Nothing about how he may have negotiated some help from Mexico. Nothing about their whole week of false alarming reports that he was going to drive up prices and destroy relationships.
If he used the threat to even slightly improve the situation, he won.
Any word on that? Of course not.
Any knock on congress for not acting? Of course not. It was all Trump.

On Mexico let’s watch what happens over the next 60 days to get a feel on what he did. One thing for sure. Mexico was concerned enough about the potential tariffs to rush to Washington and negotiate in days. If we improve at all, will the MSM give the administration any credit?
To answer that question here’s another. Did they (the MSM) apologize for two years of telling us that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians? After all, they told us that daily for the entire period and that Robert Mueller would have the proof. When Mueller said he didn’t, and in fact cleared him of collusion, did they apologize?
No they converted to obstruction of the crime that wasn’t.

So I came to the conclusion that the only place he gets a fair deal is Fox, and his supporters can go there to at least hear the other side. If Fox did not exist the constant MSM drum beat would have driven his numbers so far down his reelection would not be possible.


In what can only be the absurd, today the Nadler team is calling John Dean, the disgraced former Watergate figure and anti Trump CNN commentater to testify. Now ask yourself one question. What does John Dean know about the whole probe? He knows about being disbarred and facing jail time. He knows that Trump should not be President, as he knew that Kavanaugh should not be on the court. He knows CNN pays his salary. But what value is he here?
The value is a name from a White House scandal can get television time and attack the President.

Folks it’s up to you and me in 2020 to decide what America is going forward.

Look at this story in the WSJ. WOW.

The standoff over special counsel Robert Mueller’s report echoes a 1982 fight involving the late Anne Gorsuch Burford, the then administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Then, like now, a Democratic House of Representatives wanted access to documents that a Republican president said were privileged law-enforcement materials. As a result of the Reagan administration’s refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena, Ms. Burford was cited for contempt, sparking a legal battle that culminated in her resignation.

The thorny legal questions about relations between Congress and the executive branch that were in play then and today could end up being decided by a Supreme Court that now features her son, Neil Gorsuch.

Now Look at the NYT headlines and stories this weekend and today:

These need no explanation from me and the you decide if the paper that says its fair is practicing that:


Trump Mixes Economic and National Security, Plunging the U.S. Into Multiple Fights


The Trump administration has argued that economic security is national security. But as a consequence, it now finds itself in an economic war on nearly every front.

Op Ed:

The Worst President Hails the Greatest Generation
Trump mouthed the right words in Normandy. He didn’t mean them.

Why Should Immigrants ‘Respect Our Borders’? The West Never Respected Theirs
Immigration quotas should be based on how much the host country has ruined other countries.



4 Disturbing Details You May Have Missed in the Mueller Report
Some troubling-to-outright-damning episodes have been lost in the noise around its release.

Mexico Agreed to Take Border Actions Months Before Trump Announced Tariff Deal
President Trump announced an agreement just before punishing tariffs went into effect, but it was unclear whether he saw it as truly new concessions or a face-saving way to defuse his tariff threat.

A Drama of Trump’s Own Making Ends With a Familiar Hero
The threat to impose tariffs on Mexico was a case study in President
Trump’s approach to some of the most daunting issues confronting him
and the nation.


Trump Hijacks the 4th of July


The president decided that the one thing missing from the capital’s celebration was himself

Editors’ Picks

U.S. Death on the Rio Grande: A Look at a Perilous Migrant RouteBy ZOLAN KANNO-YOUNGSPresident Trump’s immigration clampdown has pushed an increasing surge of migrants into the harsh river current as the fastest route to American soil.

Wrapping Up The Week …

An eventful and busy week comes to end with much still on the table. It’s the era of Trump. Let’s close out with a quick look at some.

Nancy Pelosi, as we reported yesterday, said she wants the “President in jail”. That statement alone is unacceptable but I have a question.
How come two weeks ago when the President commented overseas on Kim Jong un calling Joe Biden a light weight it was major news. They said the President had no right speaking about domestic politics while overseas. Well, wasn’t the President overseas this week? How come the MSM is not knocking Nancy for speaking about him, going to prison nonetheless, while he was?

Did you see Joe Biden this week reverse himself on the Hyde Amendment? He went from it was against his religion to support public funds for abortion, to he would likely reverse. My first thought was, wouldn’t it be great to have a president that actually said what he believed and acted against it?
Then I remembered, we have that now. So we can criticize the President but he does say and do what he says and means.

Which bring us to the Mexican tariffs. Depending on what you believe, we are either on the verge of instituting the tariff, or a breakthrough with Mexico to take action.
One report said that the Mexican delegation proposed putting troops on Mexico’s southern border. The reason for that is people are supposed to seek asylum in the first country they enter. With Mexico they are allowing people to march through it and get to the U.S. Since most recent asylum seekers are coming from El Salvador and Honduras, this would be very effective if implemented and executed.

How is this going to go over in the country? The congressional leaders are preparing to raise their salaries (currently $174,000) by $4.800. You can be the first to raise your hand if you think this congress deserves a raise.

Britain’s Prime Minister Teresa May steps down today. She could never get the country through the Brexit change. She was the second woman to serve as PM and history will be her judge. The first woman PM, Margaret Thatcher was a partner with Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, to change the world.

Some Political Updates

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced he won’t be running against Donald Trump for the GOP nomination in 2020, nor will he be running for the Senate. He was rumored to be the candidate for a primary.

Senator Michael Bennet  is the 20th Democratic candidate to meet the threshold for inclusion in the first round of debates later this month. The DNC has announced that 20 will be the limit for the debate.
So what happens if another candidate qualifies? They will go to their tie-breaking procedure which will be interesting for anyone disqualified.

A disappointing jobs report this AM. Only 75,000 jobs added. The expectation was for 175,000. This makes watching the fed closer more important. That rate cut by September is now more likely

A Day To Remember …

June 6 will always be associated with the year 1944 and what they did. They being the young soldiers who were prepared to risk and sacrifice all to take back a continent and protect freedom into the future.
As we said yesterday, all you need to do is walk those hallow grounds, read the burial markers and realize the lives un-lived. The President was as close to Reagan-like today in his remarks as he could be, and seeing the “boys” still with us behind him was most moving. We must teach the next generations that lesson, the price someone paid for them and the cost of freedom. People need to know that what we have and enjoy is not free, it was paid for by some young kids willing to storm a beach knowing it could likely be their last moment on this earth. All you have, they need to be told, is not because you earned it, but because someone else did for you.
From here, this 75th anniversary, we will move to other celebrations and remembrances. The Battle of The Bulge, and Okinawa are two of the others that such a price was paid. I read a book this week and what sticks with me is the bravery and belief in cause of the young soldiers, fully knowing the price that lie ahead. One that stuck with me was in Okinawa as the first wave came upon land and took a few steps up a hill. A young solider turned to his friend looking up and said, “Let’s go, I’ve already lived longer than I thought I would”. That was the task our fathers and grandfathers faced. They did it so we could live in freedom. If we ever forget we will have failed those upon whose shoulders we stand.

Other news

As we honor and remember this was also in the news today:

As her caucus pressed her on impeachment, here was Nancy Pelosi’s reaction. “Speaker Nancy Pelosi told senior Democrats that she’d like to see President Donald Trump in prison”, as she clashed with House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler in a meeting on Tuesday night over whether to launch impeachment proceedings.

That needs no comment.

The President in Ireland said, “‘Mexico was in yesterday. They’re coming back this morning … I think a lot of progress was made yesterday, but we need to make a lot of progress”.
So there is still hope for no tariffs and Mexico help on border control. Let’s see.
On the tariffs the President was clear on his view. He said, “We’ve told Mexico the tariffs go on, and I mean it too. And I’m very happy with it. And a lot of people, senators included, they have no idea what they’re talking about when it comes to tariffs. They have absolutely no idea. When you have the money, when you have the product, when you have the thing that everybody wants, you’re in a position to do very well with tariffs and that’s where we are.”

A story that did not receive much coverage on Venezuela:
Russia has removed “most of their people” from Venezuela, where President Nicolás Maduro continues to cling to power despite an ongoing humanitarian crisis, according to President Trump.
Russia, which has energy investments in Venezuela, Cuba and China, has come out in support of Maduro, while the United States, Britain, France, Spain and 50 other countries back Juan Guaidó, the opposition-party head who declared himself the rightful leader in January.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed Russia for propping up Maduro.
The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that Russia was pulling defense advisers amid questions about whether Maduro could survive in the face of mounting pressure from Washington.

Another place that the President has taken a tough stand is Cuba. This too received little coverage this week:
Americans will be barred from taking cruise ships to Cuba, as the Trump
administration ratchets up pressure on Havana to abandon its support of Venezuela’s Maduro government.

Meanwhile some stories in the “fair and balanced” NYT this AM:

Trump’s Split-Screen Persona on Blaring Display in Britain Visit
Over his three-day trip, the president embraced regal respectability on one side, and settling scores on the other.
EDITORIAL OBSERVER. A Chance for ‘Dreamers’ By CRISTIAN FARIAS. Congress should do its job and pass a bill to protect immigrants brought to the United States as children.
OPINION The Articles of Impeachment Against Donald J. Trump: A Draft By IAN PRASAD PHILBRICK We edited the articles against Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, and came up with articles against President Trump.
I Want to Live in Elizabeth Warren’s America. By FARHAD MANJOO. The Massachusetts senator is proposing something radical: a country in which adults discuss serious ideas seriously.
Let’s Ditch Mitch By GAIL COLLINS The Senate majority leader comes out of his shell.

In A Nutshell ….

I think the current situation with Mexico explains the Trump presidency in a nutshell. Here’s why:

First, it shows the failure of government today to do right for the country.
Second, it illustrates the sorry state of politics and why disagreement doesn’t end at the water’s edge.
Third, it shows the thing we have long written about, the President has no party loyalty.

The Situation:

The President announces he is imposing a 5% tariff on Mexican goods into the country because our congress has failed to act on the border crisis. Even after admitting there is a crisis now they still refuse to act. They refuse to give the President any victory, so rather than do that, they allow the border to remain porous.
Thus, the President comes up with a tariff on Mexico to try and force them to do what they should be doing anyway, protect their border.

The Issues:

Mexico does not want the tariffs imposed and decide to send a delegate to Washington today (Wednesday) to discuss. The first reaction is “Hey this is positive, maybe we can get some help”, right?

But yesterday the House leader Nancy Pelosi met with that delegate and had a private meeting. If you think she met to support the President, you can stop reading now, because you are living in another world.
So now Mexico knows the Democrats are on their side.

Then the Republican Senate Leader Mitch O’Connell meets the press with his leadership team and what does he say? “Senate Republicans told senior White House officials that they are prepared to resist tariffs on Mexico if President Trump pushes forward”.
So the Republicans are not backing their President. Proving what we have long maintained, the President does not have a party behind him.

Please note that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is backing the President. He said, “the House Republicans will sustain a veto-proof majority for Trump’s tariffs”. So, as long as McCarthy and House Republicans have the president’s back, the Senate can gripe.

The other issue is this. Do you think the President told McConnell and others he was going to impose this tariff before he did it? He didn’t. With no loyalty back to them, they feel no loyalty to support ideas not discussed. It goes both ways.

With All That:
The questions do remain.

Why would congress undercut the administration the day before the meeting? Does that make sense?
Mexico was worried enough to send someone immediately and you undercut the U.S. position? Whose side are they on?
Why don’t you in congress stop what you are doing and actually solve the crisis you now admit exists?
Having encouraged Mexico to stand tall the day before they meet with VP Pence and Secretary Pompeo, what do they expect now? You undercut our negotiation.
Don’t you in congress think Mexico has failed to control their own borders and drug traffic? If so, why would you side with them a day before this meeting?
And, Mr President, doesn’t this tell you to work with congressional leaders before announcing polices? Why can’t you learn that if you are so smart?

What a mess as the meeting happens today.


Seeing Scot Peterson, the former Broward County sheriff’s deputy, facing charges of neglect in the Parkland shooting adds another element to that whole situation. Peterson is charged with failure to do his job and they are saying he could have saved lives if he had done it right.
The lesson here is that, the lesson is multi faceted. The mental illness of the shooter and failure to act is one part. The failure of security assigned for just such a situation is another. Guns are just another element. All areas must be addressed.

Updating …

It seems to be the President is more at ease in this trip to England than he was in previous visits abroad. Maybe it’s just time in office, as we should all remember he had no political experience prior to the presidency. He just seems more at ease in the role.

That hasn’t prevented the MSM from looking to attack on any issue.
The Megan Markle controversy they manufactured yesterday didn’t have legs. Let’s see, she attacked him in 2016 and when after he praised her they played the tape. He said he didn’t know she was nasty (meaning to him he says) and they run over and over he called her “nasty”.
Then the fight with the London Mayor who attacked him and the President hits back and he is the villain to our media. Well how about the Mayor of a foreign city having some class and not attacking the U.S. President visiting? Would our media support a Republican Mayor in the U.S. attacking a visit from the Mexican President?
Today we’ll hear and see all the news about the protesters in the streets. Anything to make Trump look bad.

I still cringe at some things he says. Like this AM at the meeting with PM May when he said we can make a trade deal and she should “stick around”. The poor woman cried last week announcing she would resign on Friday. Instead of “sticking around” shouldn’t he just have praised her and said she will have had a part in the final agreement?

Here’s my thoughts on the media and their liberal bent. Think about this:
When Reagan was President they called him a dunce, and stated he needed cue cards to speak the words his handlers wrote.
History has proven them wrong.
George Bush Sr. was next. They called him a “wimp”. The youngest fighter pilot of WW2, shot out of the air, his plane mates killed. To the media this Republican was a “wimp”.
Bill Clinton was next. He was portrayed as brilliant, a great communicator. Republicans wanting to impeach him were the bad guys.
Then comes George Bush Jr. He was dumb and stole the election.
Along comes Obama and once again we have a ” brilliant” President and leader.
That brings us to Trump and you see how they portray him.

So what’s the connection between the good and bad? All the dumb and should not be presidents were Republican. The brilliant ones were Democrats. We know the media votes 80-95% for the Democratic candidate in any national election.
Remember that as you watch coverage into 2020.

Impeachment Update

The NYT this morning says that 56 Democrats are now saying they are ready to impeach Trump — that’s still less than a quarter of the caucus, but more than it was last week.

I ask again what are the charges? What are the articles they intend to bring up? I still don’t know.


After the press conference this AM and additional meetings, the President heads tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary of D-Day. From the ship launching site to the beaches on Thursday. He will meet a number of the warriors who were there that day and are returning for this 75th anniversary.
If you have ever visited the grounds, walked to see the guns shooting at them and visited the cemetery steps away, it is an experience you will never forget. The men who made that invasion led the way for freedom to take back a continent. Their bravery cannot be overstated and they paid an incredible price for what they did. We should always remember and as that generation passes from our midst, we should assure our children know their story and never forget.

With D-Day today and the Battle of The Bulge remembrance in December we must never forget.

Trump Bashed …..

If you watched the MSM this weekend it was an end to end bashing of the President. On every Sunday news show it was a tough day for the administration (though this is not unusual because even FoxNews Sunday Chris Wallace is not a fan). The administration was pillared end to end.

Yet we find the President’s favorability rating in the polls holds in the 42-45% range. His supporters have seemed to have come to expect the negative reporting and not pay attention to it.

What were the attacks on? Let’s just look at one this Monday AM, Mexico.
They beat on him for the tariff threat. It was going to raise prices for Americans, bust the economy and destroy growth.
Did anyone say this may be a negotiation ploy to get Mexico to act? No.
Did anyone say this is a result of congress failure to address the border crisis? No.
It was all a negative for the President and the administration. Except for one thing. The people of our country think their is a crisis at the border. The MSM doesn’t understand that.
Oh yea, I bet you didn’t hear this either:
Mexico’s president on Saturday suggested he was open to tightening immigration controls following a threat from President Trump to impose tariffs if the US’s southern neighbor doesn’t put an end to illegal immigration to the States.
Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador also said that a delegate would explain what his country is doing to deal with illegal immigration in an upcoming meeting with US officials this week in Washington, DC.

Hmm, think something might happen before we get too far into this? We think so too. And yes, Mexico can do more to protect its border. But relaying on Mexico to solve a problem that congress should is a disgrace.

This morning the MSM was on another negative story, the President’s visit to England.
Now the President is getting the red carpet treatment (A State Visit) from the Queen and family. That is not the norm. He will be only the third of twelve President’s the Queen has met to get such treatment. The press won’t tell you that. What they will tell you is:
The Parliament denied the President a speech before it.
The Mayor of London despises the President and is attacking him.
There are protesters in the street.

This President is a friend of Britain. He has promised them a trade deal negotiation and agreement as soon as they exit from Brexit. The previous President told them they would go to the bottom of the list if they exited.

One final thought this AM. This President is different in every way. You attack him ala the Mayor of London and he is right back in your face within minutes.
We complained for decades about jobs leaving for China and Mexico but did nothing. He has now gone eyeball to eyeball with both to take action. The MSM can beat him up, but he is not backing down. If he’s right and they back down, then he wins. If the world calls him on it and refuses to give him anything I can promise he is not giving in.
Stay tuned to see if China and Mexico are willing to endure in hopes the President is defeated in 2020. It would a foolish move on their part, but they may believe driving our economy down is better for them in the long haul.


IMPEachment questioN:

After watching, reading and listening all week I am left with question’s that I can use your assistance on. They are:
Exactly what are they going to impeach Trump on?
Do you know what the charges are?
What are the articles of impeachment they plan?

I am truly totally confused on what they want to impeach him on. I know they started with collusion and treason, but he was innocent of that. What exactly are we going to impeach on? Please advise me if you know.

If you said they were going to impeach on boisterous statements, outlandish tweets or noise, I would understand. Those however are not impeachable actions. So I am lost. Help.

Thoughts on other topics:

Hollywood and Georgia.
So the tolerant left is now saying they will refuse to continue filming in Georgia because the people of that state want to place a timeframe on abortion availability. Think about that. You either allow what they (the Hollywood actors) want, or we won’t work here. Thus in essence it’s you either agree with me or I leave, I don’t care what you think as a people.
“As of Thursday, nine media companies – Netflix, Disney, WarnerMedia, Sony, AMC, NBCUniversal, STX Entertainment, CBS with its premium cable company Showtime and Viacom – have now warned that they might pull their productions out of states that pass bills limiting abortion.”
Who’s intolerant?

Mexico, Tariffs and the USCMA:
First the White House on Thursday started the clock on passing the USMCA. What that means is Congress would receive the deal for consideration in 30 days, and has to ratify it by the end of September — 120 days. It’s a pressure tactic to get the bill voted on and hopefully approved.
The bill as you know would replace NAFTA and monitor trade between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Then what happens is the President announces he is placing a tariff of 5% beginning June 10 on all goods from Mexico. He added this would increase in size until all illegal immigration across the border is halted. So on July 1 the tariff goes to 10% until a maximum 25% is hit.

It’s hard for me to see how both those are connected. How do you push a new free trade agreement and announce tariffs on the same day? There must be a plan I am missing.

The President needs this deal approved as part of his reelection campaign. He made a big issue of how unfair NAFTA was.
He also needs to stop illegal immigration since it was the issue he came down the escalator touting to announce his candidacy.

Is the thought that the house will not pass the USMCA (because they don’t want to give him a victory), thus he claims the tariffs are paying for the wall? I really don’t know at this point, but this will be interesting to watch. We do import $346.5 billion annually from Mexico.

We do know the market did not react real well to this news. It is going way down at the opening on the news. Let’s see how it finishes though.

Senator Romney:
An interesting fact to share today. Did you know that Romney has voted this year against Trump more than most other Senate Republicans? His explanation:
“People on the left, you’re not hard enough on the president. People on the right, you’re too hard on the president. The lane that I’ve chosen has almost no one in it”.
Oh, okay, thank you Mr. Perfect. Too bad you weren’t this smart when you ran in 2012.

North Korea:
So now you know what we’re dealing with. Did you see this story?
“North Korea executed its former top nuclear envoy with the U.S. along with four other foreign ministry officials in March after a failed summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump in Vietnam, South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper reported.
“Kim Hyok Chol, who led working-level negotiations for the February summit in Hanoiwas executed by firing squad after being charged with espionage for allegedly being co-opted by the U.S., the newspaper said, citing an unidentified source. The move was part of an internal purge Kim undertook after the summit broke down without any deal, it said.”
Only one person can speak for and make a deal in North Korea and barring an overthrow by the military, which they would have to attempt with their lives and families at stake, it is Kim.

Can you believe they need another election in September? Benjamin Netanyahu refused to give in on any deals and was one vote short. One vote in Parliament. Now he has to face a whole new election just months after the last one.
The people in Isreal will get to choose now — as you will get to choose in 2020 Americas future.

The Mess …

The day after Mueller muddied the waters we have a mess again. The media is running with it and talking impeachment. The elected officials who shout that impeachment word are given great coverage. Now consider this:

Even Nancy Pelosi pushed back on impeachment hearings as she said there are only 38 congressional individuals for it. This represents fewer than 20% of House Democrats, and less than 10% of the total House.
“Many of them are reflecting their views as well as those of their constituents,” Pelosi said in SF. “Many constituents want to impeach the president. But we want to do what is right and what gets results. What gets results.”
She knows an impeachment by the house could result in great backlash against the Democrats.

Think about her statement. Less than 10% of the house has called for impeachment. In the MSM what do you think that number is?

Robert Mueller truly turned out to be a disappointment. In America you are either innocent or guilty. The basis for our system is you are innocent until proven guilty — not guilty until proven innocent.
Mueller’s statement was the opposite: “If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” What? That was followed with, “We did not, however, make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime”.
How come that second part of the sentence is never reported?
So Mueller didn’t determine a crime but 38 congressmen and the MSM want to impeach?

Now the Ken Starr inquiry on Bill Clinton charged him with 12 counts of lying. Outright charged him with lying to them and the grand jury. The same Democrats who were around then turned around and voted not to impeach him. Do you think the MSM should report this? Do you remember where they stood then?

In the meantime

Legislation and solving issues is on the back burner so the left and media can yell.
A border crisis? We all agree there is one now. Solve it? No way. We must impeach, not solve 100,000 a month coming across illegally.
Pass the new North America Trade Deal? No way. The NYT this AM: “Speaker Nancy Pelosi is resisting pressure from the Trump administration to quickly approve an updated North American trade deal and is telling lawmakers and union officials that a planned study of the agreement could drag on well into the fall, people familiar with the situation said.”

You can pick the issue, just not important. Impeaching the president is.
I would invite the MSM to go back and watch their daily coverage (all day too) for the first twenty-two months of this administration. It was a daily drumbeat of “Collusion”. Collusion all the time. Now that Mueller has cleared the President of collusion what do we hear?
Obstruction. Obstruction of what? Obstruction of a false charge and crime that wasn’t committed. Read that again — “Obstruction of a false charge and crime that wasn’t committed”.
Now we are going to get wall to wall coverage of why we should impeach on that? Come on. How about solving the border and trade issues.

That said, we always go back to how this President makes it easy for the opposition. Really, with the ship John McCain? Are you serious? From the WSJ: Before Mr. Trump’s visit to Japan, U.S. military officials worked to ensure he wouldn’t see the warship that bears the name of the late senator, a frequent target of the president’s ire”.
Why does this administration make it so easy?

Speaking of dumb and you can’t be serious, Roy Moore are you that brain dead? The story is he is making calls and preparing to challenge Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in 2020. The man who lost a sure senate seat for Republicans wants to do it again? Roy, remember the sexual charges of young woman you couldn’t refute? You can’t be serious.
Republicans—led by President Trump—are pushing for him to stay out of the race. They know it will cost the party a winnable pickup.

The Democratic Debates

Here’s an update on the first debate field set for June and who qualifies:

In the large field, many lower-profile candidates had to fight tooth and nail to hit the Democratic National Committee’s either/or threshold for making the first debate stage. The qualifications were clear: a candidate had to have 65,000 donors from twenty states or receive 1% of support in three polls from a list of DNC-approved pollsters. But the debate is capped at twenty spots, so at least one of the qualification points will be used to break ties and winnow the list down.
Candidates therefore needed to hit both marks- donors and polling- to feel their spot is secure. 
As of today, a dozen candidates seem to have cleared both:Former Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Senators Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, Representative Tulsi Gabbard, former Rep Beto O’Rourke, former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, Governor Jay Inslee, author Marianne Williamson, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang. 
Another seven appear to have reached the polling threshold: Senator Kristen Gillibrand, Governor Steve Bullock, former Governor John Hickenlooper, Representatives Tim Ryan and Eric Swalwell, and former Rep. John Delaney.
Five candidates haven’t cleared either threshold:Senator Michael Bennet, former Senator Mike Gravel, Representative Seth Moulton, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam. 

Mueller Speaks ….

So why is it every time that Mueller or Comey (both ex FBI Directors) speak we are all more confused?
First Comey spoke on the Clinton campaign and after laying out what seemed a sure case he concluded there was not enough to charge her.
Then Mueller goes to work for two years on collusion and Russian interference. He issues his report, that there was no collusion but the rest was so ambiguous it raised more questions than it answered. How can it be after two years, all the millions of dollars and wait you cannot be definitive?
He leaves us on an obstruction question. He says ala Comey, he cannot prove the President innocent; nor can he indict and say he should be charged!
Well just when we need an answer, Mueller has none in his report. So today he speaks and when he finished we were further in the clouds. For twenty five million dollars and two years of suspense, Bob as an ex FBI Director, can you give us an answer!

Then he concluded by saying this is the last time he intends to speak on this. “The report” he said, is his final word. Well, well.

The “final word” says no collusion and he can’t prove or disprove obstruction. So where does that leave us? With two more years of infighting is where. The Democrats will say there are crimes in the obstruction part. The President will say he is totally exonerated.
So what does that mean?
It means that first Comey, then the report and finally Mueller in his words today, all punted the decision to you the voter. They left it up to you to decide in 2020.

From my side there were two plus years of collusion and even charges that Trump was an agent of the Russians. All untrue, by every report.
So we moved to obstruction. Can you obstruct an investigation of a crime that was not committed? I guess legally you can, but is that appropriate here?
We had a President trying to end an investigation that he knew was untrue and stalling his presidency. Should he be impeached for that? I think not.
That said, the left says the president misleads, tells falsehoods and lies. I can’t argue with that. He is truly his own worst enemy — and he has many of them.

Buckle up. More infighting ahead. You will end up in your hands in November 2020.

After We Remember …

We start a new week after a weekend of remembrance of those who went to defend our nation and paid with their lives. I was heartened by the ceremonies and remembrances. We must never forget and assure we pass to the next generation the price of freedom. Lives never lived because of a willingness of so many to risk theirs, to assure others would have the freedom we do.
It is our obligation to teach the next generation and yesterday was heartening.

Today we are back to the division

Watching the MSM report news last night and this AM and the bias was so clear. Here’s what they were saying “President Trump is siding with Kim Jong un over his own advisors …” Why are they saying this?
Because the advisors, led by John Bolton, are hitting Kim hard and making threats. They want Kim to get a message. The President meanwhile is saying he believes Kim will keep his word to him.
Now do you think he is siding with North Korea’s leader against our country, or do you think he is utilizing a negotiation position?
We chose the latter. He wants to give Kim an out and try an approach to get things back on track. But the MSM doesn’t present that possibility, they are sure he is choosing Kim over his staff.
Now ask yourself this. If the President were to react with “Little Rocket Man” and threaten him back, what would they say? They would be burying him for inflaming and bringing the world closer to war.

Same as they did with Iran. Last week they were all over the President for the uptick in tensions in the area. Trump wants war with Iran they said. How many times did you hear them blame the President?
Well here is the President saying he doesn’t want regime change in Iran, just wants them to not build nuclear weapons. The President is actually the one diffusing tensions today. Is the MSM reporting they were over board last week? Of course not.

Now they were right on the President talking about Joe Biden too much and agreeing with Kim on his comments. When asked about Kim’s derogatory comments about Biden all he had to say was “that’s Kim’s opinion, ask him”. It was foolish to agree with the North Korean leader on US politics.
However, beating up the President for not leaving politics at the borders is hallow when you consider they never criticize the left for all they do. Did they criticize Obama or Kerry for going overseas and saying the things they did? Are borders only for this President?


Did you see that Jerry Nadler, (top Democrat on the House Judiciary
Committee) said that Robert Mueller wants to testify in private?
Wait, what’s wrong with that? Oh you mean you won’t get the dramatic
TV time to ask questions the MSM can run over and over?
Nadler and team are simply looking to keep stirring the pot.

The President continues to be his own worst enemy. When he got into that beef with Nancy Pelosi he was doing fine until he tweeted about himself:
“I’m an extremely stable genius.” Even his supporters had to laugh about that. Plus, he gave her an opening to tweet back:
“When the ‘extremely stable genius’ starts acting more presidential, I’ll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues”.

So the President gave Attorney General William Barr the power to declassify information about the origins of the Russia probe. This is the next escalation in this whole probe.
First we had “collusion” and after two years that was false making the left and MSM look really bad.
Then that same group pivoted immeditely to “obstruction”, despite Mueller saying he could prove it.
Now comes the right saying there were crimes committed by his political opponents. They may be disappointed too.
In the end we might truly have the Russians interfering, a suspicion that Trump’s campaign was involved and an investigation that followed which found nothing.
Imagine if that is it.

By the way, on obstruction we find that so over the line. In the Mueller investigation every witness, paper and request was met. Not once was “executive privilege” used. Mueller had access to and received everything he wanted. In the end he said, “no collusion”. So we come back to the basic questions:
How do you obstruct a crime that never happened?
How do you obstruct a crime investigation when you surrender everything?
We don’t get it. It was like they bleach bit hard drives and destroyed devices.

Here’s an interesting column we read. It is by Rich Lowry and entitled “Worst Coverup Ever”:

President Trump may be guilty of many things, but a coverup in the Mueller probe isn’t one of them.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attempting to appease forces in the Democratic Party eager for impeachment, is accusing him of one, with all the familiar Watergate connotations.

The charge is strange, not to say incomprehensible, in light of the fact that Congress is in possession of a 448-page report produced by the Trump Department of Justice cataloguing the alleged obstruction that Congress now wants to investigate. The report is so exhaustive that many members of Congress haven’t had the time to read it.

If this is a White House coverup, it’s too late. It’s a coverup of an alleged crime that has already been extensively exposed, not by whistleblowers, not by Jerry Nadler, not by hostile journalists, but a DOJ prosecutor who worked under the supervision of Trump’s handpicked deputy attorney general.

Pelosi has rehearsed the cliché, “As they say, the coverup is frequently worse than the crime.” Or in this case, a substitute for the crime.

Mueller found no Russia collusion or coordination and didn’t even accuse the president of obstruction, instead bizarrely pronouncing him “not exonerated.”

Pelosi hasn’t deemed the alleged obstruction detailed in the Mueller report worthy of impeachment but now insists Trump’s resistance to congressional probes is itself obstruction and “could be impeachable.” This is an alleged process crime on top of an alleged process crime, all stemming from an investigation that Trump had the power to stop but never did (even as he openly hated it and came up with various schemes, never effected, to crimp it).

The Mueller report is chock-full of direct accounts of private conversations with the president, which would ordinarily be considered the most sensitive White House communications most likely to trigger a claim of executive privilege. The White House never tried to block any of the testimony. Mueller often writes in such compelling novelistic detail exactly because everyone talked.

The only exception was the president himself, who only took written questions about the Russian portion of the probe (remember that?). But Mueller stipulates in the report that he didn’t try to subpoena the president, in part, because he had gotten the relevant information from everyone else.

After going through this investigation for two years, run by a prosecutor with considerable resources and powers, and a well-demonstrated willingness to nail anyone not telling the truth, the White House is balking at repeating the experience with Congress.

It has zero political interest in abetting high-profile hearings with former White House officials such as Don McGahn, and legitimate privilege claims to make over the president’s communications with his advisers and over the vast amount of unreviewed underlying material of the Mueller report.

This is a high-intensity version of the typical jousting between the two branches. Some of it will surely be negotiated out, and some of it will be decided by the courts.

Congress obviously has its own legitimate claims here, although the fact-finding authorized by Pelosi is largely a charade to avoid grasping the nettle of impeachment.

The Democrats could slap together a couple of hearings with law professors and former prosecutors and impeach Trump tomorrow if they wanted to.

This is what makes the current situation so crazy. Trump, let alone Attorney General William Barr or McGahn, isn’t the one stopping Congress from pursuing impeachment. They have no control over it whatsoever. Impeachment is entirely a matter for the House, which is entirely under the control of Pelosi.

She, not the president, is “obstructing” an impeachment inquiry in the literal sense of not letting one go forward, despite many of her members wanting one and despite the Trump DOJ handing her a potential road map in the form of the 448-page report.

If this is a coverup, it is the worst executed coverup of all time.

To Impeach or Not ….

Impeach …….. Or not

Despite what the MSM might be telling you the person in the middle here is Nancy Pelosi. Here’s her dilemma in a nutshell:

She has the far left of her party demanding impeachment hearings. They are convinced the President is guilty and must be voted out.
On the other side she knows politics and that Mueller cleared the President on collusion and brought no charges on obstruction. She knows too that if she forces every Democrat to vote with the left they can never get two thirds of the senate to convict.
So where would that leave her?

She and the house would be perceived of forcing through a vote because of some radicals in the party, and doing that instead of working for the good of the country.

Now consider that overview with what is going on inside their caucuses.
AOC and others are threatening to support “progressives” to run against members who do not support their beliefs.
Right now only Reps. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) and Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) from her leadership team have called for impeachment. She has held her major lieutenants, Reps. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) and Cheri Bustos (D-Ill.). That’s important. The cracks at her leadership table are at the bottom, not the top.
But, they are all feeling the heat. There is no good way out for them.

So, what they will continue to do is subpoena and investigate. Yes, they hope to find something and strike gold, but as importantly they give the left of the party the impression they are doing something.

  • Yesterday a House committee subpoened two ex-White House officials. They went to former White House communications director Hope Hicks and Annie Donaldson, who served as Attorney McGahn’s chief of staff, to testify and turn over documents.
  • Now, most Democrats on the Judiciary Committee hold safe seats, so they can do this. This was an effort by the House leadership to shield more vulnerable members from the bitter partisan politics associated with the panel’s work. But not all.

One example is Rep. Lucy McBath (D., Ga.), a member of the Judiciary Committee. She flipped a congressional seat in the Atlanta suburbs in 2018 that once was represented by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. This district leans Republican, and leading an impeachment effort against a Republican president would carry political risks. McBath knows it and has held back calling for impeachment.
She, though, is the example of what will be at stake in the 2020 election. The American voter must decide this because the politicians can’t do it themselves.

And that friends is what’s at stake. This blog has used the slogan “Your Vote, Your Choice” since its inception. In 2020 you decide what America we live in.

Some news to catch up on:

Joe Biden continues his surprising  lead, though down slightly:
Biden 35% (-3), Sanders 16 (+5), Warren 13 (+1), Harris 8 (-), Buttigieg 5 (-5).
AMONG ‘VERY LIBERAL’ VOTERS — Elizabeth Warren leads:
Warren 30%, Sanders 22, Biden 19, Harris 13, Buttigieg 6, O’Rourke 4.

One interesting number was on Bill DeBlasio.
He has a favorable rating of 8% and an unfavorable one of 45% among all voters. That’s astounding, but we repeat, because he is Democrat in NYC, he won reelection a year ago with 75% of the vote. Think about that.

As For the President:
The president is underwater with all voters by 19 percentage points. And
he’s 14 points underwater on his signature issue — trade — with just
39% of voters viewing his policies positively, vs. 53% negatively.

Doesn’t that negative trade number shock you? The President is fighting
for American jobs and fixing trade imbalances, so how can that be?
The answer, check MSM coverage.

Speaking of New York did you see their lawmakers (All Democrat votes) voted to turn over Trump’s tax returns to Congress? Gov. Andrew Cuomo has vowed to sign the bill. 
We ask again, why does anyone have the right to see anyone’s taxes unless in a legal matter? NY now wants to take their state return and give it to congress. What crime is the President supposed to have committed to allow this?
If people begin to perceive a personal vendetta against the man. they are going to get hurt. In 2020 you decide.

In a related matter a second judge yesterday ruled against the president on subpoenas. U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos said Congress has broad powers to conduct investigations and issue subpoenas for documents related to Mr. Trump’s business and family.
Both recent rulings will go to higher courts as the administration is mired in lawsuits from congress. Anyone getting anything done for the country?

There is a story developing that we think you will hear about involving Iran. It involves people interfering with government policy. You have already heard that John Kerry has had talks with Iran, as his anger over the agreement he negotiated was cancelled. Well today this news broke. Diane Feinstein had dinner with an Iranian diplomat who was part of that negotiation with John Kerry.
When questioned Feinstein’s team said the dinner was “arranged in consultation with the State Department.”
Now the State Department said “they did not” ask Feinstein to go to the dinner with him.
Stay tuned on this as Iran heats up.

Yesterday , Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school, Eastern Virginia Medical School, said it’s independent review of the yearbook photo of him in blackface was inconclusive.
They don’t know how it got there and don’t know if it’s him.

Here’s one thing that everyone (except maybe a few on the far left) find deplorable.
The release of John Walker Lindh, (The American Taliban) captured during the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, is being released today. From what we’ve heard and read he has not changed his views. Meanwhile the agent killed is still deceased as far as we know. This from the agents family:
The family of Johnny Micheal Spann, a CIA officer who was America’s first Afghanistan war casualty when he was killed in November 2001 in a prisoner uprising after he questioned Lindh, called him a traitor.
“John Walker Lindh had the opportunity to tell Mike right there, ‘You’re an American, I’m an American. . . We’ve got weapons in this building, and we’re going to overtake this fort,’ ” Spann’s mother, Gail Spann, said in March.
“He chose not to because he was a Taliban,” she said. “He’s a traitor to our country.”

Everyone who feels sorry for Michael Avenatti line up over there. Do you see anyone?
Isn’t it funny that Federal prosecutors charged lawyer Michael Avenatti with misappropriating funds owed to his former client, Stormy Daniels? Stormy Daniels who Avenatti was going to use to take down the President now takes him down!
This is the first allegation of criminal wrongdoing in the case that made him a household name. With the others he faces two hundred plus years. We’ll miss him, but not as much as CNN and MSNBC.

The Drumbeat ….

The abortion debate

Well both sides of this divisive issue went to extremes. Once the Virginia issue arose with the Governor speaking of “options” after birth and supporting abortion up to the minute of it, the issue has been center stage.
New York followed immediately with no limits on time frame and the Pro Life movement had an edge for the first time that I can remember.

So what do they do? Go to the other end and beginning with Alabama place restrictions to a degree that takes away the edge they gained.
A few weeks ago we noted America was against nine month abortions. They favored a first trimester decision. After that they were okay with restrictions. Alabama and others in their zeal to do right, as they saw it, gave back the advantage.
So who’s right?
It depends on which side of the divide you are. The left says a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body.
The right agrees she does, until she shares that body and a life to be born has begun.
The left says, until it’s born it is her body.
The right says, how come we consider someone deceased when their heart stops beating, but not alive when it starts?
And so it goes. Where is the ground we can survive?

It is not arguing the under one percent extreme of rape and incense. Going to extremes on either side just inflames the discussion. Let’s settle the 99% first and them get to the extreme.
America today wants to support abortion but wants a decision early before the fetus can feel pain.
Let’s define what America would accept.

Alabama at six weeks, and Missouri at eight has America saying too soon. First trimester is where they feel comfortable. That by the way, would take care of the extreme we noted earlier.
Why don’t those on the right recognize the opportunity to make progress on this issue? Why don’t they say that in the case of rape we would make available morning after pills?
Why don’t they make the limit twelve weeks and not six? It would be a major victory in their decades long fight.
Once there, then they can monitor scientific progress for earlier detection. Why would they fight for a time period that will cause them to lose, maybe forever? I know they believe they are right, but so does the other side.
Let’s agree on a period people can and will support. We will all be better for that.


As the argument goes on and the Democrats have moved from collusion to other reasons there is a huge divide in the party. Here’s a story from Politico this AM that illustrates how bad:

BEHIND THE SCENES … “Pelosi clashes with fellow Dems in closed-door debate on impeachment”: “Reps. David Cicilline of Rhode Island, Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Joe Neguse of Colorado — all members of Democratic leadership — pushed to begin impeachment proceedings during a leadership meeting in Pelosi’s office, said the sources. 

“Pelosi and Reps. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico, Hakeem Jeffries of New York and Cheri Bustos of Illinois — some of her key allies — rejected their calls, saying Democrats’ message is being drowned out by the fight over possibly impeaching Trump. … 

“[I]n a Democratic Steering and Policy Committee meeting, Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee stood up and demanded Trump’s impeachment. Pelosi then countered, ‘This is not about politics, it’s about what’s best for the American people,’ said a member who attended the meeting. … During the Steering and Policy Committee meeting, Cohen said President Bill Clinton faced impeachment proceedings ‘over sex’ while Trump is ‘raping the country,’ according to two sources in the room. Cohen later confirmed his remarks.” 

The MSM is not reporting it but the far left clearly wants impeachment. You remember Cohen, he was the one who brought the chicken in when Barr didn’t show up. This issue is so intense inside the party it can divide them for 2020.

Speaking of the MSM have you noticed how they have avoided the whole counter investigation on how the collusion story began? For a medium that covered collusion every night and was proven wrong, wouldn’t you think they would want the details on how they were mislead? Instead we get silence. Why?


The President presented his plan and it was immediately controversial of course. I can tell you he made one big mistake in presenting it that is so basic you wonder about his staff.
You have heard over and over about his “merit” entry. It has been the one area most attacked. As I listened to his presentation it was clear that this was the area of left attack. I wondered immediately why he didn’t say we would have immigration annually based upon “need”. What does our country need to satisfy national needs. We would open the doors annually to needs. We may need engineers and farm workers this year. Next year it might be health care and scientists. Need in place of merit would have been so much better.

Finally a follow up

Remember when we talked about the soda tax implemented in Philadelphia and predicted it would be a disaster? Well here’s a report out of Philly:

A two-year-old decision by city officials in Philadelphia to impose a beverage tax on sugary and artificially sweetened drinks caused sales to drop by 38 percent, according to one of the first studies evaluating the duty’s effects. Since Jan. 1, 2017, Philadelphia has added a tax of 1.5 cents per ounce on all soft drinks including “diet” sodas.

Areas bordering the city that were not affected by the tax saw a bump in sales, but after accounting for this effect, the net fall in sales was estimated at 38 percent a year. The numbers confirm a basic economic theory: If the price of a product goes up, fewer people will buy it.
Now Philadelphia budgeted the “income expected” into their budget. Next you’ll hear about a revenue shortage and the need to raise taxes to cover costs.

A Nervous Time …

World events are getting tenser by day.

In the Persian Gulf region something is going on with Iran.
First, we had the deployment of a battleship. Then, the rumors of possible troop placement. Finally, this AM we hear that the U.S. has ordered all its nonemergency staff to leave Iraq immediately.
So what’s up?
We know Iran on the one year anniversary of the U.S. cancelling the Obama agreement is angry. We know their economy is in tough shape because of a U.S. led boycott. We know that the U.S. recently upped the stakes with an oil boycott pressure. We know Iran doesn’t want to talk to President Trump and give him a win. What does that leave?
Disruptive activity in the region that has reached the point we have to be sure it doesn’t escalate to actual shots fired.

We have written before that Iran is the world’s leader in terrorism support and upheaval in the world. For over 40 years now this has gone on and today we have a new crisis with them. I think they know that President Trump does not want bullets flying and they are going to push him to the brink. I think this will heat up before it cools down. Keep watch.

Have you noticed the MSM has stopped covering the border issues? Know why? Now both sides know there is a crisis, and why would they want to say Trump was right?
If they begin reporting a crisis then the country will call for action and the Democrats are not prepared to do that or give Trump a win.

Yesterday, at a luncheon meeting with Senate Republicans a group of White House officials including Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller outlined an immigration plan.
Today Senator Graham will outline a plan to fix some major issues.

The House under Nancy Pelosi will take up neither. The MSM should be calling them on it. Think they will?

Add Venezuela and the inability to remove Maduro. We don’t know what North Korea’s next move is, and Putin is feeling his oats and the world is suddenly less stable.

So when someone tells you they know what will happen in the 2020 election, ask them the outcome of all these hot spots, because without that you cannot predict anything.

Two Domestic issues jump Up front

Two issues in the news that people need to decide and wonder which side history will be on:
1. San Francisco is the first major city to ban use of facial recognition technology by the police and all other municipal agencies.
If you think technology is the future, do you favor the use of facial recognition or not? This will be a civil rights vs security question that will arise across the nation.
2. The Alabama Senate passed an anti abortion bill that would effectively ban the procedure in the state. Some think the goal is to reach the U.S. Supreme Court and have them rule.

Most Americans we think are in between the Virginia discussion where you can abort up to and at birth, and Alabama’s never. Polls say, people favor an option in the first trimester.

Meanwhile the market continues to jump up and down as it tries to decide where we are going. Stay tuned.

A Week Makes A Difference

From Last week to this

A week ago the economy was was booming off the GDP and jobs reports. The market looked up, foreign policy looked strong, the President was standing tall and congress was investigating everything was his biggest threat.

Today it all looks different

The China deal was driving optimism in the market and then they backed out.
Up went tariffs (effective in June). The uncertainty has the world on edge.
Boom went the market, for a few days at least. Don’t buy say the experts.
Maduro didn’t go as the administration expected. Do we end up with a second Cuba in the region? A country with ties to Russia on our doorstep?
Iran shows its anger with military moves and attacks on Persian Gulf ships. The administration sends war ships to the region and is looking at plans for 120,000 troops to be deployed.
The Syrian army with Russian support is about to secure the country.
The North Koreans are angry, firing short range missiles, and today demanding their ship back that we took off the high seas.
The world looks different just a week later.

Some Thoughts

They reneged on the “almost deal”. China has always negotiated and acted “for the long term”. As they state over and over, they are in deals for the long period. However, if they backed off to agreed positions, that is wrong. They can play this in hopes they harm the President and get a new one in 2020 and can go back to the deals they had, but that’s a big bet.
The risk they run is true harm to their economy in the short and long term. That is real. Let’s just review how the tariffs work:
We put a 25% tax on goods coming into out ports from China. Now remember, the goods are already purchased from China. So the importer or company bringing them in is paying the 25% charge, not China. So how does China get hurt? Three ways:
1. The price goes up in the U.S. marketplace and sales decline. The decline goes back to less orders from China.
2. The importers or purchasers of the goods find an alternative source that is less expensive than China with the 25% added on. This costs them sales and business.
3. Alternate countries manufacture the products long term and countries move out of China to them for future supplies.
So, China’s biggest risk is if they allow the tariffs long term that countries like Mexico, Japan, Brazil Vietnam and even the U.S. develop the manufacturing and they lose long term.
The President’s risk is prices rise, people turn on him and he loses reelection.
It’s a high stakes show down. Watch it closely.

What’s involved in the current and proposed tariffs?

The current tariffs (a total of $250 billion) on China have largely hit intermediate and capital goods — items typically bought by businesses, not shoppers.

That will change to now taxing nearly every product China sends to the United States. (roughly an additional $300 billion worth of goods). The United States trade representative on Monday detailed a list of what would face a tax of as much as 25 percent, which includes nearly 4,000 product categories. Included are toys, shoes, coffee makers, watches, smartphones, photocopiers, video game consoles, guns, fireworks, backgammon, Christmas decorations, practical joke toys, furs and merry-go-rounds.

How else can this be bad for China? From the WSJ:
“Escalating trade tensions have pounded the yuan, reviving questions about China’s willingness to use its currency as a tool of trade policy.
“The currency depreciated beyond 6.9 to the U.S. dollar this week in the offshore market, touching its weakest level since late December.
In recent action Tuesday, it traded around 6.89 offshore—roughly 2.3% weaker in seven sessions, as trade relations with the U.S. have soured.
“The swoon puts Beijing in a tricky spot. A weaker currency makes Chinese goods cheaper for U.S. buyers, helping offset the impact of higher tariffs. But China is eager to prevent domestic concerns about currency depreciation feeding an exodus of capital and further exchange-rate weakness. A breaching of the symbolically important level of 7 to the dollar could be a trigger.”

Foreign affairs:
This is becoming front and center and the President who has acted with bravado and from strength is now being challenged.
He came in promising change in trade agreements, less war and more focus on the key issues. Where are we?
China we outlined above. The showdown is on.
He canceled the TPP agreement and another is still being discussed.
The new agreement to replace NAFTA sits idly in congress. So all the talk of change in NA is still on hold. Is he going to get this done before the election? It’s beginning to look doubtful.
There’s no question he has some success bringing some jobs back, but as we enter an election cycle, it is questionable how much more progress can be made. He can’t cave in now, and the foreign countries want to stall hoping he loses. The Democrats don’t want to give him any victories, so we are in a dangerous spot.

Iran is angry and acting out now. The sanctions are hurting them. The President hoped they (the sanctions) would drive Iran to the negotiation table. Instead they seem to be acting more militarily today.
We don’t want another war in the middle east. We can send ships and troops, but this President is anti war. He has to show strength, but Iran is willing to call him on it.
Here’s our dilemma. Americans don’t want more war in the area. The difference between Russia’s success with Syria and our attempts in Iraq and Afghanistan  is this.
They (Russia) supported an in place leader and government. No matter how despicable he might be, he has the office and the military. In Iraq and Afghanistan we learned over throwing a government in the area leads to factional activity and endless fighting. Iran would the same.
So options are limited. The best is to get the world united with us on the boycott and have the people replace the government.

Have you noticed less noise from Nadler and congress this week on all their subpoenas and impeachment talk?
We think they looked at the polls and saw the American people were fed up with it and thought it was wrong. They saw it was hurting them and they are going to a quiet period. Still looking for anything, just less vocal.

U.S. Politics

Candidate number 22 entered the race today for the Democrats. He is Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana. He’s leaning heavily into the fact that he’s a Democrat who has won in a state Trump won by 20 points.

The Republicans meanwhile are all about “finding women and minority candidates”. The current congressional makeup of the GOP is overwhelmingly white male. Just 13 of its 197 House members are women. By contrast, 89 of the 235 House Democrats are women and nearly 90 are black or Hispanic. The candidate committees are working hard to find candidates to more balance this.

The Donald Trump Jr. subpoena. Here’s an interesting analysis from the WSJ:

At the center of the case is whether or not the House subpoena serves a “legislative purpose.” Lawyers for the Trump Organization have argued that Democrats are using the subpoena as a political weapon, while lawyers for the committee say the requests could relate to a number of pieces of potential legislation.

The question of whether or not the subpoena has a “legislative purpose” will bear on a number of other Democratic efforts. Mr. Trump and members of his administration have not complied with a number of congressional subpoenas, setting the stage for a series of court challenges between the legislative and executive branches.

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, said it would be difficult to show a president’s personal financial information serves a legislative purpose. A ruling in favor of the committee, he said, would license other House committees to make far-reaching requests.

“If the committee can prevail on this highly generalized claim it bodes well for the short term for these other committee demands,” he said.

A ruling against the committee, though, could endanger future Democratic oversight efforts and empower the Trump administration to continue to stonewall the House. The difficulty in obtaining information from the Trump administration has already rankled many House Democrats, and a key legal set back could cause unrest in the sometimes fractious caucus.

“If the court does not find an articulated legislative purpose, it could smack down the committee, that could be a tremendous loss for Congress,” Mr. Turley said.

Any ruling could be appealed, of course. But the ruling in this case will be an important indication of the battle of the branches to come.

Issues Today …

A few issues dominate our thoughts today:

China and the tariffs imposed. It appears to us that China clearly backed off agreements sensing a weakness in the U.S. They are wrong with this President. He only appears to give Putin an out. China won’t get one.

Now did they think the pressure of North Korea, Iran and Venezuela would allow them to gain some advantages; or did they think the pressure of Democratic candidates gaining traction would help? Maybe it was the administration arguing that the Fed should reduce rates that had them thinking the economy could be slowing.

Well, whatever it was they are wrong and the President is not going to blink here and what’s more the American people are behind him on this.
Now, they can bet a stock market decline changes things, but I think they will be wrong there too.

Now the situation with North Korea is another issue that should be getting more play. In fact there was an event yesterday that didn’t get the play it should have.
N. Korea fired some missiles again. You heard that. They were short range and within the agreement, so Kim hasn’t yet broken the agreement not to fire long range missiles. However, just firing missiles has upset the progress and the administration is not happy. Within minutes of their test we fired missiles, saying they “were not in reaction”. They were.
But a bigger event happened that got no coverage. We conducted a stop seizure of a North Korean ship accused of smuggling coal and heavy machinery in defiance of international sanctions. We took this ship off the high seas. This ship is the second largest in North Korea’s fleet. So it was no minor move. We’re not sure why coverage hasn’t been greater, but it should be.
Now remember all this activity from N.Korea has occurred after Kim’s visit to Russia and meeting with Putin. It’s all related.
Keep a watch on this as Kim must now react to the ship being seized, and let’s see what Putin promised Kim when he told him to go ahead and fire the missiles.

Some Domestic Issues:

Bernie Sanders proposed legislation to cap credit card interest rates at
15%, comparing the banking industry to “loan sharks”. He announced
this alongside Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
What would it mean to you? For those who have cards for miles or cash
return it means the companies would lower the benefit. Someone has to
pay and in this case the conscientious user would lose again.

Speaking of the Democrats, theNational Committee set a June 12 deadline for qualifying for the first presidential primary debates, and outlined a
tie breaking system in case more than 20 candidates qualify for the two-
night event. So 20 is the maximum for the debate.
Remember the media noise on rules for the 2016 Republican debates?
Hear any yet on this?

Democrats are also debating having a national minimum wage as part of their platform. It would not be controversial as living costs in some areas are far different than others. We would guess they will not do this.

One issue that was in the news yestderday is both domestic and international. The Pope made a statement on church sexual abuse. He basically said that “new church law orders officials to report misconduct to their superiors and empowers senior archbishops to investigate”. Really? You are just saying and now ordering this?
And by the way, it says nothing about punishment.

Have a great weekend.

Never Ending …

The battle between the President and Congress will go on for as long as the Democrats control the house; and the battle between the President and the press will go on for as long as he in office.

We all waited for the Mueller report to get things settled and behind us. We got a “no collusion” verdict, but more new investigations than we could have imagined. There’s a saying from the old west that applies here:

“While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”

So Congress wants the records and people that Mueller reviewed and spoke to. Why? The only reason is to try and keep this going and embarrass the President.
Forget about governing, or fixing the border, let’s redo Mueller on national TV.
Hey, the report said “no collusion”, now you want to investigate obstruction of a crime that wasn’t committed. A warning to the Democrats, you are going too far. I know most of you are in districts you cannot lose, but enough of you can, to lose the house again. Be careful!

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) described the probe as “case closed.” He added that the Democrats are “angry that our legal system will not magically undo the 2016 election for them.” 
  • Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) shot back: “What we have here is a concerted effort to …protect the president from accountability, to whitewash his conduct by simply declaring it irrelevant.”
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats would continue their investigations, and accused Mr. Trump of “goading us to impeach him.”

By the way, with Rep. Nadler making all the noise he is for the full report consider this:
First, he is demanding the total un-redacted report. Well that is illegal. He should know the law.
Second, there is a report congress can see that is 95% un-redacted. Three people have gone to read it. (All Republicans).
If this wasn’t all a stunt wouldn’t he and his fellow “cover up” associates have gone to see that report? Why didn’t they? Two reasons why:
1. They are not really interested in learning more, they are interested in noise for TV and fooling people.
2. Second, they know they have MSM support. Where is the MSM to call this out? Why is the media covering Nadler, Blumenthal, Pelosi and others as if they care? Why isn’t the media asking them why they don’t go read the 95% report before asking the AG to break the law?
We know the answer, as do the readers of this blog.

Speaking of the border, did you see the sixth circuit (Yes that sixth circuit) overturned a ruling and by doing so supported the administration?

The court ruled the administration can, for now, continue with its policy of returning Central American migrants to Mexico while their requests for asylum in the U.S. are adjudicated.
Authorities say that working with Mexico to allow families to live and work in Mexico while their claims are adjudicated is among the few ways to stem the influx while fulfilling legal and humanitarian obligations.

You heard that the New York Times obtained Donald Trump’s tax figures for the years 1985 to 1994, which showed losses of over $1 billion from his casinos, hotels and retail spaces. The losses enabled him to avoid paying income taxes for eight of those years. It was big news.
What does it mean?
Nothing, except some one committed a crime and released the taxes to
them. America doesn’t care.

Meanwhile the Treasury said they are not providing congress the
President’s recent tax returns. We ask again, why are they entitled to
them? There’s no crime they are checking. It’s a witch hunt. The NY
Times is trying to help congress, but it won’t work.

Now, did you read this about Bernie Sanders’ taxes also released
The oldest tax return released by Bernie Sanders offers a lesson in the
perils of do-it-yourself tax preparation.  Had his 2009 returns been
prepared correctly, Mr. Sanders should have paid $4,479 more than he
did, according to accountants.

So Bernie underpaid and it’s not news?

Interesting testimony by FBI Director Wray yesterday. After AG Barr
brought up the real possibility of “spying”, Wray was asked about it. He
clearly distanced himself from Barr’s use of it.
It surprised me he was so clear on it.

So let’s see where we are in this early 2020 period:
As Joe Biden seems to widen his primary lead you see the others getting more desperate. The attack is coming Joe.
We don’t see him holding on to any substantial lead.

Kamala Harris yesterday said repeal the Trump tax cuts. “Get rid of the whole thing” was her direct quote. Great plan Kamala. You want to stop the economy and our growth, you do that. You might be surprised to find out it wasn’t a tax cut for the wealthy.

Susan Rice, she of the famous “a video caused the Benghazi attack”, yesterday ripped the President over his foreign policy. The last person we need of foreign policy advice is from her and others in the administration who left behind a mess.

Questions for a new week ..

What Happened?

As I watched the news shows over the weekend I wondered what happened to AOC? She was all the news for 24/7 since her election and suddenly she is gone. Why?
Is it because her far left beliefs and touting are out of step with America and was actually hurting the left? Did the MSM suddenly realize they might love her statements and feelings but she was hurting the cause?
I think so.
AOC hasn’t changed her beliefs or statements. She is just now being ignored.

The second person I noticed who was a mainstay on the shows and whose name was never mentioned was Adam Schiff.
Here he was day after day, week after week, assuring the media and public that collusion was a fact. He was a MSM hero. Then a funny thing happened. The Mueller report came out. Adam kept saying it and is still touting it. Only now the MSM sees it more of an issue, and rather than embarrass him, they just don’t cover it.

There are others. Maxine is still yelling “Impeach 45”. But the MSM sees the people do not think it is warranted. So do they call her out as they would a right winger? No, they just stop covering it.

Your MSM at work.

Suddenly Foreign Policy …

We have written from the outset that the President’s foreign policy is going in the right direction. He was reversing the Obama tendency to apologize for America. He was demanding others pay their fair (and agreed to) share of costs. He wanted ISIS destroyed. He recognized Iran was a bad actor in the world. He called North Korea’s bluff. He told China the rules were biased. The one place we couldn’t understand is why he wasn’t tough on Putin. While we still don’t understand the latter, suddenly there are global issues.

In North Korea where he claimed victory after that first summit and we all knew it was premature, there are issues. They (NK) have begun testing missiles again.
Now, to be sure, they are short range and it is the long range that they agreed to stop, it is a sign that N.Korea is growing restless. They want concessions from the U.S. before any disarmament occurs. The U.S. says the opposite.
We still say that N.Korea cannot disarm with nothing. It is those weapons that give them a world standing. They get rid of them and they are open to government overthrow.
The optimism of the past year is now at a cross road barrier and it is going to take some maneuvering to save this.

Then there is Venezuela. The administration was sure that early last week Maduro was ready to be overthrown. They miscalculated and now it appears he is going to be able to hold on. This is dangerous long term as it provides another country (ala Cuba) in the region providing Russia a staging area.

By the way, the hand of Putin is involved in both the N.Korea and Venezuela situations. N.Korea visited Moscow two weeks ago, and boom we get missiles. Maduro was reported ready to leave when Putin said not to.
Yet when the President spoke to Putin for 90 minutes late last week, he said nothing but nice things about him. Makes you wonder if Putin does have something, doesn’t it?

Then add the China news this AM. We thought we were close to an economic deal, but today it appears otherwise and an escalation of the trade war could be in place.
It’s clear China is not ready to give up just yet.

Finally, Wednesday is one year since the U.S. backed out and tore up the Iran agreement. Suddenly today we are sending a carrier to the region as Iran is acting up. Though the treat is unknown, the state department is concerned enough to act.

So the foreign policy issues arise after a stable period. The administration will be challenged the next six months. Let’s see how they do.

Finally …

Poor Micheal Cohen heads to prison today. He tried to buy time by saying he found more documents and could testify about them because they are anti Trump. He was rejected.
Michael heads to prison with friends on neither side of this battle. The President’s supporters cannot stand him for turning as he did. The left cannot stand him for not having the goods on the President. Lucky for him his family still loves him.

The NY Times today has this in it’s opinion section:
“Trump’s Other Impeachable Offense”
Wait, what was the first? I thought Mueller said “no collusion”
What did I miss?

Last week we questioned why President Trump would do an infrastructure deal for up to $2 trillion dollars. It didn’t make sense and where was the money coming from?
Well Chris Christie provided an answer yesterday that made sense. He said by doing this deal, the President would put more middle class workers to work and drive right into any argument that Democrats would have against him. He would be employing people, driving the economy and improving the country. Makes sense. With one exception, does anyone care about the deficits we are creating?