The Drumbeat ….

The abortion debate

Well both sides of this divisive issue went to extremes. Once the Virginia issue arose with the Governor speaking of “options” after birth and supporting abortion up to the minute of it, the issue has been center stage.
New York followed immediately with no limits on time frame and the Pro Life movement had an edge for the first time that I can remember.

So what do they do? Go to the other end and beginning with Alabama place restrictions to a degree that takes away the edge they gained.
A few weeks ago we noted America was against nine month abortions. They favored a first trimester decision. After that they were okay with restrictions. Alabama and others in their zeal to do right, as they saw it, gave back the advantage.
So who’s right?
It depends on which side of the divide you are. The left says a woman has a right to do what she wants with her body.
The right agrees she does, until she shares that body and a life to be born has begun.
The left says, until it’s born it is her body.
The right says, how come we consider someone deceased when their heart stops beating, but not alive when it starts?
And so it goes. Where is the ground we can survive?

It is not arguing the under one percent extreme of rape and incense. Going to extremes on either side just inflames the discussion. Let’s settle the 99% first and them get to the extreme.
America today wants to support abortion but wants a decision early before the fetus can feel pain.
Let’s define what America would accept.

Alabama at six weeks, and Missouri at eight has America saying too soon. First trimester is where they feel comfortable. That by the way, would take care of the extreme we noted earlier.
Why don’t those on the right recognize the opportunity to make progress on this issue? Why don’t they say that in the case of rape we would make available morning after pills?
Why don’t they make the limit twelve weeks and not six? It would be a major victory in their decades long fight.
Once there, then they can monitor scientific progress for earlier detection. Why would they fight for a time period that will cause them to lose, maybe forever? I know they believe they are right, but so does the other side.
Let’s agree on a period people can and will support. We will all be better for that.


As the argument goes on and the Democrats have moved from collusion to other reasons there is a huge divide in the party. Here’s a story from Politico this AM that illustrates how bad:

BEHIND THE SCENES … “Pelosi clashes with fellow Dems in closed-door debate on impeachment”: “Reps. David Cicilline of Rhode Island, Jamie Raskin of Maryland and Joe Neguse of Colorado — all members of Democratic leadership — pushed to begin impeachment proceedings during a leadership meeting in Pelosi’s office, said the sources. 

“Pelosi and Reps. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico, Hakeem Jeffries of New York and Cheri Bustos of Illinois — some of her key allies — rejected their calls, saying Democrats’ message is being drowned out by the fight over possibly impeaching Trump. … 

“[I]n a Democratic Steering and Policy Committee meeting, Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee stood up and demanded Trump’s impeachment. Pelosi then countered, ‘This is not about politics, it’s about what’s best for the American people,’ said a member who attended the meeting. … During the Steering and Policy Committee meeting, Cohen said President Bill Clinton faced impeachment proceedings ‘over sex’ while Trump is ‘raping the country,’ according to two sources in the room. Cohen later confirmed his remarks.” 

The MSM is not reporting it but the far left clearly wants impeachment. You remember Cohen, he was the one who brought the chicken in when Barr didn’t show up. This issue is so intense inside the party it can divide them for 2020.

Speaking of the MSM have you noticed how they have avoided the whole counter investigation on how the collusion story began? For a medium that covered collusion every night and was proven wrong, wouldn’t you think they would want the details on how they were mislead? Instead we get silence. Why?


The President presented his plan and it was immediately controversial of course. I can tell you he made one big mistake in presenting it that is so basic you wonder about his staff.
You have heard over and over about his “merit” entry. It has been the one area most attacked. As I listened to his presentation it was clear that this was the area of left attack. I wondered immediately why he didn’t say we would have immigration annually based upon “need”. What does our country need to satisfy national needs. We would open the doors annually to needs. We may need engineers and farm workers this year. Next year it might be health care and scientists. Need in place of merit would have been so much better.

Finally a follow up

Remember when we talked about the soda tax implemented in Philadelphia and predicted it would be a disaster? Well here’s a report out of Philly:

A two-year-old decision by city officials in Philadelphia to impose a beverage tax on sugary and artificially sweetened drinks caused sales to drop by 38 percent, according to one of the first studies evaluating the duty’s effects. Since Jan. 1, 2017, Philadelphia has added a tax of 1.5 cents per ounce on all soft drinks including “diet” sodas.

Areas bordering the city that were not affected by the tax saw a bump in sales, but after accounting for this effect, the net fall in sales was estimated at 38 percent a year. The numbers confirm a basic economic theory: If the price of a product goes up, fewer people will buy it.
Now Philadelphia budgeted the “income expected” into their budget. Next you’ll hear about a revenue shortage and the need to raise taxes to cover costs.

A Nervous Time …

World events are getting tenser by day.

In the Persian Gulf region something is going on with Iran.
First, we had the deployment of a battleship. Then, the rumors of possible troop placement. Finally, this AM we hear that the U.S. has ordered all its nonemergency staff to leave Iraq immediately.
So what’s up?
We know Iran on the one year anniversary of the U.S. cancelling the Obama agreement is angry. We know their economy is in tough shape because of a U.S. led boycott. We know that the U.S. recently upped the stakes with an oil boycott pressure. We know Iran doesn’t want to talk to President Trump and give him a win. What does that leave?
Disruptive activity in the region that has reached the point we have to be sure it doesn’t escalate to actual shots fired.

We have written before that Iran is the world’s leader in terrorism support and upheaval in the world. For over 40 years now this has gone on and today we have a new crisis with them. I think they know that President Trump does not want bullets flying and they are going to push him to the brink. I think this will heat up before it cools down. Keep watch.

Have you noticed the MSM has stopped covering the border issues? Know why? Now both sides know there is a crisis, and why would they want to say Trump was right?
If they begin reporting a crisis then the country will call for action and the Democrats are not prepared to do that or give Trump a win.

Yesterday, at a luncheon meeting with Senate Republicans a group of White House officials including Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller outlined an immigration plan.
Today Senator Graham will outline a plan to fix some major issues.

The House under Nancy Pelosi will take up neither. The MSM should be calling them on it. Think they will?

Add Venezuela and the inability to remove Maduro. We don’t know what North Korea’s next move is, and Putin is feeling his oats and the world is suddenly less stable.

So when someone tells you they know what will happen in the 2020 election, ask them the outcome of all these hot spots, because without that you cannot predict anything.

Two Domestic issues jump Up front

Two issues in the news that people need to decide and wonder which side history will be on:
1. San Francisco is the first major city to ban use of facial recognition technology by the police and all other municipal agencies.
If you think technology is the future, do you favor the use of facial recognition or not? This will be a civil rights vs security question that will arise across the nation.
2. The Alabama Senate passed an anti abortion bill that would effectively ban the procedure in the state. Some think the goal is to reach the U.S. Supreme Court and have them rule.

Most Americans we think are in between the Virginia discussion where you can abort up to and at birth, and Alabama’s never. Polls say, people favor an option in the first trimester.

Meanwhile the market continues to jump up and down as it tries to decide where we are going. Stay tuned.

A Week Makes A Difference

From Last week to this

A week ago the economy was was booming off the GDP and jobs reports. The market looked up, foreign policy looked strong, the President was standing tall and congress was investigating everything was his biggest threat.

Today it all looks different

The China deal was driving optimism in the market and then they backed out.
Up went tariffs (effective in June). The uncertainty has the world on edge.
Boom went the market, for a few days at least. Don’t buy say the experts.
Maduro didn’t go as the administration expected. Do we end up with a second Cuba in the region? A country with ties to Russia on our doorstep?
Iran shows its anger with military moves and attacks on Persian Gulf ships. The administration sends war ships to the region and is looking at plans for 120,000 troops to be deployed.
The Syrian army with Russian support is about to secure the country.
The North Koreans are angry, firing short range missiles, and today demanding their ship back that we took off the high seas.
The world looks different just a week later.

Some Thoughts

They reneged on the “almost deal”. China has always negotiated and acted “for the long term”. As they state over and over, they are in deals for the long period. However, if they backed off to agreed positions, that is wrong. They can play this in hopes they harm the President and get a new one in 2020 and can go back to the deals they had, but that’s a big bet.
The risk they run is true harm to their economy in the short and long term. That is real. Let’s just review how the tariffs work:
We put a 25% tax on goods coming into out ports from China. Now remember, the goods are already purchased from China. So the importer or company bringing them in is paying the 25% charge, not China. So how does China get hurt? Three ways:
1. The price goes up in the U.S. marketplace and sales decline. The decline goes back to less orders from China.
2. The importers or purchasers of the goods find an alternative source that is less expensive than China with the 25% added on. This costs them sales and business.
3. Alternate countries manufacture the products long term and countries move out of China to them for future supplies.
So, China’s biggest risk is if they allow the tariffs long term that countries like Mexico, Japan, Brazil Vietnam and even the U.S. develop the manufacturing and they lose long term.
The President’s risk is prices rise, people turn on him and he loses reelection.
It’s a high stakes show down. Watch it closely.

What’s involved in the current and proposed tariffs?

The current tariffs (a total of $250 billion) on China have largely hit intermediate and capital goods — items typically bought by businesses, not shoppers.

That will change to now taxing nearly every product China sends to the United States. (roughly an additional $300 billion worth of goods). The United States trade representative on Monday detailed a list of what would face a tax of as much as 25 percent, which includes nearly 4,000 product categories. Included are toys, shoes, coffee makers, watches, smartphones, photocopiers, video game consoles, guns, fireworks, backgammon, Christmas decorations, practical joke toys, furs and merry-go-rounds.

How else can this be bad for China? From the WSJ:
“Escalating trade tensions have pounded the yuan, reviving questions about China’s willingness to use its currency as a tool of trade policy.
“The currency depreciated beyond 6.9 to the U.S. dollar this week in the offshore market, touching its weakest level since late December.
In recent action Tuesday, it traded around 6.89 offshore—roughly 2.3% weaker in seven sessions, as trade relations with the U.S. have soured.
“The swoon puts Beijing in a tricky spot. A weaker currency makes Chinese goods cheaper for U.S. buyers, helping offset the impact of higher tariffs. But China is eager to prevent domestic concerns about currency depreciation feeding an exodus of capital and further exchange-rate weakness. A breaching of the symbolically important level of 7 to the dollar could be a trigger.”

Foreign affairs:
This is becoming front and center and the President who has acted with bravado and from strength is now being challenged.
He came in promising change in trade agreements, less war and more focus on the key issues. Where are we?
China we outlined above. The showdown is on.
He canceled the TPP agreement and another is still being discussed.
The new agreement to replace NAFTA sits idly in congress. So all the talk of change in NA is still on hold. Is he going to get this done before the election? It’s beginning to look doubtful.
There’s no question he has some success bringing some jobs back, but as we enter an election cycle, it is questionable how much more progress can be made. He can’t cave in now, and the foreign countries want to stall hoping he loses. The Democrats don’t want to give him any victories, so we are in a dangerous spot.

Iran is angry and acting out now. The sanctions are hurting them. The President hoped they (the sanctions) would drive Iran to the negotiation table. Instead they seem to be acting more militarily today.
We don’t want another war in the middle east. We can send ships and troops, but this President is anti war. He has to show strength, but Iran is willing to call him on it.
Here’s our dilemma. Americans don’t want more war in the area. The difference between Russia’s success with Syria and our attempts in Iraq and Afghanistan  is this.
They (Russia) supported an in place leader and government. No matter how despicable he might be, he has the office and the military. In Iraq and Afghanistan we learned over throwing a government in the area leads to factional activity and endless fighting. Iran would the same.
So options are limited. The best is to get the world united with us on the boycott and have the people replace the government.

Have you noticed less noise from Nadler and congress this week on all their subpoenas and impeachment talk?
We think they looked at the polls and saw the American people were fed up with it and thought it was wrong. They saw it was hurting them and they are going to a quiet period. Still looking for anything, just less vocal.

U.S. Politics

Candidate number 22 entered the race today for the Democrats. He is Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana. He’s leaning heavily into the fact that he’s a Democrat who has won in a state Trump won by 20 points.

The Republicans meanwhile are all about “finding women and minority candidates”. The current congressional makeup of the GOP is overwhelmingly white male. Just 13 of its 197 House members are women. By contrast, 89 of the 235 House Democrats are women and nearly 90 are black or Hispanic. The candidate committees are working hard to find candidates to more balance this.

The Donald Trump Jr. subpoena. Here’s an interesting analysis from the WSJ:

At the center of the case is whether or not the House subpoena serves a “legislative purpose.” Lawyers for the Trump Organization have argued that Democrats are using the subpoena as a political weapon, while lawyers for the committee say the requests could relate to a number of pieces of potential legislation.

The question of whether or not the subpoena has a “legislative purpose” will bear on a number of other Democratic efforts. Mr. Trump and members of his administration have not complied with a number of congressional subpoenas, setting the stage for a series of court challenges between the legislative and executive branches.

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, said it would be difficult to show a president’s personal financial information serves a legislative purpose. A ruling in favor of the committee, he said, would license other House committees to make far-reaching requests.

“If the committee can prevail on this highly generalized claim it bodes well for the short term for these other committee demands,” he said.

A ruling against the committee, though, could endanger future Democratic oversight efforts and empower the Trump administration to continue to stonewall the House. The difficulty in obtaining information from the Trump administration has already rankled many House Democrats, and a key legal set back could cause unrest in the sometimes fractious caucus.

“If the court does not find an articulated legislative purpose, it could smack down the committee, that could be a tremendous loss for Congress,” Mr. Turley said.

Any ruling could be appealed, of course. But the ruling in this case will be an important indication of the battle of the branches to come.

Issues Today …

A few issues dominate our thoughts today:

China and the tariffs imposed. It appears to us that China clearly backed off agreements sensing a weakness in the U.S. They are wrong with this President. He only appears to give Putin an out. China won’t get one.

Now did they think the pressure of North Korea, Iran and Venezuela would allow them to gain some advantages; or did they think the pressure of Democratic candidates gaining traction would help? Maybe it was the administration arguing that the Fed should reduce rates that had them thinking the economy could be slowing.

Well, whatever it was they are wrong and the President is not going to blink here and what’s more the American people are behind him on this.
Now, they can bet a stock market decline changes things, but I think they will be wrong there too.

Now the situation with North Korea is another issue that should be getting more play. In fact there was an event yesterday that didn’t get the play it should have.
N. Korea fired some missiles again. You heard that. They were short range and within the agreement, so Kim hasn’t yet broken the agreement not to fire long range missiles. However, just firing missiles has upset the progress and the administration is not happy. Within minutes of their test we fired missiles, saying they “were not in reaction”. They were.
But a bigger event happened that got no coverage. We conducted a stop seizure of a North Korean ship accused of smuggling coal and heavy machinery in defiance of international sanctions. We took this ship off the high seas. This ship is the second largest in North Korea’s fleet. So it was no minor move. We’re not sure why coverage hasn’t been greater, but it should be.
Now remember all this activity from N.Korea has occurred after Kim’s visit to Russia and meeting with Putin. It’s all related.
Keep a watch on this as Kim must now react to the ship being seized, and let’s see what Putin promised Kim when he told him to go ahead and fire the missiles.

Some Domestic Issues:

Bernie Sanders proposed legislation to cap credit card interest rates at
15%, comparing the banking industry to “loan sharks”. He announced
this alongside Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
What would it mean to you? For those who have cards for miles or cash
return it means the companies would lower the benefit. Someone has to
pay and in this case the conscientious user would lose again.

Speaking of the Democrats, theNational Committee set a June 12 deadline for qualifying for the first presidential primary debates, and outlined a
tie breaking system in case more than 20 candidates qualify for the two-
night event. So 20 is the maximum for the debate.
Remember the media noise on rules for the 2016 Republican debates?
Hear any yet on this?

Democrats are also debating having a national minimum wage as part of their platform. It would not be controversial as living costs in some areas are far different than others. We would guess they will not do this.

One issue that was in the news yestderday is both domestic and international. The Pope made a statement on church sexual abuse. He basically said that “new church law orders officials to report misconduct to their superiors and empowers senior archbishops to investigate”. Really? You are just saying and now ordering this?
And by the way, it says nothing about punishment.

Have a great weekend.

Never Ending …

The battle between the President and Congress will go on for as long as the Democrats control the house; and the battle between the President and the press will go on for as long as he in office.

We all waited for the Mueller report to get things settled and behind us. We got a “no collusion” verdict, but more new investigations than we could have imagined. There’s a saying from the old west that applies here:

“While we recognize that the subject did not actually steal any horses, he is obviously guilty of trying to resist being hanged for it.”

So Congress wants the records and people that Mueller reviewed and spoke to. Why? The only reason is to try and keep this going and embarrass the President.
Forget about governing, or fixing the border, let’s redo Mueller on national TV.
Hey, the report said “no collusion”, now you want to investigate obstruction of a crime that wasn’t committed. A warning to the Democrats, you are going too far. I know most of you are in districts you cannot lose, but enough of you can, to lose the house again. Be careful!

  • Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) described the probe as “case closed.” He added that the Democrats are “angry that our legal system will not magically undo the 2016 election for them.” 
  • Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.) shot back: “What we have here is a concerted effort to …protect the president from accountability, to whitewash his conduct by simply declaring it irrelevant.”
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Democrats would continue their investigations, and accused Mr. Trump of “goading us to impeach him.”

By the way, with Rep. Nadler making all the noise he is for the full report consider this:
First, he is demanding the total un-redacted report. Well that is illegal. He should know the law.
Second, there is a report congress can see that is 95% un-redacted. Three people have gone to read it. (All Republicans).
If this wasn’t all a stunt wouldn’t he and his fellow “cover up” associates have gone to see that report? Why didn’t they? Two reasons why:
1. They are not really interested in learning more, they are interested in noise for TV and fooling people.
2. Second, they know they have MSM support. Where is the MSM to call this out? Why is the media covering Nadler, Blumenthal, Pelosi and others as if they care? Why isn’t the media asking them why they don’t go read the 95% report before asking the AG to break the law?
We know the answer, as do the readers of this blog.

Speaking of the border, did you see the sixth circuit (Yes that sixth circuit) overturned a ruling and by doing so supported the administration?

The court ruled the administration can, for now, continue with its policy of returning Central American migrants to Mexico while their requests for asylum in the U.S. are adjudicated.
Authorities say that working with Mexico to allow families to live and work in Mexico while their claims are adjudicated is among the few ways to stem the influx while fulfilling legal and humanitarian obligations.

You heard that the New York Times obtained Donald Trump’s tax figures for the years 1985 to 1994, which showed losses of over $1 billion from his casinos, hotels and retail spaces. The losses enabled him to avoid paying income taxes for eight of those years. It was big news.
What does it mean?
Nothing, except some one committed a crime and released the taxes to
them. America doesn’t care.

Meanwhile the Treasury said they are not providing congress the
President’s recent tax returns. We ask again, why are they entitled to
them? There’s no crime they are checking. It’s a witch hunt. The NY
Times is trying to help congress, but it won’t work.

Now, did you read this about Bernie Sanders’ taxes also released
The oldest tax return released by Bernie Sanders offers a lesson in the
perils of do-it-yourself tax preparation.  Had his 2009 returns been
prepared correctly, Mr. Sanders should have paid $4,479 more than he
did, according to accountants.

So Bernie underpaid and it’s not news?

Interesting testimony by FBI Director Wray yesterday. After AG Barr
brought up the real possibility of “spying”, Wray was asked about it. He
clearly distanced himself from Barr’s use of it.
It surprised me he was so clear on it.

So let’s see where we are in this early 2020 period:
As Joe Biden seems to widen his primary lead you see the others getting more desperate. The attack is coming Joe.
We don’t see him holding on to any substantial lead.

Kamala Harris yesterday said repeal the Trump tax cuts. “Get rid of the whole thing” was her direct quote. Great plan Kamala. You want to stop the economy and our growth, you do that. You might be surprised to find out it wasn’t a tax cut for the wealthy.

Susan Rice, she of the famous “a video caused the Benghazi attack”, yesterday ripped the President over his foreign policy. The last person we need of foreign policy advice is from her and others in the administration who left behind a mess.

Questions for a new week ..

What Happened?

As I watched the news shows over the weekend I wondered what happened to AOC? She was all the news for 24/7 since her election and suddenly she is gone. Why?
Is it because her far left beliefs and touting are out of step with America and was actually hurting the left? Did the MSM suddenly realize they might love her statements and feelings but she was hurting the cause?
I think so.
AOC hasn’t changed her beliefs or statements. She is just now being ignored.

The second person I noticed who was a mainstay on the shows and whose name was never mentioned was Adam Schiff.
Here he was day after day, week after week, assuring the media and public that collusion was a fact. He was a MSM hero. Then a funny thing happened. The Mueller report came out. Adam kept saying it and is still touting it. Only now the MSM sees it more of an issue, and rather than embarrass him, they just don’t cover it.

There are others. Maxine is still yelling “Impeach 45”. But the MSM sees the people do not think it is warranted. So do they call her out as they would a right winger? No, they just stop covering it.

Your MSM at work.

Suddenly Foreign Policy …

We have written from the outset that the President’s foreign policy is going in the right direction. He was reversing the Obama tendency to apologize for America. He was demanding others pay their fair (and agreed to) share of costs. He wanted ISIS destroyed. He recognized Iran was a bad actor in the world. He called North Korea’s bluff. He told China the rules were biased. The one place we couldn’t understand is why he wasn’t tough on Putin. While we still don’t understand the latter, suddenly there are global issues.

In North Korea where he claimed victory after that first summit and we all knew it was premature, there are issues. They (NK) have begun testing missiles again.
Now, to be sure, they are short range and it is the long range that they agreed to stop, it is a sign that N.Korea is growing restless. They want concessions from the U.S. before any disarmament occurs. The U.S. says the opposite.
We still say that N.Korea cannot disarm with nothing. It is those weapons that give them a world standing. They get rid of them and they are open to government overthrow.
The optimism of the past year is now at a cross road barrier and it is going to take some maneuvering to save this.

Then there is Venezuela. The administration was sure that early last week Maduro was ready to be overthrown. They miscalculated and now it appears he is going to be able to hold on. This is dangerous long term as it provides another country (ala Cuba) in the region providing Russia a staging area.

By the way, the hand of Putin is involved in both the N.Korea and Venezuela situations. N.Korea visited Moscow two weeks ago, and boom we get missiles. Maduro was reported ready to leave when Putin said not to.
Yet when the President spoke to Putin for 90 minutes late last week, he said nothing but nice things about him. Makes you wonder if Putin does have something, doesn’t it?

Then add the China news this AM. We thought we were close to an economic deal, but today it appears otherwise and an escalation of the trade war could be in place.
It’s clear China is not ready to give up just yet.

Finally, Wednesday is one year since the U.S. backed out and tore up the Iran agreement. Suddenly today we are sending a carrier to the region as Iran is acting up. Though the treat is unknown, the state department is concerned enough to act.

So the foreign policy issues arise after a stable period. The administration will be challenged the next six months. Let’s see how they do.

Finally …

Poor Micheal Cohen heads to prison today. He tried to buy time by saying he found more documents and could testify about them because they are anti Trump. He was rejected.
Michael heads to prison with friends on neither side of this battle. The President’s supporters cannot stand him for turning as he did. The left cannot stand him for not having the goods on the President. Lucky for him his family still loves him.

The NY Times today has this in it’s opinion section:
“Trump’s Other Impeachable Offense”
Wait, what was the first? I thought Mueller said “no collusion”
What did I miss?

Last week we questioned why President Trump would do an infrastructure deal for up to $2 trillion dollars. It didn’t make sense and where was the money coming from?
Well Chris Christie provided an answer yesterday that made sense. He said by doing this deal, the President would put more middle class workers to work and drive right into any argument that Democrats would have against him. He would be employing people, driving the economy and improving the country. Makes sense. With one exception, does anyone care about the deficits we are creating?

2020 Will Have To Decide It

The Barr incident, coverage and story just proves that the 2020 voters will have to decide what America is and the direction we go.
After a lifetime of impeccable service look at how the left and MSM are treating and presenting him. Why? Did he withhold the Mueller report? No. Did he misrepresent it? No? They don’t like that he doesn’t support their belief that the President should be impeached.
They may also not like that Barr is intent on investigating how this whole “Russian Collusion” and “Steele Dossier” began. Suddenly some information that could destroy their entire theory is coming to light.
I, for one, stand for full disclosure. Let’s get all the facts on the table and provide them in the light of day.
So the left and MSM can yell all they want. Let’s see what the next 90-120 days bring.

The news today that the NY Times has a front page story about “spying” on the Trump campaign is interesting. However, note this is their story defintion:
“The use of the investigator in an operation aimed at a campaign shows the alarm in the F.B.I. as officials uncovered the scope of Russia’s 2016 election interference”.
Not exactly a full leap is it?

One final thought on this investigation. I know Hillary thinks she is being funny with this comment:

“So why should Russia have all the fun? And since Russia is clearly backing Republicans, why don’t we ask China to back us? And not only that, China, if you’re listening, why don’t you get [President] Trump’s tax returns? I’m sure our media would richly reward you,” she added.
A word of caution Hillary, watch out what Barr and team find.

News of the day….

The jobs report this morning was just more good news on the economy. Unemployment down (3.6%), jobs up, minority unemployment down, manufacturing up. Average hourly wages for private-sector workers grew 3.2% from a year earlier, matching the prior month’s increase.
The shame of it is the left continues to tell people they are not included and the MSM covers them.
If it were any administration except this one the coverage would be so upbeat. A shame.

Not much coverage, but did you see the Baltimore Mayor had to resign? It was just the latest blow to the leadership of a city that’s seen two mayors resign in scandal in less than a decade and a third one decline to seek another term after a riot over police misconduct and a soaring murder rate.
The city is a mess and the police are what the MSM covers there. A police department that has basically fallen back to doing only what they must since no one will back them.

The twenty-first Democratic candidate announced for President yesterday. Senator Michael Bennent from Colorado in case you missed it.
How are they going to handle the debates beginning in June? They announced yesterday that the debates will be capped at 20 participants.
Should be interesting to see the reactions as more enter and people get cut.

Speaking of Democratic candidates, FoxNews announced its next Town Hall will be with Kiersten Gillibrand.
We predict right now it will be their lowest rated ever.

Right now both political parties see these states as the keys in 2020:
Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.

CNN continues its coverage and attitude. Well they just saw its prime time lineup drop 26% in April compared to the same month one year ago. CNN’s total audience in prime time was well under a million viewers–767,000–while competitors MSNBC and Fox News finished the month far ahead: MSNBC in second place overall with 1.660 million total viewers, and Fox News leading all of cable with a total audience of 2.395 million.

The Barr Hearing …

Okay we watched the hearing and our analysis is clear. This was an embarrassment to many of the questioners, a stain on our democracy and a total fiasco.

We are still having trouble understanding all this. Let me lay out some quick thoughts:

The President colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election.
We heard that narrative for 22 months, day and night.
Bob Mueller was a sainted figure who would get the truth.
He said there was “no collusion”. None whatsoever.
So the next day collusion disappeared from the news and obstruction entered.
There was obstruction they said, of a crime that didn’t happen.
That brings us to yesterday.

Yesterday the hearing was going to be about the report.
Instead a letter emerged that Mueller wrote expressing concern about the four page release.
Now think about that. The four page release.
The release that they and the media were demanding information on as the report was delivered to Barr.
They were sure that Barr was going to cover up and maybe not release the report. (He is not obligated to do so).
So Barr provides an overview. No collusion and no obstruction charges.
Mueller sends a note saying he thinks Barr should release the summaries he also wrote. (Not the full report, the summaries).
Barr decides not to because he is going to get the full report out in two weeks.
It is going to be redacted so much say the left and media that it won’t be worth anything.

Then Barr releases the report and 92% is un-redacted.
He makes the complete un-redacted report available to congress behind secure doors. (Three have gone to read it. All Republicans. None of yesterday’s bomb throwers).

Now we have the hearing and they make it a fiasco.
They go back to the letter as if Barr is hiding something.
Think about that and their argument.
He is covering up and hiding things. He is misrepresenting the report.
He released the full report. You can read it. The public can read it.
Mueller’s summaries are released in it. Every word.
The 8% hidden by law is available to congress.

What can they possibly be arguing? You can read the report.

You know why they get away with it? Because the media supports them.
The media is embarrassed that they supported and were sure Trump and team were guilty and can not accept this verdict.
So they give credence to the craziness.

If this were a true media, that was fair, they would be talking about the “no collusion” after all those charges.
But they can’t since they help lead it.

If this were reversed and the charges were against Obama or Clinton they would be chastising the right for not accepting the findings after 22 months and $25 million dollars.
They would be berating the senators for their questioning, tone and attitude.
Think about that.

I am embarrassed for our country and the display yesterday by Senators like Hirono and Blumential.
She should be reprimanded for her conduct and he should be embarrassed to talk about morals and truth. Yet the MSM wants to make them heroes.

Which points back to 2020, and Americans must decide what kind of country we are.

Tidbits ….

Let’s start with the Washington Post/NY Times headline that “Mueller complained that Barr’s letter did not capture the context of the probe”.
Great theater for sure. Except for two things.
First, in the article they said Mueller did not disagree with the findings.
Second, the whole report has been out for weeks now. Everyone can read it. So covering up is what they are implying now? It’s not like no one has seen the full report. They’re acting and reporting like it was secret.

Next, have you seen some states (blue ones) are trying to pass regulations that say you cannot be on their presidential ballot without releasing your taxes? It won’t hold up but another illustration of there is something with Trump we must expose.

Now on the other side the President is going to court to prevent Deutsche Bank from sharing his financial information with Congress.
We’ve always believed any chance to get the President was in his finances, so you can see why this is being pursued.
The question is, on what grounds are they pursuing the records? In America don’t you need a reason to do this other than a desire to get someone?

Yesterday Democratic congressional leaders said President Trump agreed to aim for a $2 trillion infrastructure package in a meeting. A White House statement didn’t mention a $2 trillion agreement.
The question here is where is the money coming from? Senator Schumer said the President agreed to present ideas on funding in a few weeks. Really? You mean it is the President only? Congress gets only to spend?
We see where they agree infrastructure needs, but can’t see any way they agree on funding. Raise the gas tax? That could be a partial idea, but would be against Republican principles. Let’s see.

Healthcare will be a major issue in the 2020 election. We have long stated there is no way to cover 40 million for free and reduce costs. Obamacare tried to force healthy individuals to buy insurance to offset some of the costs, but even that is done now.
While Democrats have the edge on this issue their 2020 candidates now disagree.  Joe Biden  plans to build upon the Affordable Care Act. Sen. Bernie Sanders backs Medicare for All. Sen. Kamala Harris wants Medicare for All, too, but would keep some pieces of the current setup. They will have to hash this out over the primaries and Republicans need a plan.

American citizens will have to answer this and the direction of the nation with their ballots. How are they feeling? We know that the President’s popularity lingers in the 40’s. This mostly due to the negative press he gets and creates for himself. One barometer though was in the Rasmussen poll results released yesterday. It is telling:
“Americans are feeling better about the future than they have in over 12 years of regular surveying” they reported.
The survey found that 54% of Likely U.S. Voters now say America’s best days are in the future. This is the first time a majority of voters has expressed this sentiment since November 2006. Since then the average for this question was in the 30’s.
They also found only 28% now think the country’s best days are in the past. This is a new low. As recently as May 2017, this figure stood at 52%.

That number is not one that says the nation will change direction. Now, it’s a long way to 2020.

Is there media bias? Think about this. Remember the astounding 3.2% GDP growth reported this week? It was big news, right? Do you know that CBS and ABC news failed to report it that evening? NBC covered it for ten seconds.

Here’s another example of bias in America today. LPGA golfer Lexi Thompson played golf over the weekend with the President. A picture was tweeted out. You know what happened? The comments back were so fierce and “hurtful” that she is taking a break from social media now.
It used to be playing with the President was the honor of a lifetime.

2020 the voters must decide what America is today.

This week will bring the first-ever congressional hearings on
Medicare for All—Democrats’ proposed government-run health care—and a long-awaited Congressional Budget Office report on how it could be set up and financed. The push may put Democratic presidential contenders in an awkward spot: Many aren’t so sure now is the right time to campaign for such a major overhaul, and the mixed messages risk confusing voters.

Easy to decide …..

Who Are We? Who Are You?

Chase Manhatten Bank puts out what they call a Monday Motivational Tweet. It says this:
“You: why is my balance so low.
Bank account: make coffee at home.
Bank account: eat the food that’s already in the fridge.
Bank account: you don’t need a cab, it’s only three blocks.
You: guess we’ll never know.
Bank account: seriously?

So what’s your reaction to that?
To me it was, “that’s some sound counsel”. If you thought so too, you may not be a Democrat. The bank was forced to pull it down and promise to do better in the future. Why? Here’s some reactions from Democrats:

Elizabeth Warren:
@Chase: why aren’t customers saving money?
Taxpayers: we lost our jobs/homes/savings but gave you a $25b bailout. Workers: employers don’t pay living wages.
Economists: rising costs + stagnant wages = 0 savings.
Chase: guess we’ll never know.
Everyone: seriously? 

Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.)
“Hey @Chase, try paying your workers more. Families aren’t spending frivolously; they’re trying to pay rent,” Porter wrote.

So right there is the issue we have been talking about for awhile here now. Are you responsible for your own life, saving and future or are you supposed to do whatever you want and the government takes care of you?

Chase pulled the tweet and even said  it would work “to get better at #MondayMotivation tweets.”

Get better? Maybe people who disagree should get back to being American and understand they control their own lives.

Speaking of Democrats

As of this morning sixteen candidates have qualified for the Democratic primary debates. The only announced candidates who haven’t are:
Wayne Messam, Seth Moulton, Eric Swalwell and Marianne Williamson.
It’s going to be a crowded stage.

PETE BUTTIGIEG dined at Sylvia’s in Harlem on Monday with Rev. Al Sharpton — a campaign ritual for Democratic presidential aspirants.
Imagine Al Sharpton, who produced the Twana Brawley hoax, called the innocent police involved racists, and owes the federal government for non payment of taxes is an honored figure in the party.

2020 Underway …

With Joe Biden in the race the field is almost set, though there are a few more Democrats who will announce. It may seem early to the average voter, but wait until the next election if Trump wins in November 2020. As a lame duck the campaign will begin in January 2021.
That said, how do we see this election shaping up?

Biden enters as the clear leader for the Democratic field. He brings name recognition, a middle class appeal and a tie to the Obama years. He is the strongest threat to Trump’s reelection today.
His problem is he has been around for a long time. His kickoff had many issues, as others did like Warren and Beto. The Anita Hill controversy, the past gaffes, the touchy feely questions. He likely peaked the day before he announced. The other twenty candidates will open up on him in the period up to and including the debates. They will attack him from the left and the party seems to be on the left today. We don’t think Joe makes it all the way around the track because of that.

Bernie will be strong and go as far left as any candidate of our lifetime. He has a strong base, but is that large enough to get the nomination? We think he goes all the way to the convention but falls short.

Our early prognosis is Kamela Harris is the one to watch. She has moved left. She is a woman. A minority and from California. That state moved its primary up early to have an impact and it will. Keep a watch on this.

As for the President, he has quite a record to run on. Jobs, working numbers, manufacturing returning, strong foreign policy decisions and positions. He will be attacked on health care, demeanor and frayed relationships with some. He should be the favorite as long as he stays under control and sticks to the promises made and delivered upon.

At the bottom of this blog is a listing of Biden’s vulnerabilities as per a
conservative web site.
Oil volatility puts 2019 rally under scrutiny. Investors are reeling from
the Trump administration’s recent decision to end Iran sanctions
waivers, uncertain whether Saudi Arabia and other large producers will
fill an impending production gap. That unknown has helped push prices
to their highest level in nearly six months. At the same time, many
remain skeptical of the nature of the recovery. 

Other News:

A story that we didn’t see on the MSM this AM regarding the President and the Rabbi in the San Diego shooting. This from Politico this AM:

RABBI YISROEL GOLDSTEIN, whose synagogue in San Diego was attacked Saturday, described his phone call from PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP to MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt on “Kasie DC”: “I’ve never spoken to a president before. He was so gracious and generous with his words. Exceedingly comforting to me, to my community, and he spoke to me like a friend, like a buddy, and I didn’t realize I’m talking to the president of the United States of America. 

“He is just exceedingly kind and sensitive and — and — and we spoke for close to 50 minutes. I thought to myself, for the president of the United States of America to take time out of his day, 50 minutes to talk to me about the issues at hand, was just absolutely incredible and admirable.”

Two things to keep a watch on.
1. The deal to replace NAFTA is in trouble in congress. WSJ this AM.

New Nafta deal faces resistance. President Trump’s push to revamp North America’s trade rules is hitting a roadblock as prominent Democrats and labor groups demand changes. Congress returns from recess this week
with a full plate and the Democrats have signaled they won’t allow a vote on the trade deal without certain changes.

Hard to believe this new agreement can’t get past congress, isn’t it?

2. A warning on oil pricing, also the WSJ:
Oil volatility puts 2019 rally under scrutinyInvestors are reeling from the Trump administration’s recent decision to end Iran sanctions waivers,
uncertain whether Saudi Arabia and other large producers will fill an 
impending production gap. That unknown has helped push prices to their highest level in nearly six months. At the same time, many remain
skeptical of the nature of the recovery. 

Biden’s Vulnerabilities:

By Walker: Joe Biden’s  accomplishments under Obama! 


1. Lowest Labor Participation rate since 1970’s
2. 95 million out of labor force.
3. 11 million more Americans on food stamps.
4. Lowest home ownership in 50 years.
5. Worst economic recovery rate since WWII.
6. 1 in 5 families without a member in the labor force.
7. $20 Trillion dollars in debt – $9.3 Trillion in the last 8 years.
8. 1 in 6 adult men aged 18-34 –in prison or out of labor force.
9. Apology Tour.
10. Ranked 17th out of 40 countries in educational performance.
11. More debt accumulated in last 8 years than under all other presidents combined.
12. 43 million Americans living in poverty.
13. $873 billion dollars in regulations against businesses.
14. 300,000 manufacturing jobs lost.
15. Resurgence and expansion of Soviet/Russian empire.
16. $732 billion global trade deficit last year.
17. Obamacare premiums up as much as 116%.
18. Increase in healthcare costs 43%, or approximately $5462 per family per year.
(Remember “You can keep your doctor. You can keep your health insurance; The ACA will reduce family healthcare premiums by $2500 per year.”?
19. Unaffordable healthcare deductibles.
20. Decreased availability of healthcare providers.
21. Decreased healthcare choices.
22. It’s Bush’s fault.
23. It’s racism.
24. AG Holder in contempt
25. AG Lynch takes the 5th.
26. $150 billion to Iran, much of it under cover of darkness without Congressional approval.
27. $1.5 Billion to the Muslim Brotherhood.
28. 4 dead including an Ambassador in Benghazi and a cover-up for political gain.
29. Political activist judges.
30. Honored the deaths of Fidel Castro and inner-city criminals, but not police officers and soldiers.
31. Encouraging illegals to vote.
32. $1 Billion in taxpayer money to the failed Green Climate Fund.
33. Politically manufactured racial unrest.
34. Politically orchestrated civil disobedience.
35. Red lines.
36. Clock boy.
37. Cap and Trade.
38. DNS spying on the press.
39. IRS investigations of political opponents.
40. Doubled debt per US citizen from $31,000 to $61,340.
41. The rise of ISIS and Muslim extremism.
42. An unarmed invasion across unsecured borders.
43. Suppression of speech and thought.
44. A weakened military.
45. Bergdahl.
46. First President without a 3% GDP in any year of office.
47. Media propaganda.
48. ACORN.
49. Fast & Furious a/k/a Guns for Cartels.
50. Black Lives Matter.
51. Dead Cops.
52. Lowest US Credit Rating in history.
53. Betrayal of Israel.
54. Social division and unrest.
55. Burned and looted cities.
56. Obliterated Democrat Party – 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats lost.
57. Abolished separation of powers.
58. Nukes to Iran.
59. A fixed election.
60. International loss of respect.
61. Feckless foreign policy.
62. Secretary of State Clinton.
63. 10.5% true unemployment.
64. Over 150 Muslim terrorists released from Gitmo; at least 30% return to ISIS.
65. Inedible school lunches.
66. $100 million in taxpayer funded vacations.
67. Political purge of Generals and Admirals.
68. Immunity for Clinton Aides.
69. Record Gun Sales.
70. Most Presidential commutations and pardons ever.
71. Boys in Girl’s restrooms.
72. A politically controlled DOJ.
73. Fake News.
74. Green Energy Initiative collapse costing taxpayers $2 billion.
75. Solyndra bankruptcy and cover up
76. Shovel Ready Jobs.
77. Inability to account for $6 Billion in DOS contracts.
78. Common Core.
79. Project Veritas.
80. The View.
81. Foreign hacking of intelligence communications.
82. Unsecured classified e-mails.
83. Participation Trophies
84. Presidential Participation Medals.
85. Stonewalling Congressional investigations.
86. Destruction of Middle Class.
87. Brexit.
88. Mother in Law federal pensions.
89. Bradley “Chelsey” Manning.
90. Paid rioters.
91. VA Care crisis.
92. Sharia Law in America.
93. Fixed Debates.
94. Illegal recess appointments.
95. Operation Choke Point used against political opponents/gun shops.
96. Snowflakes.
97. Millions in taxpayer funds to Sanctuary Cities.
98. Presidential salary raise.
99. Mass Murders in Gun-Free zones.

Drift turns into a leap …

Political parties often drift left and right. Savvy candidates and political advisors know that it is in the center you win most often. Yet, within the parties there is a natural push by the extremes (ideologues) within it to push it further to the edge. The Republicans to the right, the Democrats to the left. They are often beaten back, though as we noted yesterday it does occur sometimes. We cited 1964 (to the right) and 1972 (to the left) as examples. Generally though the parties drift to the edges slowly and over time.

Today, however, we see a Democratic party that seems to daily take leaps to the left. It’s almost like the candidates are thinking up a far more, what they call “progressive” position. Just look at this month and where they have gone:

A wealth tax on accumulated savings.
A 70, 80 or 90% tax on earnings.
Medicaid for all. Private health insurance companies go out of business.
A Green Deal, that changes every aspect of everyone’s life.
Guaranteed pay for all, even if you don’t want to work.
Free college for all.
We pay off everyone’s college debt.
Allow convicted terrorists and others to vote from prison.
Legalize drugs.
Hire ex convicted drug dealers to be legal dealers (Harris yesterday).

You can add to this list but it just illustrates the leaps they are taking to prove they are the most progressive person. How you pay for this is always answered the same way. “Tax the wealthy”. They don’t have anywhere the money to pay for this.

So let’s see, the Democratic party has now leapt all the way to socialism plus. Is this where America is today?

The America I grew up in was, you were free to become whatever you wished. You could achieve anything. You work to build a better life and a better country for the future generations. Where in any proposal above are the candidates rewarding individual initiative, drive and effort? They are all about taking from these people to give to those who don’t do the same.

When our parents and grandparents, who won WW2 and came home, they didn’t ask for a handout. All they wanted was a chance to go to work, build a family and a future. If anyone was entitled it was them. As the ceremonies unfold this year of what happened 75 years ago on D-Day, The Battle of The Bulge and Okinawa, look at the price they paid and what they wanted back. Then look at today.

Finally, running as a “progressive” used to mean certain defeat. It was a term candidates ran away from. The twenty Democratic candidates today cannot say progressive enough, and as outlined above are trying to out progressive the next person as best they can. With free everything the basic premise that drove American ingenuity allowing us to become the country we are is being challenged.

It’s Clear Now …

It’s clear now that we will not have a working government with the Presidency and congress until the voters decide in 2020 what they want.

The far left wants impeachment and despite wiser voices in their party, they are going to investigate, investigate more and talk impeachment, no matter the cost.

The President for his part is going to talk, tweet and tell fables.

So, it will be the American people that will have to decide in 2020 what kind of government they want.

Here’s My observations:

Congress is demanding more hearings on the findings in the Mueller report.
The President has now said he is not going to send anyone or any reports.
Congress wants to investigate more, the President who cooperated fully with Mueller is done.
This won’t end until the people decide what they want in 2020.

One liberal publication put this out today:
“IMAGINE Barack Obama said he was not going to send any witnesses to a Republican House and would ignore document requests. The GOP would have lit its collective hair on fire”.
Our Comment:
Actually if this were reversed you the MSM would be saying the Mueller report found Obama innocent and congress must stop and get on with governing.

Here’s another from the MSM. Free advice to Trump staffers and personnel:
FREE ADVICE FOR TRUMP ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS: TRUMP doesn’t want you to go to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, but we have a different idea: Do what you want. If you want to go — do it. Your free time is your free time, providing you aren’t breaking the law. Just because the president seems intent on demonizing the people who cover him doesn’t mean you have to. Here’s a guarantee: You’ll be in this town a lot longer than he will, and your currency is your relationships — including those with reporters.

MANY TRUMP OFFICIALS have great relationships with the press — and the White House benefits from that. The president might not care, but you should.

DARE THE WHITE HOUSE TO FIRE YOU for going to a dinner celebrating the freedom of the press. We bet you he won’t. The guy didn’t fire Bob Mueller! You think he’s gonna fire you?! It’s not like people are lining up to work in this White House. … Holler and we’ll save some seats for you.

Our Comment: … 
One more example of the press not recognizing how biased they are. The Trump people and supporters are angry at the press for their biased coverage (92% negative). Remember the speaker who blasted Sarah Sanders who was there? The press is so self centered they don’t recognize how the right feels about them.

One more thing on the Mueller Report. Really Hillary? You are going to lecture us that he should impeached? Really?
First of all you should have been with the bleach bit, destroying phones and misleading comments. Now you are telling us Trump did it?
Second, the President is not getting impeached. Only one president in my lifetime was impeached (and it wasn’t Nixon, on whose investigation committee you worked). I think you know it who was.
Why don’t you just be quiet on these issues?

Other Issues

The citizen question on the 2020 census goes to the supreme court.
The administration wants to add a question (that was on every census until the 1950’s) which asks “Are you a citizen?”
The Democrats are against it and the case has gone to the highest court. The lower courts have supported the Democrats, that it was wrong. It appears to be at least 4-4 with the liberals against the question and the conservatives for it. What does Justice Roberts do here?

In the drive to out left the others the Democrats continue going over the ledge. The latest was Elizabeth Warren. Lagging in the polls since her disastrous kickoff she continues to reach. This time she propoposes student-debt cancellation. The proposal steers the bulk of debt relief toward people whom Ms. Warren views as least likely to be able to repay their loans. She is also proposing the elimination of tuition and fees at every U.S. public two- and four-year college.
Our Comment:
So you worked your way through college or diligently paid back your loans, great. You didn’t bother with either, you win. Warren will pay for you. Once again don’t reward positive behavior, do the opposite.
The American voter in 2020 must decide this.

This after Bernie said he wants incarnated individuals, including terrorists, to have a vote in every election.

Just watch how far left they go as this primary begins to unfold. It could be most costly in the Nov. 2020 election. It happened to the Republicans in 1964 and the Democrats in 1972.

Congress vs. The President

Here’s a small example of congress versus the administration:

On Tuesday, the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin wrote in a letter that the department would not comply with a request from House Democrats to see six years of Mr. Trump’s tax returns before a Tuesday evening deadline. Rep. Richard Neal (D., Mass.), the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, is seeking the returns under an obscure 1920s law that gives him access to any American taxpayer’s returns, and Mr. Neal may take the Internal Revenue Service to court to obtain them.

On Monday, lawyers for the Trump Organization filed a lawsuit against Rep. Elijah Cummings (D., Md.), the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and an accounting firm for Mr. Trump to block a subpoena the committee filed last week. The Democratic-led committee is seeking eight years of President Trump’s financial statements.

Last week, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D., N.Y.), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, issued a subpoena for Mr. Mueller’s entire report—including the redacted elements. Democrats may need to go to court to attempt to get access to grand jury information. The Justice Department, which has pledged to give a bipartisan group of lawmakers access to some of the redacted information, called the subpoena “premature and unnecessary.”

And late Tuesday, Mr. Trump said in an interview with the Washington Postthat he didn’t want aides providing testimony.

Ratings: U.S. Political Leaders

From Real Clear Politics averages today. Which tells you 2020 will be a battle.

Donald Trump41.153.6-12.5
Nancy Pelosi37.050.3-13.3
Mitch McConnell24.047.0-23.0
Chuck Schumer28.340.7-12.4

Speaking of 2020, some news:

Joe Biden is about to get in. Our gut is he is at the peak of his popularity today. Once he announces the gloves come off and Obama will not endorse him.
How much money have candidates raised?

Individual contributions totals by Democratic presidential candidates for the first quarter of 2019:
Sanders: $18 million   
Harris:      $12 million   
O’Rourke:   $ 9.4 million   
Buttigieg:    $ 7 million   
Warren:     $ 6 million   
Klobuchar:   $ 5.2 million   
Booker:      $ 5 million   
Gillibrand:   $ 3 million  
 Inslee:       $ 2.2 million   
Hickenlooper: $ 2 million    
 Yang:        $ 1.7 million   
Williamson: $ 1.5 million      
Delaney     $ 404,000*   Also made a personal loan of $11 million campaign
Castro               $ 213,387
President Donald Trump raised just over $30 million

Did you see that James Comey and his wife contributed to and endorsed Amy Klobucher? So much for the “he is a Republican”.

Wait ….

Wait, I’ve been listening and watching coverage since the Mueller Report release and I’ve got questions:

For 22 months the left and MSM told us about collusion. It was collusion all day and night.
They appointed Mueller to get it exposed. They loved him and the team he surrounded himself with.
We were assured the report would be the end of the Trump era.

Then a funny thing happened, and Mueller said there was “no collusion”.
Then he said the Trump team cooperated fully and gave all documents requested.
Then they said the President “never” used executive privilege.

So what do we get?
We get dialogue like the word collusion was never uttered.
In fact on the Sunday news shows we had people denying collusion was the key term.
Wait, was I was living in a different universe? It was all I heard from you.

Now the media and left are not saying Trump was cleared of the collusion charge that was going to impeach him.
In fact they never mention it in their coverage.
They moved the posts and are talking about “obstruction”.
Wait, obstruction? Obstruction of what? A crime that never occurred?

Look at what they’re saying now:
“The President called his attorney and wanted to fire Mueller”.
Wait, he had a conversation about something that never occurred and that is obstruction? Aren’t you the media that defended the Clintons and Obamas against everything “in fairness”?
Wait, the President said “I am f’ed”. You say that over and over as if it is proof of guilt. Why don’t you say that after Mueller said this, then the President said everyone told him a special prosecutor drains the presidency and nothing gets done? In full context it is different. How dare you take it out.

So now the MSM and left are all about obstruction.
Wait, after Mueller said “no collusion” he said he could neither bring obstruction charges or dismiss them. He couldn’t prove them. So the left with MSM support drop collusion and discuss only the obstruction discussion in the report. Obstruction that Mueller could not prove.
What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
When did the left change the rules on that? When did the media?
Here’s a question for the media.
If this report were put out about Hillary or Obama what would they say?
Would they still be saying they were guilty and discussing charges?
Or, would they be criticizing those calling them guilty?
There is no doubt the MSM would be the defense for Hillary and Obama.
Here they lead the prosecution and are embarrassing themselves.

Obstruct what we ask again?
It was a non crime that the President knew was such.
He gave every document they wanted.
He told people (in the report) to tell the truth.
He never used executive privilege.
So again, he was cleared of the charge and obstructed what you say?

Now we have these questions on the bigger picture:
Who bleach bit their hard drives? Was that not obstruction?
How come the media never says that?
Who smashed their phones and devices so they couldn’t be read?
How come they don’t mention this?
And, add this:
How did this whole Russia thing start?
Was it the fake Steele Dossier? We think so.
Who paid for that? (Hillary and team)
Where did Steele go for information? It was Russia.
So maybe the left and media should check who really involved the Russians.
Because, even Mueller said the Trump team turned down any help from Russia.

In the end the Russians did help one side. One side did destroy evidence. It just wasn’t the Trump team.

Finally we have a question. What was the charge and direction given Mueller by Rod Rosenstein? He was the one who laid out what Mueller was to investigate. Did he limit him to what the Trump team did? It’s clear that Mueller did not venture down the path of the Clinton campaign and the Steele Dossier. Why not, if this was about Russian involvement?
Did Rosenstein box in Mueller? Wasn’t he (Rosenstein) involved with McCabe, Strock, Page and others? Did he limit this probe for a reason?

Enough already from the MSM and left. Let’s get the facts.

The Mueller Report Release

With the report released minutes ago we have skimmed through it. Here’s our thoughts:

This was collusion for eighteen months. That was the nightly refrain from the MSM. That was the Democratic talking point. Trump was in bed with Putin. He was a secret agent for the Russians. He colluded with them to win the election. That was it, remember the nightly drumbeat?
Mueller was going to be the truth.

Well, that’s done. The report upfront is as clear. There was no collusion. Not only was there no collusion but the Trump team refused any attempts to help them. No collusion is absolutely clear.

We should hold the MSM and the Democrats who touted this liable. They perpetuated this myth and convinced most of the country that it was done.
The question here is why did the MSM fail to do their job? They are supposed to be after the truth and they supported the falsehood.

So no collusion is a proven fact, there is nothing there. End of story.

That brings us to part two which is obstruction of justice. I ask again how do you obstruct a crime that never occurred? I don’t get that.

I have to believe the MSM and Democrats will now turn to the ten incidents discussed and try to prove there is something here. It is up to the American people to hold them responsible for what the entire Trump presidency has been subject to.
Adam Schiff and he has proof, must pay a price.
Chuck and Nancy need to put country first and stop the false charges.
Maxine and AOC must stop with the impeachment.
It’s time for two things:

  1. Put America first and get to work on governing.
  2. It’s time for the MSM to stop its bias and get back to true journalism.

That’s our early read in the first 30 minutes.

On To Thursday


We all now await the Thursday release of the Mueller report. It’s predictable what will happen. The left will yell for the full report without redactions. They know something is hidden.
Trump and team will claim they are vindicated, there was no collusion. Get ready for the dual messages.

For us this should have been the Trump team narrative from the start. There “was no collusion”. This was all about that for 18 months. Let’s judge it on that.
By the way how do you obstruct a crime that wasn’t committed?

Bernie Goes On Fox

So Bernie was prepared when he went on Fox to bash the station and attack the conservatives. He was very effective and aggressive. That fact leads us to a belief we have long held, why don’t candidates go on the opposition platforms more? If they show up with zero votes and leave with a few didn’t they win? Plus it shows your supporters how good and tough you are.
Watch for more of this.


By the way, Bernie released ten years of taxes yesterday too. They showed an annual income that exceeded $1 million in 2016 and 2017 following his first presidential campaign. He is part of the one percenters!

On taxes, did you see that Beto O’Rourke and his wife, Amy, appear to have underpaid their 2013 and 2014 taxes by more than $4,000 combined because of an error in the way they reported their medical expenses? Apparently they are going to pay up now.
Beto is getting hit far more in this primary than Cruz and the Republicans hit him.

The polls on taxes continue to baffle me. People saying the Trump Tax cuts have hurt them. The left has gotten to them because every independent study says otherwise. In fact, the Joint Committee on Taxation said, 65.6% of American taxpayers were expected to get tax cuts of at least $100, while just 5.5% were expected to see their taxes increase by more than $100.
Think about 5.5% to see an increase of $100 or more. Yet closer to 50% are saying they lost. How can that be? Just better messaging by the left.

There was an interesting study on the real estate market market that showed in some of the richest pockets of the Northeast are flooded with sellers, as homeowners try to unload properties — and their high tax rates.
It showed the population of New York and other high-tax states has posted a demonstrable decline in recent years, sparking a debate on whether there are limits to how much the taxman can squeeze from residents.
“The data shows a net outflow in 2016 of almost 600,000 people from the 25 highest-tax states to the 25 lowest, and they took with them roughly $33 billion in income.” Interesting isn’t it?

Running against Trump

Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld said Monday he will challenge President Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. Talk about an uphill climb against an incumbent with avid support from the party base, Weld just entered into it.
Who is he?  Mr. Weld served two terms as governor in the 1990s and was viewed as a moderate. However, in 2008, he endorsed Barack Obama over fellow Republican John McCain. And in 2016, he ran as the running mate to libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson.
How do you rate his chances? Me too.

An interesting survey out of Ohio swing voters.
None of the Democrats who are running for president in 2020 has broken through with a group of Ohio voters who have swung back and forth between the parties in recent elections, a focus group shows.

Plus we keep hearing from the left jobs are bad. This survey just released:
“In low-wage sectors of the economy, a scarcity of workers is compelling employers to raise wages, make work schedules more flexible and lower requirements for college degrees to fill jobs”

Noise Follow Up …..

Yesterday we wrote there was “lot’s of noise” and said it’s “just noise”. Now twenty-four hours later take a look:

The Democratic noise about todays deadline to AG Burr has become an authorization vote to issue a subpoena.
So, since the Mueller release all they have done is make needless noise. The MSM supported the noise and now all will be quieter until the report is released. Then more noise.

The President, meanwhile, backed off his “great healthcare” program. It will now be after the 2020 election.
Why the noise from him again on this? Senator Thune said  this: “Obviously this is a president who tends sometimes to move on his own and then obviously has some of those conversations later. That’s the dynamic that everybody up here deals with.”
It was just another example of the President speaking on his own off the top of his head. Needless noise.

The President has also backed off closing the border. So about three days of noise will cease now. There was no chance it would happen. It was noise.

Joe Biden

My feeling on Biden is this. He did not sexually harass people. He has been doing what he does forever. That’s why he earned the nickname “Creepy Joe”. It is creepy and in today’s world inappropriate.
Now Joe understands the vehemence of the far left, as it is them who  orchestrated this. Bernie denies it.

Other News:

Two election results. One you heard about and one you didn’t.

In Chicago you heard about the first gay, black, female elected Mayor. She won easily beating a former prosector who may have been hurt by the Jussie case.

In the other, Michael Brown’s Mother (Ferguson, Mo.) lost her election yesterday for a seat on the city council overlooking the police department. She had said that “police accountability” would have been a priority.

The next time someone says “cut the budget”, remember the fiasco over the proposed cut in special olympic dollars from the government. Everyone wants cuts, but just not on a program that impacts them or they like.
Which is why we are forever stuck with deficits.

Get ready,the Democrats’ first televised presidential primary debate will be held June 26-27 in Miami. The party is planning to hold a dozen debates—six in 2019 and six in 2020.
The first round could include as many as 20 presidential candidates.

Here’s a related story on MSM bias I bet you didn’t see.

A freelance journalist has accused a top NBC News editor of “highly inappropriate and unethical” conduct by pressuring him to hold a story to help the Democratic National Committee.

Yashar Ali, whose work has appeared in HuffPost and New York magazine, tweeted Friday that Dafna Linzer, who oversees political coverage at NBC and MSNBC, pushed him to hold off on publishing an item revealing the date of the first Democratic presidential primary debate until the DNC could first “make their calls” letting the candidates know.

Ali said he had called the DNC to confirm a story he planned to write with the precise date of the debate (June 26 in Miami) — and immediately heard from Linzer.

He claimed she asked him to delay his story for an hour.

“I said I couldn’t. She was agitated, ‘why not?’ I said I’m not going to lose a scoop,” he tweeted. “Then she got angrier and said ‘Why not? It’s not a big deal, let them make a few phone calls.’

“I realized that @DafnaLinzer, the head of all political coverage for NBC News and MSNBC wasn’t calling to advocate for her network, she was calling to advocate the DNC’s position. She wanted me to wait so they could call state party leaders.

“I couldn’t believe what she was saying.”

On Monday Ali said he didn’t wish to comment further.

Linzer didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Just Noise …..

There’s not much out there right now except noise. Just noise.

The Democrats in congress continue to yell they want the full Mueller report. In fact they demanded to have it today.
The MSM is covering their demand — of course.
Except they won’t get it.
There are laws to follow and innocent people to protect.
The AG promised it by mid April.
Now think about the noise you hear on every newscast and read.
Two weeks. That is the time difference.
Does anyone think the AG is going to change the report? That’s impossible.
So why the noise?
They mislead their followers and probably fooled themselves to thinking there was collusion. When Mueller said “no”, they were stunned.

When the report comes out we can predict their comments. Let’s see:
“Oh there were plenty of crimes, Mueller just couldn’t prove it.”
“We will get to the bottom of this”. (Get ready for more hearings)
“We demand they release the un-redacted parts”.
“They are covering up”.
And, the MSM will cover it as if it has validity.

Now what they not covering? How about this:
There is a crisis at the border. Remember when the President declared it? Remember the coverage? Remember the opposition then?
Where is the “the President was right” now?
Plenty of noise weeks ago, none now.

More noise from the President too. This time on healthcare. He is going to have a policy that costs less, insures all, and improves coverage.
Republicans have had eight years to come up with a plan and failed. You can’t insure 25-40 million for free and reduce costs.
Just more noise.

Here’s a tweet trail from the President and the outcome of the vote to illustrate the difference between the parties these days

.. at 10:50 p.m.: “The Democrats today killed a Bill that would have provided great relief to Farmers and yet more money to Puerto Rico despite the fact that Puerto Rico has already been scheduled to receive more hurricane relief funding than any ‘place’ in history. The people of Puerto Rico…..”

… at 11:11 p.m.: “….are GREAT, but the politicians are incompetent or corrupt. Puerto Rico got far more money than Texas & Florida combined, yet their government can’t do anything right, the place is a mess — nothing works. FEMA & the Military worked emergency miracles, but politicians like…..”

… at 11:38 p.m .: “….the crazed and incompetent Mayor of San Juan have done such a poor job of bringing the Island back to health. 91 Billion Dollars to Puerto Rico, and now the Dems want to give them more, taking dollars away from our Farmers and so many others. Disgraceful!”

THE SENATE did defeat two disaster bills because Republicans didn’t believe a House bill had enough money for Midwest flooding, and Democrats were opposed to a GOP bill because of what they saw as inadequate funding for Puerto Rico disasters.

So in essence Puerto Rico got more money than Houston and other disasters and still not fixed. The Dems say more money and the Republicans say less and more to our farmers.

Here’s another story that is not covered by the MSM. Think about how long it is taking for the administration to get their people approved. Here’s one that took a year and it was unanimous approval.

“It took six months of partisan delays — and several railroad accidents — before Democrats let the Senate confirm a federal railroad administrator, even though none of them actually voted against the nominee in the end.

“It’s been 354 days and counting in Senate purgatory for the president’s nominee to head the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Two-hundred eighty-seven days and counting for the under secretary of state for management. Noncontroversial lower court nominees have languished for weeks and weeks — for no discernible reason — before they, too, were confirmed unanimously. These are just a few examples of the historic obstruction Senate Democrats have visited upon President Trump’s nominees for two years and counting.

“Since January 2017, for the first time in memory, a minority has exploited procedure to systematically obstruct a president from staffing up his administration. This new, across-the-board obstruction is unfair to the president and, more importantly, to the American people. Left unchecked, it is guaranteed to create an unsustainable precedent that would see every future presidency of either party obstructed in the same mindless way. The Senate needs to restore normalcy. And this week, we will vote to do just that.”

Even the WSJ said this:
Enough with the partisan delays. The president’s nominees deserve consideration”:

The there’s the NY Times. Today it has this:

America Is Done Waiting for the Mueller Report

Someday, Trump will not be in office. Congress needs a full accounting of his misdeeds to ensure they don’t happen again.

Our Comment:
Maybe they should look internal and not let what they they did happen again with this fiasco going on for three years.

Finally another story the MSM did not cover:
A decision by the 9th circuit, this time against the family of Kate Steinle.

The parents of Kate Steinle — the woman shot dead in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant — cannot sue the “sanctuary city” for having quietly set the shooter free shortly before the 2015 tragedy, a federal appeals court ruled.

The appellate decision noted that the case of Steinle, 32 — for three years a focus of President Trump’s strong criticism of sanctuary cities — is “undeniably tragic.”

Still, San Francisco can’t be penalized for Steinle’s death at the hands of José Ines Garcia Zarate, a three-judge panel of the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the parents’ wrongful-death suit.

San Francisco’s City Attorney’s Office had argued successfully that the city was not liable for the actions of a former inmate, even though the city had sprung Garcia Zarate, who had a record of at least seven felony convictions, without telling immigration authorities.

The feds had a deportation order lodged against Garcia Zarate at the time, but the municipality’s sanctuary-city laws limited its cooperation with immigration officials.

Less than three months after he was freed, on July 1, 2015, Garcia Zarate, who was homeless, opened fire on San Francisco’s Pier 14. He claimed he pulled the trigger accidentally after finding the stolen gun on the pier.

A bullet ricocheted off the pier’s concrete and fatally struck Steinle in the back as she walked with her father.


So Much Out There …..

Questions and Thoughts With So Much In The News:

What does it say about the MSM and the coverage they gave the new Green Deal that not one senator voted for it?
Where were the announced Democratic candidates who touted it? Not one had the courage of their campaign words?
Voting “present” is political courage and a reason you should be President?
Four Democrats crossed lines (Manchin, Jones, King and Sinema) and had the courage to vote “No” with the Republicans.
And how smart are the Democratic Senators to have Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in position to answer when asked, “why so many Democrats in the upper chamber voted present,” respond “that she advised them to do so”. Oh now she leads the senate too?
Even crazier were their tweets after. Here’s one from Kirsten Gillibrand Today’s vote is a partisan stunt to side-step needed debate on climate action, and give Republicans cover to put oil lobby checks over our kids. I’ve come to expect nothing less from @senatemajldr. I’ll be voting “present.” I don’t play ball with bad-faith farces.
Wait, you were for the New Green Deal until they asked to vote for it? What was the stunt senator?

Now the FBI is going to investigate the Jussie Smollette case. All they can do is look into the letter and attempt to see if anything illegal was done. They cannot go back to those 16 charges and bring them up again. So don’t expect much, but there is a lot here. Someone did something to make this happen and it had to be high up if the police chief and mayor were taken by surprise.
It could impact the Chicago Mayoral run-off. One candidate is from the state attorneys wing of the party.

Michael Avenatti got arrested and this time his wife can’t change her mind. The man who CNN and MSNBC had on continuously and was considering a run for president as a Democrat, now faces charges that can lock him up for the rest of his life?
So let’s see, he faces charges in NY and LA. He is being sued by Stormy for his work with her. And his client (Stormy) owes Donald Trump $293,000 in legal fees from the false charges Avenatti brought to court.
On top of that:
Avenatti’s law firm filed for bankruptcy in 2017. He had a $10 million judgment against the firm in US bankruptcy court in 2018. He has unpaid back taxes. He attempted to force his way into the federal investigation of Michael Cohen, which a federal judge said meant the end of Avenatti’s “publicity tour.”  He was arrested in November on domestic-abuse charges.
Just a few days ago, his most recent ex-wife told The Daily Mail that Avenatti was “a deadbeat dad” who had left their 4-year-old son without health care.
In the end, Avenatti’s been revealed as all the things his former TV stations claim Trump is: a fraud, a liar, a con man, a thug, a megalomaniac who loves nothing more than media attention.

I suggest he find a lawyer with far better skills then his to defend him.

Let’s see, the President survived the house vote to overthrow his veto on the border crisis emergency declaration. So the President wins. Not much coverage, was there?
Now add this to the table (and wonder where the coverage is). On Monday of this week U.S. Border Patrol agents on the Southwest border took more people into custody than in any day in the past 10 years. Federal law enforcement agents made more than 3,700 apprehensions across California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas in one day.
Yesterday they reported over 13,000 people in custody. A crisis for them is 6,000. Read that again. Their rules are 6,000 is a crisis.
Now does the MSM or the Democrats have anything to say? Shouldn’t this be front and center?

Something funny to me was listening to Schumer and Pelosi yesterday blaming Donald Trump for the country’s ills.
I looked it up and Nancy came to congress in 1987. Chuck in 1993. Think about that. Trump arrived two years ago January.
Who owns the state of anything wrong?
In fact since 1987 we have had 16 years of Republican Presidency and 16 years of Democratic presidencies. Since 1993 (Chuck’s time) we have had Democrats for 16 and Republicans 10.
So tell me again, how is this Trump’s fault?

Barbara Bush, according to a new book, blamed President Trump for her heart attack. What else can they blame this guy for? This from the book:

“It wasn’t technically a heart attack, though she called it that. It was a crisis in her long battle with congestive heart failure and chronic pulmonary disease that hit her like a sledgehammer one day in June 2016. An ambulance was called to take her to the hospital. The two former presidents who had been at home with her that day, her husband and her oldest son, trailed in a car driven by the Secret Service. The tumultuous presidential campaign in general and Trump’s ridicule of son Jeb Bush in particular had riled her. “Angst,” she told me”.

Take A Look At Cable Ratings 

Take a look at the numbers as the story broke Monday on the Mueller release.  FoxNews dominated, beating CNN and MSNBC combined. MSNBC lost the most viewers, but CNN really tanked to lows for this breaking story.
Maybe the viewers of both were just mad they were lied to for two years.

Total Viewers (Live+SD x 1,000) Monday

Total Day: FNC: 2160 | CNN: 590 | MSNBC: 1112
Prime: FNC: 3.749 | CNN: 846 | MSNBC: 1.956

4PM Cavuto:
5PM Five:
6PM Baier:
7PM MacCallum:
8PM Carlson:
9PM Hannity:
10PM Ingraham:
11PM Bream:
Post Mueller Report Impact on President’s Numbers:

Now the President has never cracked 50% approval in any poll for more than two days with Rasmussen. Here are the first polls out as the week unfolds:

Poll:                    Trump Approval              Disapproval             +/-
Economist                 46                                           51                        -5
CNBC                            40                                          49                       -9
Rasmussen                49                                          50                       -1

We’ll track this the next few weeks to see how it moves.

Here’s the latest Democratic Primary Polls:

Biden 35%
Sanders 25%
Harris/O’Rourke 8%
Biden           31%
Sanders         23%
Harris/O’Rourke   8%
Emerson (Iowa)
Biden           25%
Sanders        24%

So the unannounced Biden is in the lead and with his apologizing this week for being over 50, white males and the Anita Hill hearing you know he is running.


Illusions Continued …..

The Mueller Report Fall Out:

Amazing how Bob Mueller went from the saint who will tell the truth, to just another guy who was duped. The Democrat conspiracy theorists just can’t accept that the President did not collude with the Russians and to some is a foreign agent. Now they want to read the report. Some actually think AG Barr is misleading them, as if Mueller would not speak up.
Now when the report is released they’ll look at what was investigated and say “see there was collusion”, ignoring that Mueller and team thoroughly reviewed it. The other tactic will be, “we can’t see it all with what Barr redacted”, as if it is being hidden to cover a crime. Sounds preposterous? Watch the per-cent of gullible people who believe them.

Act 2 of this now is get past the release and then start to narrow in on who started it all. The MSM is not covering this angle, but someone led the country down a path with a phony dossier because they either believed the President was a crook or wanted to over throw an election. This could get ugly and some big names may emerge. At some point the MSM will have to cover it, and not as an opposition ridiculing the effort.
Watch what Lindsey Graham does in the senate.
Watch what Michael Horowitz finds and says.
Watch what the new DOJ does and who they go after.

Really Chicago?

So prosecutors drop all charges against Jussie Smollett. Then he does a press briefing and proclaims his innocence. Actually says he would “not be his Mother’s son” if he lied about any aspect of the incident.
Then a spokeswoman for the state’s attorney’s office said the charges were dropped because Mr. Smollett forfeited his bond and completed 16 hours of community service. But he assured us Jussie was guilty.
That was followed by  more strong rebukes from Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his police superintendent. Both were angry they were not consulted and the action taken.
What happened? No one knows, or is saying yet. It appears to us that political connections were involved. Remember the prosecutor who excused herself because of connections to Jussie and others? That is where the road leads. Will anyone have the courage to go down that path to seek the truth, or will Chicago politics prevail and this be buried? Bet the latter.

Foreign Policy News

More fallout from North Korea to keep an eye on. They have withdrawn from a liaison office that it shared with the South near the demilitarized zone since September. Its decision follows its recent threats to suspend nuclear talks with the U.S. Are things breaking down here?
There was some thought that the cloud hanging over the President with possible impeachment was hurting him in worldwide negotiations. Now that he is cleared and reelection seems more likely let’s keep an eye on foreign policy.

The other major move was to officially recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan. Past administrations promised this, like they did Jerusalem, but never acted. Trump has kept his word. 

You know how you hear the charge that the President and his family have profited from the presidency? We think it’s the opposite. We have heard the President’s net worth as declined. Then there is this on the Kushner family business
CHARLES KUSHNER in the  Washington Post:
“Here’s the truth about my family and our business”: “Jared’s service to the country has brought unprecedented scrutiny of the Kushner Companies from the media and government investigators. We are happy to assist with all inquiries, but I must note that we are already voluntarily adhering to the strictest standards to avoid even the appearance of conflicts. As a result, we have passed up many business opportunities that we normally would have pursued. That might not be as alluring as some of the crazy stuff I read about my family and our business. But it happens to be the truth.”

Do The Democrats Still Want To Impeach?

Yes, they do. Congressman Greene was clear yesterday. Then add this

A FRESH IMPEACHMENT PUSH … REP. RASHIDA TLAIB (D-MICH.) has started circulating a letter that asks for co-sponsors to sign onto a resolution “to inquire whether President Trump committed impeachable offenses. Congress can provide an open and transparent process with the sole goal of ensuring we know the truth and make sure it does not continue, nor happen again.” The letter was sent around Monday night by Tlaib’s office.

— WHAT TLAIB WANTS INVESTIGATED“Whether the actions of President Trump and his businesses violate the Foreign Emoluments Clause. Through President Trump’s businesses in the United States and abroad, the president has received payments, regulatory approval, and other forms of direct and indirect financial benefits from foreign governments.

“Whether President Trump committed crimes to defraud the United States by directing Michael Cohen to make illegal payments to interfere and affect the 2016 Presidential election, which has eroded faith in elections and perpetuated political corruption.

“Whether the Special Counsel’s evidence on obstruction of justice pertaining to the President’s actions and intents violates federal law. We all swore to protect our nation, and that begins with making sure that no one, including the President of the United States, is acting above the law. I urge your support in recommending that the House Committee on Judiciary begin hearings, take depositions, and issue subpoenas to answer this question that is fundamental to the rule of law and the preservation of our democracy.”

THE RESOLUTION: “Resolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary shall inquire whether the House should impeach Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America.

“SEC. 2. The Committee on the Judiciary or any subcommittee or task force designated by the Committee may, in connection with the inquiry under this resolution, take affidavits and depositions by a member, counsel, or consultant of the Committee, pursuant to notice or subpoena.

“SEC. 3. There shall be paid out of the applicable accounts of the House such sums as may be necessary to assist the Committee on the Judiciary in conducting the inquiry under this resolution, any of which may be used for the procurement of staff or consultant services.”

THIS WILL BE AN INTERESTING TEST of the support of impeachment post-Mueller. But, in the end it is up to the voters to fix this.