The Final Day…

a CHANGING of the guard

In less than 24 hours the nation changes leadership and direction. What will history say and what can we expect? Some thoughts on this final Trump Day.

First, ABC was way off base on GMA when their reporter actually said the words that many will regard, “Trump as the worst President in history.”
That statement will stand as an example of the media bias in the nation today.

For me, the Trump policies will withstand the test of time and be treated kindly by history. It was never the policies of America First, calling out China after years of denial, rebuilding the military, fixing the VA and producing one of the great economic situations in decades. The polices worked.

Personality and ego didn’t. The deep character flaw of having to be the best, honored, and told he was great destroyed him. He was great when he was praised or honored. He was the opposite when challenged.

So history will be mixed. Far from the worst, and no where near the best, will be the verdict.

Almost the reverse of President Carter in my opinion. Carter is remembered for great moral character, but failed polices. They almost match for opposite reasons.

The great Presidents of my lifetime were Reagan and Kennedy. They led, inspired, motivated and impacted the world. Of course the press didn’t cover a Kennedy back then the way they would today, and any personal issues were unknown. But these two impacted the world and to this day they are recalled as leaders to those who witnessed their presidencies.

as trump departs

As President Trump departs let me ask a question.
What is wrong with America First?
When we elect a President shouldn’t he (or she) be concerned about our nation and our people in all they do? Yes, as the leader of the free world the President must act to make the whole better, but being concerned about his people must be paramount. Don’t you expect the leaders of France, England, China, Japan and every other country to be for their country first? Why not our President?

When we weren’t America First, look at what happened with China.
The world is better when America is strong, when America stands for freedom and provides moral clarity.

Under America First we were right in:
Asking NATO to pay the share they promised.
Maintaining our strength to protect ourselves against many who wish us harm. Telling people to come to America legally was right. (Why do we insist on saying to those who broke the law and came illegally they win, versus those who went on a list to come?) We should reward legality and process.
There’s no need to list things, you are well aware of the policies. I think, despite the rhetoric you hear, some of these polices will stay in place.
America didn’t vote to change the polices, they voted against the man.

As he departs now the situation is a sad one. He checked out on election night, refusing to believe he lost. He believed every theory and story about stolen votes; his ego demanded he did. He turned on those around him, the departures were incredible. He even turned on a loyal, good and moral VP. He did not tell a crowd to attack the House, but he did rile them up.
The shame of it all is he brought policies to turn the nation and he leaves angry and impeached a second time, not knowing if he is going to trial.
What a horrible departure.

His enemies rejoice now, and Speaker Pelosi holding the impeachment over him is a disgusting situation. In a fairer world, with a fairer press, she would be condemned and not praised. But in a time where they have free speech under attack they are celebrating.
The history of America says they are on a slippery path and their day is coming. It might just be in 2022.

As for the President, he destroyed any chance for a 2024 comeback with his actions since the election. He must decide now what he will do.
Does he write his memories, take the high road and wait for history to recognize what he did, or does he divide the Republican party forever, creating a lasting Democratic majority? I fear the latter, his ego says the people want him.

Finally, I suspect there will be a lot of noise today about pardons he gives. All I ask is you look at the pardons others gave. President Obama gave a record 330 on his last day in office. Did you know that? Don’t forget one of them was the leader of the FLAN who terrorized America and killed our fellow citizens. If he pardons a donor it will be big news, but go ahead and check the Clintons and Marc Rich and see what you find. No doubt the media will make Trump’s the worst ever, but check the record of past Presidents and see what you find.

In 48 Hours…

flag of america

in 48 hours we change direction

Exactly 48 hours from the publication of this blog we will inaugurate a new President and Vice President. We will do it with much drama from the supporting media. It will also be uneventful as to the violence and unrest we have been told will occur.

When the swearing in is done and the new administration takes control, what can we expect? Here’s what you need to know in a nutshell:
– For 8 years the Obama administration blamed everything that was wrong and went wrong on the Bush presidency.
– For the past 4 years the Obama/Biden people have said everything that was right about the economy was their planning and doing.

So isn’t it clear that the next 4 they will claim all that is wrong on the Trump era and all that goes well because of their policies?
And with media support they will convince many that is true.

what we expect

We fully expect the Biden team to hit the ground with actions to support the change they want to bring to Trump policies. By weeks end we suspect President Biden:
Will end restriction on immigration from some Muslim-majority countries.
Propose a comprehensive immigration reform bill.
Move to rejoin the Paris climate accords.
Mandate mask-wearing on federal property and during interstate travel.
Make clear the $1.9 trillion virus relief bill he outlined last week.
Take actions on Covid 19.
He will announce expanded testing and vaccine plans.
Extend pandemic related limits on evictions and student loan payments. 
He will likely sign orders aimed at reopening schools and businesses.
He will propose plans to provide economic relief to those impacted by the virus.
Other actions to follow quickly:
Plans to impact criminal justice reform.
Climate change proposals and pipeline restrictions.
Cease deportations.
A show and plan to correct Trump’s “family separation” and reunite them.

In foreign policy there will be a clear message that America is returning to what it was. An outreach to Iran and maybe a return to the agreement that was negotiated in the Obama/Biden era.

In essence, President Trump really thrashed the Obama legacy, and President Biden will be thrashing the Trump one and go back. As they both said, “elections have consequences.”
How you see those consequences depends on how you voted.
After all you get what you vote for.

some other news and consequences

VP Elect Harris is resigning from the senate today as she prepares to be sworn in on Wednesday. Her replacement is ready to be sworn in.

Senator Joe Manchin of W.Va. has been all over the airwaves.
He is being presented as a”conservative Democrat from one of the most Republican states in the nation.” The man in the middle!
In the interviews he is doing his normal tightrope walk and trying to impress.
Well Senator, your day is coming. The scam is over.
You see, he has never been the “one” to change anything. He wants his state voters to think he is non partisan because he votes against his party so often. But, never when it mattered. It is about to matter.
Example: The Kavanaugh hearing. He was non committal, non committal and non committal when there were 49 votes. Ten minutes after Seantor Collins was for Kavanaugh, Joe Manchin was too. Political coverage?
Senator, the day is coming.

The NYT has a headline story today, “What Went Wrong” with Covid to cost so many lives. They have many criticisms of the administration in it. You know what they missed? China. China is to blame for this and the havoc it has caused on the world. They could have stopped it before it spread.
Let’s see their coverage over the next few months, though no doubt any roll out issues will be Trump’s fault and not Cuomo in their home state.

let’s be fair

We have been clear that the President’s demeanor destroyed his presidency. It wasn’t his policies, it was his tweeting and words.
With that said, how does Adam Schiff keep getting away with his stuff?
Yesterday he said President Trump should not be given access to intelligence briefings. His reasoning, the President cannot be trusted.
Well, if anyone in Washington has told more stories and mislead more than Adam Schiff, let me know who it is. The man who saw evidence for four years that didn’t exist and led an impeachment hoax.
If only the press was fair.

And by the way, this was released at the same time Schiff was spouting off for the four years about Trump and Russian Collusion.

The top Justice Department official in early 2017 overseeing the FBI’s Russia probe testified he was briefed as many as six times and was told there was no evidence of Trump campaign collusion, a newly released transcript shows.

Dana J. Boente’s position in the new Trump administration was this: Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would not win Senate confirmation until late April. That left Mr. Boente as acting deputy overseeing the Crossfire Hurricane probe in February, March and April.

“I recall being told at some point, maybe not February, between February and April … that there was no evidence of collusion with the Trump campaign,” Mr. Boente said June 22 in closed testimony newly released by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican.


political parties today

It seems we have five parties today, but they are all within the major ones.
The Democrats have two.
The Progressive left trying to push them far left, led by Senator Sanders and The Squad.
The traditional Democratic Party that leans to the left.

The Republicans actually have three separate parties within it.
The Pro Trumpers, The Never Trumpers and their traditional base.

It will be fascinating to see how this plays out.
Right now President-Elect Biden has done a masterful job keeping the left happy and in support.
I think this honeymoon and marriage can last a year, but not much longer. “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Remember that?

The Republicans, on the other hand, are about to tear themselves apart and their 2022 and 2024 primaries will reflect this divide.

There is talk of a third party led by the pro Trump faction.
That would kill them and the traditional party. They are already the minority party, measured against the Democrats and a division will lock them out for a long time. They will add nothing while subtracting.

What is funny about all this is that every poll shows more people consider themselves conservative versus liberal. So how come it doesn’t reflect in their voting? Two reasons:
1. The Democratic party has a built in loyalty that extends beyond philosophy.
2. The media (and social media) are overwhelmingly left and their coverage drives vote that way.

Here’s a thought for the Republicans.
Try the Trump polices without the Trump tweeting, messages and division. You might have a winner.

as of this writing – awaiting declassified

The right is awaiting declassified documents from the 2016 election. It may come today, or as late as Monday.
I have doubts it will show anymore than we already know, or it would have been done before the election. We’ll see.

I also wonder whatever happened and why it has taken so long for Special Counsel, John Durham, to release any his report. Will we ever see it?

Social media Lockout

The continued lockout on social media on conservative views and apps like Parler continues.
If the left was as fair as it says it is wouldn’t they speak up and say this is unfair? How come we have not heard a single word from them about this?
If the Trump administration had allowed left apps to be taken down would the noise have been thundering?
Free speech is at risk. We are down a very dangerous path here.
Now I hear them say it’s a private company (Twitter, Apple Amazon etc.) Really? So a private company can restrict who they want?
How come the baker couldn’t say he wouldn’t bake the cake they wanted and you went crazy? He lost his business after a court fight.
You mean when private businesses said they wouldn’t serve some groups that was really okay?
The problem here is the “free press” and left decides what is wrong and sheep follow.

BTW, when world leaders like Angela Merkel criticized President Trump it was front page and headline news. When those same leaders like her say the restrictions by social media against Trump are dangerous and wrong you don’t see or hear coverage, do you?

do you believe your eyes or the ny da?

As the NYT headline said, “NY Attorney General Sues NYPD Over Their Handling of NY Protests,” referring to the riots last fall. Remember the video and pictures you saw? Were those police officers breaking the windows and doors to loot the stores? Were those the police officers you saw spitting at, throwing objects at and being attacked? It wasn’t what I saw, but the far left NY DA saw the police misbehaving.
New Yorkers, you get what you voted for, and she was clearly anti police and far left. I know you’re leaving in record numbers. I recommend you reconsider your voting manner in you’re new home.


We finished yesterday with a quote from President Reagan. Let’s do it again today and ask yourself if the last sentence is still true.
“I’m convinced that today the majority of Americans want what those first Americans wanted. A better life for themselves and their children; a minimum of government authority.”
It seems in some circles we have evolved to want more government control over our lives. President Kennedy said – “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
Doesn’t it seem we have many doing and pushing the opposite today?

It was Americans doing for themselves that drove us, but we seem to losing that.

I Think and Wonder…

Thinking about impeachment and wondering

Listening to both sides yesterday I wondered if the situation were reversed on the President’s party what they would be saying.

Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if they lived by the words they are spouting?
Finally, I came away thinking they are righteous — in their political thoughts only.

I wondered why the Speaker would say the President was too dangerous to stay in office one more day – knowing full well he will leave office before there is a trial to remove him. It didn’t make sense to me.

And I wondered, if he was so dangerous why was she going to hold the impeachment and not rush it over to the senate? What does dangerous mean to her?

I wondered if she was actually going to do the Republicans a favor if he was impeached and convicted. That would remove him from running in 2024, and wouldn’t that be better for the Republican Party?

The Democrats kept saying they were “concerned” about the police during the riot. Yet they never mentioned the police all summer or fall during those riots. Why now? When did they become concerned about the police?
Was it because this was their House? Or was it because it was now to their benefit?

I wondered if this impeachment said as much about Speaker Pelosi as it does President Trump. If he never gets convicted, yes, he will be the only President impeached twice, but she will be the Speaker who did it twice and never succeeded in getting a conviction. Wouldn’t it say a lot about them both? Maybe it should.

I thought, why does the Washington Post have a story today that the attack was planned for the past two weeks? How can the President be impeached if this was pre planned. No one is accusing him of that. Shouldn’t we find that out first?

Then I thought, wait, if this was a fair trial wouldn’t they have witnesses and testimony? It happened in the other impeachment trials. Why not here?
Then I wondered, if no witnesses, no defense and no social media access to say anything, this made this a little too biased. Did it?

I thought some more and said couldn’t President Elect Biden be a hero and maybe unite us behind him by stepping forward and saying something like: Let’s stop this, let’s look forward to next week and turning the page, so we can go forward together and fight the virus, calm the nation and unite to the world.

I wondered why he said instead, that maybe the Senate can divide their days next week in half. Half a day to impeachment and half to his initiatives.

I wondered how Senator Biden voted on Bill Clinton’s impeachment. I looked it up. Not guilty on both counts. He was adamant on that. So lying to a grand jury is not a crime, but the Ukraine call and talking to the protesters was.
I wondered if Clinton were a Republican and Trump a Democrat would he feel the same. Would anyone on either side?

Then I heard a Republican Congresswoman said she wanted to bring impeachment charges against Biden on January 21. Who would do that, I thought? Then I remembered, the first impeachment Trump activity was Jan. 20, 2017 as he was inaugurated.

I wondered why there was such vehemence against those who wanted to challenge the electoral college when Nancy Pelosi did the same thing in 2005 and members of her impeachment committee did the same in 2016. Florida Representative Raskin, a leader of this impeachment was one.

As I watched the vote, I was surprised to learn that this was the first impeachment by proxy ever. No debate, no live vote, just take the President out.

I was surprised and wondered why Nancy Pelosi, after banning their use in the House, identified herself as a Wife, Mother, Daughter and Granddaughter. How can that be?

The more I watched, the more concerned I became about our nation and future.
I thought back to something President Reagan said:
“I know our people will not fail America. They never have. Our task is to be sure our leaders do not fail the American people.”
Food for thought today.

Free Speech?

What are we doing?

In my time whenever there was a question about free speech the things I remember most from discussions were statements and questions like this:

Well, who judges the judges if you are going to limit free speech?
I may disagree with you, but will fight and die for your right to say it.
Let’s agree to disagree.
You know one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.

You get the idea, and no doubt can add dozens to that list.

So now apply what the media and tech companies have done in the immediate past and ask, do those questions/statements pass the test of openness?

When Facebook, Twitter and media companies refused to cover the NY Post story on Hunter’s laptop, was that free and open?
If you justify their actions, you support free speech suppression.

Now they have turned the President of the U.S., some of his supporters and Parler off. Look at this list and where is the alternative?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Apple, Amazon, Shopify, Twitch, Youtube, Snapchat, Tiktok, Discord, Pinterest, Stripe, Okta and Twilio.

If you support the turnoff and applaud Parler being silenced, then you support the suppression of free speech.

We have people being fired for attending a Washington DC rally last week, even if they weren’t arrested.

If you think that’s right, then you are for suppressing free speech.

If you support the free expression from the summer and fall protests and the organization of bail raising for those arrested in the looting and riots (VP Elect Kamala Harris raised funds for bailing people out), but think people in DC last week should be fired, you are inconsistent and against free speech.

If you condemn every person who was in DC last week, but say most protesters all summer and fall were peaceful, you are inconsistent and simply suppressing free speech. You are biased and claiming you are open.

If you think it’s okay for social media to allow continued Russian Collusion stories after it is a proven lie, and also okay with their current suppression, you are inconsistent and not allowing free speech.

There’s no reason to add more examples here. If you are for free speech, you have to be for free speech on both sides.

I condemn the riots and destroying of people’s property all summer and fall, and I condemn the attacking of the People’s House last week. Protesting is an American right. We formed a nation with protests against the tyrannical rule. I may disagree but they have the right; it was what we sent people to die in war.

I draw the line at destroying property of the nation and others. It doesn’t matter if it’s the congressional home or someones business in a small town. Wrong is wrong. You can’t be half way on free speech. You either support the very tentament of our Bill of Rights, or you don’t. If you’re halfway there, you don’t.

A free press and free speech are the very basis of our nation. The current state of suppression, the support it has from that free press and all of social media is a threat to our future.
We all better realize that.

impeachment today

I doubt anyone reading this is surprised at the fact the President was impeached today. They mentioned impeaching him before he took office – on false collusion charges. They did it once before and so, why not again?

Now what may have been a surprise was Rep. Cheney, the third ranking Republican to be for it. Why was she?
Well, never a Trump fan, she was actually mentioned in his speech to the crowd last week. Her father (the former VP) called her to warn her as he heard it and saw the crowd gathering. Payback is tough sometimes.

Why are others singling they are for impeachment? Well think of Mitch McConnell, who negotiated the stimulus the President’s team wanted ($600), only to be undercut immediately by the President who announced he wanted $2,000. McConnell had taken heat, negotiated hard and got what the President’s team wanted, only to be thrown under the bus. It happened over and over to Senator McConnell and he has had enough. He wants Trump out of the way for 2024.

Is Senator Thune, the #2 Republican in the Senate, going to support him? The President called him a lot of names the past month and promised a primary against him. Now Thune should be loyal? Life is a two way street.

There are others and he has put his party members in a really bad place. His character is what got him here. That character might be questionable at best, but it is not impeachable.

Not in the manner they are doing this. He’s “too dangerous” to stay in office they say. Well in less than seven days he is out of office. The impeachment will take longer than seven days. So why?
Political show all the way is the answer. Political show supported by the media.

Finally, adding Congressman Swalwell to the committee is as despicable an act as some of the President’s actions. His failure to disclose his relationship with a Chinese spy (Fang Fang), all the while he falsely claimed the President was a Russian spy is unacceptable — if you are fair.

This Can’t Be Real…

What is going on?

On any number of occasions leading up to the election we mentioned the threat to “free speech” in our nation. It was even closer and more serious than that.

Let’s back up a little on where we stand:
Biden won the election. He won for a few reasons:
The Democrats out maneuvered the Republicans with mail in ballots.
They took advantage of the chance to drive votes, while the President kept telling people to go to the polls on election day.
Don’t you think three months of driving votes will beat one day at the polls?

Second, Trump ran a horrible campaign.
His no mask rallies were a bad idea.
Those concerned about the virus got a bad vibe from it. They felt he was under playing the threat and didn’t understand their plight.
As they did from his crazy hour and half daily virus updates where he had to be front and center.
If he had let the experts be out front, he would have benefited.
His debate one performance cost him the election. We wrote it that night. Still believe it.
His cancellation of debate two because they were not in the same room was a Biden celebration. When your actions make your opponent happy you are doing something wrong.
Third, did he run on his record? He had a good record, but he ran on other issues. Example: Hunter Biden. Joe Biden was sick and not capable of the office.
Terrible idea. With his record he had a platform to run on.

Fourth, his ego got in the way of everything.
His tweeting, uncontrolled comments and actions led to two types of voters.
Pro Trump and anti Trump. There were few pro Biden voters. The anti’s won.

Resulting in

This resulted in a massive vote. The Pro Trumpers were out big, believing in their candidate. The left made it easy for the Anti Trumpers to get ballots, have them picked up and mailed. Those who went to the polls were driven. Those collecting mail in ballots were too. The latter won.

We said it over and over, there was some fraud, but no where near the numbers to overturn anything.
Trump’s ego couldn’t accept that. So he started crying fraud and many believed.
In December we said his ego and actions would cost the Republicans Georgia and the Senate. Exactly what happened.
He owns as much of those losses as anyone.
When he sold out his own team over the $600 stimulus– after he sent them in to negotiate it and a day later says it should be $2,000, he left the candidates out to dry.
When he blasted the Governor (whom he backed), and promised to primary him, he divided the party.
When he demanded the Republican Secretary of State resign, he divided the party. When the Secretary called him out by asking where is the evidence, because he had investigated and there wasn’t any – none was produced.
When his lawyers told a rally not to vote, because there vote wouldn’t count due to fraud, it was not good.

Don’t think this mattered? Then consider this. Senator Perdue won in November by 88,000 votes in the state Trump lost by 12,0000. (He got 49.8%, but you need 50% in GA — even in a general election. The only state in the nation with that rule.)
So what happened between election night and the run off? Trump did. His fraud claims, fights with local Republicans and division of the party drove Democratic voters and suppressed the Republican vote.

the end result

We end up with a Democratic President, House and Senate. Single party government to undo all Trump did in his four years.

But, he doubles down at the rally last week. Now he didn’t tell them to go attack the congress, but he did fire them up. He did disparage the VP, who is a decent human being and refused to do an illegal act.
He gave his enemies even more to attack him with.


Not in any way or manner. The rush to impeach with a week to go is so ridiculous that Pelosi and team look foolish. Their bias shows.
There were no words that told anyone to break the law. In that disturbing talk he actually asked them to gather peacefully.
The fact the Senate can’t act upon the impeachment charge until the President leaves office makes it all the more ridiculous. Impeachment means remove from the office. By the time they hear it in the senate the man will not be in office.
It’s just a vendetta and really poor politics.
A censure would fly through and make an impact. Impeachment is over reach, again.

Which Leads Us to Free Speech

The end result here of free speech being under attack is very disturbing and a threat to our society.
We’ll address this tomorrow.